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Introducing art to your baby at a young age not only gives you something fun to do with them on a daily basis, but it is also a great way to help develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Since little ones are all about the tactile experience, there’s a good chance any product you give them will enter their mouth at some point. This is why it is so important to invest in safe, non-toxic art supplies. Read on for some amazing eco-friendly products and fun art ideas that you can introduce to your soon-to-be budding artist.


That first reaction on your baby’s face when he/she puts crayon to paper and witnesses the result is priceless. Sure, their final product may not be winning art awards any time soon, but the rainbow of scribbles will nevertheless be nearly impossible for you to throw away.

Here are some great non-toxic alternatives to traditional name brand crayons and markers. And they’re all super easy for little ones to grasp on to!

  1. Stockmar Beeswax Block Crayons
  2. Kitty Baby Love Kitty Egg Crayons
  3. Sud Smart 100% Natural Eco-Wedge Crayons
  4. Alpino Jumbo Felt Pens


Finger paints are the way to go when it comes to painting with your little one. Baby will love the feel on their hands and the fact that you are encouraging them to make a mess! Make sure you plan to paint before bath time and take advantage of the opportunity to capture some memorable photos.

We recommend these vegetable based, super-safe finger paints. One is even gluten free!

  1. Eco-Kids Gluten Free Finger Paint
  2. We Can Too Veggie Baby Finger Paint
DIY Edible Finger Paints: Try mixing up plain or vanilla greek yogurt in small cups with some vegetable food coloring (we recommend these India Tree Natural Decorating Colours). No fear over what your little one may end up ingesting!


Chalk is a great art product for all seasons and a great supply to have on hand to introduce to your baby as soon as he/she is old enough to sit up unassisted and grasp onto the chalk. In warmer weather, get outside and enjoying chalking it up on the sidewalk. For an inside activity, lay a small chalkboard on the floor and let your baby go to town.

With the inevitable chalk-to-mouth situation bound to occur, we highly recommend checking out these edible chalk varieties.

  1. We Can Too Veggie Sidewalk Chalk
  2. We Can Too Oh So Pretty! Veggie Sidewalk Chalk
Another chalk option? Save a few bucks and make our safe & easy DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint!

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