Visualization Practices No One Knows About

Visualization techniques are pretty common nowadays, it is no longer a “secret” that only a few knew about.  As much as it has become common and a lot of people utilize visualization practices in their daily lives, there is a whole world of visualization practices that few know about.  If you are serious about your visualization practice and want to visualize and live your best life, you must learn about these visualization practices.

What is Visualization 

Visualization Practices No One Knows About

Visualization is the practice of picturing what you want as if it has already happened.  Living the life you dream of in your mind’s eye as if it is the life you are living now.  Instead of just waiting to feel the happiness from your dream job or the love from finding your soul mate, you see, feel and fully embrace that part of your life that is going to happen as if it already is.  Visualization is a powerful tool for utilizing a positive mindset for your best self.  If you are being negative you are unable to see and believe in your best self. 

Being unable to picture yourself having, doing, and being where you want is not only limiting it will block you from getting what you want. You have probably heard or read a bunch of interviews with successful artists, businessmen and women, athletes, and others who have said something to the effect of “I have always pictured myself being up here” or doing whatever they happen to be doing.  This is no accident, they might not have realized what they were doing, but they were practicing visualization techniques without even realizing it.

People all around the globe use visualization techniques from world-class athletes to high school kids playing the big game of the year, from your favorite artist to the entrepreneur you admire the most.  Success is not an accident and a big tool that successful people utilize is the art of visualization, whether on purpose or sometimes by accident before they realize the power of visualization techniques. Once you realize just how powerful visualization techniques are, you will realize how powerful you are.

Visualization techniques remove the limitations in your mind that people often surround and protect themselves with when they don’t have everything they need and want.  It also removes the doubt, concerns, or questions about how one will get to where one wants to be based on their current situation.  By visualizing exactly what you want as if you already have it you remove that limitation from your mind. 

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The Key to Visualization

Visualization Practices No One Knows About

There are a few keys to visualization techniques that are common practice, such as picturing in your mind’s eye what you want, actively doing things that support your dreams, feeling the emotions attached to your dreams, and living each day as if you have already achieved your goals.  Instead of saying “if” say “when”, replace “maybe someday”, with “this is happening to me now”.  Even if you can’t yet quite afford the furniture in your dream house, create a vision board for the master bedroom of your dreams and open that account to help support your end goals. 

These little shifts will help your mind and body feel the powerful actions as if they have already happened and help eliminate doubt and foster the defense of your manifestations. Visualization techniques can vary from visualizing a specific thing you want, think partner, promotion, child, dream house, etc.  Visualizing the path to getting what you want, every single step along the way, even the most mundane parts. 

By visualizing the outcome of success that you are aiming for, you will be able to fully commit yourself to your visualizations. Visualization techniques involve all of the parts you want, if you want a partner that helps you make the bed, envision that the next time you make your bed. Or pretend that you are driving to your office for your dream job, sit on your patio and watch the sunset, even if you can’t actually see the sunset yet, but you want to.  No matter which visualization techniques you choose to learn and master, you must believe in the power of visualization and the power of yourself.  Without that, visualization techniques are pointless.  

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Visualization Practices No One Knows About

It is easy to get hung up on the end result of what you want and how you will get there.  In order for visualization techniques to be successful you have to let go of how it will happen and how your dreams will be achieved.  Might sound counter-intuitive but the how doesn’t matter, if the end result is your goal stay focused on that, don’t get hung up on the in-between journey, and then learn to “let go” of the attachment of the end goal. How you get to where you are going, is only so important, enjoy that journey and know that your dreams will come true with the visualization techniques.

For example, if your goal is to find, date, and marry your soul mate, you don’t have to know what that person looks like, or where you will meet or get married, you just want to find that person and be with them to achieve your goals.  It could be at the grocery store, being set up by a friend, or online dating, the how part doesn’t matter, journaling, writing letters to your future self or spouse, and creating vision boards are helpful to use during visualization techniques.  A quick and helpful guide from Abundance Mindset Mama can be found here on additional visualization techniques to practice.

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Learning The Secret Visualization Practices 

Visualization Practices No One Knows About

Visualization techniques require all of your senses to be activated. For you to be able to really feel, breathe, taste, smell, and see your desires.  Of course, you may not be able to actually see, feel, taste, breathe, and smell what you want, but you need to visualize yourself doing exactly that.  Want to travel to Italy, imagine tasting that first bite of homemade real Italian pasta. Dream of becoming a writer, feel the keyboard under your fingers and the pages of your book in your hand. Imagine yourself, giving the acceptance speech, or thanking all of those who helped you along the way.

Soak in the newborn smell of your new baby, imagine your husband’s hand in yours, and see your dream house as you drive up from a long day of work and imagine walking through it. While invoking your five senses is important to visualization techniques, don’t forget about your emotions, tap into those feelings as you experience your heart’s desire in your mind’s eye. This is one of the most powerful visualization techniques as your body feels everything that you want to feel as if it has already happened.

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Visualization Practices No One Knows About

Feel the butterflies of your new crush, the overwhelming emotion of landing your dream job, and the gratitude of using the keys to your forever home for the first time.  Really feeling everything that goes along with all of your dreams and desires will make your dreams that much more powerful and a vital tool for visualization techniques.  

Pretty much everyone you come across will tell you that their life didn’t quite turn out the exact way they expected, even if they have everything (and more) they have always wanted.  Visualization techniques and manifestation are powerful tools, but that does not mean that if you picture your soul mate as a 6-foot, blond with icy blue eyes and muscles that make you swoon, that is exactly what you are going to get, a Ken doll look-a-like. Maybe your dream guy does have blond hair, but his eyes are brown and instead of being a doctor he is a successful business owner and you are happier than you ever thought possible.

Or that your dream job is in the middle of Times Square, maybe it is at a cozy boutique agency in your hometown, where you have never been happier once returning home after that internship.  Visualization techniques require persistence, faith, and a bit of letting go of what the actual outcome will look like. Think of visualization techniques as driving with GPS, you might have no idea where you are going but you are totally at ease listening to your car tell you which road to take and for how long knowing that you will reach your final destination.  That is exactly the type of blind faith you need to have while practicing your visualization techniques.

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A key to successful visualization techniques is that you don’t think about what you don’t have or how you are doing to get there.  Instead, you solely focus on what you do want and what that looks like.  The key to successful visualization techniques is not only believing in yourself and what you want but also truly feeling, living, and being in the moment of what you want to achieve.  From running a 5K to finding your soul mate to buying your dream house this is all possible with visualization techniques.  

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Visualization Practices No One Knows About
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