Delta Children Furniture for Toddlers that Promote Independence

From the moment our little one is born, we are helping them discover the world. While it may feel like we should do everything for them, part of the job of being a parent is to teach our children to be self-sufficient. What there was everyday furniture for toddlers that can help them become more independent? Well, with the help of Delta Children, there is! 

Delta Children Furniture For Toddlers That Promote Independence

As parents, we always want what’s best for our children. We constantly have the urge to help them figure things out, but oftentimes we end up taking over the task ourselves. That can be extremely frustrating for you and your toddler. With a million tasks we have throughout the day, taking on every task for your child is simply overwhelming.

Giving up control and letting your toddler figure things out himself is a huge part of their development. 

According to Smart Kids School, giving your child independence “enables children to gain first-hand knowledge. When children gain the chance to do things on their own, they are most likely to learn things efficiently. It is because they got to learn through trial and error. It teaches children self-discipline.”

Furniture for Toddlers that Promote Independence 

Modern furniture for toddlers is not only a fun way to decorate and store things, but there are a number of ways to use it to teach self-sufficiency. There are two absolute must-haves when you’re looking for furniture for toddlers, and those are the Delta Children’s Gateway Ladder Shelf and the MySize 3-in-1 Convertible Sink!

The Best Bookshelf for Every Room

Delta Children Furniture For Toddlers That Promote Independence

Delta Children’s Gateway Ladder Shelf is one of the best pieces of furniture for toddlers on the market. This bookshelf was designed to go with nearly any decor! So whether you plan on placing it in your little one’s bedroom or putting it in the dining room, you won’t have to worry about it looking out of place. 

While your toddler may not be able to reach the top shelf, the Gateway Ladder Shelf has a storage shelf on the very bottom, giving your little one the ability to place things out of site with ease. The entire bookshelf is extremely simple to put together and the ladder design eliminates the bulky look that bookshelves often give to a room.

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Ways to use the Gateway Ladder Shelf for your Toddler

Using furniture for toddlers as a learning tool is so exciting. The Gateway Ladder Shelf can be used to teach your toddler to be self-sufficient in ways that you can’t even imagine. 

Place it in the Bedroom for Organization

We all know that toddlers are extremely messy! We’re often running around their room picking up stuffed animals, throwing laundry in a bin, and cleaning up an immense amount of toys. Delegating certain tasks, like cleaning up, is a great way to give your child a sense of independence. It will also be a huge relief when you’re not constantly picking up after your little one. 

When you first place the bookshelf in their room, talk with them about how we respect our belongings and must take care of them. Using the Gateway Ladder Shelf, you can delegate certain toys or books to specific spots. Make sure not to crowd the bookshelf, as it can be distracting to your child (and take away from the gorgeous and simple design)! 

While you’re using furniture for toddlers to help them become more independent, make sure to work with them at first. Create “clean up” songs and make it fun for them. When they are familiar with the routine, take a step back, and encourage them to do it on their own.

Use it in the Dining Room

This may sound silly, but your toddler should absolutely be helping you out in the kitchen! This may sound overwhelming at first, but your toddler will eventually have to make their own food. Not only is this a life skill they must know, but having them help prepare meals or set the table will help them gain a sense of confidence encouraging them to be more independent. 

Wellan Montessori School tells us that, “when young children make concrete, tangible contributions to their environments, they further develop their independence and self-esteem and strengthen their sense of belonging.”

When it comes to furniture for toddlers, consider placing the Gateway Ladder Shelf in your dining room.

The bottom shelf has a deep enough storage space where you can place plates, bowls, and glassware for your toddler to have easy access to. Don’t worry about them having to reach high and risk breaking a plate! You can utilize the upper shelves for less fragile items like placemats, forks, spoons, and even a pitcher of water. 

The Gateway Ladder Shelf is extremely easy to clean, so if your toddler does make a little spill while setting the table, you don’t have to worry about having to clean a huge mess.

Overall, when it comes to furniture for toddlers that helps promote independence, the Gateway Ladder Shelf is top of the list. With its high quality and diverse usage, it’s a no brainer to have in any room.

Your Toddler’s First Sink

Teaching your toddler to be independent is not only important for their development, but it is also extremely important for their health. We all know that the best and easiest way to stop the spread of germs is by washing your hands. But when you’re in the midst of cooking or have a million tasks at hand, it can be extremely overwhelming to stop what you’re doing to help your child wash their hands. We have all had difficulty searching for useful furniture for toddlers that goes beyond a step stool for personal hygiene.

Delta Children has created a solution to our problem with their MySize 3-in-1 Convertible Sink! Think of this sink as a training toilet, but instead of being used for potty training it’s used to teach your toddler about taking care of their health! 

The MySize 3-in-1 Convertible Sink is not only extremely easy to put together, but it’s also portable! With absolutely no plumbing needed, you can take this sink anywhere and everywhere you go. The water is stored in a simple tank that is hidden inside the back of the leg. You also use this tank to fill the top of the basin, ensuring you don’t end up with too much or too little water! Once the water has been used and drained, simply detach the tank from the hose and empty it into your sink or tub. 

When you’re teaching your little one about personal hygiene, set the MySize 3-in-1 Convertible Sink next to the big sink so your toddler feels like they have something special to themselves. There is even a spot on the sink for their own bar of soap! This sink has an easy to use push-style faucet that will teach your toddler how to use a sink without wasting so much water. From handwashing and teeth brushing, educating your child on personal hygiene will help give them a sense of responsibility and self-awareness. 

Furniture that grows with your Toddler

Furniture for toddlers is even better when it grows with your little one. After your child has mastered personal hygiene and can now use the real sink, you can take your MySize 3-in-1 Convertible Sink apart! This sink converts into a step stool for your child to reach the large sink in the bathroom and you can use the sink part as a bath play toy.

Delta Children Furniture For Toddlers That Promote Independence
When looking for furniture for toddlers, make sure it is something that can grow with your child!

Kids absolutely love playing with running water at bathtime. But not only does keeping the faucet running waste a ton of water, but it can also be unsafe as bathwater for kids should not reach above a certain level. The MySize 3-in-1 Convertible Sink attaches onto the side of your bath and you can limit the water your child uses with the tank provided. Your little one is going to have so much fun enhancing their fine motor skills while being able to use the water faucet by themselves.

Gateway Ladder Shelf | MySize 3-in-1 Convertible Sink, Step Stool and Bath Toy for Kids
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Delta Children has truly brought us two high-quality additions to our homes. Giving your children a sense of self-awareness and teaching them to be self-sufficient is so much easier when you provide them with physical furniture that keeps encouraging them. Make sure when you’re looking for furniture for toddlers that you evaluate the endless possibilities for which you can use it making it a worthwhile investment.


If you’re still searching for ways to promote self-sufficiency within your toddler, make sure to check out these Age Appropriate Chores for Toddlers.

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Delta Children Furniture For Toddlers That Promote Independence

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Sources: Smart Kids School | Wellan Montessori School



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