Casper Bed In A Box: Kick Off the New Year Relaxed, Radiant, and Rested

It’s been a long and stressful year, and we’re all looking forward to leaving 2020 behind. But if all that time at home has taught us anything, it’s the importance of a comfortable bed and a good night’s sleep. Whether you’ve been hunched over a computer from a home office, working overtime on your feet, or trying to keep up with kids and virtual school, chances are your current mattress has seen some serious wear and tear. Help your body recover from these hard and uncomfortable times by starting the year off right with a new Casper bed in a box.

Casper Bed In A Box: Kick Off The New Year Relaxed, Radiant, And Rested

The Casper bed in a box is designed with innovative sleep technology that sets it apart from all other mattresses on the market. Casper provides a variety of models, which means every family can find- and afford- their perfect night’s sleep. And what’s more, Casper sends your bed in a box, which allows for safe, contactless delivery at your convenience. It’s time to wake up on the right side of the bed every day and make this year the best one yet with a new Casper bed in a box.

Innovative Sleep Technology

Casper Bed In A Box: Kick Off The New Year Relaxed, Radiant, And Rested

Chances are, you’ve had to adapt to a lot of changes this year. Some days have been hectic juggling the whole family being home, and other days have been filled with binge watching and boredom. This inconsistency means your body is rarely in the same state of rest. Recently, 36% of adults have reported difficulty sleeping. Sleep deficiency can lead to slowed brain function, depression, weight gain and a variety of other health issues. And while sleep deficiency can often be caused by factors during our waking hours like stress, injury and burnout, the physical quality of our mattress has a direct impact as well.

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When it’s time to sleep, you shouldn’t have to adapt to your bed; your bed should adapt to your body. The Casper bed in a box is designed using ergonomics, which means it’s built around how your body interacts with your mattress for an optimal night’s sleep. If you plan on keeping those New Year’s resolutions and committing to a happier and healthier lifestyle, you need to start with the quality of your sleep.

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Zoned Support™

Casper Bed In A Box: Kick Off The New Year Relaxed, Radiant, And Rested

There’s nothing worse than losing hours of sleep tossing and turning, or worse, waking up with aches and pains. Unlike most mattresses, The Casper bed in a box provides variable softness and support, which keeps your body in a healthy, natural sleeping position. The Zoned Support™ system is a more targeted approach to the science of sleep and ensures that your body and spine are properly aligned. During waking hours, many of us struggle to maintain healthy posture and spinal alignment. Hours at a desk, long car rides, and days spent chasing around the kids put serious pressure on our bodies. Improper spinal alignment can cause headaches, neck pain, fatigue, and even breathing problems. The time we spend in bed is sometimes our only opportunity for a reset. The Casper bed in a box is designed with your body in mind, providing relief and support in all the right places. And the even-softer foam around the shoulders helps relieve the upper body for a fully relaxed sleep position.

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Airscape™ Cooling

Casper Bed In A Box: Kick Off The New Year Relaxed, Radiant, And Rested

A comfortable night’s sleep means taking all of the elements into consideration. A properly functioning body slowly decreases in temperature before sleep, which lowers metabolic heat production, and there is consensus that an external temperature of about 65 degrees is optimum for sleep. However, one of the most common disrupters of a good night’s sleep is night sweats, which are caused by a variety of internal factors like menopause, low blood sugar, medications, and external factors like thermostat settings and bedding material. Unfortunately, we don’t always have control over these factors, and life has a way of throwing us curveballs like broken air conditioners and surprise pregnancies. The Casper bed in a box was designed using simulations that measured how much body heat is released during sleep. With that data, they designed Airscape™, a layer of perforated breathable foam that increases airflow and circulates air which keeps your body from getting too hot at night. So whether you’re dealing with a broken appliance or hormonal fluctuations, Airscape™ technology keeps you calm and cool for a deep, uninterrupted sleep.

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Hybrid Design

Casper Bed In A Box: Kick Off The New Year Relaxed, Radiant, And Rested

With a Casper bed in a box, you don’t have to choose between the malleability of foam and the lift of springs. Casper uses a hybrid design that blends the two together; the foam layers conform to your body’s weight to relieve pressure in all the right spots, while the resilient springs contribute additional support and airflow. This means having a durable bed that can withstand jumping kids, heavy husbands, and aching backs, without sacrificing lifted and breathable spring support.

A Casper Bed for Every Home

Casper Bed In A Box: Kick Off The New Year Relaxed, Radiant, And Rested

We’ve all come to learn just how quickly life can change, which is why each Casper bed in a box model is customized to support the specific needs of every home. Getting a solid night’s sleep can be challenging; 50 million people report suffering from a sleep disorder. And this doesn’t even include those dealing with other issues affecting sleep like illness or noise disruptions. So whether you’re sleeping alone after a long day of work, or sharing the bed with little ones (and nagging neck pain) you will be able to find a model that’s right for you.

Wave Hybrid Casper Bed

If you’re looking for ultimate pain relief and optimum cooling, the Wave Hybrid Casper bed is the best on the market. The Zoned Support™ Max allows for continuous adaptability from top to bottom for full-body relief. This model also has supportive gel pods that are purposefully placed beneath the waist and lower back to prevent sinking and discomfort. There are three layers of Airscape™, with an added layer of cooling gel that you can literally feel cooling you down. If your goal for the new year is to get more sleep, improve your overall health, or rid yourself of chronic pain, the Wave Hybrid Casper bed is the ultimate solution.

Nova Hybrid Casper Bed

Casper Bed In A Box: Kick Off The New Year Relaxed, Radiant, And Rested

If you want a cozy night’s sleep while keeping your spinal alignment top of mind, the Nova Hybrid Casper bed is the perfect option. The puff-like fabric provides a soft and squishy layer of comfort, and the plush knit stretches in four separate ways so you really feel the benefits of all the layers beneath you. This model has seven areas of Zoned Support™ including shoulders, hips, waist, and lower back, and two layers of Airscape™ with channels built for heat to be able to escape.

Casper Bed In A Box: Kick Off The New Year Relaxed, Radiant, And Rested

Original Casper Bed

If you’re like most people, you simply want a great night’s sleep and the energy to face the next day. With three areas of Zoned Support™ that focus on your hips, waist, and lower back, and one layer of Airscape™ to keep you cool and comfortable, the Original Casper bed in a box is the perfect vessel for the sleep of your dreams and comes at a very affordable price.

Casper Does the Work…You get the Sleep

Casper Bed In A Box: Kick Off The New Year Relaxed, Radiant, And Rested

Our lives have been upended by changes, and getting a new mattress may seem like a change you’re not ready to tackle. Luckily, Casper isn’t just a bed- it’s a bed in a box. The Casper bed is specially packed and sealed into a compact box which is delivered right to your door. Casper provides fast, free shipping and easy pickup returns, as well as 100-night risk-free trial. So whether it’s safety or convenience that matters, when you purchase a Casper bed in a box, there’s no need to venture outside, sit on dozens of showroom mattresses, or plan the logistics of a mattress delivery. Casper brings your bed in a box straight to you.

Nova Hybrid Casper Bed
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This past year, we’ve learned to deal with stress and discomfort like never before, and the value of comfort and health has never been more apparent. So as you reflect on your priorities, and look ahead to a better year, remember that a happy and healthy life starts with a solid foundation. With one click, you can start building that foundation with a new Casper bed.

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Casper Bed In A Box: Kick Off The New Year Relaxed, Radiant, And Rested



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The new Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress is perfect for singles and couples, especially those with chronic back pain, looking for a sleep solution this year. Ideal for getting your best night's sleep the Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress offers the best supportive and cozy sleep.Casper Bed In A Box: Kick Off the New Year Relaxed, Radiant, and Rested