3 Important Reasons Why Children Should Take A Personality Quiz

Ever curious why some children are natural extroverts and ready to jump on the stage, and some are introverts and prefer to watch or observe? One child may be so upset about a lower grade on an assignment in school while another child may brush it off and move on?  One child may be sensitive to comments or remarks made by a classmate while another child may be able to respond back quickly?

Personality traits often contribute to how a child reacts to a situation.  By understanding the characteristics of a child’s personality through a personality quiz, a parent can be better equipped to guide a child through issues and opportunities. 

Every child is unique.  But, if you knew your child’s personality type and stronger, innate characteristics, you may be able to communicate and support him or her in new and effective ways. As your child grows, you may also be able to support him or her blossoming and thriving, navigating from child to teenager to young adult.

3 Important Reasons Why Children Should Take A Personality Quiz
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Personality quizzes provide valuable insights to parenting styles and approaches

How helpful would it be to have a toolbox to help you navigate and understand your child’s personality style?  Consider being prepared ahead of time for potential emotions, reactions, and temperament.

Are you planning to move or change schools soon?  Are you worried whether your child will make new friends or wondering if he or she will adapt quickly to the environment?  Knowing your child’s personality strengths, would your advice be different? If you knew your child had a low tendency for confidence, what might you do to help him or her prepare for the first day? Maybe pack some candy for him or her to pass out to classmates on the first day?

Does your child have a big project due for school?  Will he or she refuse to go to bed until the project is completed or be able to settle with a partially complete project?  If you knew to win the first prize or obtain the highest grade was very important to your child, would you encourage your child to start the project as early as possible?

Would your child pick a family vacation that is full of adventure and trying new things or returning to the same place you visited last time, where he or she knows the schedule and what to expect each day of the week?  Knowing if your child prefers predictability over spontaneity could help you plan a less stressful vacation.

Does he or she always want you to chaperone class field trips or after school activities?   Or ask you not to attend?  Maybe your child wants a sense of independence or is not ready yet for that independence.  Would your decision to chaperone change if you knew your child wanted you to support his or her natural tendencies of individualism and self-sufficiency?

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3 Important Reasons Why Children Should Take A Personality Quiz
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Personality quizzes help you build successful strategies for school and learning

As your child grows from elementary to junior high to high school, consider that some traits are instinctive. Have you ever had two different teachers say the same theme about your child? Maybe your child helps other classmates, who are struggling to finish assignments. Or perhaps your child eagerly raises his or her hand to speak up often or holds back vs. waiting to be called upon by the teacher.

A personality quiz can help you build strategies for learning that help supports your child’s growth that is aligned to his or her natural tendencies without adding too much pressure or burden. 

Parent-teacher conferences are also a great opportunity to collaborate with someone else who spends time with your child.  Sharing what you know about your child’s inner strengths could help you develop goals to help your child succeed in the academic year.

Personality quizzes are a good starting place for conversations for parents about majors to discuss, colleges to apply to, and potential career paths that utilize their strengths and natural abilities.

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3 Important Reasons Why Children Should Take A Personality Quiz
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Personality quizzes help you navigate parenting from young child to young adult

Knowing your child’s personality traits can give you valuable information about what motivates him or her.  You can find out a lot about who they are, what subject areas they are most interested in and their learning styles.  By knowing attributes like whether your child enjoys working in groups or alone, or whether they gravitate towards leading a group or collaborating, you can help support your child through many choices and decisions.

For example, if you knew your child liked working alone, would you suggest him or her trying individual or group sports?  If you were aware that your child preferred leading a group, what after school or volunteer activities would you recommend?  While these decisions may seem minor, they could lead to bigger outcomes for your child to thrive as he or she moves from young child to young adult. 

3 Important Reasons Why Children Should Take A Personality Quiz
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In conclusion, a simple and fun personality quiz taken one time or periodically can help parents help understand what personality strengths are innate to a child. Everyone is unique in their own, but with some tools and answers, parents can have a better understanding of how children learn, how they navigate situations, and what potential opportunities to present to them that best align with their personalities.

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3 Important Reasons Why Children Should Take A Personality Quiz

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