How to Use Manifestation Techniques in Your Life

You have probably heard of manifestation and maybe you have even tried it.  But, do you really know what it is and how it can work for you?  Manifestation is a powerful tool, that we all have within us and we break it all down, so you can make it work in your life with manifestation techniques.

What is Manifestation?

How To Use Manifestation Techniques In Your Life

According to Merriam-Webster-manifestation is one of the forms that something has when it appears or occurs.  Essentially manifestation is creating something or turning something from an idea in your mind into reality in your world.  Using your thoughts and feelings to bring something that was once a dream to your physical realist.

If this sounds a little out there for you, think about these famous things that were only once a dream but turned into reality-modern electricity, a computer that can fit in your hand (that smartphone you are holding), airplanes, and thousands of more examples of things you use and see on a daily basis. All of these things were just a thought, a dream an idea in someone’s head till they figured out how to turn their dream into reality. 

According to the infamous The Secret, the law of attraction attracts what you think about and what you put your attention on.  There is scientific research that has been done to prove that every thought has its own frequency and all of those frequencies are different.  When you think of different thoughts you attract different things into your life.  Literally, thoughts become things…good and bad. 

Visualization, manifestation techniques, meditation, power of thinking, miracles, prayer, etc., there are many different names for essentially the same thing.  Manifestation techniques are not a new phenomenon, it is just becoming more widespread as humans realize the power of their thoughts.  It is the power that each of us has inside and you can start very small to manifest what you really want in your life.  

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Manifestation Techniques

How To Use Manifestation Techniques In Your Life

So, there are actually way more manifestation techniques than most realize.  You probably already do some of these in your day-to-day life without realizing that you are using any specific manifestation techniques. Mindbless has even more, but here are our favorites that are a good starting place.

Visualization-This simple yet highly effective manifestation technique, you can visualize for a long time, or just a minute or two before you go to bed each night. Visualization, before you doze off, is very powerful as it is the last thing you think about before sleeping and your brain doesn’t turn off when you go to sleep.   Or maybe it is part of your daily practice while you get ready in the morning, or during your evening run, doesn’t matter when or where you do it, as long as you are not overly distracted.  

Journaling-You may journal, or you may think it’s a waste of time.  Journaling for manifestation is slightly different as you write as if it has already happened.  From finding that perfect partner, starting the business of your dreams, or having a child, you write it down each day as if it is happening in real-time. Being grateful and giving thanks for what you have (even if you don’t have it yet).

Vision board-This is a favorite because you get to really get into it and create what you want and put it down on paper.  Grab a bunch of magazines, a poster board, scissors, and a glue stick.  Find pictures, words, and images that are what you want to bring into your life.  From places you want to visit, jobs you desire, children, engagement ring, house of your dreams, and that puppy you have always wanted. Feel free to jazz it up more if you want!

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How to Apply Manifestation Techniques in Your Life

How To Use Manifestation Techniques In Your Life

Manifestation techniques are as easy as you want them to be.  It is as simple as spending a few minutes a day before getting out of bed, before starting your day, or even right before you go to sleep.  You can use any of the ideas above or check out Mindbless for even more manifestation techniques and ideas.  The goal is to find what feels good to you and works in your world.

Vision boards can be very powerful in addition to other manifestation techniques.  They are easy to make and an easy constant reminder of what you are manifesting in your life, without having to consciously think about it.  A vision board gives you a chance to be creative, put your thoughts and ideas down as well as create a visual representation of what your goals are.  Develop Good Habits has a great guide to making a vision board for various 

Remember that manifestation techniques will help you get what you in life and achieve your dreams, but it can also attract you to the stuff you don’t want if you think about it enough.  You have met that person who seems to constantly have “bad” luck and they are constantly talking about how nothing goes right for them and everything is against them etc.  You and you alone have the power to attract the good and bad in your life.

This does not mean that only good things will happen or only bad things will happen to those who attract it.  No one can control everything but you can definitely control how you react to things and the outcome of your reactions. Using just one of these manifestation techniques will help bring you closer and faster to the dreams you have. 

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Manifestation techniques are a powerful way to turn the life of your dreams into reality.  This being said, please know that if you don’t get exactly what you think you wanted, just wait because you will always get exactly what you need when the time is right. When starting to use manifestation techniques in your life, start slow, use the tools that feel good to you and go from there, have fun with yourself (and patience!) and watch your dreams come true!

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How To Use Manifestation Techniques In Your Life

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SOURCES: Merriam-webster, The Secret, Mindbless



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