What I Learned by Going on a Entrepreneurial Retreat

As a wife, mother, and self-made entrepreneur I constantly find myself fighting my responsibilities much like the triage area of an emergency room. I am managing everyone else’s responsibilities and needs, as well as my own. On top of that, I run a business that helps add additional income to my family and, more importantly, feeds my creative soul.

An Entrepreneurial Women'S Retreat By Vaera Journeys
What I Learned By Going On A Entrepreneurial Retreat

I have never really considered going on an entrepreneurial retreat, especially one that takes me away from my every day responsibilities. It felt so overwhelming to think of all the things that would be left behind and not taken care of while I was gone. But then I realized that was the problem: I wasn’t taking the opportunity to take time for myself in order to take care of others, and to grow my passion professionally and creatively. I needed the skills and mindset to learn how to juggle all.the.things. but that would require a leap of faith and a bit of letting go. And what better way to do that than to pack up my suitcases and head out to a entrepreneurial retreat for women who totally get it.

My First Entrepreneurial Retreat with Vaera Journeys

What I Learned By Going On A Entrepreneurial Retreat

When the opportunity to join Vaera Journeys on their inaugural retreat in Playa Del Carmen as their photographer arose, I was immediately intrigued.  The opportunity to enjoy beautiful tropical views, fresh salty air, the sound of soothing ocean waves with a little intentional time and space for reflection and grounding seemed like exactly what I needed. I instantly expected a great time, but what I didn’t expect was a trip that would be essential for both my personal growth and the growth of my business in the year to come. In fact, I got so much more than I bargained for by saying yes to this entrepreneurial retreat.

What I Learned By Going On A Entrepreneurial Retreat
What I Learned By Going On A Entrepreneurial Retreat

A little bit of research into Vaera Journeys taught me that it was a retreat for women entrepreneurs or ‘wanna be’ entrepreneurs aimed to inspire them in inspiring locations.  The “journey” they promote encourages transformation and growth for business owners. As a photographer and a feminist, I was excited to capture these strong and courageous women who were taking time for themselves and their professional development.  At first I viewed this as an exciting opportunity to expand my photography skills and portfolio, but as the week continued, I was surprised to see the amount of self-growth that came from being both behind the camera and coming together with a new group of entrepreneurs.

What I Learned By Going On A Entrepreneurial Retreat

As an entrepreneur, I have always believed that we must give ourselves opportunities to completely immerse in both our businesses and ourselves. However, in just five short days Vaera Journeys showed me that this type of personal and professional growth cannot occur without giving ourselves completely to new experiences and opportunities. It is only then that we can become astutely aware of who we are on a deeper level, our surroundings, and with others. I learned that the best way to hit the refresh button on life and business was simply to get away from the daily grind of life and attend an immersive entrepreneurial retreat where experiences like these are the exact focus and intention.

What I Learned By Going On A Entrepreneurial Retreat

Not only did I get to capture the moments of others, I got to experience five days of growth in them and in myself.  I was able to surround myself with creative and professional women who encouraged me, believed in me, and became instant friends. 

What to Expect from a Retreat with Vaera Journeys

The next Vaera Journeys retreat is being held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in May 2019. During your retreat you will not only make connections and network with other successful female entrepreneurs, but you will also learn skills and collaborate through their classes and workshops. Each Vaera Journeys workshop includes:

  • 3 Mastermind Classes
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Activities listed in the itinerary
  • Meals: All breakfast, lunch or dinner each day
  • Accommodations
  • Transportation
What I Learned By Going On A Entrepreneurial Retreat
What I Learned By Going On A Entrepreneurial Retreat

In between your collective workshops and seminars you will also have the chance to explore the area outside of the resort, both as a group and individually if you choose. You will also find time to relax and recharge, an integral part of any retreat.

Registration for the 2019 Vaera Journeys retreat are now open. Cost, not including air fare, insurance, or other incidentals starts at $1,950.

What I Learned By Going On A Entrepreneurial Retreat

If you are wondering whether or not a women’s entrepreneurial retreat is for you, I suggest you ask yourself the following three questions:

  • How many opportunities could you possible be missing by continuing to run your life and business on autopilot? 
  • What is it costing you to keep operating within your own comfort zone? 
  • How much time is being wasted because you’re overwhelmed and lack focus on where to best spend your time and energy?
What I Learned By Going On A Entrepreneurial Retreat

After this experience, I strongly feel that the true cost of a retreat is not doing one. If you are wondering what you could do in 2019 to grow your business and excel personally and professionally, you simply won’t go wrong with the Vaera Journeys experience.

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What I Learned By Going On A Entrepreneurial Retreat



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