In Full Bloom: RIPE Maternity Spring 2016 Collection

Congratulations! You’ve reached the third trimester, meaning that you’re finally in the home stretch of your pregnancy. The third trimester of pregnancy can be physically challenging any time of year, but it can be especially uncomfortable if you’re expecting a summer baby; and who wants to spend a lot of money on maternity clothes this late in the game?

Ripe Maternity knows how important it is for us to stay as comfortable as possible during pregnancy. They also know that we don’t want to spend a fortune on clothing that we’ll only wear for a few months. Their spring collection is designed to keep you fashionable and comfy through the 3rd and 4th trimesters. 

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About Ripe Maternity

Ripe Maternity is an Australian owned fashion brand, designing contemporary, stylish, and most of all comfortable maternity and nursing clothes. They understand that a girl needs fashion labels she can depend on, before and after pregnancy. They are committed to creating pieces that fit, flatter and coordinate to make up the perfect wardrobe, allowing you to maintain your own personal style. 

Barefoot and Pregnant

If you’re due between the months of May and September, there’s a strong possibility that one day you’ll look down at your feet and realize that you’re a walking cliche; and, you likely don’t even care. Between the summer heat and swollen feet, you’re doing great to find clothes that still fit. But what if you could rock the “barefoot and pregnant” attitude in style? 

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Pregnant or not, we spend most of our summers wearing jean shorts, tank tops and flip flops; so, why should this season be any different? If that’s your look too, then you’ll want to pick up a pair of Denim Shorty Shorts, the Ultimate Express Tank and the Marina Nursing Tank.

Every pregnant woman needs a good nursing tank top, and the Ultimate Express Tank is one of our favorites. Whether you decide to layer it or wear as an outer garment on its own, you’ll appreciate the built in padded bust support and adjustable clip release straps which provide discreet and easy feeding access. 

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Building on the idea of a basic tank top, we particularly love that these denim shorts don’t scream “maternity,” but the high, stretchy waistband that supports your growing tummy means they most certainly are! You’ll be able to wear these jean shorts all the way until the end of your pregnancy, and into postpartum as your body returns back to its original(ish) shape.

And while you can wear any old t-shirt or tank top, we are in love with the Marina Nursing Tank. This everyday basic can be worn during and after your pregnancy as it features tucks at the center front and a double layer bust to allow for easy and discreet nursing. We’re wearing it here in light grey, but it’s also available in black and macaron (pink). You’ll also be happy to know that this style is also available in long sleeve.

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Feeling Pretty

On those days in which you look down at your bump and think, “I feel pretty, someone needs to take a picture,” you should have an outfit to reflect that mood, even if you’re just running errands. 

We suggest starting with the Embrace Nursing Tank in dazzling blue and adding the Voile Skirt in white for a little sass. This flirty look is comfortable and practical for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Dressed up, you can easily wear it to a nice brunch and church, or you can keep it simple and wear it while shopping for groceries or picking up your older child at school. The possibilities for this outfit are endless.

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The Embrace tops are an absolute must-have item for every maternity and nursing wardrobe. This style will take you all the way through 40 weeks and beyond thanks to the clever cross-over design which makes nursing simple and discreet. Unlike many maternity tops, there’s no side-rouching, but the stretch in this top creates an even more flattering shape on your pregnant figure.

We are such a fan of these tops that we have two long-sleeve tops that we’ve worn during the fall and winter, and picked up two more for spring and summer. Available in a variety of sleeve lengths and colors, we’ll be surprised if you don’t pick up at least 2 or 3 or 4!

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Paired with the Embrace Nursing Tank, the Voile Skirt is perfect for relaxed spring and summer days. It features side pockets and a soft stretch jersey waistband, that sits comfortably under your growing bump. It’s so comfy, you might consider this as an option for your hospital “going home” outfit post-delivery.

Love Your Bump

One of the things we love most about Ripe Maternity is that their clothing encourages women to really love their bump by creating styles that are flattering and form-fitting. You won’t find a “muumuu” here! And, although we realize that not all pregnancies are made easy; this clothing reminds us that our bodies are beautiful and this time in our lives is meant to be celebrated. 

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We really love the Stripe Nursing Tube Dress in calypso pink for this spring. At first glance, it might look like a regular dress – but it isn’t! The super stretch jersey and side gathering make it the perfect dress for all stages of pregnancy, while the double layer over the bust can be easily lifted for discreet nursing access when your baby is born. 

We think it’s great for work or play (even vacation), but we can really see it being the perfect baby shower dress. Add some pearls and a nude heel (or fancier sandal), and you’ll be the picture of motherhood.

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Work it!

Finally, at this stage of pregnancy, dressing your body for work can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep work attire simple by pairing stretchy skirts with comfortable tops that allow your body to breathe. 

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One of our favorite professional looks includes the Mia Stripe Skirt. Made of super-soft, high quality knit jersey, this on-trend striped pencil skirt is amazingly stretchy, comfortable and versatile – perfect for those long days at the office. The wide waistband sits comfortably under your growing bump, and can be pulled up if you prefer a little extra support.

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We’ve paired our skirt with another Embrace Top (this time in short sleeve), but you could easily add a blazer for a more professional edge or wear a tube tank, long-line cardigan and ballet flats for a slightly less-formal look. When the weekend hits, a high pony tail and a pair of sneakers are all you need to make this outfit “play ready.”

Shopping for pregnancy and nursing clothing doesn’t have to be a drag – in fact, it should be fun. Enjoy this time of your life and let Ripe Maternity make you feel beautiful.

For more nursing-friendly outfits, check out Breastfeeding in Style with Ripe Maternity.

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