Pregnancy Problems 101: What to do When it’s ​too Hot to Sleep

Pregnancy and sleep seem to be contradictory terms; one is always limiting the other. Throw in this being your second, third (or more) pregnancy, and you can go ahead and kiss sleep goodbye! One of the biggest reasons you cannot rest during pregnancy is because it is too hot to sleep leaving you to never feeling quite comfortable enough and always longing for that cool night’s slumber.

Too Hot To Sleep

Why is Pregnancy so Hot, Hot, Hot?

The obvious answer to why you are so hot when pregnant is that you are growing another human and that is a lot of work, but what about the actual science behind it? Simply walking around with all the extra weight of pregnancy requires more energy making us hotter than usual.

One of the biggest factors is due to increased blood volume; your blood volume increases by as much as 50% during pregnancy. To combat this extra blood flow, your blood vessels slightly dilate, causing your blood to come to the surface. All of this makes you feel hot.

The third trimester seems to be when your temperature (and sleeplessness) rise. This is due to an increase in your metabolic rate, or the number of calories your body needs to stay up and running during rest. Your body is working extra hard to fuel both you and your growing baby (that is now almost ready to make his/her appearance into the world), thus leaving you feeling overheated.

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Optimal Sleeping Temps

Research shows that cooler temperatures help to lull us into a successful slumber. It is widely suggested that your thermostat should be set between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal sleep. Keeping your body within an optimal temperature range will help not only to stimulate sleep but also to keep you rested.

How does Pregnancy Make it Too Hot to Sleep?

Pregnancy Problems 101: Solving When It’s ​Too Hot To Sleep

When a pregnant mama is done, she is done. Sometimes bedtime cannot come soon enough- sore and swollen ankles, increased pressure, and just overall exhaustion leave mamas craving sleep. All too often, sleep evades those needing it the most. Mamas toss and turn all night long simply because they aren’t comfortable or are too hot to sleep. While you may feel like you are at your breaking point, fear not, because temperature regulating sheets from My Sheets Rock may be the answer to your prayers.

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Pregnancy vs. Sleep

Pregnant mamas are feeling the heat all day long and by creating a cool space at night moms can help to combat the heat that is constantly plaguing them during pregnancy. The Regulator Sheet Set from My Sheets Rock actually help to naturally lower body temperature for a restful night. They are made with 100% bamboo rayon to promote cooler temperatures. In fact, they are 3-4 degrees cooler and offer 50% less humidity than traditional sheets.

The fabric was developed to transfer body heat two times more effectively than cotton sheets. These sheets are constantly working hard to read release trapped body heat throughout the night. The human body naturally sweats releasing toxins and moisture during the night; the Regulator wicks away moisture so you will feel cool and fresh all night long.

Pregnancy Problems 101: Solving When It’s ​Too Hot To Sleep

These are the sheets you fall in love with. They are so comfortable and feel smooth, light, and silky across your skin. While we can’t guarantee you won’t be waking up for that nightly bathroom trip(s) or for those late-night baby flutters, we can promise you that you will long for the comfort and quality delivered by The Regulator sheets from My Sheets Rock.

The Regulator- King Sheets

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Pregnancy Problems 101: Solving When It’s ​Too Hot To Sleep

Before hopping in bed try these other sleeping tips:

  • Throw a gel sleep mask in the freezer for a quick cool down
  • Try a cool foot spa before bed
  • Rinse off in a cool shower before hitting the hay
  • Turn up the fan to circulate air in your room
  • Shut blinds and curtains during the day for a quicker cool down at night
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Sleep is one of the most important parts of our daily routine. Our mood is largely dependent upon how we sleep. Pregnancy brain is real, and by not getting enough sleep we are only perpetuating the process of memory loss and forgetfulness. Being too hot to sleep should not be one of the factors keeping us awake at night. Tiredness plagues every mama, therefore, getting enough sleep at night will help us enjoy the days with our kids even more.


Pregnancy Problems 101: Solving When It’s ​Too Hot To Sleep

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