21 Amazing Year-Round Outdoor Gifts for Nature Lovers and Adventurers

We all know someone who appreciates carefully selected outdoor gifts. They may be athletes, travelers, fishermen, hikers, or campers, but they all have one thing in common – they love the great outdoors! Indulge their hobbies, inspire their souls, and help them get out into the fresh, open-air in style with some of the most fun outdoor gifts this season has to offer!

Next-Level Outdoor Gifts They’ll Go Wild Over



As the holidays grow closer, with each passing moment, the impending pressure of picking the perfect outdoor gifts looms over us all. Nomatic has designed the traveler’s perfect backpack and made your life much easier for the adventurer in your life. The Navigator Travel Backpack 32L is a bag designed to store supplies for 3-5 days. The bag is water-resistant, durable, and can store a laptop up to 17 inches.

The bag can expand up to 41L and still feel light on your back. The Navigator Travel Backpack 32L has external carry straps to evenly distribute weight to make it easy to carry for extended periods of time without feeling weighed down.

The Navigator Travel Backpack 32L has a breathable back panel to keep cool with a load-bearing harness system to keep the weight off the shoulders and spread out evenly across the wearer’s back. Along the sides are water bottle pockets for easy access, as well as an ID slot for a quick, secure grab when needed. Thanks to the durable water-resistant materials, rain, puddles, or accidental spill will not damage any personal belongings. Easily store a variety of items within this bag effortlessly, whether it is clothing or electronics.

Winter is about to be in full swing and the trails of the woods beckon your backpacking friends and loved ones! Nomatic’s Navigator Travel Backpack 32L is one of the best outdoor gifts for those who simply cannot sit still and want to explore without compromising their storage needs. The handy has external grab handles that make for easy transportation with a much-needed key leash so digging through endless pockets is a thing of the past.

Durable, sleek, and incredibly easy to use, this adventurer’s backpack is the traveler’s ideal and one of the most thoughtful outdoor gifts!

Navigator Travel Backpack 32L
Nomatic | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


Img 2864

Are you shopping for an outdoorsman this holiday season? Chances are, they would love something to keep their drinks ice cold and their coffee hot no matter how long their adventures take. This season, RTIC is the one-stop-shop for people who adore being outside on the water, in the woods, or just in the yard with family.

A non-negotiable item for a lover of the great outdoors is a cold drink, but the sun has a talent for warming up even the most chill of beverages. This season, the 45 Qt. Hard Cooler boasts three-inch foam insulated walls and a cool-lift design feature designed to keep your treats and eats colder for longer. Small enough to carry alone yet large enough to hold on to everyone’s food and drink, this cooler was made with an active lifestyle in mind.

The flexible, yet sturdy, rubber latches provide a smooth and firm closure, while the rope handles ensure a means of secure transport. The firm top can double as a seat, a table, or a cutting board depending on your needs. This cooler will keep ice for an astonishing ten days and the rapid v-drain system will clear it out quickly, so you can get back to your busy life without waiting for your cooler to keep up.

Img 2871

Whether you’re enjoying your hot coffee or iced tea, you need a mug that will keep you satisfied with your beverage. The Travel Mug features double-wall vacuum insulation that keeps your cold drink cold for up to 24 hours, and your hot drinks hot so that your last sip is just as warm as your first. This mug won’t sweat, so there’s no need for extra napkins in the car or coasters when you arrive at your destination. Spills are a thing of the past, too, as this airtight mug locks shut to prevent spills and keep your fun days spill-free. These make perfect outdoor gifts for coffee drinkers!

Travel Mug, 16 oz. (Chalk) | Travel Mug, 16 oz. (Slate Blue) | 45 Qt. Hard Cooler
RTIC | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest

Guardian Bikes

20 Inch Bike Large Original Black Blue Green Pdp 1 0a194ff3 90d7 4282 Bb1c A70a3bcb5371 1920x

Since 2013, Guardian Bikes has worked to prevent bike accidents from happening and to provide your family with safe, quality bikes that make riding as safe as it is fun. This holiday season, thrill your child will a safe riding experience with the 20 Inch Large Bike. This premium, aluminum bike is lightweight and easy to ride. A larger frame will support your child as they zoom to and from their destinations.

The 20 Inch Large Bike also includes a 6-speed easy-to-twist gear shifter (no more confusion during their ride) and easy to reach brake handles. The SureStop braking system ensures a smooth brake, so your child will stay balanced and safe on the safe side of the bike no matter how quickly they need to stop. This bike includes reflector lights to keep them safe while riding during those too-dark too-soon winter evenings and a premium kickstand, so they can hop off quickly without wrestling with squeaky gears and sticky joints.

Receiving a bike for Christmas is a memory that is cherished throughout one’s life. Receiving a bike from Guardian Bikes is a gift that not only gives a great memory and cherished time spent outdoors, but it’s also a gift that keeps your loved ones safe during their fun and that is priceless.

20 Inch Large Bike
Guardian Bikes | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube


Nighthawk Nexgen White 5

Okay, parents, it’s time to give your child a reason to beg you to let them go outside. This Christmas if you want the hottest and most thrilling experience for your 6 (or older) year old, the Nighthawk NexGen is sure to please your adventurous ‘lil man or gal. The newest addition to the Nighthawk fleet by Rollplay is about to create hours of video footage of fun and unforgettable memories! Once their foot hits the petal, the variable speeds that go up to 6.5 MPH, powered by the 24V lithium-ion battery.

The Nighthawk NexGen is a low-riding, quick-turning, lightweight ride that allows your child to dance around those obstacles like a pro-rider. Parents, you’ll definitely appreciate the ease of use with the quick-release folding system and ease of transport wherever you desire to ride. You’ll love the wide range of Rollplay’s unconventional battery-powered toys that get your children outside for a thrill in the safety of their own neighborhood. All the safety features you desire and hours of fun your kids crave are just one charged-up battery away!

Nighthawk NexGen
Rollplay | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

My Medic

My Medic 2

Heads up, boat owners! Be safe out there on the water and keep the Coast Guard happy with My Medic. The Boat Medic Waterproof First Aid Kit can be the difference between a bad day on the water or a catastrophic day on the water. This amazingly handy kit is an important part of your required boating safety equipment, such as flares, whistles/horns, personal floatation devices, and paddles.

The Boat Medic Waterproof First Aid Kit has virtually everything else you may need to address an accident on the water. Items are stored in a high-quality Nanuk Professional Protective Case that’s water-, crush-, dust-, and impact-resistant and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Did we mention it comes in seven different colors to suit your style? We chose Lime Green because when you need to find your kit, it’s highly visible. Hopefully, you’ll never need this feature, but it floats, too.

Inside this amazing Boat Medic Waterproof First Aid Kit case, you will find 27 different items to help you deal with whatever comes your way. Cuts, burns, dehydration, fractures, and more can be rapidly addressed, so you can either get on with your day or get to emergency medical care if needed. While we never want something tragic to happen during a fun boat day, you’ll give yourself the best emergency response possible with My Medic.

Boat Medic Waterproof First Aid Kit
My Medic | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


daily mom parent portal

You do realize that your wee one-year-old can have their very own bike, right? This holiday, a special one- to four-year-old can totally have their very own 3-in-1 Kids Tricycle – a ride-on toy that uses their piggy little toes to push and go while they learn to balance themselves while seated. The ergonomic seat evenly absorbs the shock, so if you have a rough neighborhood (meaning those sidewalks and driveway), the adjustment is flawless! The anti-slip handlebars and detachable training wheels make this a perfect outdoor gifts for the babes who look like they just want to take off…every minute of the day!

For those older babes you are shopping for, grab the 3-in-1 Toddler Tricycle to place under the tree. Designed for goers ages two to four years, this is a great option for them to start or expand on their biking journey. These are the self-balanced bikes that don’t require the little person to put their feet on the ground over and over again. The initial sense of confidence your child will get while riding all by themselves is a gift that keeps giving over and over again – now that’s priceless! Thanks to Xwinde, you’ll have a plethora of outdoor gifts for the mini-humans in your life that can’t seem to sit still!

3-in-1 Kids Tricycles For 1-4 Years | 3-in-1 Toddler Tricycle For 2-4 Years
Xwinde | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

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Weatherman Umbrellas

14005 001 221 68 The 68 Golf Umbrella 01

Life can be unpredictable. Help your on-the-go loved ones stay dry this season with Weatherman Umbrellas. These umbrellas were brought to life by a meteorologist who needed more from his umbrella, so you know that the quality is outstanding. The Collapsible Umbrella is a spin on the classic commuter umbrella because the industrial-strength fiberglass keeps this umbrella intact and strong against nature’s toughest and strongest forces.

Water-repellent fabric will help keep your loved one dry and comfortable while the vented canopies can withstand winds up to 55 mph.

If you are shopping for a golf-lover this holiday season, forget the things they like to choose for themselves like shoes and clothing, and help them stay cool in the shade with a fabulous golf umbrella. With all of the protective components of the Collapsible Umbrella, The 68 Golf Umbrella includes UPF 50+ keeping you protected from the sun and its harmful rays. The large mesh pocket provides storage, and the silicone-coated rib creates the perfect place to hang your towel as you play.

The Collapsible Umbrella | The 68 Golf Umbrella
Weatherman Umbrellas | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Sand Cloud


From picnics in the park to concerts in the square, whether you are visiting the beaches of the south or needing an XL blanket/towel for cozy comfort, this season give the gift of Sand Cloud’s Turkish cotton towels. Sand Cloud’s sand-free towels are available in a variety of sizes including the XL size we love this season. Perfect for lounging alone or with a friend, the extra-large towels still fit in your bag, dry 3x faster than regular towels, and get softer and more absorbent with every wash. We love the tie-dye prints with their bright and brilliant colors, perfect for gifting a friend or grabbing for yourself this Christmas.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for new bath or beach towels for that friend or relative who just bought their first home, this holiday season Sand Cloud’s Organic Cotton Bath Towels are a great addition to any home. Their lightweight design and double-sided textured woven surface offer plenty of absorbency while also being sustainable and good for the planet! With a tasseled finish and soft feel, these Turkish Cotton bath towels are available individually or in a bundle of 2 bath towels and 2 hand towels ideal for gifting.

Wanderlust XL | Luna XL | Sage XL Bath Bundle
Sand Cloud | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest



Pool days will soon be more fun for both adults and children with CROSSNET’s latest release, CROSSNET H2O! This highly durable and water-resistant volleyball net is super-easy to set up (it seriously takes less than five minutes), easily fits standard pools, and is ideal for pool parties.


One CROSSNET H2O set includes a net, duffle bag, floating base, inflatable neoprene ball, and a ball pump, making installation extremely easy. Whether your gift recipients have a pool heater or not, we’re pretty sure they’ll want to dive right in with this amazing holiday gift! Level up pool parties this season and beyond, with super-fun volleyball outdoor gifts from CROSSNET.

CROSSNET | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube



Voited has always played a significant role in saving the environment. And this time, it brings a Recycled Ripstop Outdoor Camping Blanket manufactured with 100% recycled plastic bottles – just in time for outdoor gifts for the holidays.

This is no ordinary blanket! The Recycled Ripstop Outdoor Camping Blanket can turn into a pillow, sleep sack, and a waterproof cape, acting as the most versatile camping purchase ever. Additionally, this 4-in-1 camping blanket is waterproof, stain-resistant, and provides utmost comfort during chilly nights. Head over to Voited and get your hands on one now, before your next holiday camping adventure.


Recycled Ripstop Outdoor Camping Blanket
Voited | Facebook | Instagram



With so many family and friends over for the holidays, everyone can use an extra spot for someone to sit and eat. Simplay3 will make your holiday get-togethers more comfortable for all your guests!

The American-made Serve & Store Multi-Use Table and Handy Home 3 Level Seat are versatile products that can be used indoors or outdoors.


The durable Multi-Use Table comes fully assembled, and it’s great for patios, dining rooms, and the beach. It’s perfect for holding snacks and drinks or can be used as a table or for transporting items. Add the stylish Handy Home Seat to your home decor to make an extra seat at the table. The versatile work seat has built-in handles for easy pickup & portability. Constructed to withstand the elements, it will provide lasting value through the years.

This Christmas, you won’t have to worry about running out of space at the table for relatives or friends with the Simplay3 Multi-Use Table and Seat.


Serve & Store Multi-Use Table| Handy Home 3 Level Seat
Simplay3| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest



Go on a dreamy winter picnic before the weather cools off with Nipomo. The super-cozy Horizonte Nube Blanket Roll provides a soft ground covering and beautiful backdrop for a great meal while hiking in the wilderness or simply taking a break from the playground at your local community park.

With its handy handmade leather strap, the Horizonte Nube Blanket Roll travels well and is ready for adventure! Grab gorgeous outdoor gifts from Nipomo for all of the nature-lovers on your shopping list!

Horizonte Nube Blanket Roll
Nipomo | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

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Walkie-talkies make spending time doing outdoor activities not only more fun, but also safe. These devices from Midland USA allow you to communicate with others up to 28 miles away on 22 different channels. The X-Talker is a 3 pack of the Midland 2-way radios with rechargeable battery packs and a desktop charger. These are great outdoor gifts for nature lovers and kids as well. Parents will also love being able to stay in contact with their kids while they are outside exploring.

Midland strives to make reliable communication for every adventure. The X-Talker Walkie Talkies guarantee clear transmissions, clear reception, and clear sound quality. These radios are also water-resistant and provide legendary weather alert technology with the NOAA weather radio which will advise of the risk of severe weather in your area.

Midland | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

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My Bevi Daily Mom Parent Portal 3

If you’re not using stainless steel tumblers for your on-the-go cups, you’re missing out. “Drink life to the fullest” with the MyBevi tumblers, water bottles, wine cups, and canteens. The Classic Tumbler is a 26 oz. vacuum-insulated travel tumbler that keeps your drinks icy cold or hot for hours. The slider lid keeps your drinks contained and will also fit a straw. The Prym1 prints in “whiteout” and “typhoon” are meant to mimic wildlife and nature. The fun, bright, rainbow-colored Bali Hydration Tumbler is a premium, double-walled water bottle with a convenient carry handle lid perfect for the beach, gym, or just running about town. Everyone could use more outdoor gifts like tumblers in their lives!

Classic Tumbler | Bali Hydration Tumbler
MyBevi | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter



This year, slide through the holidays with the exciting Snow Tube Pro Edition by SnowCandy. This heavy-duty snow tube is cold-resistant up to -25 degrees and will take your winter getaway to a whole new level! The easy to assemble tube supports up to 250lbs and quickly deflates, allowing for tight folding and easy storage. Thanks to the fun color scheme and the comfortable grip handles, this exciting snow tube will ensure you stand out from the crowd. Get your heart pumping as you fly down hills with exciting outdoor gifts from SnowCandy.

Snow Tube Blue Pro Edition
SnowCandy| Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest


Bohemian Towel

Are you planning a tropical vacation this holiday season or maybe surprising a loved one with a cruise? Then give the practical and useful gift of a gorgeous Bohemian beach towel from Tesalate this Christmas.

Tesalate Bohemian Beach Towel 3 1000x1200 Crop Center Progressive

We all know that beach towels can be difficult and hard to wash, especially after a day on the beach with kids. Sand is everywhere, but Tesalate has the solution! This sand-free, quick drying beach towel will be your new favorite beach bag addition, kiddos or not. These ultra-absorbent towels are super compact and easy to roll up and pack as well. Crafted of high-performance AbsorbLite™ fabric, these practical and beautiful towels come in a variety of colors and patterns, in both a full-size beach towel size and a double size for sunbathing together! This Christmas, make her days of fun in the sun more enjoyable for all with the lightweight, sand-free, quick-drying towels from Tesalate.

Bohemian Beach Towel

Tesalate | Facebook | Instagram

Pull Start Fire

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As the nights begin to get cooler and you want to enjoy a nice, toasty fire, don’t waste time getting a blaze going. Pull Start Fire is the easiest, fastest way to start a fire. No matches, lighters, kindling, or fuel are required with these convenient outdoor gifts. Simply pull the string and within seconds, you will have a fire starter that burns for over 30 minutes to ensure a full and roaring fire. These starters are small but mighty and will even light wet wood!

Pull Start Fire
Pull Start Fire | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

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Get your kids jumping for joy this holiday season with the portable kid’s Trampoline by Svan. During playtime, your children can burn off that extra energy by jumping on this six-legged trampoline. 

It’s the perfect size for a playroom or a family room, and they also make great outdoor gifts! The protective handlebar helps keep children safe, and its foldable base makes it easy to transport and store. This durable Trampoline will keep your kids entertained and happy for hours. Bring joy to your kids with outdoor gifts like Svan’s fantastic trampoline this holiday season.

Svan | Facebook| Pinterest

Backyard Candles

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Whether you are looking for a stocking stuffer or a gift for all your colleagues, these Half Shell Coconut Candles are a perfect size poured into a real coconut shell that can even float on water. Using a blend of soy and coconut waxes, these candles are infused with essential oils and free of toxic phthalate. Available in over 50 scents from mellow lavender and sage to fireside and cozy up, they’re a great pick this holiday season. You can find a scent for everyone on your list this year. For extra ambiance, the Double Wick Half Shell Coconut Candle has dual flames and up to a 20-hour burn time!

Half Shell Coconut Candle | Double Wick Half Shell Coconut Candle
Backyard Candles | Facebook | Instagram

Bite Away

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The Bite Away is one of the must-have outdoor gifts for any outdoor lover. Don’t leave home without this innovative tool if you plan to enjoy nature where bug bites are inevitable. With up to 300 applications per battery life, this pen-sized device is ideal for storage and travel. If you are suffering from an insect bite, simply place the Bite Away on the affected area for approximately 5 seconds to apply concentrated heat to help relieve the pain, itch, and swelling. This tool uses no chemicals and is safe for both adults and children.

Bite Away
Bite Away | Facebook | Instagram

Bug Bite Thing

Balls On Fur Square

Looking for an inexpensive and practical stocking stuffer? Then look no further than the Bug Bite Thing. This easy-to-use and child-friendly suction tool effectively extracts insect saliva/venom from under the skin to eliminate the itching, stinging, and swelling caused by insect bites and stings. Available in white, black, and pink, the Bug Bite Thing would make a great stocking stuffer for anyone on your list!

Bug Bite Thing

Bug Bite Thing | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


Sandstone Yeti2021 Lucianna 1067

Even the man in red himself needs to keep his cocoa secure and at the perfect temperature, so this season, we know Kris Kringle will keep his drinks fresh with outdoor gifts like the new Rambler® 20 oz. Travel Mug With Stronghold™ Lid. This leak-resistant lid connects to your mug in a twist-on and twist-off style, backed up with a dual-slider that uses magnet technology to keep your drink full and stress at bay. The YETI name is known for products that last the test of time and adventure and believe that your drink should be able to keep up. This holiday season, keep the eggnog ready-to-drink with outdoor gifts from YETI.

Rambler® 20 oz. Travel Mug With Stronghold™ Lid (Sandstone)
YETI | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Thanks to you, your gift recipients will now be ready to get outdoors and get active doing the things they love. They’ll be well-equipped too, with all the thoughtful outdoor gifts they’ll need to enjoy a merry and bright holiday adventure!

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