fully: The Best Home Office Furniture for Families

Designing your household workspace has never been easier than with home office furniture from fully. For many, both working from home and homeschooling children simultaneously has become our new normal. The foreseeable future holds many changes, but for so many families the reality of days spent side by side engaged in everything from work to play is here to stay (at least for the upcoming school year). Both a throwback to simpler times where parents and extended family were responsible for the care and education of their children and a whole new world where education and professional work are all being conducted remotely through technology, navigating this new normal is an experience for us all. That said, just like everything else in life, with a bit of research, preparation, and organization, both homeschooling and working from home are not only possible but even enjoyable (and beneficial) for the whole family.

The Benefits of Working from Home

Working from home can actually be beneficial, studies have shown. Living amidst a pandemic has allowed for this lifestyle shift amongst many, both in the United States and around the world. Working from home frequently increases workers’ productivity while reducing burdens such as their commute time, childcare concerns, and managing relationships with coworkers. Remote workers also report fewer sick days and oftentimes lead a healthier lifestyle with the ability to spend their breaks or typical commute time outdoors or exercising.

Fully: The Best Home Office Furniture For  Families
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While working from home may take people out of the office and their typical everyday relationships, it also has created more time spent among immediate family, especially families with young children, which is not only beneficial but crucial to children’s overall development and well-being. The shift from working in an office to working at home definitely takes some planning, strategizing, and trial and error, but when managed effectively may actually be more profitable for employers while also allowing overworked individuals to accomplish their goals both professionally and personally. From alternate work hours to creative home office solutions, employees, business owners, and their children can all perfect a more ideal work/life balance together now and into the future.

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The Benefits of Homeschooling to Children and Families

Fully: The Best Home Office Furniture For  Families

While this year may not be the traditional homeschool environment most of us envision when we think of homeschooling, there will still be benefits to this mode of learning that may outweigh the traditional brick and mortar classroom. With technology where it is today, homeschooling has taken on a whole new meaning in this day and age. The ability to choose from a wide variety of curriculums, online instruction, apps, and full-fledged virtual classrooms gives parents and their children the benefit of creating a truly individualized experience best suited to each child’s needs. Further, families can spend additional quality time together exploring their local outdoor parks and recreation facilities as well as learning important life skills within the household itself.

The benefits of homeschooling (traditional or virtual education) include:

  • Academic flexibility
  • Selecting the hours that work best for your family
  • Working at each child’s own pace
  • Efficient and meaningful learning
  • Practicing practical life skills
  • Learning through play
  • Including your child in their curriculum planning
  • Devoting time to developing individual interests
  • Strong parental engagement and understanding of the child’s academic needs
  • Personalized instruction and one-on-one time
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Healthy Home Office Furniture from fully

In order to truly benefit from working and schooling at home one of the most important factors is designing your home office or workspace. Creating a place where you can separate yourself from the mundane household tasks that will be waiting whether working inside or outside the home, increases productivity and focus by allowing you to get into the proper mindset and act accordingly. While many of us may not have space for a fully functioning home office, with fully creating the office space of your dreams can become a reality. From the corner of your living room to the spare wall in your bedroom, there is a fully standing desk and home office furniture that will not only transform your space but provide what you need where you need it most allowing you to work from home in a healthy and sustainable way.

Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

Fully: The Best Home Office Furniture For  Families

An adjustable frame desk is more than just an investment in home office furniture, it is an investment in your physical and mental health too. Considered the “best standing desk on the market” the Jarvis Standing Desk frame from fully is an adjustable height desk frame with a lifting capacity of 350 pounds and the ability to literally move from its lowest height setting where you can sit on a floor pillow to an incredible 50″ top height, perfect for pairing with a balance board, standing desk chair, wobble stool, or your feet. With a heavy-duty frame that includes strengthening gussets and a foot-to-leg connection for side-to-side and front-to-back stability, the Jarvis Standing Desk frame is safe and secure for use by both parents and children in a home office. Its solid construction, varying height adjustments, and custom desktop size selections make it ideal home office furniture for spaces both large and small.

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Parents and children will both be able to benefit immensely from the use of a standing desk while working or learning from home. With enough space for both a computer (or two) and a written workload, the Jarvis Standing Desk from fully offers the best of all worlds. Sit, stand, type, write, with the Jarvis you can do it all!

Fully: The Best Home Office Furniture For  Families

Standing desks or adjustable desk frames have become increasingly popular in recent years. With more and more people working professional or office jobs, standing desks have allowed those individuals to both work and move which is not only better for their physical health, but also for their mental health and well-being. Many modern offices even incorporate standing desks or adjustable height desk adapters for all of their employees, whereas classrooms have moved to a more interactive learning experience where children can move about the room to varying stations. The general consensus being that movement is integral to our overall well-being and productivity.

Fully: The Best Home Office Furniture For  Families

We all know that sitting too much is bad for our overall health; common complaints include back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and weight gain, along with decreased productivity and general malaise. The benefits of a standing desk, at home, in the office, or in the classroom include:

  • Lower Weight Gain and Obesity
  • Lower Blood Sugar
  • Increased Circulation
  • Reduce Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain
  • Improves Mood and Energy Levels
  • Increased Productivity

Further, an adjustable height or standing desk provides such a wide variety of positions, that one can adjust as necessary throughout the work or school day to accommodate their own comfort. The Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk from fully allows multiple users (or even a single user) to set their preferred desk heights so adjustment throughout the day is available at the touch of a button.

Fully: The Best Home Office Furniture For  Families

The Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk is not only good for you and your children’s health, but it is an environmentally friendly and sustainable desk as well. The bamboo desktop is not only a gorgeous and smooth to touch wood grain surface but comes from sustainably grown bamboo forests where it is raised without pesticides or fertilizers.

HAG Capisco Chair

Fully: The Best Home Office Furniture For  Families

Perfect for pairing with the Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk from Fully is the HAG Capisco Chair. This all-day chair is extremely versatile with a variety of heights, seat adjustments, and positioning available. Whether you prefer a fully seated position, like to perch, or even sit backward (because you’re 10 and it’s cool), the HAG Capisco Chair is a must when it comes to your home office furniture collection. This ergonomic desk chair offers a variety of healthy and active sitting postures.

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The Capisco Chair incorporates a human-centered design and allows for continuous movement. The shape of the seat opens the hips for a more active posture, while the back provides plenty of supportive comfort. The Hag Capisco Chair is available in a wide variety of materials and colors for pairing with your home office furniture, and also offers a pneumatic lift for varying desk heights. Whether your child is completing their BrainPop assignment, you’ve signed on to your Zoom meeting for the day, or your husband has decided to record an evening podcast, there is a healthy and active seating position available for every family member with the Capisco Chair from HAG as part of your home office furniture.


No home office is complete without the home office furniture accessories necessary to meet your needs and make it fully functioning for you. This upcoming school year there is also a need to make this space not only work for your business, but also for your homeschool “classroom”. Keeping your workspace organized, uncluttered, and clean is the best way to make this space work for everyone in the family; professionally and educationally. There will be a learning curve for parents and children trying to work side by side, but with a bit of planning, a designed place for everything, and a schedule (albeit flexible is probably best), once your home office area is set up and running the experience will be easier than expected!

Fully: The Best Home Office Furniture For  Families

When it comes to storage, and a true multi-tasking accessory, the Sidekick Filing Cabinet from fully is a great selection for adding to your home office furniture. This filing cabinet can fit next to or under your desk, can be used with or without the added casters for mobility, and can even be utilized as a secondary seat for your Jarvis. The Sidekick provides three locking drawers and is available in a variety of colors to match your standing desk frame. Perfect for placing your printer or computer tower, the top can also be converted to a seat with the addition of an optional cushion. From important household documents to the homeschool curriculums or lesson plans you’ll be using for the year, the Sidekick provides you with storage space for your documents and belongings so the top of your Jarvis can remain neat and clutter-free.

Monitor Arms
Fully: The Best Home Office Furniture For  Families

Keep your overall desk space clutter-free by mounting your computer monitors, whether you use one, two, three, or even four with the Fully Pole-Mounted Monitor Arm. With a single mount, you can take your work style to the extreme with as many computer monitors, or monitor/laptop combos as you require. For those dealing with everything from a wide variety of legal documents and case law to graphic designers wanting to view several concepts at once, the ability to move your monitors off of your desktop provides several benefits:

  • Pole Mount easily moves the monitors to eye level
  • Frees your surface area
  • Promotes back, neck, and shoulder health bringing your body into better alignment
  • Prevents eye strain
  • Allows 360° rotation for use in portrait or landscape mode

Easy to install on your Jarvis Standing Desk, the Pole-Mounted Monitor Arm is crafted of high-quality powder-coated steel, supports monitors up to 17.6 pounds, provides both 180° swivel and 360° rotation, and provides built-in cable management for simplicity and organization. The available clamp or grommet mounts make installation easy and hassle-free on your home office furniture.

Wire and Cable Management

As both parents and professionals, we know that when it comes to computer installation and home office furniture there are so many cords! Keeping your home office neat is a futile effort without a cable management system and fully is well aware of this fact. So many of us set up our home office furniture with a final look in mind, only to be disappointed when the cords, cords, and more cords clutter up our space. This season with parents and children trying to acclimate to working together, the last thing families needs is the stress of figuring out which cord goes where. With a fully Wire and Cable Management system, customizable to your needs, along with additional attachable power strips, USB ports, and more, your Jarvis Standing Desk and home office furniture can be as perfectly functioning as you need.

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Two of our favorite wire management devices from fully include the Wire Management Kit and the Clamp Mounted Surge Protector. The Wire Management Kit includes a surge protector, WireTamer cable trays for elevating and containing cords underneath your desk, and a variety of other cable mounts and ties to keep your cords up, organized, and out of your way. The addition of the surge protector allows you to plug your monitors, computer, desk lamps, and any other necessities. Similarly, the Clamp Mounted Surge Protector could be used for this but is especially useful for quick plug-ins such as laptops, cell phones, microphones, chargers, and more. All of fully’s wire management devices ensure a clean look, optimal performance, and plenty of plugs for your home office needs.

Fully: The Best Home Office Furniture For  Families

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Adjusting to the new normal we all find ourselves living in may take us out of our comfort zones and create anxiety and uncertainty about the future in children and parents alike, but it may also provide opportunities for change, growth, and development for individuals and society as a whole. As human beings, it is natural that we fear the unknown however so frequently change is the catalyst for the innovation and advancement integral to our very survival! While children may not spend as much time with friends, siblings may become closer, while parents may not be able to maintain the billable hour, they may become more productive, create with their time management, and implement a healthier work/life balance. None of us know what the future may bring, but for now, creating a sanctuary within our homes, a space and place for every person, place, thing, and activity will help us adapt, adjust, and grow individually and as a family.

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Fully: The Best Home Office Furniture For  Families



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