30 Thoughtful Baby Brands To Check Out For National Baby Safety Month

September is National Baby Safety Month and although safety for babies and children is always a top priority year-round, this month offers a great chance for parents and baby brands to brush up on baby-proof safety standards and tips. What all parents want is a happy and healthy baby that gets to experience a loving family and a safe environment. We love researching and finding baby brands that design products that not only enhance safety measures for babies but also provide smart solutions for parents and caregivers to make life with a baby easier and allow them to focus on their baby while the safety aspect is taken care of. Sit back, relax, and check out our favorite baby safety gear, toys, and clothing this year.

Baby Brands That Make Safety a Top Priority


30 Thoughtful Baby Brands To Check Out For National Baby Safety Month

There are several places to go and things to see with your newest member of the family! First things, first… you’re going to need some baby brands that fit the bill when it comes to travel safety. Weighing in at just over 6 pounds, the Bugaboo Turtle Air is Bugaboo’s lightest car seat yet. Whether you’re running errands around town or traveling cross-country, this seat offers a safe and comfortable ride for your little one.

The Bugaboo Turtle Air was designed in collaboration with Nuna, a leading car seat manufacturer. Together, they created a seat that combines premium comfort with ease of use for parents on the go. The result is a car seat that your baby will love riding in, whether you’re going to the grocery store or on a long road trip.

The intuitive design of the Bugaboo Turtle Air makes it easy to install and use within a moment’s notice. The color-coded indicators make it simple to tell if the seat is installed correctly, and the adjustable headrest and harness make it easy to get a perfect fit for your child. The integrated click-and-go adapters allow you to attach the seat to any Bugaboo stroller, making it easy to create a travel system that works for you.

Whether you’re looking for a safe and comfortable car seat for your newborn or a lightweight and easy-to-use option for errand-running or travel, the Bugaboo Turtle Air is a perfect choice.

Once you get to your destination, baby will certainly let you know, it’s time to freshen up. The Bugaboo changing backpack is the latest and greatest way to carry all of your baby essentials while staying stylish. This bag is rainproof on the outside and spill-proof on the inside, perfect for any situation. The bag also features 100% recycled fabrics, so you can feel good about your purchase. Plus, it fits perfectly on your Bugaboo stroller for added convenience. If you’re looking for a new diaper bag among all the baby brands you are researching, the Bugaboo changing backpack is a must-have.

Bugaboo Changing Backpack | Turtle Air by Nuna
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30 Thoughtful Baby Brands To Check Out For National Baby Safety Month

If you have a premie babe to bring home or an ambitious and squirmy 65-pounder, you need a car seat that will accommodate any parent’s need when it comes to traveling safely with their children. First and foremost, not only are parents looking for the best safety features, but it has to be comfortable for the child! Every parent who’s had to deal with a squirmy kid in the backseat in a car seat that pokes them, makes them hot, or doesn’t buckle comfortably knows the woes of getting just from point A to point B!

However, you can turn this into a pleasurable experience with the NextFit Max Zip Air Convertible Car Seat. Its duo guard head and torso protection with a deep, rigorous exterior and EPS energy-absorbing foam provides a great fit as well as maximum protection for your child, allowing you to focus on driving without worry…or complaining!

Your babes won’t realize it, but it’s the 3D AirMesh backrest that allows for proper ventilation and comfort for short stops to the store or overnight road trips. It is also easy to clean with the innovative (and parent’s dream feature) zip and wash pad option.

Furthermore, when it comes to securing the car seat in place, the premium latch connectors have a force multiplier, allowing you to use your vehicle’s lower fasteners to secure it firmly into place, even through small door openings.

Do you want to take your toddler on a trip to explore nature, the city, or simply a walk around the neighborhood but are concerned that they will tire and you will have to carry them all the time? The Smart Support Backpack Carrier is a high-tech suspension seat designed to keep your child comfortable while traveling, no matter how long or short the adventure. This seat features a padded, height-adjustable seat with a 5-point harness, adjustable padded shoulder straps and waist strap, and a built-in kickstand – all for your comfort and for the little one.

30 Thoughtful Baby Brands To Check Out For National Baby Safety Month

When your little one tires of the sun, beating down on them, use the installed canopy to shade their little bodies so it’s truly a wonderful experience for them all around. Parents, you’ll love that its long-lasting aluminum frame ensures its durability from one child to the next.

It also has a flat fold and can be easily stored and transported in small spaces. Whenever you are ready for your little ones to explore the trails with you or just go for a stroll around the neighborhood for some fresh air, the Smart Support Backpack Carrier will make the excursion possible.

NextFit Max Zip Air Convertible Car Seat | Smart Support Backpack Carrier
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Motherhood is not easy. It demands genuine dedication and hard work while keeping the job and the house running. Luxury baby brands like 4mom’s make your life a lot easier. This swing eliminates the need to carry your baby all the time, but gives your child a sense of being held and rocked, just like mama would do it. Simply place your baby in it and adjust the speed and direction of motion to calm them down or give yourself some free time.

It has five different movements and five-speed levels that you can alter depending on whether your baby wants to play or sleep. Plus, interactive hanging toys keep them occupied, allowing you to work in peace. Besides, the belt ensures safety by preventing your baby from falling out if you need to step away.

The swing has extremely user-friendly intelligent features such as Bluetooth, voice control compatibility, and Amazon Alexa capabilities. Also, the swing is incredibly soft and has a functional shape that ensures comfort and prevents backaches. Gift yourself or a mama who needs this innovative baby swing!

Looking for a safe and comfortable sleep bassinet for your newborn while shopping through baby brands? Look no further than the MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet! Featuring a firm, flat sleep surface that follows the AAP’s Safe Sleep Guidelines, this bassinet is perfect for your little one. The height adjustment feature allows you to position the bassinet at the perfect height for optimal visibility and accessibility, while the mesh sides create a safe and secure sleep environment. With the MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet, you can rest assured knowing that your baby is sleeping soundly and safely.

30 Thoughtful Baby Brands To Check Out For National Baby Safety Month

4moms has released Sleepversity, a place where mamas can talk about and get answers about safe sleep for their babies. Watch the first episode here, because getting sleep that is safe and restful is what all babies (and mamas) need when purchasing baby brands that meet your needs!

Need some help with calming the baby down? The 4moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet is the perfect way to soothe and comfort your baby when you need a break. The unique design mimics the natural motions of parents, with 5 different motions and 5-speed options, so you can find the perfect combination for your little one. The built-in white noise machine has 4 different settings, including rain, ocean, fan, and shush, to help baby fall asleep and stay asleep longer.

And the best part? You can control all the features from your compatible smart device using the 4moms app. There’s even a timer function to help establish a bedtime routine that works best for you and your baby. Whether you’re looking for a way to calm a fussy baby or help them get a better night’s sleep, the MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet is sure to do the trick.

mamaRoo® Multi-motion Baby Swing™ | mamaRoo sleep® bassinet
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Delta Children

30 Thoughtful Baby Brands To Check Out For National Baby Safety Month

Being a parent comes with so much joy. It also comes with fear and uncertainty. Delta Children understands this. That is why Delta tops the list of reliable baby brands on the market. They want you and your children to rest easy and safely. That’s why their team has spent years developing furniture for children that meets or exceeds safety standards. If you’re looking for quality furniture made with non-toxic materials, look no further than Delta Children. Take comfort in knowing your babies are in safe hands with Delta Children.

30 Thoughtful Baby Brands To Check Out For National Baby Safety Month

Congratulations on your new baby! To make watching your little ones grow as enjoyable as possible, get the Essex 4-in-1 Convertible Crib. This crib grows with your baby and adjusts from a crib to a toddler bed, a day bed, and then a small sofa. Wherever your babies fall on the growth chart, you’ll be ready for their growth spurts. The toddler bed can be used until the child weighs 50 lbs. When your children are ready for their first big-kid bed, transition it to the day bed. This convertible crib is exactly what you need for your kids and will last them for years.

The Essex 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Crib by Delta Children is designed to elevate modern nurseries. It features gently curved corners and splayed feet in a natural finish for some retro cool contrast. Three-position adjustable mattress support accommodates your growing baby. Start with the highest setting and lower as baby grows. The Essex Crib is available in two finishes (grey or white) and the pine wood construction brings warmth while the natural unfinished legs add a sweet, midcentury touch.

Essex 4-in-1 Convertible Crib
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TruBliss Baby

30 Thoughtful Baby Brands To Check Out For National Baby Safety Month

There are only two things new parents need: sleep and versatility. TruBliss can’t help you with a sleep schedule but their Journey 3-in-1 Bassinet provides all the versatility you’ll need. It can be converted from a bassinet to a portable bed. The best part is, that absolutely no tools are needed for the conversion. The sleeping area is made from quilted fabric and the sides are mesh, so you can watch your baby sleep. Put it next to your bed or with you when you visit family. Use the large storage basket to hold diapers, wipes, and the two fitted sheets that are included with the purchase.

Journey 3-in-1 Bassinet
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30 Thoughtful Baby Brands To Check Out For National Baby Safety Month

Don’t let all the baby bottles on the market overwhelm you! Get the Comotomo Starter Set, and get everything you need to get started in one box. The Comotomo Starter Set includes its award-winning collection of feeding and teething products. Parents will get one 4 oz bottle, two 8 oz. bottles, two packs of silicone nipples, and one teether. Do you plan to breast and bottle feed? Fantastic! Comotomo bottles and nipples are designed to reduce nipple confusion.

Comotomo Starter Set
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The Boppy Shopping Cart Cover features 360-degree coverage for shopping carts and high chairs. It’s fully padded, so your baby won’t get scratched up or feel uncomfortable. It also features a front storage pocket that’s ideal for holding your cell phone, car keys, pacifiers, and more.

The Boppy Infant Feeding Support Pillow offers ergonomic support to new parents who are bottle-feeding or nursing their infants. It features a removable pillow cover for easy cleaning and is hypoallergenic. Perfect for every stage, the Infant Support Pillow can be used for propping, tummy time, and helping babies sit up.

Boppy Shopping Cart Cover | Boppy Infant Feeding Support Pillow
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30 Thoughtful Baby Brands To Check Out For National Baby Safety Month

Here to support your family ergobaby’s newest innovation, the Evolve baby bouncer is a 3-in-1 baby seat that will grow with your little one. A lounger, bouncer, and toddler seat all in one, this functional seat offers everything new parents want when it comes to the healthy seating and support of their baby.

Beginning as a cozy lounger for baby, you can safely secure your little one into the lounger with the harness while the breathable mesh backing keeps them cool and the seat offers ergonomic support for their head and hips while also preventing flat head syndrome. As they grow, this soothing bouncer provides a natural rocking motion (battery and plug-free) that will help calm those fussy babes, keep them smiling, and even put them to sleep. Finally, keep your Evolve even as your infant transitions into toddlerhood as the perfect comfy toddler chair for reading and relaxing as this cozy space will be your child’s favorite place to lounge.

Folding flat for easy transport, the Evolve is sturdy enough to last but versatile enough to take with you. The padded infant insert keeps them snuggly while they are little and is removable, along with the removable, machine washable cover, keeping your Evolve clean, no matter how many accidents a new baby tends to bring. Finally, with quick and easy pedal adjustments you can switch between the three heights tailored to each stage of your baby’s development, making the seat just the right fit every time.

Evolve Bouncer
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Gladly Family

30 Thoughtful Baby Brands To Check Out For National Baby Safety Month

Perfect for use at home and away, the Gladly Merrill Portable Playard Suite is the ideal place for your little one to safely sleep, lounge, and play. Easy to set up and take down, whether you are setting up in your bedroom, your downstairs living room, or traveling to visit friends and family for the holidays, the Gladly Merrill Portable Playard Suite is designed to go with you.

Ideal for babies from birth, this portable playard folds easily with one hand and stores away in a backpack for easy travel. The exterior breathable mesh is soft and safe while the interior mattress is comfy and supportive for your baby’s body. With the addition of the newborn bassinet, you can use it to let your baby sleep from day one, and use the bassinet for hassle-free diaper changes. The extra large diaper caddy keeps all of your diaper changing necessities right at your fingertips, making it a breeze for new parents to change their baby even during the night or while on vacation. Finally, with removable machine washable covers and fabrics clean up is easy.

This Baby Safety Month chose the safe, versatile, and convenient option when it comes to your baby’s space to sleep and play with Gladly.

Merritt Portable Playard Suite
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30 Thoughtful Baby Brands To Check Out For National Baby Safety Month

Bathing baby can be a great bonding experience for you both and with the Angelcare Bath Support seat, it will be safe too. The soft and supple seat is surrounded by a molded plastic that holds the baby’s head and upper body upright while in a lounge position. Mildew-resistant, this seat is easy to use in the tub or shower and lets you safely seat babies while you bathe them. Recommended for babies up to 6 months of age, your newest addition will love bathtime and new parents will love the ease and security of bathing baby in this safe and simple bath seat.

Pink Bath Support
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Kyte Baby

30 Thoughtful Baby Brands To Check Out For National Baby Safety Month

Soft and cozy clothing for newborns is exactly what all new mamas need on their baby shower registry. Pamper your little love’s sensitive skin this season with some of the essentials from Kyte Baby. Offering the softest fabrics, cutest prints, and patterns, Kyte Baby’s selection of rompers, onesies, and even two-piece sets will keep your baby both comfortable and looking oh-so-sweet this season.

A must-have for bringing baby home, the Zippered Footie one-piece is a soft and easy-access outfit that makes diaper changes a breeze. Crafted of bamboo rayon and spandex, this easy on/off one-piece is perfect for a day of sleep and play. Similarly, Kyte Baby’s silky smooth and stretchy bamboo bodysuits are an essential piece for every little one’s wardrobe. For those cooler days when you plan to venture out of the house, add the Bamboo Jersey Hoodie over top for added warmth. Soft and cozy, this hoodie won’t irritate baby’s sensitive skin but will add just the right amount of lightweight warmth for comfort.

Finally, for those little ladies, add a matching bow or for boys or girls a knotted cap to keep their tiny heads warm on cool days. Offering soft and cozy essentials for your newest addition, Kyte Baby’s fabrics and designs will keep your little one comfy and cute all day every day.

Zippered Footie | Bamboo Jersey Hooded Jacket | Bodysuit | Bows
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Comfy Cubs

Keep your little one safe, secure and comfy during bathtime with Comfy Cubs. From blankets and swaddles to hooded towels, crib sheets, and more, Comfy Cubs has the cozy, snuggly items your little one needs from bath to bedtime. A few of our favorites for bathtime include the Comfy Cubs Hooded Towels. Wrap your baby in softness whether it’s bathtime or pool time. These plush hooded towels are crafted of premium muslin cotton and offer 9 layers of comfort. Gentle on baby’s sensitive skin, these towels absorb water quickly so your little one stays warm and dries quickly.

Add a pack of organic bamboo baby washcloths to your shopping cart too! These certified organic baby washcloths are plush, thick, and absorbent making both bathtime and cleaning up messes a breeze. With a long-lasting softness that only gets better over time, they are made with eco-friendly bamboo that is also sustainable and better for our planet. Similarly, Comfy Cubs Organic Cotton Burp Cloths are crafted of the same great material and offer the same soft feeling. Versatile and perfect for use at home and away, these burp cloths can be used for protecting your clothing, breastfeeding coverups, wiping up all that baby drool, and more. Ideal for babies with sensitive skin, these burp cloths won’t scratch or irritate your little one’s skin.

Finally, make sure to add the Comfy Cubs Diaper Caddy to your list when ordering everything you need when bringing home baby. This multi-purpose carrier is perfect for keeping a set of diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes in mom and dad’s room or downstairs. Soft and durable, this fabric diaper caddy features 8 pockets, velcro dividers, and carry handles making it easy to take with you around the house or easy and convenient diaper changes.

Baby Hooded Towel | Organic Baby Washcloths | Organic Burp Cloths | Diaper Caddy | Pacifiers
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30 Thoughtful Baby Brands To Check Out For National Baby Safety Month

Lovevery knows that from birth babies rapid brain development grows by leaps and bounds. That is why their Montessori-inspired play kits are ideal for little ones from birth to preschool, with activities and toys for stage based play and development. With their play kits you can take the guesswork out of what your little one should be learning and instead build on their development with subscription boxes that will be delivered right to your door. Featuring toys and acitivities built with sustainably harvested wood, organic cotton, nontoxic paint, and baby-safe plastics, these play kits are safe, engaging and entertaining for all ages and stages.

Start your baby off right with the Lovevery Play Gym built of sustainable wood and beautifully designed with your little one in mind. This Parent’s Choice award-winning Play Gym will grow with your baby from infancy through toddlerhood. The Play Gym features 5 developmental zones, 4 detachabble activity toys, 4 sets of activity cards, and a play guide with stage based tips and activities. With teething rings, soft balls, mirror cards, and black and white activities perfect for stimulating tiny minds, the Play Gym is a great gift for new parents and their baby.

Give baby plenty to look at with the Looker Playkit from Lovevery. This kit will stimulate their brains with the black and white contrast toys, and high-contrast images as they work on focus and processing their new surroundings. With 5+ activities for play and stimulation, the Looker Playkit includes a mobile, black and white card sets, silicone rattle, black and white sensory mittens, and more.

Start baby off on the right track with the amazing Play Kits and Play Gym for early learning and exploration from Lovevery.

The Looker Play Kit | The Play Gym
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Looking for a diaper pail that doesn’t just mask odors, but eliminates them? Parents, look no further than the Munchkin UV Diaper Pail! The Munchkin UV Diaper Pail is a sleek and stylish way to keep your baby’s room smelling fresh and clean. The powerful UV light (indicated by the glowing heart when sterilizing) eliminates odor-causing bacteria and germs, while the self-sealing system keeps disposal bags shut and free of smells. With 4 LED lights that automatically sterilize internal surfaces, this diaper pail is a must-have for any nursery.

UV Diaper Pail
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Tommee Tippee

30 Thoughtful Baby Brands To Check Out For National Baby Safety Month

For the last 50 years, the employees at Tommee Tippee has worked to create safe baby products designed to soothe, nourish, and support infants everywhere. They’re also working to reduce Tommee Tippee’s carbon footprint by reducing the use of plastics as well as increasing their use of sustainable products and using 100% recyclable materials for all of their packaging. While parents are working to keep their babies safe at home, Tommee Tippee is doing their part to give babies everywhere a healthy planet. Check out some of our favorite Tommee Tippee products!

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Babies can be very particular about what pacifiers they prefer. Baby brands like Tommee Tippee understand this. That’s why they offer parents the Pick-a-Paci Trial pack. Each breast-like pacifier has a unique design, allowing your baby to choose which one he prefers. All of these pacifiers are dishwasher-safe on the top rack.

For stubborn babies who resist bottles, try the Closer to Nature Baby Bottle. Made from skin-like silicone, this bottle is designed to feel as soft as Mom. The included nipple has an anti-colic valve, reducing the amount of air that flows into your baby’s mouth.

The Pump and Go Milk Storage Bags are perfect for storing breast milk in either the refrigerator or the freezer. These pre-sterilized bags will hold up to 6 oz of breast milk. Moms will love how these universal storage bags attach to any breast pump with the purchase of an adapter.

Teach your little ones how to drink from a straw with the Superstar Insulated Straw Cup. Made with 100% leakproof technology, it doesn’t matter if this cup is shaken, stirred, or turned upside down. It will not leak. Parents will also love that the drinking spout is made with antimicrobial technology.

Sterilize baby bottles, nipples, pacifiers, and more in just 4-8 minutes with the Microwave Sterilizer. Four baby bottles can be sterilized at once and will be kept sterilized for up to 24 hours when kept inside the Microwave Sterilizer with the lid closed. Parents will love that this lightweight sterilizer is easy to use and fits most standard microwaves.

Soothe your nipples with a baby-safe formula when you use the Made for Me Nipple Cream. Perfect for use through your pregnancy and after, the Made for Me Nipple Cream contains only three ingredients: avocado oil, beeswax, and shea butter. The all-natural ingredients mean there’s no need to remove the cream before breastfeeding.

Pick-a-Paci Trial Pack | Closer to Nature Silicone Baby Bottle | Pump and Go Milk Storage Bags | Superstar Insulated Straw Cup | Microwave Sterilizer | Made for Me Nipple Cream
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Is this your first time as a mother, and you’re having trouble lactating, or do you want to keep your supply going for extended breastfeeding? It’s perfectly fine if you need lactating support and highly encouraged you seek natural ways to boost your production! Milky Mama will solve this for you with its Milky Melon and various drink packs along with Herbal Supplements like Milky Maiden. Your little one will get all the required nutrients from you with the added support of these natural lactating foods.

The Milky Melon (and other drinks) is made specifically with herbs and ingredients that not only increase your mammary glands’ capacity to produce milk but also enhance milk flow and activate hormones to produce rich and nutritious milk for your babe(s). The goat’s rue extract and fennel seed in the drink packs make it manageable to efficiently pump milk for your baby or for use when you need extra by breast pumping.

Milky Maiden and other Herbal Supplements from MilkyMama also work wonders in enhancing milk production while on the go. By incorporating this into your routine, you will be able to produce enough milk to store it, ensuring that your baby receives your milk even if you are away working. So, get these now, and make your life a little easier as a mother knowing you are producing that wonderful elixir for your baby!

Milky Drink Packs | Herbal Supplements
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Babywearing is a great way to ensure baby safety while still allowing parents to be hands-free. Mother and baby brands like Tula are committed to providing parents with baby products that benefit both the child and parent. The Tula Lite Baby Carrier is a lightweight carrier with streamlined comfort that allows you to carry baby in both front and back carries, facing in. Available in multiple colors and prints, this carrier is made of a woven, Ripstop material that is durable and breathable to keep your little one cool and comfortable.

Designed to be supportive without too much padding or adjustments needed, the Tula Light helps to provide optimal ergonomic positioning. This Tula baby carrier is a great accessory to bring when you are on the go. It packs neatly into the attached waistband while leaving room in the front hip pouch for your baby essentials.

Tula Lite Baby Carrier
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Traveling with small children has never been easier thanks to the Vegan Leather Bag by Kibou. Designed to sit on your waist this diaper bag has a detachable changing pad, slots to hold credit cards, and a hook that you can use to hold your keys or a pacifier. Our favorite feature of this baby brand is the built-in waterproof pocket that holds up to 20 wipes. Not only that, but those wipes will stay moist for up to one week. Never pull a dry wipe out again thanks to this handy feature.

The Vegan Leather Bag is made with an ergonomic, weight-bearing 1.5″ belt and belt buckle. Its vegan leather is durable and wipes clean. The interior is made with a wipeable, stain-resistant lining. A diaper bag that’s baby-friendly and animal-safe. What could be better than that? Add the Vegan Leather Bag to your shopping cart today and make your life on the go easier.

Vegan Leather Bag
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Sleeping issues can be challenging with a baby or child, and creating an environment that includes a warm bath and reading a book may not be enough to get them to sleep. The Hatch sound machine is an excellent sleep aid that helps children sleep peacefully through the night. The Rest+ is the ultimate smart sleep machine with so many wonderful features, including a clock, 11 soothing sounds, customizable night light with 10 presets, and an in-app color wheel with unlimited colors. In addition, the battery can last up to eight hours on a single charge. This all-in-one sleep machine is designed to create a perfect sleep environment for babies and young kids.

You can control the Rest+ remotely by clicking the smartphone Hatch Sleep app to control the light and sound. You can also use the Rest+ as an audio monitor to ensure your child is safe without entering your child’s room. With Alexa, you can change the volume, brightness, colors, sounds, and more with hands-free voice commands. The Hatch Rest+ is the perfect sound machine that will help your child sleep through the night and wake up feeling refreshed & healthy. Parents will also get a better night’s sleep so they can take care of their energetic little ones during the day.

Hatch Rest+
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30 Thoughtful Baby Brands To Check Out For National Baby Safety Month

Tushbaby is the chic baby carrier that will quickly become one of your most used items. This carrier is a strap-free, ergonomic hipseat that evenly distributes your baby’s weight to help youcarry your little one longer and more comfortably. Parents know whenever they pick up their child they often naturally gravitate toward the hip. Parents arms and backs quickly get tired and putting them down and picking them back up again can get exhausting. The Tushbaby baby brand is simple. There are no wraps, straps, or extra fabric, just velcro and buckle it around your waist to make baby-wearing a breeze.

With five storage pockets, it easily stashes exactly what you need, from diapers and wipes to lotion, bottles, toys, and your personal items as well. Safety certified and approved by both pediatricians and orthopedists, Tushbaby puts your baby’s hips in the doctor-recommended “M” position and reduces painful spine curvature in adults to help you take a load off. It can also be used as breastfeeding support starting from infancy and offers 4 different carry positions well into toddlerhood.

Tushbaby Carrier
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Sleep plays an essential role in the development of your baby’s brain, and what they wear while sleeping contributes to it. Seraphine’s Easy Zip Cotton Unisex Sleepsuit will help your baby sleep soundly. This set comprises three sleepsuits with a minimalist design and a soft color palette. In addition to that, the fabric used in these cotton sleepsuits is soft and lightweight, perfect for their delicate skin.

Also, a two-way zip crotch makes it easier to put these on and take them off without causing discomfort to the apple of your eye. This makes the perfect gift for a new mom and a great baby brand for Baby Safety Month especially when they don’t know the gender until birthday!

Easy Zip Cotton Unisex Sleepsuit – 3 Pack
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Welcome to the world, little one! We are so excited to meet you. And what a better way to start your life off than with this adorable CAMP Baby Essentials Gift Set! It has everything you need for baby’s first few months and beyond – all made with 100% organic cotton for the softest, most gentle touch.

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The set includes a multi-purpose felt basket that’s perfect for storing all your goodies. From CAMP’s newest baby line, tiny camp, this set is sure to make life just a little bit sweeter. So cuddle up, and enjoy all the goodness that comes with being a new parent!

CAMP Baby Essentials Gift Set
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Filters Fast

30 Thoughtful Baby Brands To Check Out For National Baby Safety Month

For when your baby is experiencing cold symptoms or is having difficulty breathing, it is important to have a humidifier in their room, especially at night while they are asleep. The EE-0865 is a penguin ultrasonic humidifier for your home. The fun, kid-friendly design of the penguin ultrasonic humidifier will not only keep your child breathing easy, but also looks great in their room. Baby brands like Crane know the importance of keep your baby safe and healthy.

Also referred to as the Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Penquin Humidifier, this humidifier can provide 2.1 gallons of humidified air a day. The humidifier is whisper quiet and requires only cool tap water to operate. The Crane Humidifier will help your child breathe easy at night without any unnecessary medication, helping ease cold, flu, and allergy symptoms as well as relieve dry skin and chapped lips.

Crane Cool Mist Humidifier Penguin
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Parenthood is a beautiful experience but incredibly challenging and requires a lot of strength, especially if it’s your first child. KeaBabies makes it a little easier with its incredible wrap carrier. Thanks to the fabric’s stretchability, the baby wrap carrier ensures equal weight distribution, making it comfortable for both mom and baby. Furthermore, its design is super functional: you can carry your baby while doing your work without using your arms and breastfeed on the go.

For baby safety month, rely on baby brands like Keababies to make your baby feel safe, clinging to you, Mom, while preventing shoulder and back pain comforting your little one as long as they need. Moreover, the layers of the wrap carrier add stability and safety. So, get this wrap carrier and elevate the experience of motherhood while not compromising your me time.

Baby Wrap Carrier
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Stina & Mae

As you transition from the hospital to home, look to the adorable Keepsake Gift Sets from Stina & Mae for your newborn. This organic cotton baby blanket and hat set is the perfect gift for parents-to-be or new parents. The baby blankets work great as a swaddle blanket, a receiving blanket, or even as an impromptu burp cloth. Included in the set is also a newborn baby hat that matches the baby blanket.

Made from 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton, this set is soft, breathable, and machine washable. The Snuggle Me Home Keepsake Gift Set is available in a variety of adorable prints including “Over the Rainbow”, “Safari Life”, and “Snuggle Bunny”.

Snuggle Me Home Keepsake Gift Set
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Calisson Toys

30 Thoughtful Baby Brands To Check Out For National Baby Safety Month

The Sophie the Giraffe teether is a long-time favorite for parents and babies. The French-made soft teether boasts a faint vanilla scent and squeaks when squeezed. Since 1961, Sophie the Giraffe has been a first toy for more than 50 million babies worldwide.

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The teether comes with an adorable, soft, plush, friendly giraffe in the Sophie the Giraffe and Sophie Charie Set. The set makes a perfect baby shower gift. Or, bring smiles to your own little one with the cuddly, plush Sophie Charie giraffe and smiling teether.

Sophie the Giraffe and Sophie Charie
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Rascal & Friends

Rascal + Friends offers practically designed diapers that are comfortable and don’t come in the way of your baby’s happiness. Unlike conventional diapers, you don’t have to worry about leakages thanks to the twelve-hour leak protection; the double leak ensures there isn’t any unnoticed sneaky leakage. In addition, the back sheet of these diapers is breathable, which keeps the baby’s delicate skin dry, thus preventing rashes. Parents, the grip tabs of these diapers adhere firmly to the waist, ensuring a great fit. The leg cuffs are also stretchy and comfortable, allowing the baby to move freely, walk, run, and have fun.

On top of that, these diapers don’t cost you a fortune but have a very reasonable price.

Rascal & Friends Diapers
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Got inconvenient messes to clean up? Yipes’s wet wipes come in kid-friendly packaging, allowing them to clean up their own messes without relying on you. The best part about these wipes is that they don’t contain any harsh chemicals; the ingredients are 95% plant-based, making them ideal for your child’s sensitive skin. Furthermore, these wipes have a pleasant fragrance that enhances the cleaning experience. You can help your children practice confidence and independence; pack these wipes in their lunch boxes and bags, or carry them with you while traveling.

Plus, you don’t have to rub too hard to clean; a gentle caress does the job perfectly. Wherever you go, stay clean on your terms!

Yipes Wet Wipes
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Dearest Grey

More and more parents are looking for ways to incorporate modern baby brands into their baby’s life and the Mod Pacifier does just that! The sleek, minimalist design is perfect for a baby’s pallet and the soft silicone nipple adapts to their mouth for a more natural latch. The best part? It’s all one piece so you don’t have to worry about losing any small parts. And of course, safety is our top priority so you can rest assured knowing that the pacifiers are made with 100% silicone and are free of BPA, phthalates, lead, and PVC. Give your baby the best of both worlds with the Mod Pacifier.

The Mod Pacifier
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The Table Tyke

30 Thoughtful Baby Brands To Check Out For National Baby Safety Month

Keeping your babies safe at home is one thing but safety while out and about is another. Dining with a little one can be challenging especially when they want to put their mouths and hands on everything. The Table Tyke is the only silicone placemat with an edge bumper and one of the best things to bring to a restaurant. Little mouths stay protected from table edge germs and bumps and slightly raised edges keep spills contained and laps dry. The grippy bottom keeps the placemat from slipping and also makes a great activity mat. Roll the table tyke and pull the loops over each end of the mat to make carrying on the go easy!

The Table Tyke
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From cribs and car seats to bottles and swaddles, these baby brands promote safety, education, and innovation. Baby Safety Month is important because your baby’s life depends entirely on parents and those around them that are responsible for caring for and watching them. Parents need outlets and resources easily available to them to provide the highest level of safety for their little ones. The best ways to observe National Baby Safety Month in September is to spread awareness on social media, educate yourself on new products and technologies, and invest in safe baby products from reliable baby brands.

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30 Thoughtful Baby Brands To Check Out For National Baby Safety Month



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