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After 10 grueling months of pregnancy, you have finally brought your little bundle of joy home. You are getting used to a completely different lifestyle; trying to create a new norm with new schedules; and a million thoughts running through your sleep-deprived head. The following is a checklist of important documents to process during the first month post-partum (or even before!) that might otherwise slip your mind.

Birth Certificate

You might be given this form to fill out in the hospital before you and your baby are released; but some hospitals send the form (or information on how to file for one) home with you. If you plan on flying with your baby shortly after his birth, you will need a copy of his birth certificate; so make sure to request one as soon as possible.

Social Security Card

You will need to fill out a form for your baby’s Social Security card. The hospital should provide you with this form before your release.

Insurance Card

You will most likely need to fill out forms to add your baby to your insurance policy. Most insurance companies have a certain period of time in which this can be done. Make sure to do this as soon as possible to ensure there are no issues, since your baby will begin wellness checkups right away.

Savings/Trust/College Fund

If you plan on setting up a savings or college fund for your baby, this would be a good time to start it. He might receive monetary gifts throughout his first year of life, and you’ll want to have an account to save them in for him.

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Living Will and Guardianship

If you choose to create a living will and assign circumstantial guardianship of your baby (and have not completed it before your baby is born), it is important to get this information squared away immediately. Make sure to have your chosen guardians provide written consent if necessary.

Life Insurance Policy

If you plan on taking out a life insurance policy on your baby, many rates are at their lowest if they are filed before his first birthday.

While some of these items can only be completed post-birth, it is important to not let yourself get overwhelmed with this hefty list in its entirety AFTER your baby is born.

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Try to check as many things off of the list as possible during your pregnancy, so you can spend your time enjoying your little one instead of filing paperwork during that first crucial month post-birth!

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