BottomZz-Up: An Eco-Friendly Way to Potty Train

Potty training is one of those important milestones that every parent both dreads and loves at the same time. It can be exciting to finally get rid of diapers, but the prospect of spending days, or even months, cleaning up pee from your floors and your carpets can make any parent feel anxious. And many times things like pull-ups can make it more difficult for a child to learn to potty train because they are too much like diapers. Luckily there is a product getting ready to launch via Kickstarter that helps parents potty train their children in record time without the confusion between diapers and underwear. BottomZz Up is a potty training tool-kit designed to help children feel the wetness when they have an accident all while protecting against leaks. Along with their positive reinforcement tools, BottomZz Up helps make potty training a breeze!

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Potty Training Toolkit

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About BottomZz Up

BottomZz Up was created by Lynn Tilker, a single mom who focuses on creating eco-friendly and sustainable products. BottomZz Up is just one of the many products in her portfolio with her design company, eCubed LLC. Each product in eCubed’s line is made to be eco-friendly, environmental friendly, and emotionally friendly. BottomZz Up follows their strict format for product development and is currently under their first Kickstarter campaign. The campaign began in April, and the production team hopes to start in June. The timeline for BottomZzUp to reach the hands of prospective consumers is September. eCubed hopes to have their campaign funded soon so that parents around the country can experience faster, easier, and a more eco-friendly way of potty training their children.


BottomZz Up is a revolutionary way to potty train your child. Designed to look like real underwear, the 100% cotton outer layer is comfortable for your child to wear and easy to put on. The BottomzZ Up absorbable inserts are dioxin and latex free (the yucky stuff that is in disposable diapers and disposable training underwear), so you know they are safe. The innovative technology allows your child to feel the discomfort when they are wet, but keeps your floors, carseats, and other surfaces safe.

Bottomzz-Up: An Eco-Friendly Way To Potty Train 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The BottomZz Up training pants are easy to clean too. Since they are 100% cotton, you simply throw out the disposable insert and throw the underwear in the wash. After a cycle in your washing machine you will be back to training in no time!

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But BottomZz Up is more than just training underwear. Their training program is a philosophy. Their potty training toolkit not only includes the underwear and inserts. It also contains a positive reinforcement system so you can celebrate your child’s progress in potty training. BottomZz Up believes in the ABC’s of potty training Always Be Consistent – and they promise that their program will help cut the potty training process significantly if used properly.

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BottomZz Up believes in celebrating the milestone of potty training, and their reward systems help parents do just that. They offer several different tiers of reward systems so you can decide which is best for your child and your family. At a minimum, each toolkit contains three reusable BottomZz Up underwear, six disposable liners, a travel bag, a reward calendar and stickers, and a graduation certificate.

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If you want to add a little more incentive for your potty training regime, you can go up the ladder. The next tier is the One Week Special, which adds two packs of disposable liners (includes 10 liners each) to the basic toolkit. The Two-Pack Combo includes two basic toolkits and two packs of disposable liners. For the parents who need a little extra help getting their little person to complete their training, BottomZz Up also offers the complete BottomZz Up program, which includes the basic toolkit, two packs of disposable inserts, and a two week coaching program. The two week coaching program includes one-on-one time with the creator of BottomZz Up, Lynn Tilker, either via email or via phone.

No matter where you are in your potty training program, BottomZz Up has a toolkit that can help you potty train your little one in an eco-friendly, positive, and fast way.

Features You Will LOVE

  • Eco-friendly – No more using disposable training pants that take up space in the landfill.
  • Safe for Little Bottoms – BottomZz Up disposable liners are made without latex or dioxin.
  • Keeps the Mess Inside – The absorbable liners help keep accidents in the underwear and not on your floor.
  • Full Training Program – BottomZz Up is more than just training underwear. Their toolkits also offer a system to help reward your child for their progress.
  • Positive Potty Training – The positive reinforcement system helps make potty training a happy time instead of a difficult transition.
  • Coaching Program – Potty training can be difficult, but BottomZz Up doesn’t leave parents behind. A two-week coaching program is available on their Kickstarter campaign.
Perfect For

BottomZz Up is perfect for parents who are looking for an all-around potty training program that offers an eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable way to potty train their children in as little time as possible. Parents love the positive reinforcement program to help celebrate this milestone. And spending as little money as possible on the process helps, too!

Potty training your child can be a daunting task, especially if you have a little one who is having a difficult time grasping the concept. BottomZz Up provides parents with a product that is just like regular underwear but also offers the same safety as disposable training pants. Their product helps eliminate the confusion between diapers and potty training, making the process go much faster and easier for both the parents and the child. Their positive reinforcement system is something every parent can get behind, especially when it makes potty training a fun and happy experience for the entire family!


Potty Training Toolkit


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We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief glimpse into the Potty Training Toolkit from Bottomzz Up. If you want to see them in “real” life, we want to show them to you. Don’t forget to follow along with Elena at the JPMA Baby Show for a special presentation at the Bottomzz up exhibit.

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