Living Like a Local: Restaurants in Rota Spain for Every Occasion

If you’re lucky enough to get stationed in Rota, Spain, expect to eat well. The local cuisine – heavy on the seafood – is fresh, inexpensive, and delicious! Rota is a small town, but it has more than its share of great restaurants, and you can find one for every occasion. Here are a few top restaurants in Rota, Spain restaurants to try!

Top Restaurants in Rota Spain to Try While Stationed There

Waterfront Dining

Restaurants In Rota Spain Daily Mom Military

The best thing about Rota is the beaches, so take advantage of the views with a restaurant on the water!

Chiringuito Azúcar de Cuba – This casual restaurant and bar doesn’t just have great ocean views, it’s right on the sand! Whether you spend an afternoon drinking coffee, come to watch the sunset over a few cocktails, or enjoy a full meal, Azúcar de Cuba showcases the best of Rota!

El Embarcadero – Located in the Hotel Duque de Najera, El Embarcadero is one of the top restaurants in Rota. The incredible food is rivaled only by the view; their outdoor terrace overlooks the Bay of Cádiz, and you can watch the waves crash against the pier while you dine.

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Fried Seafood

Restaurants In Rota Spain Daily Mom Military

Fried seafood is a regional specialty in Rota and surrounding towns. The fresh catch is straight from the Bay of Cádiz, so while you’re here, indulge!

El Timón – This local favorite overlooks the harbor in Rota’s fishing port. Slightly more upscale than the other restaurants in the port, their menu also includes grilled fish, paella, and other traditional Spanish fare. But make sure you order a plate of frito variado for a delicious sampling of fried fish and seafood!

Cervecería Popoli – A casual spot near Playa del Rompidillo, this is a great place to enjoy lunch on one of Rota’s many sunny days. Their fried seafood is especially good because the batter has a spice that adds a tasty kick. Paired with a cold cerveza, it doesn’t get any better!

Date Night

Restaurants In Rota Spain Daily Mom Military

Looking for an intimate place for a night out with your special someone? These spots fit the bill.

Badulaque – Located next to the iconic red Rota sign in Plaza de Jesús Nazareno and overlooking Playa de la Costilla, Badulaque is the perfect setting for a date. They have a full menu of traditional Spanish cuisine and excellent service.

El Remedio – This restaurant is small and intimate. Paco, the owner and chef, takes care to ensure that all guests have a great experience. The food at El Remedio is not your standard Spanish fare; the menu has a wide variety of options, some with Asian influence. To get the best of El Remedio, tell Paco what you’re in the mood for, and he will construct the perfect meal for you and your date!


Restaurants In Rota Spain Daily Mom Military

Brunch isn’t a “thing” in Spain the way it is in the US. Fortunately, Rota has restaurants to satisfy your weekend cravings!

Sedona – This restaurant is owned by an American who knows what we expect in a brunch. The menu includes favorites like Belgian waffles, pancakes, breakfast burritos, and eggs Benedict, along with various simple combos of eggs, bacon, and sausage. They also have a full menu of great brunch cocktails.

Silla Azul – Yes, you CAN get chicken and waffles in Rota! It’s one of the most popular brunch options at Silla Azul. The restaurant’s French chef also makes delicious omelets and brioche French Toast. There’s nothing better than a relaxing Sunday sitting at Silla Azul’s outdoor tables in Plaza Bartolomé Pérez!

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A Taste of Home

No matter how much you love Spanish cuisine, it’s nice to have a taste of good old American food every once in a while, and these places do it right.

Slice of NY Pizza – Owned by the same folks who run Sedona, this joint has the pizza you crave! They offer giant NY-style slices, or you can order a whole pizza. They are also known for their wings and other American favorites, including cheese fries and nachos.

Meet Point – This sports bar is the best place in town to watch major American sporting events. It’s also the best place to be on Sunday nights for southern fried chicken and homemade macaroni, both made by the owner, a Navy veteran. Don’t show up too late – he makes one batch of macaroni, and when it’s gone, you have to wait until next week!


Restaurants In Rota Spain Daily Mom Military

No matter how much great food you eat in Rota, leave room for dessert!

Margarita la Fresca – This gelato shop has the best ice cream in town. With dozens of unique, decadent flavors, the hardest part is deciding which to choose. Try at least two at a time and work your way through them all!

Confiteria Torremolinos – Ask anyone in Rota for the best pastry shop, and they will say Torremolinos. Located steps away from Rota’s famous castle, the moment it opens, Torremolinos is full of locals eager for their favorite sweets. This is a great place to sample local pastries and traditional treats associated with Rota’s many holidays and festivals.

These are just a small sampling of the fantastic dining options in Rota! It’s hard to go wrong with the restaurants here, so try as many as you can. Do you have a favorite Rota restaurant that wasn’t mentioned here? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Stephanie Montague is the founder and President of Poppin’ Smoke, a website dedicated to helping members of the military community take advantage of their travel-related benefits. Stephanie has been traveling and living abroad with her husband since he retired from the Army in 2015. Rota is one of their favorite Space-A travel destinations!m.

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Living Like A Local: Rota Restaurants For Every Occasion



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