Planning a Vegas Girls Trip In your Thirties

After 30, planning a trip to Vegas is more than a blur of glittery dresses and free drinks at the club. A top destination for vacationers from around the world, you can create a Vegas experience that you’ll be proud to share and tell stories about when you get home.

Where you stay matters

In your 20’s, Vegas trips are all about however many people you can stuff into a room for the lowest cost. When you are over 30, your hotel room needs to be a place of relaxation and respite, not tripping over suitcases and six hot curling irons.

Located on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip, the Tropicana is a long standing icon with large rooms and comfortable accommodations. Double rooms are outfitted with queen beds (not doubles) meaning if you do want to double bunk, there’s plenty of space.

The spacious floor plan fits both beds, a desk and a lounge section with room to spare. For four ladies getting ready for an evening out, there is ample mirror space above the desk and in the doublewide bathroom sink area.

For late starts, the windows are covered with classic white plantation shutters. Plantation shutters provide enough darkness for plenty of shut eye while letting through a slight amount of natural light to help get you ready for the day.

Check in and relax

One of the best things about visiting Vegas in your 30’s is having a bit more spending cash to enjoy the trip. The spa services in Vegas are wide renown and there are great deals to be found on sites like TravelZoo or Groupon.

A trip to Reliquary Spa at the Hard Rock Hotel is one of the best deals on TravelZoo. For just $99 you can lock in a full 50 minute massage with a glass of champagne to enjoy after your service.

Reliquary is beautifully decorated, with the high end feel you expect to experience in Las Vegas. The women’s spa side features plush lounge seating perfect for a large group of ladies relaxing together and access to private steam room, sauna and hot tub.

The center of the spa is a stunning focal point of the experience, with a shared pool where couples visiting the spa together can meet and enjoy the experience together in one of the plush seating areas or heated pool.

While you wait for your treatment, enjoy fresh fruit and juices and afterwards get ready for a night on the town using the wide variety of hair tools available for complimentary use.

Lay out by the Pool

No matter what time of year you visit Vegas, there’s always a hopping pool scene to find. Summer months are busier, but during the winter you can lock in a premium experience at the fraction of a cost.

Regardless of which hotel you stay at, MGM hotels have an online reservation system that allow you to rent a poolside gazebo or cabana for the entire day! Large groups will enjoy lounging in a private space with dedicated wait staff bringing you food and drinks throughout your stay.

Non-alcoholic drinks are typically complementary and there’s often a wide variety of other premium items, like free sunscreen and pool floaties you get access to as a cabana user.

See a Show

A stay in Vegas wouldn’t be complete without a trip to a show. While you can lock in tickets months in advance, if you are flexible about what you want to see, the half price ticket booths can provide a great value for the best shows.

Head over to the booth early in the day for the best selection and you can get up to 75% off many of the most popular shows in vegas.

Pro Vegas Tip: If you are traveling with a group of six ladies (or more) rideshare services like Uber or Lyft ARE NOT the best deal. Ask the bellman to hail a six person cab instead and you can save up to $10 on your trip! Just remember to tip the bellman for his service.

No matter your age (unless of course you are not yet 21), there’s always the opportunity for gambling and drinking! Don’t think just because you are over 30 you have to avoid the clubs and tables. Remember to drink enough water to make sure you won’t regret your choices the next day. Those hangovers get worse with age!

Looking for more tips on how to enjoy Vegas? Check out out our article on Six Girls Trip Approved Dining Digs!

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