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 Are you looking for the perfect addition to your nursery, or child’s room, but aren’t digging the look of a decal monogram initial for a wall? Or perhaps you are renting, and looking for the ideal decor item that can be easily moved from one place to the next. Look no further than this easy DIY craft with super unique and customizable results.

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How To:

Before you just go to town wrapping, save yourself some time and energy and take a second to map out your letter. If your letter has big curves (such as a “J” or an “O”) you will want to use some hot glue on the curved part in a grid pattern so the yarn will have something to grip to. Let it cool, and then you’re set to start wrapping.

To cover any edges that a horizontal or vertical pattern wrapping wouldn’t do, use the following technique:

  • Cut many small strips of yarn about 1″ long
  • Use double sided tape, or hot glue to adhere the small sections of yarn next to each other, on all the ends
  • Wrap your yarn in the opposite direction to cover up all the loose ends, and use the top as your starting-off point.

At this point, all that’s left is to just keep wrapping.

This craft requires lots of patience, and a decent amount of time to perfect. Feel free to be creative, and use other colors as accents, or patterns. Using a yarn that changes colors would also be a cool effect, as would adding in a stripe, or glueing on a pretty fabric flower embellishment. The sky is the limit with this craft, and you can really have the freedom to customize it to fit your ideal nursery or any bedroom.

Have fun letting your creative juices flow!

If you’re not a DIY person, but are still looking for great ways to customize your nursery, check out this post on Personalizing Your Nursery While Renting.

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