10 Newborn Necessities & The Best Items for Your Baby Registry

Baby Safety Month is celebrated every September but we know the best items for baby registry selections need to be updated all year round. From tech to safety, travel systems to breastfeeding support, here at Daily Mom we are committed to bringing you the best brands and favorite baby items new and veteran parents love! Pregnancy and parenting don’t need to be stressful (okay, who are we kidding, any more stressful), it is a beautiful time in a family’s life that will pass by in the blink of an eye.

Take the time now to do your research and invest in the baby items you need to allow you, your spouse, their siblings, and your new addition to stay safe, secure, comfy, and cozy for the many memorable days to come. Whether you are trying to decide on the best items for baby registry selections early on in your pregnancy or even shopping for a friend or loved one, know that any of these fabulous finds will be appreciated and useful once the baby arrives!


10 Newborn Necessities & The Best Items For Your Baby Registry

The Maxi-Cosi Adorra 5-in-1 Modular Travel System is the very best of the best items for baby registry selections everywhere! New mamas know their traveling needs don’t stop when they have a baby, rather from errands in the car to walks in the neighborhood and more, a travel system that can go anywhere with you is a must! With the Adorra Travel System from Maxi-Cosi, a travel system you can trust with your most precious possession, that will last through all the ages and stages is just what you get!

The Adorra Travel System has five modes of use including a carriage that switches to a toddler seat. The carriage can be switched to face you or face the scenery on your walk with your baby through the park. The carriage and later toddler seat fully recline to keep your baby comfy. The carriage portion can be removed to place your baby’s car seat on the base instead. The car seat too can be placed facing you or facing the big world your new baby will be curious to discover.

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10 Newborn Necessities & The Best Items For Your Baby Registry

Your little one will be extremely comfortable in this travel system. The PureCosi fabric is super soft and plush which will make your baby completely comfortable for any car ride or trip in the stroller. The cushion in the Mico XP infant car seat has Air Protect technology which provides superior side impact protection around your baby’s head and extends down your baby’s side. The car seat comes with a Cozi-Dozi insert which provides even more cushion and protection for your baby’s head and neck when they are small. This car seat provides the ultimate support your little one needs to help keep them safe and sound during your travels. The cushion inside your baby’s car seat and stroller is easily removable, machine washable, and dryer safe for your convenience.

You won’t have to worry about your baby while you are driving with the car seat securely fastened into the stay-in-car base. The base features a MaxiLock secure locking system with a self-retracting one-click latch connector for quick, easy, and secure installation. You can feel even safer knowing that installation was proper by looking to the level and tightness indicators for confirmation. You can never be too careful with your precious baby.

The Adorra Travel System is equipped with wheels that glide like butter. They have all-wheel suspension and premium durable tires that allow them to be used on any surface or terrain with ease. The Adorra Travel System also comes equipped with an extra-large expandable storage basket underneath for maximum holding capacity as well as cup holders to avoid any and all spills. When you are ready to take your sweet baby home, the stroller folds with ease making it easy to break down and store.

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10 Newborn Necessities & The Best Items For Your Baby Registry

If you are searching for a stroller and car seat system that will grow with your baby, look no further than the Adorra Travel System. The Adorra Travel System will keep your little angel safe and secure. The Adorra Travel System is built to last you for years to come.

Adorra 5-in-1 Modular Travel System
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10 Newborn Necessities & The Best Items For Your Baby Registry

Joolz has taken the lightweight stroller to new heights with their Joolz Aer. This compact stroller brings comfort, class, and safety to your littlest traveler. Crafted to perfection and designed beautifully, the Joolz Aer will not disappoint whether you are at home, on the road, or in the air making this one of the best items for baby registry selection.

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10 Newborn Necessities & The Best Items For Your Baby Registry

The Joolz Aer is not only perfect for traveling with its 13.4-pound lightweight construction but great for everyday use as well. Your littlest rider will enjoy the cloud-like ride in the Joolz Aer patented comfort seat. Joolz’s patented comfort seat is designed to conform to your child’s body, provides support, safety, and luxurious comfort in all recline positions. Parents will love the safety the 5-point harness provides. Safety and comfort make the Joolz Aer an excellent stroller option for baby safety month.

10 Newborn Necessities & The Best Items For Your Baby Registry

As parents, we have all had to fiddle, fight, and pray for a stroller to collapse and fold while our littles have meltdowns inside the car after a long day at the park. With the Joolz Aer, this issue is non-existent. The Joolz Aer has a one-hand, one-second fold that is almost too good to be true. The effortless fold and unfold make this stroller a dream come true. Joolz added a handy, comfortable carrying strap to make the Joolz Aer even better for that busy on-the-go family. If you find yourselves flying to exciting destinations, the Joolz Aer is along for the trip. This compact stroller fits flawlessly in the travel bag with carrying strap and can even be stored in the overhead bins on most airlines.

The Joolz Aer is available in 6 stylish colors and each stroller includes a rain cover and travel bag. Pushing the Joolz Aer is easy-peasy as it simply glides and rides smoothly across several terrains. Your kiddo will be riding in style with the Joolz Aer. An added bonus: Joolz offers a lifetime warranty with the Joolz Aer stroller.

With an abundance of features, the Joolz Aer will quickly become a family favorite. The large basket on the bottom of the stroller makes those trips to the store a little easier. Walks in the park or around the neighborhood become safer with the extra-large UPF 50+ sun hood. Soak in all the wonderful features the Joolz Aer provides for parents and children and start seeing the world.

Joolz AER
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Baby Delight

10 Newborn Necessities & The Best Items For Your Baby Registry

Sleep is a precious commodity for new littles ones and their mamas, so one of the best items for baby registry selections is the Baby Delight Beside Me Wink Organic Bassinet and Bedside Sleeper. This bedside sleeper was designed to give you and your baby different sleep options allowing you both to find the most optimal sleep situation.

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You can have the bassinet stand alone with all the walls up while your baby sleeps alone or you can pull one side down and attach the bassinet to the side of your bed to allow your baby to sleep with you. Having both sleep options allows you to adapt to your baby’s sleep needs easily and quickly. You can even start with the baby sleeping next to you and transition to having the baby sleep alone near you before transiting them into their own room if you are a parent having a hard time letting go. The bassinet includes safety anchors if you do wish to attach the bassinet to your bed for added safety and security. This bassinet features tool-free assembly to make putting it together easy making it one of the best items for baby registry selections.

The Beside Me Wink Organic Bassinet and Bedside Sleeper is made with certified organic cotton for comfort. The Beside Me Wink Organic Bassinet and Bedside Sleeper is also designed with mesh sides so you can see your baby from any position to ensure safety while they are sleeping. Checking on your baby, consoling your baby, and feeding your baby has never been easier. The fold-down walls allow you to easily get your baby in and out of the bassinet for feeding and changing throughout the night. You will truly appreciate this feature when you are up every couple of hours feeding your baby and changing diapers. The Beside Me Wink Organic Bassinet and Bedside Sleeper is an excellent choice for parents who want their baby close while they sleep which is why it should be on every new parent’s list of best items for baby registry selections.

10 Newborn Necessities & The Best Items For Your Baby Registry

The Baby Delight Alpine Deluxe Portable Bouncer is the perfect baby bouncer/seat for every expecting Mom and Dad. You can feel comfort in knowing that your baby will be secured by a three-point harness while relaxing in the Alpine Deluxe Bouncer. This bouncer has three reclining positions to make sure your baby is completely comfortable to fall fast asleep. The bouncer also includes a removable toy bar for entertainment while your baby is awake which gives mom and dad a bit of downtime, easily making this bouncer one of the best items for baby registry selections.

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The cover is partially made of mesh material making it breathable and easily washable. The cover can be removed and machine washed. The Alpine Deluxe Portable Bouncer is also easily collapsible for storage and travel. It folds completely flat to store in its included carrying bag. This feature makes comforting your baby easy anywhere.    

10 Newborn Necessities & The Best Items For Your Baby Registry

If you are looking for a super soft and comfortable bather for your baby, the Baby Delight Cushy Nest Cloud Premium Infant Bather is a perfect choice. This bather is ultra-soft with a thick cushion for extra comfort while your baby is in the bath. This bather is oversized with a deep seat that allows the baby to sit back, so you don’t have to worry about your precious baby falling out of it. The bather fits safely in your sink or tub for comfortable and secure bathing. The whole bather is collapsible for easy storage or travel.

The cushion is easily removable to hang dry or machine wash. There is a convenient loop on the cushion for hanging. The cushion can also be used without the base as your baby grows to allow your baby to continue to enjoy the comfort of this bather even after they outgrow the base.

Beside Me Wink Organic Bassinet and Bedside Sleeper | Alpine Deluxe Portable Bouncer | Cushy Nest Cloud Premium Infant Bather
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Motorola Nursery

10 Newborn Necessities & The Best Items For Your Baby Registry

Whether you are parents of babies, toddlers, or little ones, or are looking to give the perfect gift to a new family this holiday season, choose the VM65-2 Connect by Motorola Nursery and give the gift of surveillance. In all seriousness, it is uber important to have eyes on those curious littles and the VM65-2 Connect offers a helping hand to parents. These two cameras will grow with your family and meet your family’s everchanging needs placing it on our list of best items for baby registry selections.

10 Newborn Necessities & The Best Items For Your Baby Registry

The baby monitor on the VM65-2 Connect by Motorola Nursery features a 5” Full HD screen with Wi-Fi capabilities. The handheld monitor allows parents to easily rotate cameras, use two-way talk, and use split-screen viewing. The split-screen viewing option gives parents an opportunity to view two places at once.

The VM65-2 Connect has the capabilities to play lullabies, soothing sounds, and personal recordings. Parents will love the music option as it will help babies drift into a deep slumber at naptime and bedtime. A restful baby means a restful set of parents. On top of that, Mom and Dad can capture images and videos and store these memories to enjoy later.

The Motorola Nursery VM65-2 Connect is compatible with the Motorola Nursery App. The Motorola Nursery App allows parents to turn their smartphones into monitoring devices from anywhere. By using the app parents can record videos, take pictures, get notifications, and stay engaged even from afar. Parents can also control the lullabies, soothing sounds, personal recordings, and look through the photo and video galleries.

The Motorola Nursery App also includes a baby journal feature for parents. This is a place to record important dates, growth information, feeding information, sleep data, and even diaper habits. The baby journal will give you daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly summaries of baby’s development. Parents will love having this information all in one location with the VM65-2 Connect by Motorola Nursery.

VM65-2 Connect Video Baby Monitor
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10 Newborn Necessities & The Best Items For Your Baby Registry

Munchkin has spent years crafting baby products that make should make it onto every parent’s list of best items for baby registry selections when they are shopping! Munchkin is your one-stop-shop for safety and gear parents and their little ones will need and love once they bring home baby, through the ages and stages of toddlerhood and early childhood too!

Your baby will love the Munchkin Bluetooth Enabled Baby Swing. The swing rocks from side to side to mimic your natural swaying movements when you are holding your baby so your baby will feel right at home when they are swinging. You will be able to get more accomplished while your baby is fast asleep in the comforts of their new swing making this one of the best items for baby registry selection.

The swing comes with eight soothing sounds and four classical music pieces to soothe your baby. However, it is also equipped with Bluetooth to customize your baby’s playlist. You can create a playlist with all of your baby’s favorite songs and play them through the high-quality speaker system built into the baby’s swing.

The swing is easy to use with its digital touch display and remote control. The digital touch display lights up when you are using it which will allow you to adjust the speed, sound, and timer while your baby is in a darker room to keep without turning on the light and risking waking your already sleeping bundle of joy.

One of the best features of this swing is the one-step assembly and storage. It takes seconds to assemble and collapse your swing for convenient storage. You just place the top of the swing to the base and lock it into place. The ability to store your swing when you aren’t using it will be a blessing you didn’t know you needed. You will have so many baby items sitting around the house that cannot be folded and put away that this swing will seem like a gift that keeps giving. Another great feature of this swing is how lightweight it is making it easy to move around your house with little effort. The body pad and headrest are also machine washable for convenient cleaning.

10 Newborn Necessities & The Best Items For Your Baby Registry

            All parents are looking for safety when they have a baby or toddler in their home. Stairs are always a hazard as little ones don’t know how to properly maneuver them and don’t understand the risks of falling down them. Chemicals or cat litter pose a whole other layer of danger to your little one, so you may be looking for a way to keep them away from those areas of your home as well. The Munchkin Luna Safety Gate is perfect for putting your mind at ease when it comes to stairs or keeping your little one out of areas that pose potential dangers to them.

            The Luna Safety Gate is an award-winning safety gate that lights up with motion-activated LED lights when you or your little one are near it making this one of the best items for baby registry selection. If you need a glass of water or need to check on the baby, the Luna Safety Gate will create a lighted path for you to do so without turning on lights to wake others. It will also keep you from kicking things in the dark to avoid turning on lights. The light sits at the base of the gate, so it will not disturb others when you walk by. The Luna Safety Gate also has a unique modern design which is more stylish than most safety gates.

            Traditional safety gates can be such a headache to use because they have to be climbed over or removed and re-installed every time you need to enter the area you are keeping your little one out of. If you are short, the only option you have with traditional gates is to move them to pass through and then re-install them. With traditional safety gates, you also have to worry about the baby gate losing its grip and falling after a period of time where you have had to move it and re-install it so many times. You don’t have to worry about that with the Luna Safety Gate as it is equipped with a door that easily opens and closes for you to walk through it. There is a one-way opening if you are going to use the gate on stairs and a two-way opening for use in doorways. The safety gate locks when you close it.

            The Luna Safety Gate is pressure-mounted with TrueKey Mounts to ensure a secure lock into place upon installation. The Luna Safety Gate comes fully assembled and stands 29 inches tall. The smallest Luna Safety Gate is made to fit openings 30-40.5 inches wide using the included extensions, but longer extensions are available if you need the gate to fit a wider opening. Put your mind at ease with the Luna Safety Gate. You will not regret adding this safety tool to your household.

Bluetooth Enabled Baby Swing | Luna Safety Gate
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Twelve Little

10 Newborn Necessities & The Best Items For Your Baby Registry

Fashion this fall may look a bit different as a mom, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have cute purses and accessories! Toting around a diaper bag can be exhausting, and it may not go with every outfit you have. And really, who wants to fish through a huge bag just to grab a clean diaper and a place to change your baby. The On The Go Changing Station makes it easier than ever to change your little one’s diaper on the go. This small diaper changing station is an extremely portable clutch that has everything you need, perfect for busy moms!

The On The Go Changing Station has compartments to easily store wipes and diapers, and even folds out to a changing pad to lay the baby on! When you’re done with the diaper change, simply fold it and store it! The webbing handle can easily attach to your stroller or fits comfortably around your wrist. It’s the perfect accessory for moms on the go.

While we’re ditching those huge diaper bags, let’s simplify your purse as well! The Peek-A-Boo Phone Bag is a practical purse that goes with every outfit. It’s 2021, and while we juggle so many things the last thing we need to do is fish through a giant purse to find our wallet. The Peek-A-Boo Phone Bag is designed to fit your phone, cards, cash, and keys that can be found easily. This bag comes with its very own card wallet that fits perfectly into the bag and can hold 6 cards, along with some cash in the zipper pocket. Whether you choose to wear it across your body or as a clutch, the Peek-A-Boo Phone Bag is the perfect fashion statement this fall.

On The Go Changing Station | Peek-A-Boo Phone Bag
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10 Newborn Necessities & The Best Items For Your Baby Registry

Medela has been a leader in creating and supplying breast pumps and breast milk storage supplies for mothers for over fifty years. Parents everywhere love Medela’s products because they are user-friendly and convenient to use. Medela’s focus is on the health and well-being of mother and baby.

Medela’s newest Silicone Breast Milk Collector was made as a milk-saving solution to collect every drop of milk you pump. It has a secure suctioning base and double leak-proof features that assist in collecting breast milk from the breast your baby is not nursing on. The Silicone Breast Milk Collector comes with a lanyard, so you don’t have to hold it while using it. You can collect up to 3.4 oz of breast milk at a time with this milk-saving solution. The Silicone Breast Milk Collector is also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and reuse.

You can pair the Silicone Breast Milk Collector with the Medela Breast Milk Storage and Feeding Set to properly store the breast milk you have just collected. The Breast Milk Storage and Feeding Set works great with any of Medela’s breast pumps as well. The set includes two 5 oz (150 ml) storage and feed bottles, two 8.4 oz (250 ml) storage and feed bottles, and five Pump & Save breast milk storage bags. This set makes pumping, collecting, storing, and heating your breast milk a breeze. The bottles and bags can be stored in the fridge or freezer for future use. You can pair this set with additional breast milk storage bags as well.

10 Newborn Necessities & The Best Items For Your Baby Registry

You can make your life even easier with the Medela Easy Expression Hands-Free Pumping Bustier. This bustier is designed to allow you to breast pump while on the go. As a mom, you will have a lot to do and this hands-free solution will allow you to move around and accomplish those tasks while pumping your breast milk. This bustier will be a lifesaver. It is made to securely hold the pump in place without the need to use your hands. It zips in the front to make putting it on and adjusting the pump a breeze.

Similarly, the Medela Maternity & Nursing Comfort Bra provides non-wire, seamless support in a premium stretch fabric to keep you comfortable throughout your ever-changing needs in this time of life. Featuring extra support and easily accessible clips for breastfeeding baby or pumping, this cozy bra will keep you and baby comfortable and make your breastfeeding journey a bit easier and more enjoyable for both mom and baby. Medela is your go-to brand for all your breastfeeding needs. 

Silicone Breast Milk Collector | Breast Milk Storage and Feeding Set | Medela Easy Expression Hands-Free Pumping Bustier | Medela Maternity & Nursing Comfort Bra
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10 Newborn Necessities & The Best Items For Your Baby Registry

            MAM has been making quality baby products for over 40 years. MAM creates its products with a unique design and function derived from experts in research, technology, and medicine to support individual development and make life easier for you.

            MAM’s 2- in-1 Double Electric Breast Pump is perfect for busy working women who need to pump quickly and get to work. This breast pump is also great for on-the-go use and holds three hours of battery power before it needs to be recharged. The breast pump itself can be used as an electric pump or a manual pump and is equipped with soft silicone funnels for comfortable pumping. The electric pump also comes equipped with nine suction levels for each side in two modes, expression, and stimulation, to allow for a customizable pumping experience. The breast pump comes with two anti-colic bottles that are great for collecting, storing, heating, and feeding your baby.

MAM Anti-Colic Bottles are the perfect solution for reducing the chances of your baby experiencing an upset stomach after feeding. These bottles are designed with a vented base that regulates pressure in the bottle and ensures that your baby does not get air in their tummy while feeding. These bottles are also equipped with a self-sterilizing design that can be accomplished by heating the bottle with water in a microwave for three minutes. The bottle will come with a size 1 slow flow silicone nipple.

MAM Slow Flow Bottle Nipples feature a silky soft texture and natural shape to transition back and forth between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. The Slow Flow Nipples design allows the milk to flow at a natural consistent rate. These nipples also have an anti-slip texture which helps them stay comfortably in your baby’s mouth while they feed.  

MAM Newborn Pacifiers are made up of soft silicone which mimics the feel of your breast making this pacifier perfect for newborns that are breastfeeding. These pacifiers are designed with an anti-slip texture which helps your baby keep the nipple comfortably in their mouth. The MAM newborn pacifier is also equipped with a curved design that allows the pacifier to fit snugly against your baby’s face.

MAM 2- in-1 Double Electric Breast Pump | MAM Anti-Colic Bottles | MAM Newborn Pacifiers
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Ingrid + Isabel

10 Newborn Necessities & The Best Items For Your Baby Registry

The weather may be cooling down, but some of us still cannot seem to keep cool! Nursing and pumping moms tend to run a bit hotter than others and staying cool while adding on the layers with the season change can seem impossible. Thick nursing bras can be uncomfortable and cause us to sweat, which is why Ingrid + Isabel has created cooling nursing bras!

The Cooling Nursing + Pumping Bra is seamless and created with brrr fabric, which keeps moisture away and dries quickly! This fabric has built-in cooling minerals that will lower your body temperature whether you’re nursing, pumping, or chasing a toddler around. The seamless design is extremely comfortable and stretchy, allowing you to move in any direction comfortably. Worried that the pump openings will be uncomfortable as they are on nearly every other pumping bra? Wash those worries away! The pump openings in the Cooling Nursing + Pumping Bra are intentionally small, so they lay flat against your skin, but will still stretch enough to fit any size flange!

10 Newborn Necessities & The Best Items For Your Baby Registry

If you’re looking for a bra that is nursing-friendly, but you can also wear under anything and everything, then the Cooling Crossover Nursing Bra is the perfect addition to your wardrobe! This bra has all the cooling features to give you that triple-chill effect while you move throughout the day. The Cooling Crossover Nursing Bra is lightweight, stretchy, and has soft pull-aside cups that allow you to nurse easily from anywhere! No more hot flashes and no more uncomfortable bras this fall, thanks to Ingrid + Isabel!

Cooling Nursing + Pumping Bra | Cooling Crossover Nursing Bra
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10 Newborn Necessities & The Best Items For Your Baby Registry

While everyone is looking for the latest trends this fall, some of us moms are simply looking for essentials to our wardrobe. While being fashionable is important, so is being comfortable, especially when you’re nursing or expecting a little one! Finding a nursing bra that you can wear every day can be a pain, but with Storq it has never been easier!

Having a nursing bra that feels like a regular bra can make a world of difference in our day-to-day life as well as in our confidence! The Everyday Bra is that bra, being lightweight and extremely cozy. As opposed to some nursing bras, there are no clips! This bra is so flexible that you don’t need the clips to hold it in place or to have quick access for nursing. Done with nursing? No problem! The Everyday Bra can be worn pregnant, postpartum, and anytime after!

10 Newborn Necessities & The Best Items For Your Baby Registry

With milk leaking throughout the night and constantly waking up to nurse, comfort is a top priority for nighttime. It’s hard to find a nursing bra that will make us feel confident when we wake up that is also comfortable to sleep in. The Cozy Rib Nursing & Sleep Bra is an easy, slip-on bra that offers light support. No more sleeping with an annoying underwire or clips pushing against you! This bra is not only perfect to sleep in, but its ribbed design will make you feel cute and confident with whatever outfit you throw on top of it! It’s the perfect addition to all the comfy fall clothes you’ve got in your closet this year!

Everyday Bra | Cozy Rib Nursing & Sleep Bra
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Shopping for your baby registry is a bit of fun, excitement, and anticipation of what’s to come! Making sure your baby is safe and secure is always a parent’s top priority, but don’t fret. With so many awesome baby registry finds on the market, it is simply up to you to sift through those that meet the needs of both your family and your soon-to-be newest addition and decide which ones you love! Enjoy shopping for your little one as this quiet time of consideration and reflection is soon to be a thing of the past (wink!).

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10 Newborn Necessities & The Best Items For Your Baby Registry



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