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Reduce your family’s ecological footprint by composting instead of throwing every item of waste in the trash. But, the rules of composting can be confusing. Unfortunately, not everything makes for a healthy compost pile. Here are the basic rules on what to add and what’s worthy of the trash. 

What You Can Compost

A compost pile can contain much more than the typical food scraps and grass clippings. Just remember, anything you put into the pile will eventually break down and become the food source for your garden. Make sure everything is a respectable ingredient.


Because grass has a high water content be careful not to add too much to your compost pile at one time, it will quickly go anaerobic. Mix grass evenly into your pile and make sure it is well ventilated.

Only put weeds in a well established pile. Adequate temperature and conditions are needed to kill the seeds of weeds.

What You Cannot Compost

To ensure your compost pile is successful and healthy we recommend avoiding certain ingredients. Not adding in some of these types of food waste will also deter pests and animals from invading the pile.


Once your compost pile is established it becomes such a simple task. Add a wide variety of ingredients and turn the pile often. Your garden will thank you in the end!

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