Top Baby Products You Need When Welcoming a New Baby

The list of baby products you need when welcoming a new baby is endless. We all know the traditional items that babies and parents need but we made this baby products list by thinking outside the box for those unique items that not only make infanthood easier but also provide convenience for moms and dads. Whether you are shopping for yourself or looking to give a gift to celebrate the birth of a new baby, parents will appreciate the innovation and usefulness of these amazing baby products.

When thinking about what is important when considering the baby products you need for your little one, safety, ease, and sleep come to mind. These items have checked all of the boxes that ensure your baby will be secure, well-rested, and happy. Check out these unique baby products checklist to get some insight into what items parents are loving these days.

Baby Products Checklist

Peg Perego

Top Baby Products You Need When Welcoming A New Baby

Shopping for a baby can be expensive and frustrating. Sometimes you never know how well a purchase is going to work out until it’s too late to make a return. Peg Perego understands how frustrating shopping for baby gear can be, that’s why they have some options that will help you with your first and future babies. Shop with confidence when shopping from Peg Perego!

One of the most important pieces of baby equipment you’ll need is a car seat. But many important factors go into choosing the right car seat, safety being number one! Don’t worry! We’ve done all the research and we love the Primo Viaggio Lounge Car Seat. This rear-facing car seat can safely hold babies as tiny as 4-pounds to toddlers weighing up to 35 pounds. That means you won’t have to worry about trading out car seats for quite some time.

Peg Perego understands the importance of safety and they made sure the Primo Viaggio Lounge Car Seat has everything your precious infant needs to travel safely. First, the Primo Viaggio provides full-coverage protection. It’s lined with layers of impact-absorbent foam to protect your baby’s head, neck, and torso in the event of a vehicle collision. The Primo Viaggio also has an Anti-Rebound and Load Leg feature that work together to prevent rotation that might occur during a collision by 50%. In the event of a side collision, the Primo Viaggio has kinetic pods designed to keep as much force away from the baby as possible.

You can’t predict ‘when’ and ‘if’ a car accident will happen. Peg Perego understands this, and that’s why they included all of these safety features to give your baby the most protection.

Now that you have the perfect car seat, your next purchase should be a matching stroller. Peg Perego has the perfect stroller to help you get out with your baby. Check out the YPSI Stroller. It’s two strollers in one! The YPSI stroller can be converted into a double stroller for two children. Instead of buying a new stroller, all you’ll have to do is purchase the YPSI Double Adapter. It’s a small expense that will save you hundreds of dollars! The YPSI Stroller is also compatible with the Primo Viaggio Lounge Car Seat. It folds up easily so you won’t have to struggle when you’re loading the car.

Having a baby is a fun and exciting adventure! Don’t get stressed out trying to figure out what you’ll need when it comes to travel gear. Shop Peg Perego and save yourself time and money on your purchases.

Primo Viaggio | YPSI Stroller
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Juniper Dreams

Top Baby Products You Need When Welcoming A New Baby

Are you expecting your first child? Are you overwhelmed with all the baby gear on the market? First, congratulations on your baby! Second, don’t let all the baby gear frustrate you. Babies don’t need much right away. Diapers, bottles, a car seat, and a crib will give you a great start. While we can’t help you pick out diapers or bottles, we do have a recommendation for the perfect crib mattress.

The Juniper Dreams 6” Crib Mattress is exactly what your crib needs. It’s hypoallergenic and designed to grow with your baby. This two-sided mattress is firmer on one side to help cradle your bundle of joy while the other plusher side is perfect for toddlers who are moving into their first big-kid bed. Both mattress sides are breathable, allowing the mattress to help regulate your little one’s body temperature while they sleep. The better they sleep, the better you sleep!

Our favorite feature is that the Juniper Dreams Crib Mattress has a removable, water-repellant cover, protecting the mattress from spills and diaper leaks. What are you waiting for? Get this outstanding crib mattress today!

Crib Mattress
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Little Unicorn

Top Baby Products You Need When Welcoming A New Baby

As a mother, a high-quality diaper bag that is functional, yet stylish will be your ultimate go-to bag for all occasions. A favorite among moms is the trendy diaper bags from Little Unicorn. The Citywalk Tote is a dual functionality diaper bag that serves to contain all of baby’s necessities while being aesthetically pleasing for moms to use as their personal tote. It is made with premium vegan leather making it easy to wipe clean inside and out. It can be worn cross-body for a hands-free option or over the shoulder for more of a sophisticated look.

Top Baby Products You Need When Welcoming A New Baby

This tote allows you to stay organized on the go with 5 interior pockets, a soft-lined protective pocket that can accommodate an iPad, a vegan leather changing pad for your sweet baby, and an easy access front magnetic pocket that is perfect for keys or phone. Parents love the built-in stroller straps and the large zipper compartment which gives you quick access while keeping all items secured. An additional bonus to this tote is having the option to choose one of the four colors offered, as well as the color of the hardware to personalize it to your style.

If you prefer the backpack option for your diaper bag, the Skyline is a simplistic yet sophisticated option that keeps up with your busy lifestyle. This bag is extremely spacious and provides two compartments allowing for separation between baby’s items and parent’s items. Made with an ergonomic design for maximum carrying comfort, this bag is not only lightweight and comfortable but is ultra-durable and sturdy. The Skyline is available in black, blush, grey, and cognac.

Citywalk Tote | Skyline Backpack
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La Coqueta

Struggling to find a gift for a newborn? We got your back. La Coqueta baby gift sets are ideal for welcoming new babies into the world. Consider purchasing La Croceta’s Pink Amalia Cotton Gift Set if you want something lighter to wear in the summer for the newborn. This set is made of high-quality cotton and includes a full-length trouser and a cute full-sleeved top. The top has buttons on the back that make changing it easier. It also comes with a matching bonnet. And if want something for an autumn baby, this Dusty Pink Laria Cashmere Gift Set is ideal for the new bundle of joy.

The Osa Newborn Gift Set, on the other hand, is an ultimate deal maker; a gift for a newborn baby couldn’t be more perfect. This set includes a warm sleepsuit, a lovely body west, mitts, and a cool hat to keep your baby warm in the winter. Not only that, but it comes with a teddy bib so the baby can eat without ruining his or her outfit.

This Pink Bimbo Body Vest is available in two elegant colors: light pink and light blue. This bimbo vest’s delicate fabric gently hugs your baby’s body and ensures comfort. Moreover, this vest’s triangular shoulder caps are designed to keep it stable and fit perfectly. Parents will love how the soft tone of this vest makes it ideal for wearing in the summer. Additionally, this vest can withstand multiple machine washes without becoming dull, making it a long-lasting item. You can style it in various ways and use it as inner wear when it’s too cold outside to keep your baby warm.

If you want something stylish, La Coqueta’s White Osa Teddy Bear Body Vest will be a good choice. It has beautiful distinguished embroidery. The adorable teddy print makes it even cuter. La Coqueta has a myriad of choices for a new arrival, you surely (and the new parents) won’t be disappointed!

Dusty Pink Laria Cashmere Gift Set | Pink Amalia Cotton Gift Set | Osa Newborn Gift Set | Pink Bimbo Body Vest | White Osa Teddy Bear Body Vest
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Contours Baby

Top Baby Products You Need When Welcoming A New Baby

Got a traveling mom expecting soon? If she’s a first-time mom (or newly traveling mom), having less to pack is always a plus! First, moms need a diaper bag, next, if they have toddlers in tow, having a portable booster seat, instead of using those icky, germy seats in restaurants – that you just know your toddler will lick, is every parent’s dream! Now, moms and dads everywhere can have the best of both, a diaper bag AND a booster seat in one convenient product. The Contours Explore® 2 Stage Portable Booster Seat and Diaper Bag is not only lightweight and compact for traveling purposes, its design is unisex for either parent to use on the regular.

Top Baby Products You Need When Welcoming A New Baby

When it’s time to pack up and go, the large interior storage area of The Explore™ carries all of your baby’s essentials for feeding and changing needs. With seven organizational pockets to utilize, including two insulated options, you choose what and where you want to carry your necessities. Choose to carry it over your shoulder or in the backpack position as you desire.

Ready for the little guy or gal to eat? Transform the Explore™ by easily unzipping and securely attaching to most adult-sized chairs for your little one to feel like a “big kid” at the table. No more cringing at the thought of using a public highchair for your babe, because this water-repellent, easy-to-clean, machine washable booster seat is yours and yours alone! These carriers are definitely thoughtful and useful baby products to consider!

Is the new mom or dad ready to venture out back into the world after birth? This convenience and uber-comfortable Contours Journey GO™ 5 Position Baby Carrier is breathable (no more over-sweating), moisture-wicking, and suitable for 8-lb newborns all the way to 45-pound toddlers!

With five different carrying positions, both you and the little one will discover your favorite holding position for the most enjoyable time together while on the go.

Contours Explore® 2 Stage Portable Booster Seat and Diaper Bag | Contours Journey GO™ 5 Position Baby Carrier
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Hubble Connected

Top Baby Products You Need When Welcoming A New Baby

When preparing for your little one’s arrival, baby products such as a reliable baby monitor is critical to give you peace of mind when you are not in the same room. A favorite among parents is the Nursery Pal Premium from Hubble Connected. Unlike any other baby monitor, it can be used as an interactive touch screen viewer for children to use as they grow, which involves preloaded animated videos, picture books, stories, and educational games. When used as a baby monitor, the screen boasts a large 5” diagonal color screen allowing you to keep an eye on things from an impressive 1,000ft/300m, allowing you to quickly pan, tilt and zoom day or night with the infrared night vision.

The camera can easily be attached to any surface when using the complimentary Hubble Grip Flexible Mount giving you the best view of your baby. Additional features include a highly sensitive microphone that enables two-way talk, built-in speakers, to play preloaded nature sounds, lullabies, and audiobooks. It is also Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant compatible and even has a flashlight on the back of the parent unit that lets parents come and go without disrupting the baby. Parents also appreciate the room temperature display showing them if the baby’s room is too hot or too cold.

Top Baby Products You Need When Welcoming A New Baby

Downloading the HubbleClub by Hubble Connected app allows you to stay connected by receiving sound and motion notifications to your compatible viewing device and access unlimited live streaming and motion-triggered recordings, which will be stored for 24 hours in the cloud. A wide range of analytics, including Video Recording and Baby Growth Tracker, bring you comfort knowing your little one is happy and healthy. Even on the go, adjust your view with the remote pan, tilt and zoom, and communicate with the crystal-clear two-way audio. 

Nursery Pal Premium
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Feltman Brothers

Top Baby Products You Need When Welcoming A New Baby

Are you looking for a present for your niece or a friend’s baby girl? You’ll adore the Feltman brothers’ knitwear. The Ribbed Knit Gift Set is available in three different colors, allowing you to select the hue that looks best on the baby (or surprise the parents if she’s not born yet!).

Besides that, the fabric is nice and soft, making it comfortable for your baby’s delicate skin. Not only that, but this set includes a knit bag for carrying baby clothes and essentials. This set also includes a matching knit quilt to complete the set.

However, If you prefer beautiful patterns to plain ones, the Girls Knit Flower Set with two beautiful flowers in ivory and blush contrast is perfect for your baby doll. Designed with short sleeves and panties to stay cool throughout the summer, this adorable 2-piece baby outfit is perfect for your little one.

This super cute knit ruffle romper, the Girls Knit Ruffle Romper to be exact, is also worth considering if you are looking for casual spring clothing for your baby girl. It is made of soft and airy cotton, which keeps the baby comfy. Furthermore, it is ideal for a cute photoshoot, capturing precious moments of your baby looking like a doll.

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Earth Mama Organics

Top Baby Products You Need When Welcoming A New Baby

Moms are always looking for ways to become more comfortable as she progresses through pregnancy. A growing belly eventually becomes tight and itchy causing dryness. A favorite among moms-to-be is the Belly Bundle from Earth Mama. The Belly Butter and Belly Oil work in sync together by concentrating to alleviate any skin discomfort by delivering rich luxurious organic oils and herbs to keep your skin soft and comfortable. On the driest days, the belly oil will be your skin saver, then switch it up with the silky-smooth Belly Butter to continue leaving your skin pliable as that sweet baby grows. This duo is free of parabens, artificial fragrance, mineral oil, and petroleum, giving moms peace of mind.

As moms prepare for their baby’s arrival and the delivery, they will be able to simplify the process with the Mama & Baby Curated Collection from Earth Mama. This bundle contains products for postpartum recovery, breastfeeding support, and new baby care. This collection puts mom’s minds at ease with non-toxic herbal solutions and gentle organic ingredients for baby care. There can be an overwhelming number of products to choose from when trying to find the safest, purest, most gentle ingredients. Earth Mama & Baby Curated Collection allows moms to worry less by knowing safe and effective ingredients are carefully selected to meet all needs of mom and new baby.

The Mama & Baby Collection includes:

  • Organic Periodic Tea 
  • Organic Perineal Balm
  • Booby Tubes
  • Organic Nipple Butter
  • Sweet Orange Castile Baby Wash 
  • Sweet Orange Baby Lotion
  • Calendula Baby Oil 
  • Organic Diaper Balm
  • Organic Baby Face Nose & Cheek Balm
  • Baby Face Mineral Sunscreen Stick SPF 40

Belly Bundle | Mama & Baby Collection
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Busy Baby Mat

Top Baby Products You Need When Welcoming A New Baby

The Busy Baby Mat is a great find for new moms everywhere. From a baby shower gift to a holiday gift for the little one himself, the Busy Baby Mat keeps all of your little one’s toys teether, and utensils within reach but also off the floor! This silicone suction mat allows you to attach all of the baby’s soft, chewable, silicone toys and more to the mat itself which stays in place and keep these items within their reach.

No longer will you have to pick up items off the floor every few minutes, this mat even supports cognitive development, promotes motor skills by facilitating hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and development, and encourages self-feeding since the utensils and teethers won’t be constantly falling and out of their control. Crafted of food-grade silicone, this mat is safe and secure for your baby’s use.

Busy Baby Mat
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PishPosh Baby

Top Baby Products You Need When Welcoming A New Baby

As new parents, we are always looking for ways to keep our babies entertained as they develop. Stimulating motor and sensory skills is imperative for babies in their first years of life. The Boho Chic Luxe Developmental Gymini by Tiny Love is a soft play mat that is double padded and offers a stand-alone wooden toy arch. This unique system helps stimulate communication, motor skills, emotions, and cognition by providing adorable plush dolls with various types of fabric, soothing nature sounds, gripping rings, and a mirror.

The Boho Chic Gymini is best used for babies from 0-to 36 months. The plush dolls and rattle toys can be detached which is great for exploring fingers when lying down or even sitting up. The mirror is a great asset to this set, as it promotes longer tummy time, keeping your baby engaged by looking at their reflection. An additional bonus to this system is the 12 milestone cards that contain developmental information about your baby providing facts, tips, and play ideas.

This Gymini and many more baby products are available on PishPosh Baby. PishPosh Baby is a one-stop-shop destination for the hottest baby gear & products. With some of the top and best baby gear on the market, PishPosh Baby creates a full-service shopping experience for expecting parents.

Tiny Love BOHO Chic Luxe Developmental Gymini
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Top Baby Products You Need When Welcoming A New Baby

As a new mom, you may be looking for a comfortable way to become more mobile while keeping your new baby close to you. The Moby Move All-Position Carrier by Moby has been a favorite for parents that enjoy baby-wearing. Designed with a single set of easy-to-use adjustments for custom fit sizing, this carrier allows for compatibility from newborn to toddler ages. The carrier may be used in 4 positions: parent facing, world facing, hip carry, and back carry.

The Moby Move Carrier is lightweight, breathable, and machine washable. It is simple to use, yet filled with clever extras, such as a privacy hood for sun protection, padded shoulders, lumbar support for parents, a cushioned seat for baby, and 2 storage pockets that are perfect for small items like keys and phone. The Moby Move All-Position Carrier has an ergonomic design not only provides comfort, but also security for your precious baby.

Moby Move Baby Carrier
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Your baby wants to nurse wherever and whenever they want to regardless of the company around you and if you are like some moms, you do not like those bulky, hot nursing shawls. Whether you want this for yourself as an expectant momma or you know this would the perfect baby shower gift, nursing mommas everywhere will love it! The Mobobaby Nursing Cover+Hat is the cutest, most breathable way to nurse your child regardless of when and where it’s time to feed baby. This cover and hat combo allows momma to look down at her child and interact with them while keeping herself modestly covered. The oversized hat is super adorable and made of eco-friendly hemp, lyocell, and organic cotton.

These Nursing Cover+Hat are great baby products to have with you and are available in a beautiful earthy olive color or neutral color or choose from any of the 7 available colors of adorable hats. The Nursing Cover+Hat comes in two sizes to allow for coverage from 0-6 months to 6-12 months. Whether you enjoy earthy tones or something that can go with every outfit you and your child wear, there is an easier way to nurse in public without dying of heat or over-exposing yourself!

Nursing Cover+Hat
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Top Baby Products You Need When Welcoming A New Baby

When our babies are born we want them to be everywhere we are but the reality is we still have stuff to do! The BassiNest Flex by HALO gives parents a solution to have their babies nearby while being hands-free and active. This bassinet provides a safe space for baby to sleep while allowing them to be close for essential bonding. It is portable and sturdy and gives parents all they need for an at-home bassinet, with the flexibility to take it with you whether you are on vacation or visiting family.

The light weight of the BassiNest Flex allows for easy portability as you move from room to room throughout your house. Whether you are cooking in the kitchen or doing laundry in your room, you can have your new baby within arms reach. This bassinet also has a lowering bedside wall which is super helpful for moms who are breastfeeding or recovering from a C-section. The HALO BassiNest Flex features fully mesh walls for breathability and visibility and also comes with a mattress pad.  

BassiNest Flex
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TCG Toys

Top Baby Products You Need When Welcoming A New Baby

A safe play area for your little one is a must and with TCG Toys you will love their Gelli Mats for your baby or toddler. The mat is constructed with high-quality and durable memory foam to produce a safe, yet soft mat for your little one to explore on. The innovative design of these mats offers double-sided prints; one side displaying fun characters and the other side with a contemporary theme suitable to fit in with any room décor.  

The Gelli Mat is .39 inches thick, and they measure 7ft by 4ft, giving your little one plenty of room to lounge or play. The material is not only non-toxic and hypoallergenic but also water-resistant, making your life easier by simply wiping it clean when those inevitable messes occur. What a perfect way to protect your floors while providing a cushioned mat for your baby while at play. Need to store it? No problem, this mat is made to be rolled up for easy storage when not in use.

Gelli Mat
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Top Baby Products You Need When Welcoming A New Baby

Moms are always trying to find ways to keep their babies asleep whether at home or even on the go. A favorite among parents is the baby rocker from Rockit. This innovative device is designed to simply attach towards the top of the handlebar of your stroller and transfer a gentle rocking motion throughout the stroller, so your little one continues to keep snoozing once the stroller comes to a stop. The adjustment strap is universal, fitting all strollers. Rockit also offers roughly 50 hours of battery life, is made to be waterproof, and has a dial that allows you to control the speed of the rocking motion your baby desires.

If you love the Rockit you will love the other baby products in the Ultimate Parenting Combo Pack which also includes the Wooshh sound soothing device. This is a small item that may stand upright, be strapped onto different objects in the room, or even be clipped onto curtains. Due to the versatility of this item, it allows you to place it anywhere in the room keeping it out of reach from your child. Whooshh offers 8 different comforting sounds that will play continuously from 1 to 10 hours to keep your baby asleep without worrying about waking them when you may need to tackle some daily household tasks.

Parents have also found Zed to be a must-have to keep babies asleep. It is recommended for Zed to be placed in the crib near your babies’ feet. Zed offers different calming vibration modes, as well as acting as a nightlight with 3 different levels of lighting. Moms have found the gentle vibrations along with the nightlight to encourage a deep sleep for their little ones.

The Ultimate Parenting Combo Pack
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Dr. Brown’s

Top Baby Products You Need When Welcoming A New Baby

As a new parent, you will be compelled to choose a bottle brand to start out with. With so many brands out there, it may be difficult to know which ones to start with. A top choice among parents has been the Newborn Gift Set by Dr. Brown’s, a trusted name that has helped millions of families feed their little one successfully. Dr. Brown’s bottles are designed with an internal vent system channeling air through the vent tube, bypassing milk, or formula, to the end of the bottle. This promotes the baby to feed comfortably while milk flows freely, like breastfeeding, which aids in reducing colic, spit-up, burping, and gas.

Dr. Brown’s Newborn Gift Set is a great bottle collection to begin with. This bundle will grow with your baby and comes with several items including:

  • 3x 8oz bottles
  • 2x 4oz bottles
  • 5x level 1 nipples, which are used for newborns
  • 2x level 2 nipples
  • 2x storage/travel caps
  • 3x cleaning brushes
Top Baby Products You Need When Welcoming A New Baby

A helpful accessory you may want to include with your bottle set is the Natural Flow Folding Drying rack. Cleaning baby bottles can require some time as bottles include multiple pieces. Many moms have appreciated this drying rack as this keeps everything in one place, it is dishwasher safe and has a raised platform with a water collection tray to keep counters clean. The tray involves longer posts to hold bottles and smaller posts to hold nipples or even pacifiers. It can be easily folded down, making it convenient to store when not in use.

Dr. Brown’s products continue to keep babies happy by offering well-constructed pacifiers and teethers. HappyPaci has been a favorite among moms. They are designed to mimic a familiar nipple shape, offer a one-piece construction, butterfly-shaped to shield curves from the nose and cheeks, dishwasher, and sterilizer safe. 

As babies grow and begin teething, you may find yourself trying to find the most suitable teether your baby will love. Another favorite product of Dr. Brown’s is the Aquacool Water-Filled Teether. These teethers are filled with water versus gel ensure safe teething for all areas of your baby’s mouth. This perfect-sized teether can be placed in the refrigerator for a cooling relief and the textures on the teethers stimulate sensory-motor skills keeping your precious baby engaged while self-soothing.

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Top Baby Products You Need When Welcoming A New Baby

Moms don’t always need a huge diaper bag when out and about. If they have their necessary items down to a science they can easily pack just a few essentials in a smaller, more manageable bag. The Luxe Diaper Clutch by 12little is the perfect solution. For moms who like to walk on the wild side, the leopard print is a stand-out, trendy design that is fun and stylish. Made with 100% vegan leather, this clutch is also water-resistant and PVC-free.

This bag can be carried as a clutch or as a crossbody using the detachable webbing strap. The interior organization uses three separate compartments to store baby products like diapers, wipes, baby bottles, and snacks as well as mom’s items such as wallet, keys, and phone. The slip pocket is perfect for diapers and the included changing pad while the elastic bands can store a pack of baby wipes with the included refillable wipe pouch. The mesh pouch is ideal for small, miscellaneous items such as creams or teethers and is also detachable. The Luxe Diaper Clutch is also available in Olive Cro and Embossed Snake Print.

Luxe Diaper Clutch in Leopard Print
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Monti Kids

Top Baby Products You Need When Welcoming A New Baby

Helping your baby learn and develop right from the start is a priceless gift that you can give your child. The Montessori Newborn Kit is a beautiful collection of Montessori infant toys and parent support materials designed by child development experts that can begin to be used right at birth. These toys promote concentration, visual tracking, core development, grasp development, an early love of reading, and pre-crawling movements.

This kit of educational baby products offers the perfect start for your own baby and also makes a thoughtful baby shower gift. Each educator-designed toy is safety-certified and made with sustainably sourced wood, non-toxic ink, and food-grade silicone. The items included in the Monti Kids Newborn Kit are:

  • A wooden book featuring black and white baby animals to help build an early love of reading
  • A wooden, child-safe mirror and card stand with five double-sided black and white cards to promote visual tracking and tummy time
  • A wooden rattle, silicone teether, and cotton crochet ball to strengthen baby’s grasp, hand-eye coordination, and body control
  • A beautiful cotton rope basket to hold rattles, balls, teethers, and more

Montessori Newborn Kit
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Top Baby Products You Need When Welcoming A New Baby

The Baby Sleepy Eyes Owl Bedtime Soother will bring sweet dreams to your little one. The 8-inch cuddly, stuffed animal is an adorable friend and also a night light and sound machine. The Baby Sleepy Eyes Owl features animated drooping sleepy eyes and seven soothing tranquil melodies. The owl’s eyes slowly close as “Rock-a-Bye-Baby” croons softly.

The soothing sounds coordinate with soft LED lights that shine in the owl’s belly to relax the baby. (The sweet sounds relax parents, too.) The soothing sounds include white noise, rain, forest wind, and heartbeat. The Sleepy Eyes Owl can play 20 minutes of continuous melodies with adjustable volume and night light, or the owl can just play the soft sounds without the light. The Sleepy Eyes Owls make our list of useful baby products for new parents.

The Tinkle Crinkle Pull and Play Sensory Toy is a colorful plush, convenient stroller toy. Baby will love to pull the tactile knots and ribbons to see the smiling yellow face of Tinkle Crinkle Caterpillar. When the toy twists around an adorable white Bunny will greet your little one. The toy seems simple, but the bunny ears give a crinkle when touched and the plastic ring filled with bright rattle beads vibrates when pulled. The flexible open yellow ring boasts decorative clouds and easily attaches to bags or strollers to keep the baby happy and busy while Mama is on the go.

Baby Sleepy Eyes Bedtime Soother Plush Owl | Tinkle Crinkle Pull and Play Sensory Toy
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Top Baby Products You Need When Welcoming A New Baby

Figuring out what comforts your baby when sleeping is crucial, and for most babies, swaddling has come with great success. The Swaddle Bundle by MEMEENO has brought improved comfort, warmth, and security to sleeping babies. The bundle includes a belly band, top knot hat, and a swaddle loop blanket. Their products are designed in accordance with the American Academy of Pediatrics’ safe sleeping practices.

The organic cotton material is incredibly soft and stretchy. The swaddle loop blanket has an attached loop designed to create a perfect swaddle, every time. It also offers many other uses, such as a car seat/stroller cover, nursing cover, or play mat. The belly band is great for all newborns as it provides warmth and security to their belly, mimicking that gentle compression in the womb. The added pressure and heat from the belly band help some babies relax from the outside in. The warmth and security this bundle offers will keep your baby comfortable while sleeping for many nights to come.

Swaddle Bundle
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Top Baby Products You Need When Welcoming A New Baby

No one wants to think about their tiny baby or adorable toddler being sick. But, it is such a peace of mind to have the DreamBaby® Touchless Non-Contact Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer on hand and at the ready. The DreamBaby® thermometer is so simple – you aim it at the forehead and press the button. You have a temperature reading in one second with no skin contact at all.

The fast, reliable readings are great for family members of all ages. You can even switch the DreamBaby® Touchless Non-Contact Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer from body to object mode to test the temperatures of bottles, surfaces, and more. A thermometer is a great addition to a baby shower gift for first-time parents so they are prepared.

The Essential Grooming Baby Care Kit provides all the perfectly sized necessities you need for your baby in one convenient storage case. The kit comes with a soft hairbrush and toothbrush with toddler-sized easy-grip handles so your little one can take his first steps toward personal grooming. The Essential Grooming Baby Care Kit also includes a comb, nail clippers, baby emery boards, and baby scissors. Each grooming tool is designed with safety in mind for your baby and toddler. The DreamBaby® Essential Grooming Baby Care Kit comes with white or aqua handles.

Non-Contact Fever Alert Infrared Forehead Thermometer | Essential Grooming 10 Piece Kit
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The SoundBub™ by WavHello soothes and comforts baby with white noise, music, and the voices of loved ones. The SoundBub™ is a portable Bluetooth speaker and a white noise machine disguised as Bella the Bunny, Ollie the Owl, and Benji the Bear. In addition, SoundBub connects to WavHello’s VoiceShare ® Mobile App so loved ones near and far can record messages, sing lullabies and read stories to your little one. It’s so awesome to have Grandma record a story from across the miles.

Top Baby Products You Need When Welcoming A New Baby

Being a Bluetooth speaker, you can connect to your favorite music. Simply push the SoundBub’s belly to turn on the built-in white noise to help your little one fall asleep anywhere. The 6 built-in white noise tracks include shushing, heartbeat, white noise, gentle rain, ocean waves, and forest sounds. SoundBub™ is made of chew-safe materials. The easy to hold handle can be a stand or a clip. The adorable SoundBub™ makes life a song for babies, parents, and grandparents. The compact, rechargeable Bluetooth speaker and white noise machine can travel anywhere you and your baby want to venture.

The First Impressions Baby Handprint & Footprint Memory Frame Kit lets you easily make a clay impression of your little one’s tiny foot and tiny hand. It’s a beautiful way to freeze this moment in time. The clay kit comes with a shatter-resistant acrylic glass frame so you can preserve and display the baby’s clay footprint and handprint. In addition, each First Impressions Memory Kit comes with 3 packets of non-toxic white clay, a wooden roller, and a letter stamp kit.

SoundBub™ Portable Baby Sleep Soother | First Impressions Baby Handprint & Footprint Memory Frame
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Mini Ducklings

Top Baby Products You Need When Welcoming A New Baby

It’s always a tough moment when a parent is separated from their baby. Mini Ducklings has created innovative baby products that allow children to feel like their mommy or daddy is still nearby through scent. Available in four adorable animals, each Soothie Sleeve is a huggable plush with a coordinating sleeve that is worn by the parent and made to absorb their scent to help comfort their child when they are not around. Each animal soother also comes with Close at Heart, a beautifully illustrated story that shows the many ways Soothie Sleeve can comfort your child. The animal options include Bella the Bear, Baxter the Bunny, Emmy the Elephant, and Lucy the Lamb.

Soothie Sleeve
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Top Baby Products You Need When Welcoming A New Baby

The KeaBabies Organic Baby Sleep Swaddle Wraps are the perfect baby products for new babies. While most moms are taught old-school swaddling at the hospital, (and you can certainly swaddle your baby with any blanket of your choosing), we’ve found that many parents prefer velcro or zipper swaddles for convenience! KeaBabies swaddle wraps are ergonomically designed with style and comfort in mind and are super easy to use! Baby will be comfortable and secure in these wraps and will be gently surrounded from shoulder to torso with a 2-way fabric stretch knit that is ideal for their growth and development.

Organic Baby Sleep Swaddle Wraps
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Rascal + Friends

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If you’re looking for a diaper that will keep up with your active little one with a very healthy digestive system, these premium diapers are perfect for you. Made to move in and power through the night without leaks, they’re free from nasties and dermatologically certified for your baby’s comfort. Plus, they perform exceptionally well to give you peace of mind.

Premium Diapers
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These baby products have passed the test when it comes to what parents actually need and what will make their lives easier when welcoming a new baby into their lives. Whether it is their first child or they’ve been down this road before, there are always new baby products hitting the market that may make a difference in their day-to-day activities with a baby. Parents will enjoy using these baby products and quickly see how they come in handy on a daily basis.

For more ideas on necessary baby products, check out this New Baby Checklist.



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Top Baby Products You Need When Welcoming A New Baby



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