Board Games to Puzzles: Coolest Games for 4 Year Olds

When children are young, they learn best by play. So it’s important to supply them with games that are not only plenty of fun, but enhance the experience with education and skills practice for the right age. And let’s face it – games are the toy that everyone can play with together! We’ve pulled together some of the coolest games for 4 year olds that make great gifts or everyday fun for those indoor playtimes year round.

Board Games to Puzzles: Coolest Games for 4 Year Olds

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel

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One of the best selling games for 4 year olds is sure to make our list. The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel game teaches color matching, strategy, and exercises those fine-motor skills, so what’s not to love? Help forest friends collect acorns by taking turns, spinning the spinner, using the squirrel squeezer, and placing them within your own log. It’s easy, clean fun for the entire family.


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Develop your child’s language and matching skills with Zingo! Up to 7 players can play this easy-to-learn, Bingo-type game.

The original Zingo is word- and image-based, but Zingo! also offers 1-2-3 Number, and Sight Words for 4 year olds, and Word Builder for K and up. It’s the perfect math and language practice while playing a game together.

Hi Ho! Cherry-O

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Hasbro launched this game years ago, but it’s easy to see why it’s still a classic. For little ones who are beginning at board games, Hi Ho! Cherry-O introduces gameplay like taking turns and using a spinner, while practicing math skills for kids ages 3-6. Pick fruit off the trees and be the first to fill your bucket to win.

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Eye Found It – Disney Version

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This game has all the benefits of a family board game, with the added benefit of working together to win as one while trying to find all the hidden objects. And who doesn’t like playing with their favorite Disney characters and within their favorite Disney scenes? Plus, the board is a whopping 6 feet long, so how much cooler can you get?

Eye Found It Card Game

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As if the Eye Found It game couldn’t get any better, it comes in a compact travel version. Slightly different play style, but just as fun, it’s a card game that can go wherever you go. Find the objects in each scene, and the first to find objects in each of their card wins! These are both great games for 4 year olds who love search and finds.

Mudpuppy Map of the U.S. Puzzle

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If you don’t own a Mudpuppy puzzle, you’re missing out. They make some of the best games for 4 year olds as they’re durable, bright, fun, and educational. This double-sided Map of the US Puzzle teaches state shape, location, names, capitals, and even popular animals and objects. There are so many things to look at!

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Yeti in My Spaghetti

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It’s fun to say and fun to play! Yeti in My Spaghetti is silly, but fun for the entire family. Take turns removing noodles one-by-one without letting the super-cute Yeti fall into the bowl. If he does, you lose! This Game of the Year winner is a must-have for any child’s game collection.

Osmo Little Genius

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Looking for games for 4 year olds that interact with the child? Look no further than Osmo. Their iPad or Fire tablet kids teach children everything from letters to phonics, pre-drawing skills emotional skills, and so, so, so much more. As they grow, children can add on different kits to enhance the STEM learning. It’s a great gift for any budding learner.

Matching Letter Game

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Perfect for preschoolers, this combo memory/sight words game will get them ready for their first day of Kindergarten. Children match letters to the cards when they’re younger, and as they grow, they spell the word before revealing the letters to check. Increase word recognition, spelling, memory, and hand-eye coordination with this cool game from Little Treasures.

Candy Land

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There’s not a more classic game of games for 4 year olds than this sweet adventure. It’s certainly a kid favorite. With bright graphics, no reading required, and fun characters like Queen Frostine, they’ll be asking to play it again and again. Be the first to move your gingerbread man to King Kandy’s castle, but watch out for delicious surprises like the Molasses Swamp!

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Marvel Matching Game

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Matching card games are some of the easiest games for young children to play, yet they really help hone their focus, memory, and matching skills. For superhero fanatics, the Marvel version is out of this world. But Wonder Forge also offers a variety of Disney versions like Frozen II, Toy Story 4, Fancy Nancy, Princesses, and more.

UNO Junior

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Everyone loves UNO, but now even the youngest family members can play along. Unlike regular UNO, with UNO Junior, each card has a matching animal graphic – like a giraffe – for those who don’t quite know their numbers. Plus, this game is designed with three play levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced – so the game grows with the child’s ability.

Let’s Go Fishin’

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What’s better than one game? Two games! This Amazon Exclusive is a set of two fishing-themed games. Work on hand-eye coordination as you quickly catch as many fish as you can, with Let’s Go Fishing, the original fast-action fishing game with a rotating pond. Then for added fun, make a match with Lucky Ducks, a card game. It’s fun for all!

Don’t Break the Ice

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Another child favorite is Don’t Break the Ice. Why? Because kids love hitting things! Tap out ice blocks while taking turns, but keep Phillip the Penguin on top! The icy water is cold and the child who knocks him into the water is out. It’s a great game of suspense and strategy, even for 4 year olds.

Sequence for Kids

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A bit like Bingo, and a bit like Connect Four, Sequence requires logic, critical thinking, and strategy – all great skills to practice. It’s fun for kids and adults alike, and with the ability for 2-4 players, the entire family can play along in this animal-themed, no-reading-required game.

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Shelby’s Snack Shack

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This preschool game with a Pug named Shelby is a hit, and makes one of many great games for 4 year olds from Educational Insights. Help Shelby collect bones by counting. Fill your dog bowl with the most bones and you win. It’s a great way to work on numbers with 4 year olds learning to count.

Frankie’s Food Truck

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Work on math skills and geometry, and develop their fine motor skills with Frankie’s Food Truck. Children 4 and up spin the spinner and use Frankie’s squeezer tool to pick up the foot item that matches the shape. Watch out for a few surprises along the way! First to collect a five-piece meal wins. Even older kids will enjoy playing this fun game with their little siblings.

Raccoon Rumpus

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Teach children how to roll a die, as well as match colors and practice clothing with Raccoon Rumpus. The Raccoons have raided the closet and they need help getting dressed! It’s the perfect and hilarious game for 4 year olds that has won multiple parenting awards.

Solar System Floor Puzzle

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Take the play to the floor with this huge puzzle from Melissa and Doug. Get down on the ground and put together this 48-piece puzzle with a large display of planets, including labels for learning. It’s a great way to see the solar system while promoting hand and eye coordination. Plus, what kid doesn’t love space?

Scavenger Hunt Cards

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Turn your home into one big game with a ring of preschool Scavenger Hunt Cards. Regardless of the weather, exploration and adventure is just a card deck away. If it’s games for 4 year olds that fit in a diaper bag or purse that you need, this one fits the bill.

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Tiny Polka Dot

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Tiny Polka Dot is more than just a game. It’s a beautifully designed deck of brightly colored cards, offering 16 different games to encourage a love of numbers. Children can play alone, or with a group of up to six others, fostering independent play and socialized play.

The Lady Bug Game

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Who knows games for 4 year olds better than a kid? Invented by a first grader, this game supports reading and counting as the ladybug makes her way home. But watch out for the Praying Mantis and make sure to feed the Lazy Ants!

Magnetic Travel Treasure Hunt

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Sometimes it’s the smallest items that make the biggest impact. These magnetic games are perfect for travel in the car or airplane, or even just to store in mom’s handbag. Just open the compact tin case to reveal magnetic game pieces, a tiny die, and the built-in game board, and play a fun treasure map game similar to Chutes and Ladders. There are so many other games to choose from, too.

Boredom Buster Wipe & Write Activity Cards

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There’s just something about dry-erase or wipeable markers that children love. Get 12 repeatable and reusable activities and an erasable marker that not only builds creative thinking, focus and attention, and observation, but exercises hand and writing muscles they’ll need to strengthen before Kindergarten.

Connectors Animal Planet

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Sharpen your child’s critical thinking and logic skills with Connectors. Somewhat like Dominos, players match cards of likeness to each other, encouraging focus and problem solving that’s great at any age.

This collection of games for 4 year olds aren’t just more toys that’ll collect dust on the toy shelf. They’re learning tools and skill teachers, making them the perfect addition to playtime. Pick up a variety of puzzles and board games and have fun and education at your fingertips anytime.

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Board Games To Puzzles: Coolest Games For 4 Year Olds



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