Our Favorite Father’s Day Gifts for Military Guys

Father’s Day is coming up fast, and trying to find the perfect gift can be tough even when you have all.the.time during quarantine. Even though it might look a little different, we still want to get a Father’s Day gift for our military guys that they will love. And for most of them, that means something they can use. Here are our editor’s favorite Father’s Day gifts for military guys this year.

Our Favorite Father’s Day Gifts for Military Guys

Hyfit Gear

Our Favorite Father’s Day Gifts For Military Guys

This ultimate resistance band training set means that your guy can workout wherever he is, even if the gym is closed, he’s out in the field, or stuck at work waiting for the CO to finish a meeting so he can closeout. But these are more than just a set of resistance bands. Hyfit Gear has smart-enabled sensors that send biometric feedback to the coordinated app on your phone via Bluetooth to suggest workouts uniquely tailored to you.

Our Favorite Father’s Day Gifts For Military Guys

The sensors will also track your resistance level, the number of calories burned, and overall force while counting your reps and exercise duration. There are even suggested workouts within the app for him so he can focus on certain areas. No more heavy and expensive gym equipment to take up space in your base housing- with Hyfit he can work out with minimal space and minimal equipment.


Our Favorite Father’s Day Gifts For Military Guys

There are two types of Father’s Day gifts: functional and super cool. These hand-painted military weaponry tools from Graith definitely fall into the super cool category. There are several different weapon tools to choose from including antique grenades, 20mm rocket cannon bullets, and baseball grenades. Each piece is hand-painted by using a splatter technique so each design is individual. This is a great gift for any military dad to add to his collection of cool military art for his “I love me” room.

Fitness Hardware

We know our service members need to get a workout in anywhere and everywhere, and with the ABLE (Advanced Body Weight Leverage Equipment) platforms by Fitness Hardware they can take bodyweight exercises up several notches. These platforms have wheels on them so they provide an extra boost when doing pushups, core workouts, chest workouts, or even physical therapy and stretching sessions. They are a simple tool that adds so much to his daily workouts and can easily be taken with him when you PCS or for your home gym without adding a ton of extra equipment.

LumiCharge Lamp and Charger

Every military spouse knows that their military guy needs to have his phone charged and ready to go at all times. These two lamps and charger combinations from LumiCharge are perfect for Father’s Day as they provide a fast charge and a bedside table space that is clutter-free, or help to create an office space or desk that is clutter-free.

The T2W is the sleek LED desk lamp has three light colors- bright white, soft white and soft, eye-friendly “incandescent” yellow- that can be adjusted to different brightness levels. But it comes with so much more. It also has a full calendar display, the time, the date, and teh temperature. To power up his phone, he just lays it on the cradle for a fast charge. There is also a Bluetooth speaker so he can play his favorite music while he works or rests.

If he is looking for something smaller or a little sleeker, there is also the LumiCharge LD. It comes with a multicolor LED light that can be controlled by Alexa or Google. There is also a speedy wireless charger as well as a phone dock for the iPhone or Android so he can charge up to two devices at once. It also has a backlit clock display and Bluetooth speaker. He can even charge it up and take it with him into the field or for training.

Cuddle Clone

Our Favorite Father’s Day Gifts For Military Guys

If your guy is a K9 handler or he just loves his pets, then a Cuddle Clone is the perfect gift. Cuddle Clones creates custom made plush animals that look exactly like your beloved pet or military working dog. They are customized using images you provide to get the most realistic look possible. This is also a great gift to send to your service member while on deployment if they are missing their man’s best friend back at home. What a great way to honor a K9 handler, military police dog, or just the pet that brings joy to your military guy.

Bravery Brand

Our Favorite Father’s Day Gifts For Military Guys

A special way to honor your service member and all his sacrifices this Father’s Day is with a military-inspired Bravery Band. This simple matte bracelet has the numbers 27283 which spells out BRAVE on a phone’s keypad. It is simple reminder to let them know how much their sacrifice, and the sacrifices of their brothers and sisters in arms, mean to you. It is also a great gift for the father of your service member.

Man Crates

Our Favorite Father’s Day Gifts For Military Guys

Grilling, camping, hiking, drinking, golfing- these are all things your military servicemember probably loves to do on their off time. The Man Crates are a perfect Father’s Day gift to celebrate your man with something that he loves. There are several different types of crates for all different interests. Their new Gourmet Grilled Cheese crate is perfect for the guy who loves to create delicious meals for his family on his favorite tool- the grill. It comes with a grilled cheese basket that makes it easy to flip his sandwiches, spreads and spices to make the most delicious grilled cheese, and a book of 21 gourmet grilled cheese recipes. Whatever Man Crates you choose, he will have fun cracking it open with the included crowbar to get to all the goodies inside.

Our Favorite Father’s Day Gifts For Military Guys

Cure Crate

Our Favorite Father’s Day Gifts For Military Guys

If your service member is interested in trying his hand in CBD-related products, then Cure Crate is the answer. This customized and personally curated CBD subscription box sends a new box every month of over $120 worth of products for him to try. And don’t worry if he doesn’t want to consume them- the personalized quiz allows you to opt for or out of certain types of products including balms, salves, and pet items. It is a great gift for those who have muscle inflammation or pain as CBD is a great help with ailments such as those.

“Hunt A Killer” Game

Our Favorite Father’s Day Gifts For Military Guys

Most of us aren’t going out for a typical Father’s Day celebration, so trying to find a fun way to spend the day together is a great way to show dad how much you care. The Hunt a Killer game is a fun, investigative game that will have dad using all his intelligence military training to sniff out the bad guy. Get the game to enjoy together for family game night or for a stay-at-home date night. Either get it as a one night game night or get a 6 or 12-month subscription for months of fun.

Pocket Chainsaw

Our Favorite Father’s Day Gifts For Military Guys

What military guy doesn’t wish he had something to cut down branches or limbs to create an open space while they are in the field? With the Sportsman Industries’ Pocket Chainsaw, he can now take his chainsaw with him in the field or to use at home. The entire chainsaw is only 3 feet long but it can be stored in its tiny pouch for easy portability. The bi-directional self-cleaning teeth cut in two different directions with every pull. And if your man loves camping, then he will love the Sportsman Industries’ Pocket Chainsaw because each chainsaw comes a magnesium fire starter to make creating a warm fire even easier.


Mini Multi-Tool

Our Favorite Father’s Day Gifts For Military Guys

Military guys love their tools, and they love anything that can function as a tool in several different ways. The Geekey multi-tool is no larger than a house key and weight less than 1 ounce, making it easy to take with them in their pack while on a ruck hike or while in the field. It has over 16 tools built into this tiny powerhouse including:

  • Combination slotted, Phillips and square screwdrivers
  • Imperial and metric closed wrenches
  • Smoking pipe and bowl
  • Wire bender
  • Bottle opener
  • Scorer
  • Quarter-inch bit driver
  • Wire stripper
  • 90-degree protractor
  • Quarter-inch open wrench
  • Imperial and metric rulers
  • File
  • Bike spoke key

The Geekey multi-tool is a great gift for military guys this Father’s Day.

Thermoelectric Camping Lamp

Our Favorite Father’s Day Gifts For Military Guys

The LUMINISER Thermoelectric Camping Lamp is a great gift for the outdoorsy father. It quickly and easily transforms electricity into heat with its powerful LEDs. It can run for up to 8 hours and is easy to take with him weighing just over 15 ounces and standing under 6 inches tall. It is waterproof with no glass or moving parts. It is a great option for field training exercises or for deployments.

Top Go Phone Holders

Our Favorite Father’s Day Gifts For Military Guys

Our guys are always on the go, and this Father’s Day you can help him keep his phone safe and secure while on the road with the Top Go Phone Holder. This phone holder fits any cup holder with the universal adjustable cup. The neck is adjustable too so he can form it so it is comfortable for him to look down at his phone without having to move it around. It fits all makes and models of phones securely. This is a great gift for any upcoming PCS’s as well!

Father’s Day is coming up fast but with these favorite Father’s Day gifts for military guys you are sure to find something that he loves and can use throughout his military training.

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Our Favorite Father’s Day Gifts For Military Guys



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