Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials

This new era, a pandemic, has opened the eyes of many people all over the world. Staying healthy is probably more at the forefront of people’s minds than ever before. We’ve gathered an A-list of of nutrients, supplements, foods, and cleaning essentials to make staying healthy easy and delicious! Welcome to the summer of 2021, where you step back out into the world ready to explore again with less fear.

Staying Healthy – Delicious & Easy Ways to Make it Happen

LCR Health

Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials
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Have you been indulging a little too much this summer? (Hey, no judgment – we’ve been enjoying our fair share of BBQs, beach days, and cocktails, too!) If your weight loss regimen is in need of an extra boost, turn to LCR Health to stay on track for staying healthy and trim. Their weight loss formula, Active-PK, helps your body reactivate AMPK, the enzyme responsible for converting food into energy, resulting in a transformation you have to feel to believe.

Active ingredients Berberine and Gynostemma leaf extract not only reduce cravings but also supercharge energy levels and blast that pesky belly fat. Just two Active-PK capsules a day and within a couple of months, you should start to notice a slimmer figure and looser fitting clothing. LCR Health believes in its products so much that it backs them with a 100% money-back guarantee, giving you the confidence you need to embark on your staying healthy and fit, summer weight-loss journey!

Plant People

Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials

It may be the middle of summer, but we like breaking the rules – especially when it comes to hot chocolate and our health. So take a delicious, soothing sip of the Mind Unwind Mushroom Hot Chocolate that perfectly blends the immune-boosting mushrooms of  reishi, chaga, maitake, and turkey tail. It’s palatably mingled with single-origin, unroasted cacao and coconut. Whether you need a morning boost of “umpf” or an alternative to an evening glass of wine (we understand, no judgment here), the Plant People have just what you need.

Let’s talk about easy-to-chew-or swallow supplements, because, let’s face it, a cold, feeling under the weather, or even worse, the flu, can come on at any time, any season. First, when it comes to staying healthy give your whole body support and balance with 10 functional, adaptogenic, research-backed mushrooms when you need them most with WonderDay Mushroom Gummies. Don’t worry, the fruity, raspberry flavor will have you questioning how this amazing super-gummy is so incredibly healthy, it’s so delicious! 

When you do feel that tickle, the feeling of a cold coming on, that’s when the Advanced Cold Control comes into play. It’s a practitioner-backed formula designed to activate your body’s immune response during seasonal changes and is a valuable asset to staying healthy during the summer months and beyond. It’s also a powerhouse when you need a healthy microbial environment, no matter what the season is.

Take. A. Deep. Breath. Staying healthy includes breathing, and breathing really regularly without hindrance or difficulty. So, to promote a healthy respiratory system, include research-backed Reishi Mushroom and herbs found in the Advanced Lung Guard. If staying healthy is on your radar this summer, then you’re going to need the energy and optimal oxygen uptake to do so while being protected from free radicals, pollutants, and environmental stressors. With 1000mg of herbal ingredients, it makes staying healthy like a walk in the park – so breathe deep and breathe often!

Now that you have what you need for staying healthy on the inside, let’s not forget what Plant People can do for you on the outside with Revive Face Serum and their Restore Face Mask. Balance, reduce the visible signs of aging (especially in the bright sun), and glow, all before 10 AM. The Revive Face Serum contains 13+ mighty botanicals to pamper your skin and illuminate your outward appearance to staying healthy and beautiful. As you wind down for the night, rejuvenate with 19+ formidable botanicals within the Restore Face Mask, designed for all face types for those who want their skin to stay healthy too!

Plant People believe that staying healthy and living should go hand in hand, so why not use the earth’s precious resources to do so?


Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials

Sometimes, sleep is hard to come by. Between work, kids, and our personal lives, our minds are often on an endless hamster wheel of anxiety and worry. It’s not possible to feel our best when our sleep eludes us, and that’s when we turn to supplements for help and staying healthy. Choosing supplements to help us sleep is something that can wreck our nerves because we want to put naturally occurring chemicals into our bodies instead of surrendering our precious chances at sleep to pharmaceutical options. For a good night’s sleep without the harmful chemicals and side effects, we are turning to CBDistillery.

Not sure where to start with CBD? The Sleep Starter Pack, which includes Sleep Gummies and the 1:3 CBN:CBD Sleep Tincture (150mg CBN + 450mg CBD) is the best place to start. The CBD gummies are infused with melatonin, and working alongside the tincture will help you achieve the deep rest that you deserve. This combination for staying healthy promotes relaxation, calming your restless mind, and gets you the sleep you deserve. CBD also has pain-relieving benefits, so if you’ve been working hard all day, not only will you experience a restful night’s sleep, but you’ll also wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day.


Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials

In our modern, technological day, especially after COVID, fear, stress, worry, and anxiety can all lead to a suppressed immune system, foggy-brain, unclear decisions, and not feeling your best. This is NOT ideal living and if you are on a mission to staying healthy, focused, feeling alive, and vibrant in your body, then an easy solution is to grab the 23Vitals. With total immune coverage, ingredients to optimize organ function, calm and energize an overworked immune system, it’s crazy not to add a delicious daily scoop into your morning routine.

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It is possible to optimize your well-being and have total support for your immune system all season long. This summer, staying healthy with the most effective, comprehensive, and advanced immune supplement, 23Vitals, on the market is just one, mouth-watering Strawberry Lemonade or Orange Creamsicle flavor away.

Pure Craft CBD

Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials

The benefits that some people are seeing when they start taking CBD are undeniable. Better sleep, reduced stress, more focus, less pain, and inflammation, perhaps? Yes, yes, yes, and yes! If you’re new to the idea or just searching for a new brand to try, Pure Craft CBD has what you’re looking for to meet some of your staying healthy summer goals. Their Nano CBD Infused Vegan Broad-Spectrum Gummies are made in their own facility (not outsourced), vegan, and infused with CBD, not just spray-coated. They use a handcrafted approach, making their product quality second to none.

Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials

Looking to amp up your immunity? Pure Craft takes the same, meticulous approach with their Nano CBD + Elderberry Infused Vegan Broad-Spectrum Gummies, providing not just the benefits of CBD but also the power of elderberry, vitamin C, and zinc. No matter what you have planned for staying healthy on your summer vacation, regardless, your immune system will be ready to party, too!

Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials
Pure Craft CBD Launches Vegan, Nano-Infused Delta-8 Gummies

Offering a little extra oomph to your standard broad-spectrum CBD is the more intense Nano Delta 8 Infused Vegan Gummies. They offer a mild, relaxing feeling without the negatives sometimes experienced with Delta 9 THC products. (If you’re new to CBD, you’ll definitely want to start slow with these.) When it comes to what you put in your body for staying healthy, you want only the best products when on track to staying healthy and relaxed. Pure Craft CBD puts in the extra work, so you can feel as good about your CBD as it makes you feel as well!

Pure Synergy

Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials

Our health is extremely important, especially in this crazy time of worldwide recovery. Synergy’s SuperPure Ginger Extract is an organic capsule to improve immune response and healthy digestion. Ginger is one of nature’s most powerful herbs that helps calm the digestive system when it is stressed. Traditionally, ginger was used to ease symptoms of nausea and motion sickness, which is perfect if you are doing any summer traveling. SuperPure Ginger Extract is made with organic ingredients to help you improve your immune and digestive system one day at a time. 

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Did you know that algae powder can be good for you? Organic Blue-green Algae Powder is an energizing, nourishing, cleansing, and regenerative superfood in a single scoop. Enhance your mental clarity, boost your stamina and energy with certified organic herbs. The Blue-green algae contain antioxidant-rich carotenoids and chlorophyll to support your immune system and staying healthy. Improve your body’s ability to detoxify with one powerful scoop of energizing powder a day. 

If you are looking to boost your immune system and nourish your overall health, Synergy’s Zinc Complex combines fermented zinc with an organic food complex of shiitake mushrooms, vitamin C berries, and wholesome green vegetables and sprouts. These Zinc Complex capsules contain herbs that promote healthy cognitive function, supports healthy eyes, skin, reproductive systems, and your gut health. Fermented zinc is soft on your body which allows it to work hard to keep you healthy in the most comfortable way. 

Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials

Sure, you may hear about Vitamin B being an important vitamin for your overall health…but why exactly is that? The Super B-Complex is the perfect balance of all eight essential B vitamins as well as three important cofactors in a potent energizing formula. Made with certified Organic herbs and vitamins, these capsules can help enhance energy, relieve stress, and assist in a healthy nervous system. Not only do the Super B-Complex capsules promote a healthy nervous system, but they also promote radiant skin, hair, and nails. It’s gentle on your stomach but powerful enough to help you improve your overall health one capsule at a time – this is why it’s so awesome! 


Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials

It seems like everyday ailments can be solved or alleviated with one solution to staying healthy: drink more water. Dehydration can cause digestive issues, headaches, irritability, and fatigue. These symptoms should not be taken lightly! Focusing on staying healthy and hydrated while still maintaining your green lifestyle has never been easier than with Pathwater.

Their still water is ultra-purified, so you know you’re getting the best of the best. This water contains added electrolytes which is perfect for hot summer days filled with activities. Replenishing your body’s fuel without single-use plastic is possible now with Aluminum. This bottle is sleek, lightweight, and kind to Mother Earth!

An added benefit of using this stronger-than-ever bottle is that you can easily refill and go. Path makes this easy as well with their Swing Top Bottle Cap. These custom caps make it easier than ever to hydrate everywhere you go. Each of these caps have a pivoting handle to attach to your bag or hold onto wherever your summer plans take you. They’re also available in four colors so feel free to get creative with your Pathwater choices.

Enjoy this sparkling delight with your custom cap, or elevate your style with your very own sleeve. While the aluminum bottles are all “pro” and zero “con”, an added measure of bliss would be if these refillable bottles could maintain their chill throughout the day. That’s where these custom water bottle sleeves come in. These sleeves make it easy to carry your water by hand or to attach your water to your pack, and they’ll help keep your h2o cool while you enjoy your summer sun. Further, they are available in pleasantly pleasing colors, adding a pop of sophisticated fun to your ensemble.

Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials

While you’re getting creative, perhaps you’ll want to participate in the latest trend. Sparkling water has re-emerged on the scene as one of the most popular drink choices, but often is presented in a single-use manner, either a can that can’t be closed, or single-use plastic that cannot be refilled and sustained. Pathwater is providing customers with a top-tier sparkling water experience. Hot summer days seem to sizzle a little more when there are dazzling bubbles involved! Ultra-purified and electrolytes added, this sparkling water will make you feel your best in all aspects. Plus, it’s earth-friendly and totally refillable.

Looking good, feeling good, and treating our earth right simply go hand-in-hand when it comes to Pathwater.

High Falls Hemp NY

Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials

Need something tasty while staying healthy this summer during the day and beyond? Look no farther than High Falls Hemp CBD Wellness Kit. In this tincture kit, you will receive mobility, calm, and sleep tincture trio. The Mobility Tincture provides relief from discomfort and inflammation. The Calm Tincture promotes relaxation and relief from stress and the sleep tincture supports uninterrupted sleep. With herbs like lavender, arnica, and chamomile blended with homegrown hemp plants, they are crafted carefully to improve your daily health.

Finally, the Sleep Tincture eases you into relaxation easily and calmly after a long day. So get ready to have uninterrupted nights waking up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready for the day ahead. The proprietary blend of CBN, CBD, Botanical-derived terpenes, chamomile, and lemon balm will have you off to la-la land in no time. All you have to do is squeeze a dropper full under your tongue and hold it there for 60 seconds for the best results. In a 15mL bottle, relax with 600mg of CBD and in the 30mL bottle there is 1200mg of CBD for your roughest days. The CBD Wellness Kit is a perfect self-care package to staying healthy through your toughest summer days.

Molly J

Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials
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We all value sleep, but sometimes sleep eludes us like a cruel joke. But not anymore with the Molly J Deep Sleep Bundle, which was crafted exactly for that purpose. The first step to preparing for the beginning of the best nights of sleep ever is a comfortable t-shirt. ‘The Boyfriend Jean of Sleepwear’ is an oversized, uber-soft tee that feels like you stole it from your college sweetheart after a night out. Perfect, we know. Available in larger sizes to be the perfect oversized, snuggle-we-me bedwear.

Along with your oversized t-shirt, you will get a pack of the Blackberry Rose Sleep Gumdrops. Clothe yourself in a soft bundle of cotton, polyester, and fall into a deep sleep with the delicious CBD gumdrops. The Deep Sleep Bundle is a beautiful combination of CBD/CBN, melatonin, and an oversized t-shirt for the perfect night of slumber. Wrap yourself in a bundle of comfort as you sleep amazingly every, sweet night. 


Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials

If you’re looking for a tastier way to get CBD, cbdMD’s CBD-infused gummies provide a deliciously simple way for you to enjoy a precise amount of CBD everyday (and get a bit of a sugar boost). Made with Superior Broad Spectrum CBD formula that includes additional cannabinoids and plant terpenes, their CBD gummies deliver consistency and quality in every juicy bite. You can enjoy hemp-derived goodness in a mix of four great flavors and three different doses. If you’ve never tried CBD, we recommend starting low with the 300mg bottle and working your way up from there (also available in 750mg and 1500mg).

Whether you’re at work, on vacation or just stressed out, you can pop a gummy or two before a stressful event so you can keep your cool. Just keep in mind that when you eat your CBD, it usually takes longer to work its way into your bloodstream so it may take at least an hour to be fully absorbed.

Dose & Co.

Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials

When it comes to creating healthy habits to staying healthy throughout the summer, an easy way to accomplish this is to naturally add them into your already established daily routine. For instance, if you are a coffee drinker, a simple and easy addition is incorporating a scoop of the Collagen Creamer into your morning cup. Collagen helps to strengthen and beautify hair, skin, and nails. If coffee isn’t your morning drink choice, this creamy powder mixture blends deliciously into smoothies, tea, milk, and other recipes. This collagen creamer is available in vanilla, caramel, and dairy-free flavors.

Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials

Dose & Co.’s mission is to provide a daily dose of beauty and wellness. The numbers speak for themself. After a month of using the Pure Collagen Peptides, over 80% of users said their skin looked healthier, their hair grew longer, and their nails grew stronger. The Collagen Peptides is unflavored, pure bovine powder that can be mixed into any drink. Free from dairy, soy, gluten, sugars, and sweeteners, this formula is easily digested and absorbed by the body for maximum results.

Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials
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Collagen Protein Powder is an essential component to any daily fitness routine when it comes to staying healthy and fit. Available in chocolate or vanilla, this protein powder will help to boost energy, increase muscle strength, and support muscle recovery. In addition to being a great post-workout drink, this powder also has all the added benefits that collagen provides. Aside from feeling good about yourself, you will also feel good about doing your part to help protect the environment. Dose & Co. proudly uses plastic-free packaging for a more sustainable distribution initiative.

VOSS Water

This summer check out VOSS+ the newest water that works harder for you. Packed with electrolytes and minerals, this healthy water will keep you hydrated while on the go this summer. From long days in the summer sun to hot nights spent with family and friends, VOSS+ is here to make sure you have just what you need to optimize your health and wellness this summer season. The three new VOSS+ waters are Aquamin which incorporates a unique multi-mineral complex sustainably sourced from the coastal seas of Iceland, Vitamin D which brings you a citrus essence and gives you 50% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin D, and Collagen water with a berry essence and 10g of collagen for healthier skin and body.


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If you’re looking to perfect your morning dental routine, look no farther than Elementa Silver. Believe it or not, staying healthy means having a healthy oral hygiene routine. By utilizing cutting-edge Nanosilver technology, the items in the Full Routine Bundle-Winter Mint Peppermint bundle can break through the plaque barrier, neutralize oral acid, and deliver much-needed calcium and Xylitol directly to your teeth. Due to the highly processed food most people consume, especially while traveling, our teeth are no longer as strong and healthy as they should be.

The plaque barrier that covers our teeth blocks essential calcium and Xylitol. By breaking down this plaque barrier, your teeth will become healthier. Nanosilver particles target bacteria that emit sulfur gas and cause bad breath (you definitely want this for those starry, summer nights. Xylitol helps improve salivary flow and relieve dry mouth symptoms. Dental health has come a long way and now, part of staying healthy is having the ultimate package of teeth health. Unlike other brands of tooth care, this will not cause the all too familiar burning that typically happens with mouthwashes, instead, it will work hard to keep your teeth and mouth healthy, with no burn necessary. 


Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials

Get ready for an innovative, people-focused company that suits any lifestyle with products that help you on your staying healthy journey this summer. Goli keeps it simple, and right now, we all could use a bit of simplicity in our lives, especially when it comes to staying healthy and fit. With products that are non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, Gluten-Free, and free of any artificial preservatives, synthetic colors, chemicals, artificial ingredients, and flavors, it’s pretty much a no-brainer. Goli is your gummy go-to with their Apple Cider Vinegar gummy. Two gummies are the equivalent to one shot of ACV for immune health, cellular energy production, heart health, healthy nervous system, and nutrient metabolism for overall wellness.

Ashwa Gummies contain the adaptogenic properties of Ashwagandha that have been known to help relieve stress and aid relaxation – which you definitely need if you are planning on staying healthy this summer. So, since studies have shown that Ashwagandha reduces the level of the stress hormone, cortisol in your body, you’ll be enjoying a feeling of calm instead of the chronic stress that leads to several unpleasant consequences if left unchecked. Prepare to get better sleep, more endurance, a supported immune system, better memory and concentration, sexual functions, and healthy body weight. Who knew that staying healthy came in a gummy!?

So, what else could you possibly be missing if you already have the super-gummies that Goli has for you? Ah, the Super Fruits – the unique (and tasty) blend of vitamins, minerals, and botanicals that enhance your beauty, wellness, and overall nutrition for staying healthy and looking your best. Packed with body-loving antioxidants and essential nutrients, you can expect real results like improved collagen formation for skin elasticity and health, overall radiance, a healthy immune system, and so much more! Just grab two gummies and prepare to feel really good with Goli’s Gummies this summer!

Vous Vitamins

Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials

Let your vitamins work for you this summer with the all-new personalized vitamins from Vous Vitamins. The all-in-one tablet solution to your optimal health lies just one personalized quiz away! This summer getting healthy has never been easier and with Vous Vitamins you can take the guesswork out of figuring out which vitamins you need, and stop wasting money on multiple bottles of vitamins that you likely forget to take anyway. With one simple solution, Vous Vitamins packs everything you need into one, twice daily supplement so that you can take it and go, not having to worry about all the details. Even better, these all-natural, perfectly formulated vitamins will be delivered right to your door. Whenever you feel you need a change or something may be off, simply take the quiz and update any health changes for optimal results. Formulated and overseen by physicians there is no need to worry whether or not you are getting the correct dosage or nutrients in your diet anymore, thanks to Vous Vitamins.


Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials

Hydration, it’s pretty important – especially for those who are staying healthy while out in the hot, sun-shiny sun! Sure, water is best, but it can also be boring, so take a look at what nature has in store to spice things up a bit when it comes to your hydration over the summer months with TiigÃ. The proprietary formula uses a raw, natural superfruit as its foundation – Baobab, an African superfruit with its naturally powered pulp. Available in Orange Mango or Raspberry Lemonade, now you can use it as your own personal energy source just like the Africans have for thousands of years. It’s an on-the-go-don’t-slow-me-down hydration drink mix that will have you staying healthy and hydrated!

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This amazing fruit helps with digestion, healthy hydration, balanced blood sugars, and can even help with healthy weight loss while staying healthy all summer long. Get ready to have 7 grams of packed baobab in each packet to fuel your day, just as nature intended; give your water a little extra this summer!

Gnarly Sports Nutrition

Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials

Refueling and replenishing is an essential component for staying healthy with an active lifestyle. The Fuel2O is an all-in-one, vegan-friendly powder solution that provides necessary carbs and electrolytes to help you recover after hard training sessions or races. At just 100 calories per 12 ounces, these easy-to-digest packets provide quick energy by supplying all the nutrition you need to keep going. These delicious packets are available in cherry cola, limeade, and a tropical flavor. Other Gnarly products that will help you maintain an active lifestyle and staying healthy this summer, include the Collagen Pro, the Hydrate Sports Drink Mix, and the Pre Workout.


Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials

Staying healthy is oh so delicious! Especially if it means no dairy, gluten, or undesirables that can make a great day go south with a single spoonful of something not so dairy-free. So, how about an organic cultured, coconut treat that not only tastes amazing, but is the most creamy and yummy plant-based yogurt around this summer? Meet your newest best friend that hangs out in the refrigerator, Cocojune. They only use the cleanest ingredients paired with probiotic bacteria whose only job is to keep you staying healthy with gut-friendly products.

Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials

You may think you’re cheating with the Pure Coconut or the Vanilla Chamomile, or definitely with the Strawberry Rhubarb, but rest assured, no guilty pleasures here. Staying healthy with Cocojune’s plant-based, organic, and dairy-free yogurts has never been tastier or easier despite all the food distractions that could tell you otherwise. So treat yourself and indulge with classic vanilla flavors, summertime strawberries, and refreshing coconuts, because staying healthy and on par with great eating habits is totally doable!

Summer Home Cleaning Essentials Post COVID-19 For Staying Healthy the Rest of the Year


Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials

While cleaning supplies may not seem like a health product, they may be the most important health product of all when it comes to staying healthy in your environment. Keeping a clean home is a catalyst for healthy choices we make day in and day out. When searching for high-quality cleaning tools, turning to Casabella has become second nature to many households.

This summer, it’s probably a good idea to replace your broom and dustpan. While your current setup has seen you through the pandemic and beyond, making sure that your floors are clean is the starting line when cleaning the home. For all your sweeping needs, the Quick n’ Easy Upright Sweep Set is the best choice. This lightweight yet strong set is comfortable to hold and even has padding for your hands to grip. After you’ve swept the floor and it’s time to clean up, the broom head and dustpan disconnect from the pole to become a whisk, so there’s no need to buy (and store) a separate set in order to achieve the clean floor you need.

Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials

Does your dish soap take up too much space on your kitchen sink? Finding a smaller container that won’t slip and slide around your workspace would be ideal, and Casabella has stepped up to the task. The Linear Soap Pump holds your choice of liquid hand soap and is designed to be used with one hand. We already have our hands full, so opening and closing a dish soap container that’s just going to slide around the kitchen sink isn’t something we need in our lives. This dishwasher-safe soap pump is changing the dishwashing game and is helping us to keep our families staying healthy, and now even safer faster.

Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials

If we’re really honest with ourselves, one of the most frustrating parts of washing dishes (especially when they’ve gotten away from us) is finding our sponge and brush. Usually, after a large meal or long day, they are waiting for us underneath the grossest plate. If we had a specific home for them, we wouldn’t have to keep our sponge’s home a guessing game. Once again, Casabella is coming through for busy parents who just want to keep their homes healthy and keeping the kids staying healthy when it comes to clean and sanitary dishes.

The Linear In Sink Sponge And Brush Holder is designed to fit inside your sink (once again, saving counter space!) and keep your favorite sponge and brush literally within arm’s reach. The strong suction cups adhere to any smooth surface inside your sink so they’re always nearby. As ironic as it may seem, sometimes your sponge holder does need to be cleaned. When they do need to be cleaned, all of the moving parts disassemble to make cleanup a breeze.

Casabella has truly thought of everything, and all that they have done has made staying healthy with our family and home easy-peasy. We can’t think of a better way to keep our summer going and to stay healthy in the new school year.


Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials

Start at the bottom, because we all know that dirt, germs, and muck land right onto our floors. The Hardwood Floor Starter Kit has all you need for staying healthy and keeping your floors germ-free and clean. Simply use the refillable spray mop with the concentrated cleaning refills and let your non-toxic, phthalate, paraben, carcinogen-free cleaning begin! Suitable for all floor types, the Hardwood Floor Starter Kit works beautifully on sealed wood flooring, including bamboo.

All-Purpose Microfiber Cloths with the Glass and Window Refillable Spray Bottle Kit can be used on everything above your floors. Clean more with the fragrance-free, ammonia-free, streak-free shine on a variety of glass surfaces, including mirrors and windows, windshields, high-gloss lacquered surfaces, and more. The All-Purpose Microfiber Cloths will come in handy while you are cleaning, dusting, and sterilizing your TVs, laptops, phones, iPads, and furniture. Staying healthy with infuse means cleaning from the bottom to the top of your home, but not with toxic chemicals that will jeopardize your health.

Smelly Proof Bags

Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials
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If you’ve ever left a cling-wrapped half onion on top of a pound of butter in your fridge or a wrapped bowl of diced onions near a jug of milk overnight, you know what can happen. If the flavor is strong enough, it can potentially transfer to other ingredients in your fridge. All it takes is a morning bowl of cereal served with onion-tainted milk to drive home the point that smells and flavors can intermingle between foods in the fridge. The solution to this problem is Smelly Proof Bags. These unique odor-proof bags have a special medical grade material approved by the FDA and USDA that keeps odors trapped inside the sturdy locking zippers.

The reusable Smelly Proof Bags are leak-proof, tear, and puncture-resistant and come in a wide variety of sizes, small to large. The 15 pack Clear Extra Large Box locks in odors and keeps contents fresh. It’s perfect for travel, camping, and hiking and ideal at home for freezing, boiling, and storing chopped onions. You can even use these bags for fishing trips and carry bait or the fish you’ve caught on that trip. Keep your life smelling fresh and clean with the revolutionary Smelly Proof Bags.


Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials

Cleanliness and killing germs have never quite been as important as now. CleanWell’s Botanical Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner is a bleach-free disinfectant and deodorizer. With no harsh chemicals, this Bathroom Cleaner can still kill 99.9% of household germs with a simple spray and wipe. To deodorize and kill odor-causing bacteria, simply spray and allow it to dry. Protect your family by staying healthy and killing those germs with a botanical spray without all the harsh chemicals. Get ready to kill mildew, mold, and germs in one quick spritz.

We all love the sweet, fresh scent of lemon on a busy cleaning day. CleanWell’s Botanical Disinfectant All Purpose Cleaner with lemon fights germs, eliminates odors and cuts through grease and grime. This botanical All-Purpose Cleaner can be used on any surface to either remove odor and clean, or simply just to clean. This spray is safe on food surfaces and children’s toys. Clean, deodorize and disinfect in one easy step.

If you prefer wipes over sprays, CleanWell’s Botanical Disinfecting Wipes are germ-killing lemon-scented powerhouses when staying healthy while cooking or anywhere you need a quick disinfectant. Cut through grease, grime, and odor-making germs in one swoop. CleanWell’s Botanical Disinfecting Wipes are free of bleach and harsh chemicals which make these wipes safe for any surface, even kids toys.


Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials

Doing laundry can be a daunting task, even for a laundry enthusiast. It’s time-consuming, hard to remove stains and many laundry detergents use harsh chemicals.

Powerizer is a clean company whose mission is to simplify your life and help those individuals with staying healthy with a quality product that does everything it promises. Powerizer is the only product on the market that offers one product convenience for all your cleaning needs. Powerizer is made from all-natural biodegradable ingredients and free of heavy perfumes and other damaging additives. There is no need for bleach, softener, color booster, stain remover, dryer sheets, dish detergent, toilet or shower cleaner, or window cleaner. The magical pods are an all-in-one cleaning product.

The Powerizer Complete Pods are a unique cleaning product made from mineral and plant-based ingredients, providing convenience and effectiveness. Powerizer’s Complete Pods are uniquely formulated as a laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent with the added benefit of not using other products to fight tough stains and odors on clothes. This cleaning concentrate is septic safe, can be used in all water temperatures, and used as a laundry machine cleaner.

You can also use the pods in the dishwasher, which will remove residue and leaves dishes spot-free.  Whether you need to clean a small space or the entire house, you’ll need Powerizer cleaning products to get the job done right! 

Mr. Clean

Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials

With an icon such as Mr. Clean, you know you’re in good hands when it comes to tools that get the job done. Speaking of hands, the Loving Hands Gloves sure do come in handy when you need to get into some deep cleaning. With an extra 14″ cuff, a comfortable cotton flock lining, and an embossed palm grip (yes, no slipping), you’ll be cleaning for days; because they won’t stink either with the built-in order protection. Or, grab the Ultra-Grip Latex with Grippers Gloves for a more molded grip at your fingertips.

For those stubborn stains and germs, you want to annihilate on contact, both the Premium Sponge Cloth and Heavy-Duty Scrubber Sponge are flexible and strong with many days and spills to absorb as they come. Get ready to bring Mr. Clean into your home to keep all your surfaces clean and germ-free – exactly what you need for staying healthy all summer long and beyond!

Top Soap

Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials
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Built-in soap dispensers mounted next to a kitchen or bathroom sink are great, but refilling the small pint-size bottle can be a hassle. Filling the reservoir from under the sink means clearing out all the cleaning bottles and crawling into the cabinet to unscrew the bottle, which can be a hassle! 

Top Soap is made in the USA and is the world’s only easy refill system for your countertop-mounted soap dispensers. The 1-Pack Refill Pouches are easy to use for staying healthy and keeping those hands clean. Simply remove the pump, insert the spout and squeeze in the top-quality dish soap or moisturizing unscented hand soap into the dispenser. Each Top Soap pouch is pre-measured to fill your sink-mounted countertop soap dispenser perfectly, so it will never overflow. Top Soap Dish Soap attacks grease and hard-to-clean surface stains like coffee, so you can wash even the toughest dishes with ease! Now you can quickly and easily do your cleaning and washing without wasting your precious time.

So many more of you are venturing out, traveling, exploring, and living again! Staying healthy is so incredibly important we want you to have the very best of the best, so take notes, grab some ideal supplements and nutrients that fit seamlessly into your day, and have an amazing summer. It’s easy to do and easy not to do, but staying healthy, shouldn’t be a daunting task or cumbersome to figure out – and now it’s not!

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Staying Healthy This Season With 25 Summer Supplements & Cleaning Essentials



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