Your Guide to Visualizing Your Highest Self

You may strive to be your highest self, and take steps to achieve it but if you are not visualizing your highest self, you are not utilizing yourself to reach your highest potential.  Your highest self is not only already within you but within reach of all of your current and future goals. Learning to visualize and therefore tap into your highest self, will not only help support your dreams and desires but will provide the pathway to get everything you want and more.

The Best Techniques to Visualize

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Visualization is simple in theory, easy to do and practice makes perfect.  It is important to have all of your senses activated when visualizing your highest self. For you to be able to really feel, breathe, taste, smell, and see your desires.  Of course, you may not be able to actually see, feel, taste, breathe, and smell your highest self, but you need to visualize yourself doing exactly that.  See your highest self doing everything you dream of and more.  Feel the powerful emotions that come with being that person.

Imagine the foods you will taste while living your life as your highest self, who you will surround yourself with, and everything that comes with that, all of the sights, sounds, and tastes.  While invoking your five senses is important to visualization techniques, don’t forget about your emotions, tap into those feelings as you experience your heart’s desire in your mind’s eye. This is one of the most powerful visualization techniques as your body feels everything that you want to feel as if it has already happened.

Really feeling everything that goes along with all of your dreams and desires will make your dreams that much more powerful and a vital tool for visualization techniques.  The potential for your highest self is already in you and if you are trying to tap into it, it is there within your reach you just need to get there.  It won’t happen overnight, it definitely will not be a linear line to get there, but by using visualization you can reach your highest self.

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How to Tap Into Your Highest Self 

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Only you can tap into your highest self and create the path to reach your goals.  Visualize yourself as already reaching your goals and having the mindset that you wish to always have.  You will need to learn to not only visualize your highest self as reaching all of your goals but immersing yourself in all of the feelings, thoughts, and senses that come along with your highest self; being at peace with who you are and what you have become.  

The Noble Mystic describes your highest self as “The part of you that stands unwavering by the stresses of modern-day life. It’s the awareness that rests behind all your thoughts, worries & attachments. Your highest self is where your physical body meets the spiritual realm. It is the part of you that is at peace and eternal.”  Such a lovely goal to have for yourself, which gratefully is already internally in you, you just need to tap into it.  

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While it is important to visualize daily, there are additional things you can do daily to support the visualization of your highest self.  Journaling is a powerful way to support your visualization goals to reach your highest self.  You can journal as if you have already reached the goals of your highest self or journal supporting prompts, mantras, and affirmations.   By repeating the same thing over and over again, you not only start to believe it, but your body feels that as a truth and you start living as your highest self even before you have reached all of your goals.

Tap into your highest self, by visualizing what you picture to be your highest self. Whether that be in your career, love life, family life, or all of that and more, you need to see yourself exactly as you wish to be.  Visualization techniques require persistence, faith, and a bit of letting go of what the actual outcome will look like.

Think of visualization techniques as driving with GPS, you might have no idea where you are going but you are totally at ease listening to your car tell you which road to take and for how long knowing that you will reach your final destination.  That is exactly the type of blind faith you need to have while practicing your visualization for your highest self.

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Visualizing Your Highest Self 

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Learning to visualize your highest self takes consistent practice, dedication, and unwavering faith that you are laying the groundwork to reach your highest self.  There are a few ways to practice visualizing your highest self, whatever that looks like to you.  As you practice your visualization techniques for your highest self, your life goals might change and that is okay!  They could change to grow and develop as you grow and develop, which is expected as you become your highest self.

In order to visualize your highest self you must practice it daily, whether you set the same time to practice daily or take the time to do it as it feels best in your daily schedule.  Use this time as a dedication to yourself and to reaching your highest self.  From journaling, sitting quietly with the thoughts and visions of your highest self, and methodically shushing everything else around you.  Reaching deep into yourself to quiet and calm your mind with only the thoughts and visions of the goals, dreams, and desires you have to be your highest self.  

In addition to visualizing, you can also create habits and visual supports for the goals of your highest self.  From creating a vision board to surrounding yourself with visual supports of your highest self.  Even if you do not consciously look at them every day and take the time to sit with the visual support, your subconscious will see them and it will be absorbed supporting your journey.  

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When working to reach your highest self, don’t be shy about any setbacks or other bumps in the road that are necessary for your journey.  As you begin this journey it is not just about the end goal of reaching your highest self but it is about the path that you take to get there.  This is your journey to your highest self, you and only can reach your goals, with all of the learning curves along the way.  

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