23 Essentials You’ll Love For Going To Work Or School This Year

Going to work was the norm back in the day, pre-COVID, however, telecommuting and remote working were a growing trend long before they became a pandemic necessity. With so many technological resources available, remote workers can be even more productive because they can focus on the essentials of the job without the distraction of the workplace; assuming of course that they have the right space to effectively work from home. While many offices are requiring employees to come back into the office as life returns to “normal”, there are still plenty of people who will continue working from home for the foreseeable future.

Let’s not forget that even though school may be back in session, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re done shopping. Today we offer a few ideas, products, and resources that should make going to work and going back to school a breeze regardless of whether it’s downstairs or an hour away.


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Working from home has changed our perspective on the things that are important in life. Photo albums, treasured trinkets, and obviously our loved ones are the first things that come to mind, but now that we have come to the other side of a tragic and difficult year, we recognize the need to have the tools to save these treasured memories for future enjoyment and preservation. Finding technological gear may feel overwhelming when you’re online looking for answers, but choosing a trusted name is always a safe bet. That’s why this year, we are choosing Seagate for our professional and personal needs this fall when going to work.

Going to work requires two things: a power source and an unlimited source of patience. If your PC or Mac has been operating subpar, then it may be time to upgrade your hard drive. Gaming enthusiasts know the importance of storage space and speed, but if you enjoy gaming on the same computer you’re working on all day then the FireCuda Gaming Hub may be the answer to your prayers.

Give your computer the update that you need with the FireCuda Gaming Hub. This hub features up to 16TB of capacity, and features customizable RGB LED lighting, so not only will your computer function optimally (which is a total game-changer) it will also pump up your home’s atmosphere. Additionally, the featured dual front-facing USB-C and USB-A ports will allow you to connect and power all your devices in one place.

Everyone knows what “the cloud” is, and many of us just know that we need it and don’t need to fully understand the mechanics of how it works. Unfortunately, relying on cloud-based backups can have devastating consequences. Give yourself the security of knowing that you’re always prepared with the One Touch SSD. This external hard drive, available in 16 GB, 1 TB, or 2 TB helps you seamlessly and quickly transfer large files to keep them on hand no matter what.

Daily-mom-parent-portal-Must-Have Essentials That'll Make Going To Work Or School A Breeze

This drive is small and super-portable so it can travel easily in your backpack or your purse. With this level of capacity, and plug and play capability (either on Windows or Mac) going to work is seamless from this drive, even if you don’t have access to the cloud. Plus, the One Touch SSD has enough storage space to keep your treasured photos and videos safe. There is even an Android app to help you automatically back them up.

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Seagate has made it easier than ever to work and play with security and speed, and after the year we’ve all had, that news is greeted with a collective sigh of relief.

FireCuda Gaming Hub | One Touch SSD
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Heading back to the office for many of us means returning to a more traditional work environment, meaning desks or cubicles, computer task chairs, and ultimately more sitting than we have likely experienced over the last year. The one thing working and homeschooling may have allowed at least some of us to do is move around our home office or workspace, getting in our steps and likely spending more waking hours outdoors with our kids, pets, and families more than ever before. Returning to the office doesn’t have to be a pain in the back (literally) with fully and their office space solutions! We love fully not only for their standing desks, work tables, and ultimate workspace solutions but also for their innovative products that can be used to simply modify existing workspaces without all new furniture or a full remodel. fully is here to make work less of a chore and to make your environment more enjoyable, ergonomic, and all-around physically friendly; with furniture “designed to keep you moving”, fully’s wide range of standing desks, task chairs, standing desk converters, and more guarantees to keep you moving all day long.

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As we go back to work fully’s standing desk converter should be a must for those of us working traditional office jobs. With the ability to accommodate all of our workspace essentials, as well as keep us up, down, and moving, fully’s Cooper Standing Desk Convertor is an ergonomic, environmentally friendly, office space solution! Giving you the ability to sit, stand, stretch, and more, the Cooper Standing Desk Converter conveniently fits right atop your regular office desk but keeps you moving, not requiring you to sit stationary at that computer all day long.

The Cooper’s smooth and silent hydraulic lift can be easily operated with one hand allowing you to raise the desktop up to standing height. Holding the weight of two computer monitors (or a laptop and additional screen) and more, the Cooper has a large surface providing you with plenty of workspace, as well as including a built-in keyboard platform providing more space for your keyboard or as a writing surface. Available in black or a beautiful bamboo with a durable, MDF powder coated base, the Cooper Standing Desk Convertor is an unobtrusive, useful, and attractive addition to any desk or workspace.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Back To Work 14 2

Perfect for pairing with the Cooper, fully’s Muvmat by aeris will keep your feet happy too! This anti-fatigue mat features a varied surface with peaks and valleys to stimulate your feet and legs, encouraging subtle movement, increasing blood flow, and keeping you energized and productive. The Muvmat is designed to simulate the rocks, roots, and fallen branches you would typically encounter walking through the outdoors. The changes in positioning are said to keep your body comfortable, balanced, and energized thus reducing full-body fatigue and that mid-afternoon slump. With a special water-resistant sealant, the Muvmat is ideal for use with or without shoes as you stay up and on the go during your workday.

Cooper Standing Desk Converter | Muvmat by aeris
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As our kids head back to school, for many of us parents who have been working from home this past year it is also time to head back to the office. While you may be dreading the in-person meetings, regular hours, and the need to wear pants, with a few necessary additions to your office you should be ready to hit the ground running as we get back into the swing of things. Whether you are continuing to work from home or heading back into the office one thing we can all use for those long hours at the computer is supportive, ergonomic seating. So many traditional office chairs can leave you with a stiff back and sore bum by the end of the week so purple has engineered the Ultimate Seating Bundle just for you. From the home office to the classroom to the dorm room, the seat cushions and lumbar support cushions from purple are a must for your back to work supply list!

Purple took their innovative purple grid featured in their beds and created the Ultimate Seat Cushion, ideal for everyone who spends time sitting, whether working, gaming, or even driving. From long hours at your desk (think 8+ minimum) to those who frequently slouch, bend or slump, the Ultimate Seat Cushion from purple will keep you comfortably working with a longer, wider, and deeper design meant to fit larger chairs or support heavier weight. Benefits of this seat cushion include a contoured groove at the back of the cushion that encourages proper posture and spinal alignment, while also keeping your tailbone supported and cozy and your bum cool.

Perfect for pairing with the Ultimate Seat Cushion is the Purple Back Cushion which provides the ultimate lumbar support for those who experience lower to middle back pain and sitting for extended periods of time. Crafted of 100% grid material, this lower back cushion offers comfy, cozy, cooling support and alignment for your spine. With the included cover it attaches easily to your desk chair and conforms to your spine keeping the proper curvature throughout your work day. With a removable, machine washable cover, this lumbar support cushion is great for office chairs, long days of driving, and hours of homework time spent staring at a screen.

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Finally, the most important part of heading back to school and work for the entire family is, of course, sleep! No one can optimally perform without an amazing night’s sleep and that is the cornerstone of purple’s products. Just in time for heading back into the classroom and the workplace, this year Purple has crafted the all-new Purple TwinCloud Pillow. Literally two pillows in one, the Purple TwinCloud Pillow is a classic down alternative pillow with a reversible cotton cover construction whereby you can switch from softer to firmer support in a matter of seconds! Simply flip the pillow over for a firm or soft side depending on your preference at the moment. Plus, as an added bonus you can fit your arms snuggly inside the pillow for the most comfortable side or stomach sleep position.

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Why do the kids get all the great back-to-school gizmos and gadgets? Not this year! SideTrak has Mom and Dad covered with the Solo Freestanding Portable Monitor as they head back to work. The Solo Freestanding Portable Monitor gives the user the option of working on two screens with the perk of portability. Use this must-have tech device as a screen extension, mirror, span, or portrait to meet all your needs. Stand out and show out at work when using the SideTrak Solo Freestanding Portable Monitor.

Daily-mom-parent-portal-Must-Have Essentials That'll Make Going To Work Or School A Breeze

The Solo Freestanding Portable Monitor by SideTrak features a 15.6″ full HD LED IPS anti-glare screen. At only 1.22 pounds, slim and lightweight is a great description of the Solo Freestanding Portable Monitor. SideTrak’s Solo Freestanding Portable Monitor has adjustable settings such as brightness, volume, display settings, and screen orientation. This screen is compatible with Mac, PC, Chrome, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Raspberry Pi. All these amazing features are complimented with the ease of installation of the Solo Freestanding Portable Monitor wherever life may take you.

Work hard and play harder has always been a great motto to live by. If gaming or having a movie night is on the agenda, simply turn on the HDR mode for unbelievable picture quality. The 15.8″ Solo Freestanding Portable Monitor by SideTrak delivers the true-to-life picture with low latency, meaning a happier audience. By choosing the Solo Freestanding Portable Monitor, SideTrak makes going to work (and play) more accessible and convenient.

15.8″ Solo Freestanding Portable Monitor
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Ultimate Ear

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Earphones and headphones are a teenagers’ best friend, hands down. Earphones that are customizable and last over 20 hours, are everyone’s best friend, especially if you’re going to work! Meet the Ultimate Ears Fits – the perfect pair of earphones for the active teen or adult that spends most of their time on calls, zoom meetings, podcasting, and the like. These uber comfortable earphones have Patented Lightform Technology that molds the tips of the earphones to fit any ear, large, medium, or small. These earphones are guaranteed to fit right, the moment you place them in your ear. Earphones that are a customized fit make it easier to be active and productive and Ultimate Ears Fits does this perfectly.

The fine-tuned speakers deliver crystal clear sound to immerse the wearer into their private oasis as it blocks out sound and distractions. The Ultimate Ears Fits pick up the wearer’s voice to perfectly translate what they desire to say. Easily carry these new headphones in a small protective case to work, school, or play.

Thanks to today’s amazing technology, easily tweak your audio to personalize your listening experience in the companion UE FITS app. With superior noise cancellation, premium listening, and a customized fit, Ultimate Ear has come together to create the Ultimate Ear Fits – and it is indeed the ultimate fit.

Ultimate Ear Fits
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Staying in shape and getting fit is important to all of us, but sometimes, we’re missing that one last tool to conquer our workout goals, especially if we’re going to work in the office. The Limited Edition Starter Pack with Dara Black + Atria 2.0 is a personalized smartwatch that will help you reach your fitness goals 8x faster with the accompanying limited edition Black Dara Smart Scale. The top-selling Dara Black Scale measures 17 different body metrics while the new Atria 2.0 optimizing the way you train, recover, de-stress and sleep.

The limited-edition Dara Black smart scale sends a very low, safe electrical signal from the four metal electrodes to measure fat, muscle, and bone mass along with your weight and hydration level. The Dara Black scale measure your fat mass to arcuately get a clear picture of your health. Measure your muscle mass to know when you’re gaining muscle mass and losing fat, even if the number on the scale doesn’t change, doesn’t mean progress isn’t being made!

Discover your bone mass and body’s foundational composition and accurate weight with the Dara Black scale as well. Wouldn’t it be nice to really see how your water intake is by checking your hydration level? Of course, it would! It’s so incredibly easy to stay engaged and active at work, that all you are consuming is coffee… not hydrating water. By staying the course, keeping reminders, and a physical gauge of how hydrated you actually are, you will be able to maintain optimal hydration levels each day. Now, whether at work, commuting, or teleworking, having all of your exact measurements and starting points, you’ll know if your ‘chair’ job is helping or hindering your progress to a better physical state.

Be sure to connect your Atria 2.0 to your phone to personalize your workouts, whether while at work or home, to target the areas you want. With easy-to-read charts and daily, weekly and monthly tracking, you will have no more trouble keeping track of your progress. This Limited Edition Starter Pack with Dara Black + Atria 2.0 is designed for all body types and has a smart algorithm that adjusts based on individual habits, work schedules, and so much more. Improve your day-to-day health as you get back to work because even though work keeps you busy, you don’t have to guess and wonder if it’s affecting your health negatively or positivity by staying on track. Now you’ll know what small changes you need to make to improve your well-being with FitTrack.

Limited Edition Starter Pack with Dara Black + Atria 2.0
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Getting the right composition notebooks, pencils, and binders for your kids’ back-to-school supply list is important, but making sure that you and your kids have a space to work at home might be even more important to having a successful year. That includes having a desk with plenty of storage space to contain all the books and clutter that goes along with getting work done. As such, the Tribesigns Two-Person Desk with Bookshelf is the perfect addition to your home office this year.

If there’s one thing we learned last year during virtual learning and attempting to work from home with kids in tow, it’s that having a dedicated space to do your work and office hours makes all the difference in the world. That means not working on the couch in front of the TV if you want to be productive; and if you have space, moving “homework time” to a room other than your child’s bedroom. Something about physically (and mentally) separating “work” from “rest” space helps the brain focus on the task of completing an assignment.

While we made-do last year with a fold-out table, the Tribesigns Two-Person Desk with Bookshelf makes going to work so much more organized this fall. Made from heavy-duty metal and wood (with a 550 lb load capacity), this 78-inch long desk allows two people to work side-by-side quite easily (although we’d be lying if we said that two elementary-aged kiddos work without fighting). Include a couple of pairs of headphones and you’re all set for a productive day.

With a large desktop surface, a storage shelf, and a lower bookshelf, there is ample storage space to hold books, your laptop, and all of your office accessories in an organized way. And, it’s so easy to assemble that your home office will be fully functional within a couple of hours. Just imagine how much you’ll be able to get done when the kids finally go back to school!

Daily Mom Parent Portal Bts Tribesigns Desk 6

Two-Person Desk with Bookshelf
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Daily Mom Parent Portal 1thrive

All moms need a command center and as we head back into school after our last year at home, now is the time to update your space with 1THRIVE. While the past year has kept us mostly at home, the world has opened up allowing us to head back into our pre-pandemic schedule of school, work, and extracurricular activities. Whether you are a homeschool mom who plans to keep it that way or a mom who is looking forward to sending her little ones back to the classroom, 1THRIVE will help you keep your family on track and organized. 

Our favorite command center this season from 1THRIVE is the Megan. Perfect for everything from calendaring important dates to keeping track of book bags, the Megan features all the organization a big family needs. Keep track of your grocery list, chore charts, and things to do, as well as your family’s monthly schedule all in one place. Keep important papers and documents safe in the included file folder, and finally with plenty of hooks and corkboard space available keep track of book bags, keys, masks, or anything else you need to have on hand on your way out the door. With the ability to plan, glance, and go, the Megan will keep your family on track and on time for all the important things this school year. 

The Megan includes:

  • Multiple List Areas
  • Large Monthly Calendar
  • Two Bulletin Boards
  • Magnetic Capabilities
  • Multiple Hooks
  • Buckets
  • Hooks
  • A Wall Pocket/File Folder
Daily Mom Parent Portal 1thrive 5

Featuring a premium matte finish designed to be used with 1THRIVE’s liquid chalk markers, keep track of your life with these vibrant, non-smudge markers that will help keep you organized and on track at home or at the office. Gold accents keep the Megan trendy and stylish while fitting into any home decor design. Take control of your life and your activities this season, never missing a beat or dropping the ball, with the Megan from 1THRIVE.

the Megan
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Daily-mom-parent-portal-Must-Have Essentials That'll Make Going To Work Or School A Breeze

This fall, many of us will be going to work in an office again for the first time in months. Whether you’re full-time, working a hybrid schedule lugging tech gear back-and-forth, or you’d just like a more portable setup for getting some fresh air, you absolutely need to check this lightweight, stylish backpack from Incase!

Daily-mom-parent-portal-Must-Have Essentials That'll Make Going To Work Or School A Breeze

The ICON Backpack With Woolenex has all of your tech travel needs completely covered. It has a highly padded, supremely soft, lined pocket that can accommodate up to a 16″ MacBook Pro, a dedicated pocket on the opposite side for an iPad, and plenty of room in the interior compartment for just about everything else. The straps are conveniently padded as well, so no matter how much gear you manage to pack in, your back and shoulders won’t regret it.

Daily-mom-parent-portal-Must-Have Essentials That'll Make Going To Work Or School A Breeze

Carry along a portable hard drive, earbuds, and other essentials like a wallet, mask, and keys in separate inner pockets. There’s even a dedicated zippered phone pocket on top with a super-soft, protective lining. Having the latest and greatest technology isn’t cheap – keep it in tip-top shape! No need to worry about items bumping into each other or getting scratched in transit with the ICON Backpack With Woolenex.

Around the side – in a special pocket with bright green lining – you’ll find a place to stash your portable charging device. Just feed the cord through the tiny built-in hole, and you’ll stay fully charged while using your device on the go. This zippered pocket conveniently curves around and hits near the hip, so it’s easy to access as well.

We’ve told you about function, now let’s talk about fashion! The sleek Woolenex lining, made of woolen polyester material, looks great, is heavy-duty, and resistant to wear and tear. Another great benefit is its weather resistance. The tightly woven fabric repels moisture, mildew, and chemicals (not to mention raindrops during a photoshoot, as shown below)!

Daily-mom-parent-portal-Must-Have Essentials That'll Make Going To Work Or School A Breeze

With this gorgeous ICON Backpack With Woolenex, you’ll be going to work in style this fall, for sure!

ICON Backpack With Woolenex
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Finding a watch that can take you from sandy shores to the classroom or office is a unique undertaking, but thankfully Nixon keeps it simple, classic, and sleek with their new Ripley Watch. Available in four different color combinations, this watch will look and feel good in any outfit for any occasion. This year, we are sending our favorite teachers from the wilds of summer to the wilds of the classroom with the Ripley Watch.

This watch has all of the gadgets you want to have in a modern timepiece: digital time, temperature, and altitude readings. What it does not have is a bulky and uncomfortable feel, and is otherwise lightweight and easy to adjust. Feeling classy? Turn off the digital mode for a sleek look in the city or in the country. Whether you’re hiking to finish out your summer vacation or hauling instruments to set up your music classroom, you don’t need to fear damaging your watch. The shock-resistant module and stainless-steel top plate of the Ripley Watch protect your watch from impacts. It’s also water-resistant up to 100 meters.

Send the hard-working teacher in your life back into the classroom with a reliable tool right at his, well, fingertips. Nixon has everything he will need to look and feel confident in the classroom.

Ripley Watch
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Daily-mom-parent-portal-Must-Have Essentials That'll Make Going To Work Or School A Breeze

While we’re super excited about the kids heading back to school again, know what we’re not so excited about? Germs! Head off those sniffles, sore throats, and snotty noses at the pass with HomeSoap by PhoneSoap.

This high-tech UV sanitation device will be your new best friend this fall. Just plug your HomeSoap in, toss in yours and the kids’ devices (or other objects), run a sanitization cycle, and POOF – germs disappear! (Really!)

The extra-large capacity is a lifesaver – it fits laptops, charging cords, tablets, and phones, and even has two built-in USB ports to charge your device while the cycle is running. But it doesn’t stop there. Add other common household items into HomeSoap as well, such as keys, masks, remotes, or even shoes!

With HomeSoap on the defense, you’ll keep germs at bay and your household healthier heading back to school and going to work. Thanks, PhoneSoap!

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Daily Mom Parent Portal Speks 15

Fidget toys aren’t just for kids anymore; whether you are heading back to work after living through the pandemic, or continuing to work from your home office Speks are the magnetic fidget toys for adults you need! Whether you simply need something on your desk to break up the monotony of your day or concentrate better as you stimulate your brain, Speks magnetic toys are perfect for adding to your desk as we head back into the office, post-COVID. All the rage for both kids and adults these days, fidget toys for adults like Speks offer the ultimate hands-on experience. From relieving stress to alleviating symptoms of anxiety, Speks magnetic toys help you focus, concentrate, and center yourself at any time during your day.

Speks are tiny magnetic balls crafted from rare earth magnets that are perfect for keeping busy hands engaged. Smash them, mash them, flatten or design them, Speks are satisfying to touch and perfect for pleasing busy hands and minds. When paired with the Metal Show Off Stand your designs can be the highlight of your desk. Design, smash, mash, repeat!

Alternatively, Fleks are another great fidget toy option for adults. Bend, shape, and design, Fleks are silicone-covered, super bendy magnetic shapes that can be twisted, tilted, turned, and tweaked to design a variety of shapes and “sculptures” that can adorn your desk or workspace for hours of freeform fidget fun!

Love building with blocks? How about Unblocks? These magnetic blocks are perfect for downtime and play throughout the day. Stack them, snap them, twist them, turn them, Unblocks feature a variety of Tetris reminiscent shapes that allow you to build and design whatever your imagination desires.

Finally, for a simple stress relieving solution pick up Blots, the silicone stress relief ball. Soft to the touch, this incredibly calming stress ball is available in three ergonomic shapes that fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Move it and groove it, squeeze it and smush it, Blots provides squeezable, stretchable, bendable stress relief in an ultra-soft silicone you will love to touch. Easy to stick in your pocket and go, for those who fidget all throughout the day, Blots is the perfect fidget toy to satisfy your every sensory desire!

Speks | Metal Show Off Stand | Fleks | Unblocks | Blots
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inPowered Lights

Daily Mom Parent Portal 1thrive 7

Bring calm and serenity to your home office or workspace this season with the Blue Coral Lamp from inPowered Lights. This decorative lamp is here to not only provide you with optimal lighting for work, reading, and more, but this beautifully crafted lamp also provides additional ambiance to your space. inPowered’s Blue Coral Lamp features an LED rechargeable bulb, a USB port that charges mobile devices with or without electricity, and 16-24 hours of backup lighting when the power goes out.

inPowered’s Blue Coral Lamp fits seamlessly into any home or office decor, making it the perfect lamp for your desk or side table. Turn off those overhead fluorescents that cause eye strain leading to headaches and tiredness, and open up the world of possibilities with lighting from inPowered Lights.

Blue Coral Lamp
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It stinks when your phone dies in the middle of the day or your laptop dies while away from home. We use our phones for so much nowadays; school, notes, schedules, apps, and so much more. Rather than go hunting for an outlet, Raptic Portable Power Bank-Titan Air can charge your phone four times over and power up your laptop one time. The powerhouse of all portable chargers is here ready to charge up your phone, laptop, or tablet, anywhere, anyplace.

Titan Air is eco-friendly and silent when running as well as being safe to store in your bag. With an AC outlet, one USB-C port, and two USB-A  ports, you can charge multiple devices at a time. The Portable Power Bank-Titan Air holds up to 91 watt-hours of capacity which means you do not need to worry about your phone dying throughout the day – a commuter’s and student’s dream!

Portable Power Bank-Titan Air
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Malicious Women Candle Co.

Daily-mom-parent-portal-Must-Have Essentials That'll Make Going To Work Or School A Breeze

After a long day on the job, why not come home and light a candle that not only smells divine but will make you giggle. Malicious Women Candle Co. is a woman-owned company that produces candles, cosmetics, apparel, jewelry, and so many other amazing products. The Malicious Women Candle Co. candles feature heavenly scents and each candle has a sassy saying on the label. Candles this amazing make great gifts for coworkers and friends, as everyone is going back to work.

Mom candles are also showcased frequently in the Malicious Women Candle Co. candle inventory. Gift Mom the “Every Great Mom Says The “F” Word” Candle Infused with “Nouns, Verbs & Adjectives” and watch her reaction. This candle has the yummy scent of Espresso Yo Self. After all, moms run on coffee. Let Malicious Women Candle Co. bring joy to your day, week, month, and year by enjoying their delicious scents and humorous candles.

Daily-mom-parent-portal-Must-Have Essentials That'll Make Going To Work Or School A Breeze

Do you have a special healthcare worker in your life? Malicious Women Candle Co. offers the “Because Patients…” Candle Infused with “Happy Hour In Scrubs”. The “Because Patients…” Candle has a Lemon Drop Martini scent. Yes, please! Another great candle option for that nurse with a great sense of humor is the “I’m Here To Save Your Ass Not Kiss It” Candle Infused with “Nurse Life”. This candle features the popular scent of Clean Linen. The Malicious Women Candle Co. candles make a great thank you gift to our healthcare workers.

Daily-mom-parent-portal-Must-Have Essentials That'll Make Going To Work Or School A Breeze

The great thing about the Malicious Women Candle Co. is how big an array of candles they have to choose from when shopping. With such a large selection of scents and sassy labels, it’s easy to find the perfect gifts for friends, family, or yourself. The “Mermaids Don’t Have A Thigh Gap” Candle Infused with “A Nice tail” featuring a scent of Grapefruit & Mint is a terrific option for those that are not quite ready to kiss the summer goodbye when heading back to work.

Because Patients… Infused With “Happy Hour In Scrubs” Scent: Lemon Drop Martini | I’m Here To Save Your Ass, Not Kiss It! – Infused With “Nurse Life ” Scent: Clean Linen | Mermaids Don’t Have A Thigh Gap – Infused With “A Nice Tail” Scent: Grapefruit & Mint | Every Great Mom Says The “F” Word – Infused With “Nouns, Verbs & Adjectives” Scent: Espresso Yo Self
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Head back to work in style with Delsey Paris. Keeping your gear safe while looking sleek and stylish is easier than ever before and we are loving the Montrouge for exactly this.

Use it with or without the shoulder strap to carry as you wish, because Delsey wants to make your life easier while looking amazing doing so. This lightweight bag is stylish and elegant without sacrificing the practicality of an everyday laptop case. The gold accents against this royal blue make a statement and really stand out against the crowd of the typical black business bag. Montrouge boasts a wide mouth opening so that you can easily to your belongings. Keep your laptop safe along with your tablet inside the velcro pocket. There is even a zipper pocket for your accessories. Two padded exterior pockets offer even more room for your things, keeping your bag organized and you ready for whatever the day brings to you.

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DW Home Candles

Daily Mom Parent Portal Btw Dw Home Candles 2

Want to inspire productivity and learning this year? Start the year off right with fresh candle scents from DW Home. Whether you’re looking for that familiar scent of freshly-ground brewed coffee beans to get your day started if you Work From Home, the delightful happy smells of sugared grapefruit and sweet orange found in during a Happy Day, or citrus spun with nectarine, peach and apricot that says Good Morning in the most polite way, or you want to settle down for the evening with the smell of pressed vinyl and warm woods filling the air like an old Record Store, DW Home has a candle for you. These large candles have an average burn time of 56 hours which is perfect for going to work or trying to unwind after a long day.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Btw Dw Home Candles

Work From Home | Happy Day | Black Panther Mini Supply Kit | Record Store
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Packed Party

going to work

Packed Party gives back to work a jolt of fun, style, and pizzaz. No more boring laptop cases, instead, choose the confetti-filled Feeling Fresh Laptop Case to protect your device. The Feeling Fresh Laptop Case by Packed Party has a gorgeous gold zipper and has pink, gold, red, blue lilac, and gold glitter confetti filling on the front. This soft and padded laptop case is the perfect back-to-work accessory and is sized to fit a laptop or a tablet. If tech is not your game, use this Feeling Fresh Laptop Case to carry work accessories like phones, notebooks, and pens to meetings. Keeping your life (and supplies) together can be fun and vivacious with Packed Party. Besides, why should kids have all the unique and cool products?

going to work

No need to dread going back to work, simply get fresh and fly with Packed Party. The Take It Easy Stainless-Steel Sipper is the perfect tumbler choice for your workday. Featuring a trendy gold-colored stainless-steel straw, an eye-catching colorful design, and the perfect message to “Take it Easy”, this reusable cup will be your favorite, and going back to work won’t seem so hard. Heading back to work will never be the same with all the exciting, one-of-a-kind products offered by Packed Party.

Feeling Fresh Laptop Case | Take It Easy Stainless Steel Sipper
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Keep yourself (and your family) organized and on track this year with a stylish and sleek glass dry erase board from Quartet. Designed with a sophisticated frameless appearance, this board appears to float on the wall giving it a timeless style that fits into any decor. Whether you are seeking a glass board to keep your office on track, or coral your family members, the frameless design looks great in either your home or office.

Quartet’s Brillance Glass Dry Erase Board is crafted of multifunctional steel-backed glass making it magnetic as well. From meetings and presentations to hanging documents or artwork, this board can do it all. The glass dry erase board is stain-resistant and easy to clean giving you a fresh surface to write on every time. Make sure you include a pack of glass board dry erase markers for optimal performance, and Quartet’s high-powered glass board magnets so none of your notes or documents are lost. Perfect for brainstorming, meetings, task tracking, and scheduling, Quartet will take your productivity to the next level this year with its high-performance products and accessories as we head back to work and school.

Brillance Glass Dry Erase Board | Glass Board Magnets | EnduraGlide Dry Erase Markers
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Staying hydrated when going back to work can be a pain. We’re all so busy, from work to taking care of the kids, that the last thing on our minds is grabbing a sip of water. Hydrojug makes it easier than ever to ensure that your hydration is on its A-game. The Hydrojug Classic holds half a gallon of water, so you’ll have water with you wherever you go, without the hassle of trying to refill it. With the shaker bottle design and the fact that it’s dishwasher safe, the Hydrojug is so easy to clean! If you’re worried about half a gallon of water is too much to carry, you can kiss that worry goodbye with the Classic Carrier! This carrier makes it easy to take your Hydrojug anywhere and everywhere! No more worrying about trying to fit one more thing into your purse or diaper bag. Don’t forget to add the Hydrostraw for even easier drinking!

Hydrojug Classic | Classic Carrier | Hydrostraw
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Iris USA

Daily-mom-parent-portal-Must-Have Essentials That'll Make Going To Work Or School A Breeze

We don’t know about you, but when we think about going to work, it often includes working up a sweat. Sweat no more this year with the addition of the WOOZOO HE15 Oscillating Fan from Iris USA. This personal circulating fan is perfect for the office, home, or dorm room, as it offers powerful cooling air in a compact tabletop design to save precious space. Pivoting vertically from 22.5 to 90 degrees, with three speeds settings, we appreciate that this fan can cool down a room without lots of noise. Furthermore, the 55″ cord makes it easy to reach any outlet.

WOOZOO HE15 Oscillating Fan
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The kids aren’t the only ones who need headphones, since the days of zoom meetings and screentime are still at an all-time high, parents heading back to work need versatile, durable headphones for the office as well. While Skullcandy is known for its premium quality sound and acoustics, its on-ear wireless headphones are perfect for all environments, from business travel to everyday transit time to all-day online meetings, Skullcandy’s Crusher ANC® Personalized, Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones will keep you on the go and in the know, interruption-free!

4390 9743

The Crusher ANC® Personalized, Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones are wireless on-ear headphones, Bluetooth compatible, and hold up to 24 hours of use on one charge, plus feature Rapid Charge for fast and efficient charging on the go. Additionally, these fully equipped headphones feature built-in tile technology so they are never lost, with the touch of a button you can join the world around you without removing your headphones, and personalized adjustable sensory bass technology where you can set up a sound profile specific to your auditory needs! You will not only hear your music and bass; you will feel it. Lightweight and cushioned with memory foam ear cushions that mold to your ears, Skullcandy’s Crusher ANC® Personalized, Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones are the one and only pair of headphones you need no matter where you are headed this season!

Crusher ANC® Personalized, Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones
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Tao Clean

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Back to school and work is always the best time to start a new routine as you will be focused on looking and feeling your best all day! Tao Clean is here with their self-care products that will take your morning routine from ordinary to extraordinary this new school year. From electric toothbrushes to facial brushes, Tao Clean will let you put your best face forward no matter where you are headed this upcoming season.

Perfect for older children, tweens, teens, and adults, the UMMA Diamond Sonic Toothbrush is the ultimate in oral care this year! Equipped with a patented Germ Shield UV-C Light in the docking station that kills 99.9% of germs on your toothbrush after each use, you will experience the clean of a new toothbrush every time! Comfortable to use and hold, this electric brush motor has the cleaning capability of 40,000 brush strokes per minute and has variable speeds for personal preference and gum sensitivity. Then, after each use simply place the brush back in the Germ Shield Base Station that dries, cleans, and charges the brush between uses. As an added bonus the trendy toothbrush and base fits attractively into your bathroom decor making it a great choice for everyone!

UMMA Diamond Sonic Toothbrush
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Finding the best supplies for going to work after a year away from the office is incredibly exciting for all of us, especially when the kids are also going back to school. So, treat yourself to all the things you’ve been wanting, but couldn’t rationalize for whatever reason. You deserve to feel great while being productive!

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