Baby Essentials: Top 5 Essentials for First Time Baby

What comes to mind upon hearing the phrase, “baby essentials?” Probably the classic options like millions of diapers, wipes, blankets, pacifiers, and etc. But what about the items that no one talks about that end up being HUGE lifesavers with first-time parents? Yeah, a new baby will need a lot of diapers, but that won’t come in very handy at 3 am when they won’t stop crying. Here’s the secret of the 5 baby essentials for a first-time baby that will be a game-changer.

Having a baby? Congratulations! 

Baby Essentials: Top 5 Essentials For First Time Baby
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But now, it’s time to answer the overwhelming question: “what are the baby essentials?” Let’s be honest, the baby section of a store is INTIMIDATING. Does a baby really need all of the items that are perfectly stocked on the shelves? Are they really all baby essentials? The truth is- probably not. However, it can be such a challenge to weed through the “fluff” and locate the baby essential items.

Questions will include:

  • Which bottle is the BEST bottle and do you know what size you need for the nipple?
  • What about pacifiers?
  • What does “BPA free” stand for?
  • Swaddle or sleep sack?
  • Are mittens a baby essential item or can we pass on those?

The list is never-ending because everyone has their own specific way of doing things, but it’s also important to remember that every baby is different! What has worked for others won’t necessarily work for someone else and so on. Ergo, there are a lot of options and the overwhelming amount of products can cause someone to have a mental breakdown in the middle of buybuy baby! Well, it’s time to drop the stress like a bad habit! Here are five baby essentials that no one may have mentioned that are guaranteed to make everyday life with a newborn baby much easier.

Top 5 Baby Essentials for 1st Time Parents


Studies show that babies sleep better with some sort of white noise. Whether it’s the sound of rushing water or a sound to mimic their mother’s heartbeat, a sound machine can make the sleep transition easier for babies- which makes this a definite new baby essential item. There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a sound machine and if this is a route that peaks interest, make sure to look for one that can transition through life just as a baby does.

Some sound machine options include built-in light signals to assist toddlers with bedtime and morning rise time. Which will be beneficial long after the baby outgrows those newborn days. Not to mention, there are plenty of sound machine options that include an added feature of connecting to an app via a smartphone. It’s user-friendly and can be controlled from another room- how convenient!

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These are quickly becoming popular with new moms and babies alike! Why spend hundreds of dollars on sole-purpose plastic toys when there’s an option for interchanging toys? Wooden play gyms can adapt and grow with baby through all stages of the first year making on a baby essential. Tying ribbon around the top bar of the gym gives the baby exposure to a variety of colors from a young age and can assist with their development of fine motor skills and how to feel different textures.

Interchange the toys from their car seat and easily clip them to the top bar for added fun during playtime. Babies love to look at their reflection in a mirror and a wooden play gym is a perfect place to hang a small mirror so that babies can learn all about their own facial expressions while they play.

The opportunities to play with a wooden gym are endless! It is much easier to interchange small toys than to constantly be pulling out larger toys. No one has time for that, especially a new parent. Not to mention, wooden play gyms are travel and storage-friendly! It easily folds into itself for small and confined storage underneath a couch or in a small closet.

Baby Essentials: Top 5 Essentials For First Time Baby
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There are SO many baby carriers on the market today, so be sure to assess all of the different pros and cons for each product. Whether it be a fabric wrap with a sling or a backpack carrier, carriers are proven to help boost the relationship between parent and baby. As the parent carries the baby around the house, the baby feels secure and close to the parent- similar to being held. Carriers are perfect for those days when the caregiver needs two hands, but the baby wants to be held all day.

Another baby essential that is a highly recommended option would be to find a carrier that can grow with the baby as they develop into a toddler. When the days of carrying the baby around the house are long over, it will help to have already invested in a carrier that can be used for walks around the park or family hikes.  


Monitors are so incredibly helpful and it definitely needs to be one of the first things added to the list of the baby essentials! Whether the baby needs to be monitored for a nap or during the night, it’s important to have a safe and trust-worthy monitor. Using a monitor that doesn’t need a connection to wi-fi helps keep everyone in the family safe and helps to avoid anyone outside of the home tapping into the nursery monitor feed. Monitors without wi-fi do not connect to an app on a smartphone, but they have handheld screens that have a decent range of distance.

Video monitors are extremely helpful versus a basic sound monitor in the case that allows parents to have a visual eye on their baby at all times. Always keep in mind- safety comes first with a new baby in the house. While it may be convenient to have access to the baby monitor on your phone, it may not be the safest option available.

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A diaper caddy is a small organizer that can be carried around from room to room to help make diaper changes a lot easier! This is definitely one of those baby essentials you do not want to live without! Those early days with a newborn can be a messy blur of chaos and love. Don’t make those days any more difficult than they need to be! Be as prepared as possible on all fronts and bring the diaper change to the baby! Having a diaper caddy helps to make diaper changes easy by allowing the parents to have everything in one place. Most caddies have different sections for easy organization! A portable changing mat, diapers, wipes, rash cream, pee-pee tee-pees, hand sanitizer, etc. are all essential items to carry in the diaper caddy.

Baby Essentials: Top 5 Essentials For First Time Baby
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Having a baby is a wonderful and exciting new journey, but it can also be intimidating and a little nerve-wracking. Feeling well prepared for the arrival of the baby will do nothing but help. Don’t allow the stress to be too overwhelming. It’s okay to try a variety of different items until the perfect one is found. Remember, what works for some people may not be best for others, and most important of all- make sure to enjoy the time right before and after the baby comes. Those moments can be so fleeting and they go by quickly. Set the whole family up for success by investing in some of these baby essentials!

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Baby Essentials: Top 5 Essentials For First Time Baby



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