The Top 25 Preschool Workbooks & Elementary Homeschool Resources

As the world adjusts to learning in the time of COVID, parents and caregivers everywhere are looking for the best school workbooks to supplement school curriculums. From preschool workbooks to early elementary school workbooks, here are 25 of the best workbooks to keep your kids busy, enlightened, and entertained. 

Brain Quest

Brain Quest is a curriculum-based product that is infused with a spirit of fun. Kids love Brains Quest products because they are jam-packed with fun activities, exercises, games and challenges- all in full color. Parents can rest-assured that the preschool workbooks, and all of the elementary school workbooks, align with national and state standards.

Brain Quest Kindergarten Workbook

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With Brain Quest school workbooks, it’s fun to be smart! Kids can certainly start the beginning with preschool workbooks, but if your child is capable, why not start with the Brain Quest Kindergarten Workbook. From ABC’s and phonics to lessons on time and science, the Brain Quest Kindergarten Workbook will help your little learner get prepared for elementary school

Summer Brain Quest

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Summer Brain Quest books are helpful for transitions and bridging the gap between academic years. If preschool workbooks are a little too elementary, then give a Summer Brain Quest workbook a try to add a little challenge to the daily routine. What’s great about Summer Workbooks is the foldout progress map which has over 150 stickers to earn for each assignment and bonus stickers along the way.

300 Kindergarten Questions & Answers Smart Start Deck

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In addition to K-6 and preschool workbooks, Brain Quest products include smart decks. Smart Decks feature 300 adorably illustrated questions and answers to help your kids get a smart start. Available in subject-specific decks, kids can graduate to decks on topics like math, reading, U.S. Presidents, and American pop culture. 

Highlights Summer Big Fun

Highlights Learning products have been around for decades. Their company story began with a monthly magazine for children ages 6 to 12. From there, their product offerings have expanded to include workbooks, puzzle books, and book clubs to help children become their “best selves” by using their creativity and imagination, developing important cognitive skills, and learning to treat others with respect, kindness, and sensitivity. 

Kindergarten Thinking and Reasoning

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Have you ever tried to reason with a five-year-old? Do yourself and your five-year-old a favor and invest in the Highlights Kindergarten Thinking and Reasoning Workbook. Developing Good Thinking and deductive reasoning skills are an important step toward success and school, so why not cultivate those skills with this fun and engaging workbook.

Summer Big Fun Workbook Grades K & 1

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Summer Big Fun Workbooks are a good step up from beginner preschool workbooks. Summer Big Fun Workbooks are activity-rich curriculum-based workbooks. Give your child a head start for school with these workbooks which come complete with a pull-out progress poster, reward stickers and a Certificate of Achievement!

Pet Puzzles – Highlights Sticker Hidden Pictures

Best School Workbooks For Preschool And Early Elementary Students

Sometimes kids see workbooks and immediately leave the room. With a wide variety of curriculum-based workbooks- from preschool workbooks to upper elementary workbooks, books like Highlights’ Pet Puzzles is a welcome break for kids. This workbook promotes attention to detail, instills good work habits, and helps to develop self-confidence without looking like work. 

First Grade Big Fun Activity Workbook

Best School Workbooks For Preschool And Early Elementary Students

The Highlights Big Fun Workbooks are award-winning and fun, just like their name. In the First Grade Fun Workbook, kids transition from preschool workbooks to the real deal with additional work on homophones, sequencing, digraph and consonant blends which help to build more proficient readers and writers.

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Star Wars Workbooks

The nice thing about Star Wars Workbooks is that for the most reluctant student, they get to immerse themselves into a pop culture world where “The Force” is strong. There are over 12 titles in the Star Wars Workbooks series, ranging from preschool workbooks to second grade.

Star Wars Workbook Kindergarten Phonics & ABCs

Best School Workbooks For Preschool And Early Elementary Students

The Star Wars Kindergarten Phonics and ABC’s aligns with national Common Core Standards. With lesson plans tailored to Star Wars fans, kids will get to solve math problems based on how many light sabers might Yoda be holding to mastering place values based on sorting groups of Wookiees. Kids will become so immersed in the characters that they won’t notice the learning that is happening at the same time.

Star Wars Kindergarten Math Skills

Best School Workbooks For Preschool And Early Elementary Students

To hone in on math skills, give the Star Wars Math skills workbooks a try. Featuring characters like Luke Skywalker, Obi-wan Kenobi, and other monsters and creatures in a galaxy far away, kids can complete a page a day in these workbooks and gain mastery of math skills that will serve them well in school.

Star Wars Kindergarten Writing & ABC’s

Best School Workbooks For Preschool And Early Elementary Students

Did you know that “A” is for Anakin? The Star Wars Kindergarten Writing & ABC’s workbook teaches language arts and phonics in a fun way. These are great preschool workbooks to get ready for kindergarten. In case you aren’t as well-versed in Star Wars pop culture as your child, then a handy answer key is included for the most obscure Star Wars references. Learn well, you will.

Star Wars Workbook: 1st Grade Reading

Best School Workbooks For Preschool And Early Elementary Students

As your child progresses from preschool workbooks, fans of the Star Wars Workbooks will find three books to choose from in each grade level, all the way through second grade. Each workbook is around 100 pages long and in full-color to keep kids motivated to finish each book until the end.

Star Wars Workbook: 2nd Grade Writing Skills

Best School Workbooks For Preschool And Early Elementary Students

Good writing skills are foundational to effective communication. With lots of fun Star Wars inspired writing prompts, young learners will get a kick out of practicing their creative writing skills with the Star Wars 2nd Grade Writing Skills Workbook. In addition to writing prompts, kids will get their feet wet with handwriting and cursive writing practice.

Disney Learning

The Disney Learning Magical Adventure workbook series incorporates all the magic of Disney movies like Toy Story 4, The Lion King, and Zootopia into an educational curriculum. Available as preschool workbooks through Grade 3, learning comes to life as only Disney can do it.

Magical Adventures in Preschool- Math & Language

Best School Workbooks For Preschool And Early Elementary Students

These preschool workbooks are filled with 256 pages of activities that start with an “I Can” statement to build confidence in your little learner. Filled with beloved Disney characters like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto, kids will be engaged while developing important skills for kindergarten.

Trace With Me: Tracing Letters Frozen 2 Dry Erase Tablet

Best School Workbooks For Preschool And Early Elementary Students

If your little learner likes characters from Disney movies like Frozen or Cars, they will love these preschool workbooks. These books teach children foundational writing skills. The magic of Disney is delivered in this 32-page spiral bound dry-erase tablet so when the kids finish, it can be wiped clean for refresher practice later.

Trace With Me: Sight Words Toy Story 4 Dry Erase Tablet

Best School Workbooks For Preschool And Early Elementary Students

With a built-in dry-erase board, kids can learn sight words and practice handwriting skills along with Toy Story characters like Woody, Bo, and Forky. Filled with 50 high-frequency words, preschool workbooks like these are great for travel and keeping kids busy at a dinner table or in the car. 

Magical Adventures in 3rd Grade- Math & Language Arts Workbook

Best School Workbooks For Preschool And Early Elementary Students

Kids will have fun learning with Miguel from Disney’s Coco movie, along with all the cool characters from Monsters Inc. and Cars. Third-grade level work includes practice with reading comprehension, writing, geometry, measurement and probability. And, kids will enjoy earning stickers from the back of the book for all of their hard work.

Evan Moor

Evan-Moor has been on the forefront of education since 1979. Evan Moor’s product catalog features elite educational materials used in classrooms both in traditional learning environments and those at home. Evan-Moor’s focus is curriculum-based and offers preschool workbooks through Grade 8 subjects.

Skill Sharpeners Critical Thinking, Grade K

Best School Workbooks For Preschool And Early Elementary Students

A good place to start with Evan-Moor books is the Skills Sharpeners series. These are advanced preschool workbooks and are suitable for kindergarten students, the Skills Sharpener Critical Thinking workbook helps to nurture problem-solving skills through creative exercises with grade-level appropriate themes.

Skills Sharpeners Grammar and Punctuation, Grade K

Best School Workbooks For Preschool And Early Elementary Students

This full-color activity book hones in on parts of speech, end punctuation and sight words, all important elements to build your child’s reading and writing skills. The Grammar and Punctuation Skills Sharpener is a smart addition to a homeschooling classroom.

Skills Sharpeners: Geography, Grade 1

Best School Workbooks For Preschool And Early Elementary Students

Help your child learn all about the world around them with the Evan-Moor Skills Sharpener Geography Skills workbook. Inspire your kids to explore the world while learning important math skills and geography concepts such as map skills, places and regions, continents and oceans, and habitats. Each Skills Sharpener book includes a helpful answer key in case your student gets stuck.

Skill Sharpeners Spell & Write- Grade 3

Best School Workbooks For Preschool And Early Elementary Students

A lot of people have become reliant on tools like “auto spell” and spell checks on their phones and computers. That said, it is still incredibly important to teach kids how to spell and write properly. That’s where the Evan-Moor Skills Sharpener book comes into play. Each of the 12 units is introduced by a story that establishes the unit theme and features ten spelling words to give them confidence in future reading and writing assignments.

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Miscellaneous Subjects 

Print Penmanship workbook for Kids- Improve Your Writing with Fun Animal Facts

Best School Workbooks For Preschool And Early Elementary Students

Handwriting engages a different part of your brain than typing. And, it is an essential skill for academic achievement. The Print Penmanship Workbook for Kids infuses cool animal facts with writing practice. Preschool workbooks like this are a great way to incorporate mental breaks to make learning fun.

Learn to Read: A Magical Sight Words & Phonics Activity Workbook

Best School Workbooks For Preschool And Early Elementary Students

Sight words are important to budding readers and writers. Whatever practice you can give to your student with preschool workbooks like this one will help them develop the skills and confidence they need to well in school. Learn to Read: A Magical Sight Words and Phonics Activity Book is filled with word recognition drills and fun puzzles and games using magical creatures like unicorns, mermaids and dinosaurs, all the things that excite the littlest learners.

Human Body Activity Book

Best School Workbooks For Preschool And Early Elementary Students

The human body is amazing! On the more advanced side of preschool workbooks, the Human Body Activity Book would be great for kindergarteners to teach them all about how their body works. Simple and illustrated with accessible depictions of various body parts, the Human Body Activity Book is a good choice for introducing anatomy to young kids.

ArtWorks for Kids

Best School Workbooks For Preschool And Early Elementary Students

Art education is not always incorporated into a school’s curriculum. If you’re interested in fostering creativity with easy-to-follow art lessons, the Evan-Moor ArtWorks for Kids is a solid choice for parents. Designed for grades first through sixth, ArtWorks for Kids involves hands-on projects focusing on techniques such as painting, weaving, printing and clay-work.

The Drawing Book for Kids: 365 Daily Things to Draw

Best School Workbooks For Preschool And Early Elementary Students

Develop a confident artist with the Drawing Book for Kids. As far as preschool workbooks go this book might be a little advanced. This book features 365 mini lessons for every day of the year and is perfect for kids 9-12, but kids ages 6-8 will be able to follow the progressions of the drawings as well.


Schooling this coming year will be an interesting road to travel given the impact that the pandemic is having on education. Whether you plan to participate in remote learning through your school district or homeschool your kids, you’ll want plenty of resources to keep your children engaged and challenged. It’s never too early to start working with your kids using preschool workbooks or if starting later, in a grade-level appropriate for your child.

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