10 Best Pranks for April Fools Fun

The best pranks for April fools make for a super fun day for parents, especially with their big kids. April Fool’s Day lets parents pick on their teens and tweens – all in good fun of course. Did you know, April Fool’s Day has been a tradition since about 1582 when France switched to the Gregorian calendar? The calendar switch moved the start of the new year to Jan. 1 instead of April 1.

However, news traveled slowly back then; and some continued to celebrate the start of the new year at the end of March through April 1 – those who celebrated according to the old Julian calendar became the butt of jokes and pranks.

April Fool’s Day fun spread around the world and continues to be celebrated in many countries today, including Scotland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, India, and many more. In Ireland and the United Kingdom, it is considered poor taste to continue the jokes and pranks past noon on April Fool’s Day. So, plan according to where you live when setting up the best pranks for April fools.

10 Best Pranks For April Fools Fun

No matter where you live the best pranks for April fools are all about timing. You must make sure you have the perfect timing for the surprise, yet still, leave time for unplanned cleanup. If you are new to pulling pranks on your family this April Fool’s Day, you might want to start small.

But, you know your family best, so take into consideration their teen and tween “moods” and “emotions.” If you start pulling pranks and jokes on your children when they are little, then each April Fool’s Day you can make it your mission to pull a bigger prank. But beware, as your children get older, they will work to create the best pranks for April fools to pull on you!

Best Pranks for April Fools to Get Your Big Kids (or your spouse)
10 Best Pranks For April Fools Fun

Keep in mind, if you are going to pull a prank that makes a bit of a mess, you might be the one who will be forced to clean it up. Be ready after you are done belly laughing to spend some time cleaning. After all, the best pranks for April fools do seem to be a bit messy.

The Faucet – Perhaps one of the best pranks for April fools is the tried and true faucet trick. In the kitchen, you can turn the spray hose at the sink outward. Depending on your faucet, you may need to rubberband it in the “on” position. When your unsuspecting son, daughter, or husband go to use the sink, they will be soaked.

You can also pull this prank in the bathroom when your family member already is planning to get wet. Turn the showerhead so it aims out of the shower. Most people turn on the water and then get in the shower. Assuming that is the case, the water will shoot out all over your family member and the bathroom. Let the April Fool’s Day fun begin!

10 Best Pranks For April Fools Fun

The Toilet – This one is messy, and only funny if it is not done to you. But, depending on the age of your children and how much humor is a part of your everyday dynamic, your family might just get a kick out of the plastic-wrapped toilet. Well, at least one time.

Lift the toilet seat and apply the clear plastic wrap. It should be tight with no wrinkles so it appears invisible. Put the toilet seat down and leave the bathroom as it normally looks. That’s it, now you wait for your unsuspecting family members. Listen for squeals and screams as pee bounces and flies off the plastic wrap. (Be ready with a bucket, mop, and bathroom cleaners.)

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The Earbuds – This prank is great if done while your loved ones are sleeping on the eve of April Fool’s Day. Grab one of their earbuds and put it in a balloon, blow it up and tie it. Then blow up about 50 to 100 more balloons. Fill their bedroom or living room with balloons. Be sure to toss the balloon with the earbud in it with all the balloons in the room. Sit back and enjoy watching your child or spouse pick up, shake, and pop – all of the balloons searching for his missing earbud.

10 Best Pranks For April Fools Fun

The Phone – Your tween, teen, and spouse are never far from their phone or iPad. This prank takes a bit of planning and sneakiness. Purchase a screen protector to fit their device. When it arrives, pound it a bit so it is full of cracks. When your family member walks away from his/her device or, better yet, while he/she is sleeping the night before April Fool’s Day, apply the new cracked screen protector. Be ready for shouts asking, “who broke my phone?”

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The Soap – Take your bathroom bar of soap and paint it with clear nail polish. When your family members go to wash their hands they will have a hard time lathering up. Be nearby so you can bring in the “real” bar of soap so your family members actually can wash up for dinner.

Best Pranks for April Fools for Your Little Kids

Embrace the silly. Be the spark that ignites your children’s imagination. Sometimes, it’s tough to be creative every single day of the year, but you can use April 1 to put your “thinking cap” on max capacity. Your children will be delighted with laughter as you pull the best pranks for April fools.

10 Best Pranks For April Fools Fun

The Eyes – A package of googly eyes and a Sharpie can bring much joy. Glue googly eyes on the food in the refrigerator – the eggs, the salad dressing bottle, the milk jug, and, maybe, even the cheese. Use the Sharpie to draw eyes or faces on bananas, oranges, lemons, and whatever other food item looks like it has something to say.

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The Cookies – This is a prank you can do to family members of all ages. Be extra nice on the morning of April 1 and pack your loved ones’ lunches. However, when you pack their favorite chocolate sandwich cookies – take the time to scrape off the delicious middle and replace it with toothpaste. Can you picture the wrinkled-up nose as your loved one bites into his favorite chocolate sandwich cookie? Who’s laughing now?

10 Best Pranks For April Fools Fun

The Donuts – Donut Magic is one of the best pranks for April fools for your toddlers or young preschoolers. After enjoying breakfast or a snack of Cheerios in the morning, take your little ones outside and bury some Cheerios in the dirt. Maybe even water them. That afternoon after morning naps or preschool, take your little one to the same spot only to discover that donuts have grown where you planted Cheerios that morning!

You can be as creative as you choose – you can leave a box of dozen donuts sitting in the grass or lunch-size plates full of donuts. Your children will love both. Or, you can go a step further and plant a small bush or shrub where you planted the Cheerios that morning and hang donuts like ornaments. Your littles will be amazed! You can tell them April Fools or let them believe in magic!

10 Best Pranks For April Fools Fun

The Ice Cream – What’s better than ending the day with an ice cream sundae? The best pranks for April fools often contain food swaps and the “mayonnaise sundae” puts the cherry on top. Serve your family beautiful ice cream sundaes but use a scoop of mayonnaise instead of ice cream. Squirt chocolate and whip cream all over, add sprinkles, and, of course, a cherry. Your kiddos will be squealing about spoiled ice cream as you laugh and shout – “April Fools!”

10 Best Pranks For April Fools Fun

The Clock – This is one of the best pranks for April fools for elementary-aged children assuming you can keep them off of phones and iPads in the morning. Move the clocks forward an hour – the one on the stove, the one on the cable box, and any other clocks in your house. But wake everyone up an hour earlier than normal. Rush everyone out the door as if you are going to be late for school and work, but you really are an hour early. Head to your favorite breakfast place for a surprise April Fool’s Day breakfast! This one turns out to be a fun family outing.

The best pranks for April Fools truly are in the minds of the pranksters. In the spirit of April Fool’s Day, most are in good-natured fun but be careful when you search for ideas on the Internet. Although pranks can be funny some are just mean if you do not take into consideration the timing. A spilled drink with a cut bottom from a to-go paper cup can be funny but not right before a big test, a client meeting, or an interview. Have fun, especially with your children and spouse, but be kind.

As you know, in a world where you can be anything, just be kind. You will know when you have successfully pranked your children when they come up with the best pranks for April Fools to get back at you for the many years of tricks, jokes, and pranks. Happy April Fool’s Day!

Source: History, Fatherly.

Photo Credits: Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay.

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10 Best Pranks For April Fools Fun



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