Get Freedom from Your Overthinking Disorder With Mindset Training Before 2022

At 43 years old, I started my journey to personal growth. Better late than never, right!? Because this is when I realized that if there was something that could make or break my life – it was my thoughts. A new study suggests that a human being has on average 6500 thoughts per day and that’s a lot of brain activity in 24 hours! This overthinking disorder not only affected my thoughts but the way I approached my life as a whole.

My family was one of many affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. Life as we knew it changed, and the only way to move forward was to reinvent me. Reinventing myself required taking control of my life and my thoughts, that’s how I discovered mindset training to overcome my overthinking disorder. 

Mindset Training-Where To Start When You Have an Overthinking Disorder

There are two great mindset mentors out there that I follow and helped me turn my life around, Bob Proctor and Dr. Joe Dispenza. What I have learned is that decision-making is vital in the way we move forward in life, there is no way we can avoid taking decisions and that’s why it is so important to make good decisions. It is not difficult in and of itself to make wise decisions if you develop the ability to do it. However, there is one thing that often gets in the way of decision making and that’s Overthinking.

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Get Freedom From Your Overthinking Disorder With Mindset Training Before 2022

Overthinking disorder seems to be a problem more to women than men. So, first ask yourself, what is overthinking disorder? It is simply thinking too much and too long, processing the same thought over and over again; continuing to over-analyzing simple situations while blowing them out of proportion. You ultimately end up losing focus on the big picture and end up getting lost with overthinking disorder.

According to a new report published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, female brains are significantly more active than males, especially in the prefrontal cortex which happens to be the emotional area of the brain involving mood and anxiety, therefore a higher percentage of women overthink compared to men.

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Without going too far into scientific details, one can safely assume that due to intense brain activity, people tend to think a lot and in many cases overthink. Overthinking disorder interferes with your ability and motivation to solve problems while wrecking your emotional health, excess stress, relationship difficulties, and contributes to mental disorders including depression.

Even though most people don’t realize it, it’s often that everyday situations are much simpler than they seem, because someone with overthinking disorder ends up thinking too much and generating so many thoughts that the situation looks more difficult and stressful than it actually is. Have you ever left like you end up with an all-out mental and emotional war? On a philosophical note, overthinking disorder causes most people to miss out on opportunities that could have been theirs to enjoy fully without much thought otherwise.

The Paradigm

Get Freedom From Your Overthinking Disorder With Mindset Training Before 2022

So, what do you do if you believe that you have an overthinking disorder? Consider mindset training. In mindset training, there is such a thing that we call Paradigm. The paradigm is a set of habits, thoughts, and behaviors that sit in your subconscious mind. It is everything you have experienced and accumulated since your childhood. It is responsible for the way you think and act in your everyday life. This paradigm shows up, especially when you have to make decisions.

If you don’t make a decision in the first 10 seconds, your paradigm kicks in and you start to overthink, resulting in doubts, confusion, and stress. The paradigm is what makes you overthink, it paralyzes you, but your higher faculty is a powerful tool that makes you act based on your instinct. How many times have you come to the conclusion after so much thinking that in the end your initial instinct and thought was the best – probably quite a lot. 

Signs You Are Overthinking

Overthinking disorder is also the result of a lack of confidence and the fear of uncertainty. The less confident you are about yourself, the more you tend to take time to decide if ever you decide at all. To combat this, work to build up your confidence by getting used to making decisions quickly and then stick to them. Learn to take risks, because, if you think about it (not too much now), life can be pretty boring if you play it too safe and don’t believe in yourself as much as you believe in others.

You might find out that you know more than you think you do about certain professions. Great achievers push boundaries and take risks for what they are passionate about. Making decisions is like training a muscle, the more you do it and the more you become good, and the more you’ve become confident within yourself to make those choices.

Get Freedom From Your Overthinking Disorder With Mindset Training Before 2022

Here are a few signs that an overthinking disorder may be hindering your decision making:

  • You keep dwelling on a situation over and over again
  • You play a lot of scenarios in your head before taking a decision
  • You cannot sleep at night because you are still thinking of the same thing 
  • You are worried and anxious about things you cannot control
  • You struggle to make decisions

How To Stop The Overthinking Disorder Processes

How can you stop an overthinking disorder and have faith in the process of what we call living every day without the struggle to make simple, confident decisions? First, you have to take control of your mind versus allowing your mind to take control of you. You need to study and understand why you are thinking the way you think. When you understand that, you can easily recognize your state of over-thinking and stop it straight away and refocus on the big picture and filter out the unnecessary thoughts that do not serve you.

A great way to focus on important things is to have a goal. Goals keep you focused on your end result and keep you positive. If you do that, you will be surprised at how you can easily go through life and give yourself a chance to live your true potential.

Get Freedom From Your Overthinking Disorder With Mindset Training Before 2022

There are other well-known techniques to help you with your emotional balance, like practicing meditation. It helps you to gain a new perspective in stressful situations. You increase your level of self-awareness and are able to regain control of your thoughts and avoid the overthinking disorder. It reduces your anxieties and when you are calm, you are in control of any situation and you make sound decisions. 

Finally, it can be as simple as sleeping over it and granting permission for your brain to discover the solution at night when you are most relaxed. Overthinking disorder does not make you more productive, so don’t let that fool you, thinking that thinking it over is always the way to go. In fact, it makes you sit on the problem for a long period of time, making little progress in the meantime. Learn to let go, make a decision, even a bad one, and you might find out that the solution comes to you easier and faster.

Every successful person has learned to make quick decisions and very often doesn’t change them at all. If they ever made the wrong decision, they shrug it off and carry on. Your thoughts are powerful if you filter them wisely they can be truly life-changing allowing you to overcome overthinking disorder one thought at a time.

Author: Mary Jane Waterstone

Photo Credit: Pexels

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Get Freedom From Your Overthinking Disorder With Mindset Training Before 2022



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