Effective Foods For Relieving Constipation

Effective Foods For Relieving Constipation 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

When dealing with constipation there are a few dietary choices that can ease our suffering and get us back on track. Try these simple food fixes when dealing with this uncomfortable situation before taking a trip to the pharmacy to grab an over-the-counter medication. 

Foods that help

Foods high in fiber are the most popular option when we need to relieve constipation. However, not all fiber is the same and not all fruit and vegetables do an effective job. Here are a few of your best choices when raiding the fridge looking for relief.

  • Carrots, broccoli, and spinach are high in cellulose, and insoluble fiber.
  • Fruit like plums and pears are high in pectin, which is another source of fiber in addition to the fiber found in the skin of the fruit.
  • Dried fruits such as prunes are a popular choice. They work so well because the sugars and fibers are more concentrated and you are likely to eat more of the dried fruit when compared to fresh.
  • Air-popped popcorn is very high in fiber, not to mention a very healthy snack. 

Keeping hydrated is crucial to digestive health. Water is key to curing constipation because it helps to flush the system. Making sure your child is properly hydrated can be hard. Additionally, it is important to know that a diet high in fiber can actually be constipating if the fiber is not accompanied by sufficient water.

For tips on getting your kids to drink more water, check out Tricks to Keep Your Kids Hydrated. Also, try a natural replacement for pedialyte with one of these great recipes.

Yogurt and other sources of probiotics are vital to maintaining a healthy digestive system. Consider incorporating fermented foods, yogurt, or a probiotic supplement into your every day routine. If your child is frequently suffering from digestive issues, or you want to take preventative action, read about 3 Benefits of Probiotics For Your Baby.

Foods that can cause constipation

Any of the foods in the BRAT diet can cause constipation, particularly when eaten in large quantities. These are the best foods to give anyone who is dealing with diarrhea, so it is especially important to avoid them when constipated.

  • Banana
  • Rice
  • Apple(sauce)
  • Toast

Dairy products can be very binding in some digestive systems. The effects of dairy products, such as milk, ice cream, and cheese, vary from person to person. If you are suffering from frequent constipation keep a food diary and look out for any correlation.

Caffeine can be extremely dehydrating and dehydration easily leads to constipation. Be cautious when consuming caffeine if constipation is something that you often struggle with.

Heavily processed foods can cause digestion issues. Foods such as white bread, cookies, and fast food are usually high in fat and low in dietary fiber.

A healthy immune system starts in the gut, so make sure everything is functioning properly with these simple tips!

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