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Many women today have their esthetician on speed dial. It’s a busy world, and having perfectly manicured brows makes the right kind of statement for any woman. However, some people have extremely sensitive skin, so waxing their eyebrows (and other facial hair areas) may be off limits. There is a way to have shaped brows, without putting hot wax on your face and removing a layer of skin.


Threading uses cotton thread, that is doubled up, and then twisted. The thread is rolled across the area of unwanted hair, and plucks it out. Some may be hesitant to try this, because it sounds much more painful, but unlike plucking individual hairs, the thread allows the person to remove the hair in bigger patches.

Threading has been popular in Middle Eastern and Indian cultures for centuries to remove unwanted hair.

Threading Pros:

  • No harsh chemicals on your face. All that is used is cotton thread. Sometimes, witch hazel is put on afterward to make the redness go away, but you can decline that.
  • More natural look, compared to waxing.
  • The hair root actually is removed. Sometimes with waxing, the hair gets ripped off, but not from the root- especially if the wax isn’t hot enough.
  • It is generally cheaper than waxing.

Threading Cons:

  • Threading locations may be more difficult to find, and sometimes, are located in kiosks at malls. (Checking and using keyword “threading” may help you find more places.)
  • The threading process differs, depending on who you go to. Some threaders are very quick, while some take longer. It depends on how practiced they are.

So do a quick search to see if there is a threading location in your city, and give it a try!

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  1. i have really lush eyebrows, downside? they grow unruly SO FAST. i used to pluck daily, but it was annoying, painful and i felt like i was tugging too hard on my skin and getting ingrown hairs too frequently. i tried waxing but that literally pulled off my skin, also i’m not too keen about sharing a wax bin with other customers…
    finally, i found threading and it is an absolute miracle for my brows. this awesome lady nearby is an artist and for $7, whips my peter gallagher brows into brooke shields greatness (totally dated myself there). but for me, threading is legit the cure for bad brows and sensitive skin. total win.

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