15 Fun Indoor Activities For Toddlers

The big kids are back in school and fall is in the air, for some parents and their little ones, the indoor activities for toddlers you can usually entertain with have lost their new-ness, and both moms and tots can start to feel the cabin fever.

Around this time, the weather can also become more and more unpredictable: Will it be chilly out? Should we wear shorts? Hot or cold, fall is the one season we can never really predict or be fully prepared for. If you are a parent or caretaker looking for new ways to entertain the kiddos indoors this falls, these 15 indoor activities for toddlers can help keep the day moving and the learning fun, new and exciting.

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15 Fun Indoor Activities For Toddlers When It’s Hot Outside

15 Indoor Activities For Toddlers

  1. DIY Ball Pit and Slide
    If you have a small slide, a small, inflatable pool, and a jumbo bag of play balls, then you are ready to create your very own ball pit in your home. Great for teaching gross motor skills and also indoor fitness fun, a DIY ball pit will entertain for hours.
  2. Go Camping In Your Living Room
    You could set up a tent, or make a tent out of pool noodles, but either way, you won’t have to battle the critters or mosquitoes when having a camping trip in your own living room! Besides, any reason is an excellent reason to make s’mores. All kids love tents or forts, so plan to go big and spend the day singing camp songs and practicing those architectural skills.
  3. Set Up A “Laser” Obstacle Course
    The great thing about this game is that it is so versatile. Crepe paper is the most budget-friendly option for this game, but painter’s tape comes in different colors, too, and can add a bit of sticky excitement to this activity!
  4. Pom-Pom Sorting
    Help your child practice their fine motor and color matching skills with this activity!
  5. Indoor Swing And Crash Pad
    This activity takes some preparation, and perhaps a trip to the local hardware store, but if your little ones have the urge to get some sillies out, this will definitely do the trick!
  6. Cardboard Box Car
    Sometimes, the best toy is a cardboard box. The possibilities of an empty box are endless! Given the crayons, markers, and opportunity to express creativity, your little one can create the car (or spaceship) of their dreams, which leads us to our next activity…
  7. “Drive-In Movie”
    A drive-in movie in the car that they just created, right in the living room, is truly one of those indoor activities for toddlers that can be done all year long!
  8. Potato Stamp Art
    If you’re home and need something fun to do, and you have a bag of spuds leftover, then you are ready to create some art with your sweeties!
  9. Moon Sand Fun
    This activity requires some clean up and some serious supervision, but this silky smooth sand will keep your toddlers mesmerized for hours!
  10. Dot To Dot
    Another versatile indoor activity for toddlers is Dot to Dot. This game will help your child learn to connect the dots with a pencil or marker. With all the options of stickers and tape out there, this game can be done with pretty much anything sticky and a blank sheet of paper.
  11. Color Smushing Art
    Fill your walls with colorful, abstract art this fall by letting your toddler mush some paint around. Since the paint is in a sealed bag, this will satisfy their desire to be messy while keeping your house clean.
  12. Make Edible Play Dough
    It is always fun to play with dough until the toddler starts to eat it. Put your mind at ease and create your own edible play dough! There are so many options for simple recipes out there, all you have to do is choose your flavor.
  13. Make A Calm Down Jar
    Indoor activities for toddlers do not always have to be for fun. Sometimes, we all need to take a moment to breathe and calm down. If you have a clean jar waiting to be used for something amazing, this is its time to shine.
  14. Stained Glass Window Art
    Stained glass isn’t only for palaces and cathedrals. Your little prince/princess can make their own beautiful stained glass with kid-friendly supplies!
  15. Make Your Own Pizza
    Not sure what to make for dinner? Get the kids involved and make some personal pan pizzas!
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Daily Mom Parent Portal Indoor Activities For Toddlers

Once all of the books have been read (and then read again), the toys have all become old news, and the temperatures are (still) preventing you from taking an outdoor excursion, these indoor activities for toddlers are sure to help beat boredom and the heat during this transition to fall, keeping your little one’s minds and hands growing and happy.


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Daily Mom Parent Portal Indoor Activities For Toddlers
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