5 Easy Beauty Tips to Look Flawless When You’re a Hot Mess

Do you feel like you’re aboard the hot mess express? Get ready to hide your hot mess self in the closet—just like you would when unexpected company is coming by in ten minutes—and come out looking flawless. Following these five simple steps will keep the world believing you have it more together than Marie Kondo. Once you have all the basics covered, teeth brushed, hair detangled, moisturizer on, start at the top. Here are our secrets on how to look flawless when you’re feeling like a hot mess.

5 Easy Beauty Tips to Help You Look Flawless Quickly

Flawless Hair

A good dry shampoo takes under five minutes to use and will refresh your locks, helping you to look put-together even if you haven’t had a chance to shower. Ponytails are one of the easiest styles to throw together, but take it up a notch and mix it up with an upgraded updo. For a high pony, take a small section from the back and wrap around the elastic until you have a little piece left that you secure at the back into the elastic with a bobby-pin. This gives the ponytail the illusion of added height and polish.

Easy Beauty Tips Flawless Daily Mom Military

Not a fan of the sky-high ponytail? Take it low, but don’t lose any style points with a simple chignon. Section off two pieces at the front of the head, from the back of the ear forward and gather the rest of the hair with an elastic at the nape of the neck without pulling it all the way through the hair tie. Take the loose front section from the left and drape it over the elastic to the right and repeat the process on the other side. Roll the ends of the looped hair up under the elastic and secure with pins. This crisscross keeps the hair out of your way and gives the impression you spent hours on your sleek do.

Easy Beauty Tips Flawless Daily Mom Military

If you’re more comfortable with the standard ponytail, raid the sock pile for a lone tube sock or even a uniform boot sock. Snip off the toe and roll it into a donut shape. Pull your simple ponytail through the hole and roll the hair around it down from the end till it is tight against your head. A couple of pins or cute clips and you are ready to tackle the day with a full and function bun. Lock in any of these styles with some hairspray and speed along to the next step.

Easy Beauty Tips Flawless Daily Mom Military

Bonus tip: Add an extra touch of precision, take an unused toothbrush and brush down any small flyaways for next level sleekness.

A Flawless Face

Easy Beauty Tips Flawless Daily Mom Military

Now that your hair is on point grab a tinted BB cream or moisturizer with a light foundation for a flawless complexion. This step replaces applying concealer and foundation and gets you from hot mess to face-the-world-ready in minutes. The key is finding the right shade. Your best bet is to hit up your local makeup store and consult with one of their ambassadors. You don’t need to spend a fortune as most stores carry top of the line brands and the ones you can find at your local drugstore, but the key is the right shade. This sometimes means mixing two shades to prevent the streaky, off-tone look. Now that you have the smooth, glowing canvas worthy skin that would make the Mona Lisa jealous, just hit your lashes with a swipe of mascara, and you can move on to the final step on how to look flawless from the neck up.

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It is easy to overlook your lips and settle for some chapstick or lip gloss and call it done, but it will drag down your look. There are two fundamental options for a flawless pout. After you quiz the makeup consultant about BB cream shades, you need two more recommendations; a perfect red and a classic nude.

Easy Beauty Tips Flawless Daily Mom Military

A red lip can seem intimidating, but a swipe of a great red will take every lookup ten notches. If you aren’t keen on making such a statement, that is where a great nude comes into play. Whether a red or nude, the formula is up to you. Matte, gloss, or creme is all personal preference, and these two colors will complement any ensemble.

Easy Beauty Tips Flawless Daily Mom Military

Ditch the Leggings

Easy Beauty Tips Flawless Daily Mom Military

While it is tempting to grab the closest pair of leggings and run, in the immortal words of Karl Lagerfield, “Leggings are NOT pants.” Sure, they’re great for home and days when you don’t have to interact with humanity, but ditching them is essential for exiting the hot mess zone. Everyone should own one pair of well-fitting, dark wash or black jeans that you store separately from your everyday clothing.

You don’t want to lose these gems to a random stain or have them losing their shape from overuse. The dark wash will give you more styling options and can go smoothly from day into a night look. Treat them with kindness, and your flawless pair of jeans will always carry you through the day with ease.

Top off the Look

Easy Beauty Tips Flawless Daily Mom Military

Just like your go-to jeans, you need a set of tops that cover any occasion. Basics are key, so make sure you have a good quality black and a white t-shirt. These wardrobe staples can be dressed up or down as needed. Keep both hidden away with your good jeans, so they are always ready to grab. An excellent black blazer is a closet must-have and is great for catching up with a friend over coffee, meeting with your child’s teacher, or heading out to dinner. Throw it over your go-to t-shirt and accessorize as needed.

One comfortable, non-pilled sweater is the final piece of your “how to look flawless” clothing stash unless you are lucky enough to live in a climate that doesn’t dip below the ’50s. This quick pull on can be in any neck style that compliments your body shape and makes you feel confident.

Easy Beauty Tips Flawless Daily Mom Military

No matter your body type, baggy jeans or tops will downgrade your look. Nothing should be skin-tight or hanging off you like a tent. Find the sweet spot for your body and stick with it. The combination of fit and function will give you a winning look every time.


Easy Beauty Tips Flawless Daily Mom Military

Now that you are just about to step out the door, the final piece is footwear. Depending on the activity, you can go in one of two directions. A clean pair of white sneakers or a flat, or a low heeled boot or bootie never fail. If you are running around and need to look flawless, the white sneaker will keep you comfortable and fashionable. Clean is the key and this might require some minor upkeep. Wipe off stains at the end of the day and grab a shoe whitener, or snag it from your servicemember during their summer uniform season, to keep your kicks at their best. Evenings or more dressy outings call for a reliable boot that pairs great with your blazer. Keeping the heel low or flat will save your feet, but also add an element of versatility extending the lifespan of your boot.

When you combine these five elements, you will have mastered how to look flawless when you feel like a hot mess. Here’s one final tip, don’t forget your confidence! Even if it’s in short supply, always walk into a room like you own it and project a polished look that can face any challenge.

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How To Look Flawless When You’Re A Hot Mess



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