Visit A Selfie Museum For These 4 Glamorous Reasons

If you are wondering what the next “it” thing is going to be, don’t worry, we found it. Two Words: selfie museum. It is a selfie lover’s dream. That’s right. Envision unique backdrops with perfect lighting. You could stock up on profile pictures for years with just one visit. There are many perks to this outing but here is everything you need to know to look on fleek in your selfies and 4 glamorous reasons to visit a selfie museum.

Visit A Selfie Museum For These 4 Glamorous Reasons

What Is A Selfie Museum?

Visit A Selfie Museum For These 4 Glamorous Reasons

So what is this selfie museum that we speak of? A selfie museum is a trendy and artistic location that is separated into sections with the opportunity for selfie museum-goers to capture their best selfies. Each section, or booth, is colorful, decorative, or themed, giving everyone the opportunity to live out their selfie dreams. Wallpapers, greenery, lights, swings, neon signs, and props beyond the wildest of dreams can help elevate selfies.

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4 Reasons To Visit A Selfie Museum


Visit A Selfie Museum For These 4 Glamorous Reasons

Everyone wants to look their best and honestly, those on-the-fly pics are not cutting it. Often a profile picture is the first impression that a boss, date, or friend may have of you. They may social “stalk” you prior to meeting up. This is a great reason to make sure that your profile picture is flattering, semi-professional yet fun and interesting, and reflective of your personality and style. A selfie museum is a quick and easy way to check all these boxes. The lighting is on point, the backdrops are engaging, and the happy-go-lucky vibes that a selfie museum presents will radiate through your photos.


Visit A Selfie Museum For These 4 Glamorous Reasons

Looking for somewhere to host a team-building event for work? How about a bachelorette party, bridal shower, or baby shower? Tea parties are out and selfies are in! Opt for a fun and quirky alternative that will leave guests with lasting memories and photos. Contact the selfie museum of your choice to see if they allow events and what is provided. Also, find out if you can serve light snacks and

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Date Night

Visit A Selfie Museum For These 4 Glamorous Reasons

Your own personal kiss cam is in your hand. Take your love to a selfie museum to capture adorable photos of yourselves as a couple that is smitten with each other. Stare longingly in each other eyes, share a smootch, or ham it up with each other for the camera. These photos will be great for a scrapbook, photobook, or social media.

Girl’s Night

Visit A Selfie Museum For These 4 Glamorous Reasons

Girls just wanna have fun! And what better way than laughing and enjoying the company of those that we love. Get the girls together for a girl’s night by getting all dolled up, having a cocktail (or a few), and visiting a selfie museum to capture this care-free getaway.

Selfies Are Not Selfish

Visit A Selfie Museum For These 4 Glamorous Reasons

Selfies have come in handy for more than social media profile pictures. Selfies allow individuals to capture their adventures even if nobody is around to catch the photo op. A gorgeous landscape, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, a celebrity sighting; you never know when you are going to need to snap a pic.

How To Take A Gorgeous Selfie

Visit A Selfie Museum For These 4 Glamorous Reasons

It’s all about the angles. And lighting. Ever wonder why everyone has their arm extended up into the air trying to take a picture? The simple answer is: nobody looks their best when the picture is taken at an upward angle. They can be downright unflattering. A downward angle can help make your face look slimmer, hide a pesky double chin, and make your figure look tight. Makes total sense now, right?

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Elevate Your Selfie

Visit A Selfie Museum For These 4 Glamorous Reasons

Do selfies seem to be the only way you get photos of yourself? We feel your pain. You can stretch your arm out all you want but sometimes that does not do you, or your backdrop, justice. A selfie stick can be a quick, cost-effective solution to your selfie snags. Another great option for capturing your best selfie is to invest in a ring light. Many selfie museums have incorporated these beauty-enhancing tools in order to reduce shadows and compliment facial features. Brightening up a room or casting a glamorous glow onto your face can make you look lights, camera, ready to take a stunning selfie.

Visit A Selfie Museum For These 4 Glamorous Reasons

If you are like most, your cell phone is your camera. The perks to this are that it is small, you already have your cell phone everywhere you go, and you can upload, save, share, message, or alter pics on your phone with various apps and filters. The downfall is that your phone camera can only do so much and even with apps and filters, you can be left wishing you had higher quality images from special events or experiences.

Insert phone camera lenses. Give your phone camera a little extra oomph with a clip-on camera lens such as a wide-angle or zoom lens to enhance your pics without spending a fortune on a camera set-up or weighing yourself down with a bunch of photography equipment. Investing a little can go a long way.

A selfie museum has probably never crossed your mind. You may have never even heard of one. Now you know how to impress your colleagues, bond with friends, or have a uniquely romantic date night with your love. Do a quick search to see what locations are near you and set out on an adventure. You undoubtedly look fly with these tips and tricks and YOLO! Snap some selfies and share your positive vibes.

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Visit A Selfie Museum For These 4 Glamorous Reasons

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