Getting Pregnant: 2 Simple Visualizations That May Help

Stress affects the body in a lot of ways, including the ability to conceive. Sadly, stress tends to accumulate after months of trying to become pregnant unsuccessfully, which can make the whole situation of getting pregnant more difficult to overcome. A lot of couples become emotionally distraught when they are dealing with fertility issues. These negative emotions create more negative thoughts, which intensify other bad feelings, causing depression and hormonal imbalance.

Lack of calmness – due to hormonal imbalance or low levels of the relaxation hormone – can lead to anxiety, irritability, depression, insomnia, and brain fog. Some women also experience mood swings when their estrogen and progesterone plunge just before menstruation. Fortunately, there are visualization and other stress-relieving techniques you can practice to keep your mind in top shape when you’re thinking about getting pregnant.

In this article, we’ll look at two simple visualization exercises that can help you remain calm throughout the process of getting pregnant.

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#1: The Garden of Infinite Happiness Reflection Exercise

Getting Pregnant: 2 Simple Visualizations That May Help

To begin this exercise, you would first close your eyes and visualize an extremely beautiful garden. Allow your senses to roam about this picturesque landscape. Inhale the sweet smell of green grass, and listen to the melodious singing of birds while looking at the well-trimmed beds of roses, tulips, and petals — all in different shapes and colors.

Stop under the shade of a big tree and begin to remember that you are allowed in the garden because the Great Universe supports you getting pregnant wants to give you a baby.

Getting Pregnant: 2 Simple Visualizations That May Help
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Visualize your partner holding your cute child in his wide, muscular arms. Your eyes become wider, and your lips curl in delight. You place your hands on your waist and start swaying from side to side, gently. All of a sudden, your mind flashes back to those days when you longed for a day like this.

Getting Pregnant: 2 Simple Visualizations That May Help

The overwhelming joy in your life does not permit the negative emotions you experienced in those difficult times to come back. Your heart is full of happiness and contentment. You became pregnant and finally had your own child. You feel like you are unstoppable.

This is a simple yet powerful visualization that makes use of all the senses in getting pregnant. Practice this visualization together with long, deep breaths while sitting in a comfortable position or lying down. You would surely feel the rush of feel-good chemicals (endorphins) inside your body, which will help release stress that may be preventing you from getting pregnant.

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#2: Guided Visualization for Improved Fertility

Getting Pregnant: 2 Simple Visualizations That May Help

Here’s another visualization to assit with getting pregnant. Sit in a comfortable position, with your back straight and your body fully relaxed.  Then close your eyes and take a deep breath, inhaling for a count of four. Hold the breath for two seconds and breathe it out for a count of four.  On the inhale, say to yourself, “breathing in,” and when you are exhaling, say “breathing out.” Continue this breathing sequence six times while concentrating on your breathing. This breathing is also great practice for when getting pregnant finally does happen also.

Visualize that you’re at the base of a staircase containing 20 steps. Form a mental picture of figure 20 in clear, bold print. Start moving down the stairs until you reach the 19th step. While doing so, feel yourself going deeper and visualize figure 19 in your mind. 

Getting Pregnant: 2 Simple Visualizations That May Help

Keep moving down the stairs and feel yourself getting more relaxed with each step you take. 

Feel your muscle thighs becoming relaxed, free the tension in your belly, and relax your jawbone. Get rid of all the tension inside of you.

Feel yourself going down the stairs … 18, 17, 16, 15, 14 … observe how your body feels.

Now, you are relaxed. Your mind is quiet and devoid of any negative emotions.

Visualize inhaling a shiny light down into your ovaries. Now picture the light covering, surrounding, and protecting your ovaries. Bring this light down to your uterine tubes, becoming stronger as it moves. Move the light towards your womb, where it establishes a safe, warm environment for your child to grow healthily.

Getting Pregnant: 2 Simple Visualizations That May Help

Now visualize your uterine walls getting stronger and capable of sustaining life. Your uterus feels healthy and strong.

Focus your attention back on your ovaries and imagine an egg follicle being led from your ovary into the uterine tubes. Now, onto getting pregnant… Visualize the egg being moved down the tubes, where it meets with sperm and gets fertilized. Picture the egg and sperm coming together to form an embryo. 

Picture the fertilized egg (embryo) moving to the womb, where it attaches itself to your uterus wall. Visualize the fertilized egg growing into an embryo and developing into a fetus and getting stronger and stronger by the day. Feel yourself getting pregnant. Feel the child grow inside of you. Feel a new life forming in your uterus.

Say thank you to the Universe for the child in your womb and for helping you with getting pregnant. Continue saying these positive affirmations:

  • My body is strong and healthy.
  • I trust my body.
  • My hormones are well-balanced.
  • My reproductive organs work perfectly with my body and make getting pregnant easy for me.
  • My eggs are healthy and are ready to be released at ovulation.
  • I accept the gift of life inside of me.
  • I deserve to have a healthy pregnancy and baby.
  • I am confident in my ability to become a mother.
  • I choose a healthy lifestyle that improves my fertility.
  • I trust the Universe to give me a healthy, happy baby.
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Although there has not been much research on visualization and fertility, studies have shown that meditating, listening to guided imagery and doing whole-body relaxation can bring about what is known as the relaxation response, which is believed to increase pregnancy success rates. According to these studies, partaking in a mind-body fertility program where participants are taught how to enter this relaxation response for about 20 minutes every day nearly triples the conception rate.

When trying for a baby, it would be good to practice meditation, visualization, and guided imagery to improve fertility and your odds of getting pregnant. No matter whether you have been trying to conceive for a month or have been battling infertility for many years, visualization can help heal your body and soul and promote fertility.

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Getting Pregnant: 2 Simple Visualizations That May Help
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