14 Exciting Must Haves For Your Back To School List For Preschoolers

If you’re sending your toddler off to preschool, you need to make sure they have all the gear they need for playground time, diaper changes, lunch, snack time, and more! We have looked high and low and found the most adorable clothes that are super functional and adorable, perfect for little ones.  We also have comfy shoes, accessories, and gear to help you get them ready for their day and ease them into this big transition. Check out this awesome back to school list for preschoolers to get you and your kiddos excited for their next milestone!

Back To School List For Preschoolers

See Kai Run

14 Exciting Must Haves For Your Back To School List For Preschoolers

Looking for a pair of casual (yet functional) shoes for your child before they head back to school? Your search is so over. See Kai Run has all the fun and trendy styles your kids could ever want, and the healthy foot development and comfort all parents need in a shoe! The Stevie Red/Blue sneakers are manufactured to perfectly fit your child’s feet and deserve a place on your back to school list for preschoolers.

The long loose chip straps and elastic bands adapt to your feet and adjust to keep you comfortable. Furthermore, the pattern on the back of the sole ensures a firmer grip even on uneven ground, preventing tripping.

This Ryder Knit FlexiRun™ Gray/Multi is ideal for your athletic children who enjoy running, cycling, or hiking. This pair has a breathable mesh that keeps the feet comfortable and the airflow seeping. What’s more, the colorful sole of these sneakers matches perfectly with the white upper body, making these sneakers stand out and add a funky touch.

This pair of sneakers is the perfect blend of style and functionality and definitely belongs on your back to school list for preschoolers. This Dane Gray/Cool pair is ideal for the summer. The cool print and chic design look great with any outfit. Aside from that, the three elastic laces make walking and running easier, and they expand in response to foot movement.

On the other hand, this Summit Gray/Black pair allows you to look cool while keeping the environment clean since its upper part is made of 90 percent recycled materials. Get ready for your kids to hike the trails and climb the highest jungle gym! As a bonus, you can adjust the strap to ensure a firm grip that will prevent it from falling off.

These unique design Summit Gray/Black ones, which are perfect as a get-up-and-go, go-to pair will be your child’s favorite shoes.

Just wait until the Kristin Rainbow Shimmer steps onto the school scene! These sneakers are ideal for school functions; your girl will adore them. The high-quality materials used in these sneakers make them long-lasting and durable.

Your child can play as much as she wants, and these shoes will easily withstand the force. Furthermore, this pair is extremely lightweight, allowing for long walks without tiring. The colors complement any outfit.

For the little fashionista, the cute heart print on the straps makes these Dean Adapt Purple sneakers adorable, and the soft mesh lining adds to the comfort. Washing these is a piece of cake; simply toss them in the washing machine and you’ll have brand new shoes without the color fading in no time!

Stevie Red/Blue | Dean Adapt Purple | Summit Gray/Black | Dane Gray/Cool | Kristin Rainbow Shimmer | Ryder Knit FlexiRun™ Gray/Multi
See Kai Run | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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14 Exciting Must Haves For Your Back To School List For Preschoolers

When you need an overhaul of clothes for your new preschooler, PatPat has not only affordable and uber cute styles to dress your little one in, they have a lot of affordable and uber cute styles to dress your child in this school year! From curated sets of trending pants and tops to individual patterns to mix and match as you please, PatPat has plenty to choose from while you have peace of mind that you’re not blowing your savings.

The Toddler Boy Trendy Letter Print has a unique style and a neutral color. The shirt’s design appears to be two separate shirts, which is fantastic. Your little guy will love that both the shirt and shorts have a pocket where he can store candies, money, or their favorite small toys.

If your kid is a dinosaur geek, they will love this dinosaur print pullover sweatshirt made entirely of polyester. The colorful dinosaur print embodies the essence of spring and looks super cute.

You might also want to check out this 3-pack of waffle Tees. Each shirt in this set has a striking color, and interesting dinosaur-shaped letters print. In addition, these tees are perfect for summer as they are light and airy, thanks to the 90% cotton used in the fabric. Be sure to add these shirts to your back to school list for preschoolers.

You can coordinate these funky print shirts with plain activewear elasticized pants. This pair of pants has a firm color pigment that doesn’t fade even after several washes. In addition to that, it is super light and comfortable, which adds to easy mobility.

From eye-catching prints to plain minimalist design, you can find terrific two pieces, shirts, pants, and whatnot at Patpat. The following are some of Patpat’s stimulating pieces.

14 Exciting Must Haves For Your Back To School List For Preschoolers

What could be more exciting for your kid than his outfit matching their favorite toys? This all-over toy print two pieces will make your kid a celebrity in class, and part of a cool kid’s gang. The fabric is breathable and can sustain several washes.

Look at this stylish 2pcs Toddler Boy Trendy Letter Print with a unique style and a neutral color. The shirt’s design appears to be two separate shirts, which is fantastic. Moreover, both the shirt and shorts have a pocket where your child can store candies, money, or their favorite small toys, making this an ideal addition to your back to school list for preschoolers.

This fire print two-piece set would be ideal for your short-tempered favorite child. The yellow flame compliments the black color and makes it look chic. It also includes shorts with the same fine print, although you can also match the shirt with jeans or sweatpants.

If your child prefers street style, this black tee and pants set appear to be a promising purchase. The tee shirt features a massive dazzling dinosaur skeleton print. The pants, with their bottom pockets, look cool and edgy, and the drip this outfit holds is unreal.

Patpat also features minimalist and plain clothing articles. This toddler boy pack comprises three plain henley shirts with a pretty color palette. Moreover, the fabric of these shirts is nice and soft, entirely made up of cotton. This shirt has top buttons so it can be put on and taken off easily. You can style these shirts with shorts, jeans, or sweatpants for going to school.

With its versatile articles, Patpat’s three-piece (shirt shown below) deserves a place on the back to school list for preschoolers. It includes one gorgeous green polo shirt, one basic white tee shirt with a dark blue outline, and stylish plaid shorts. The best part about this three-piece set is that you can style every single article in numerous ways, thus making it a practical purchase.

Toddler Boy Casual Stripes two pieces have super minimal design and soft color tones, making them perfect for casual wear. Toddler boy causal includes a shirt with stripes featuring a reasonable blue pocket. If your kids are going on a field trip, these trousers will save them from mosquito bites since they are full length.

Patpat’s Tonka Toddler two pieces are another pair with a similar print but chic touch. The material used in these two pieces is of excellent quality and has a feathery touch, so your child can rock in class even if it’s scorching hot outside. This set’s grey shirt has an enticing toy print and an inspiring line to make your child feel confident.

To round out your shopping collection, Patpat’s block socks are also worth considering. This toddler block socks pack comprises six pairs of socks in total. Your little one can match their socks with their outfits because each pair has a different color toe and heel. Plus, these block socks are neither too thin nor too thick, just perfect and durable.

Now you’ll have no trouble finding quality items for your back to school list for preschoolers that are budget-friendly but don’t compromise on quality. Patpat will prove to be a life-changer. Patpat is designed to make shopping for your kids fun, easier, and cheaper with its cool, stylish, and versatile pieces. On top of that, the stitching of all Patpat’s clothing articles is immaculate, making every outfit look amazing.

Toddler Boy Vehicle Allover Print Pullover Sweatshirt and Elasticized Pants | Toddler Boy Flame Print Colorblock Short-sleeve Tee and Elasticized Shorts Set | Toddler Boy Playful Dinosaur Print Tee and Pocket Design Pants Set |Toddler Boy Trendy Letter Print Colorblock Tee and Shorts Set | Toddler Boy Animal Dinosaur Print Short-sleeve Waffle Tee | Toddler Boy Casual Stripe Pocket Design Tee and Pants Set | Toddler Boy Cotton Graphic Tee and Solid Sweatpants | 3-Pack Toddler Boy 100% Cotton Button Design Short-sleeve Henley Shirt | Toddler Boy Trendy Letter Print Faux-two Pocket Design Tee and Shorts Set | Toddler Boy Casual Polo Shirt & Tee and Plaid Shorts Set | Toddler Boy Playful Animal Dinosaur Print Pullover Sweatshirt | Activewear Toddler Boy Solid Color Breathable Quick Dry Elasticized Pants | 6-pack Toddler / Kid Color Block Socks
PatPat | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

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Mabel’s Labels

14 Exciting Must Haves For Your Back To School List For Preschoolers

Sifting through a lost and found at your child’s school has never been easier thanks to Mabel’s Labels. Whether you need to keep track of clothing, toys, or books, Mabel’s Labels is your solution.

Use the Iron-On Clothing Labels to attach your child’s name to his sweatshirts, soccer uniforms, and more. These Iron-On Labels work with a variety of fabrics and are machine-washable.

14 Exciting Must Haves For Your Back To School List For Preschoolers

The Large Rectangle Labels are perfect for labeling Bento lunch boxes, water bottles, and even utensils. These labels are waterproof, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe.

Add some charm to the next batch of greeting cards you mail out when you use the Return Address Stamp. This customizable stamp is self-inking and will last for approximately 500 uses.

Get Mabel’s Label’s and stay organized. Add these fabulous finds to your shopping cart today!

Iron-On Clothing Labels | Large Rectangle Labels | Return Address Stamp
Mabel’s Labels | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Hydro Flask

14 Exciting Must Haves For Your Back To School List For Preschoolers

Send your kids back to school in style when you get them lunchroom accessories from Hydro Flask. Hydro Flask has everything you need whether you’re on an outdoor adventure or grabbing lunch in the breakroom. Check out our favorites!

Do you know any kids who enjoy eating a smashed peanut butter and jelly sandwich? We don’t and neither does anyone on the Hydro Flask team. If you have a child who frets when they see their cookies have crumbled, get the Kids Insulated Lunch Box. Built to survive playground battles, this lunch box will not only protect food from getting smashed, but it will also keep their favorite foods at the desired temperature. For moms, the interior lining makes cleaning up spills and leaks quick and easy.

14 Exciting Must Haves For Your Back To School List For Preschoolers

Send your kids to school with their favorite soup when you purchase the 12-oz Insulated Food Jar. The double-walled vacuum insulation will keep their chicken noodle soup hot for hours. Does your child love yogurt? The same technology that will keep their soup hot will also keep their yogurt cold. The soft grip lid makes it easy for small hands to open and close the Kids Insulated Food jar. And because trips to the lost and found happen, moms will love the name label on the lid. It guarantees no two kids will have the same food jar.

For trips to the zoo or long car rides to Grandma’s house, make sure you pack the 12-oz Kids Wide Mouth Bottle. Its flip and sip design makes it easy for your little one to quench their thirst. If your kids prefer drinking milk, this bottle will keep it cold and refreshing for up to 24 hours.

14 Exciting Must Haves For Your Back To School List For Preschoolers

Adults who are on the go need to stay hydrated too! Hydro Flask understands this and that’s why they offer the 32-oz Wide Mouth Bottle. Made with the same double-walled vacuum technology as the others, your icy water will stay cold for up to 24 hours. If coffee is your go-to drink, it will stay hot for up to five hours. The 32-oz Wide Mouth Bottle is the perfect companion for your next 10K run.

Your next outdoor adventure awaits! Pack your Hydro Flask gear and stay prepared! Whether you’re sending your child on a field trip or you’re participating in a Pelotonia ride, Hydro Flask will keep your food and drinks at the perfect temperature.

Kids Insulated Lunch Box | 12-oz Kids Insulated Food Jar | 12-oz Kids Wide Mouth Bottle | 32-oz Wide Mouth Bottle
Hydro Flask | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest


OmieBox is the perfect preschool-sized bento box for little hands. Designed just for packing perfectly portioned, healthy lunches for your kiddos, OmieBox features dual-insulation technology allowing you to pack both hot and cold foods for school lunch! Made for little hands, the OmieBox features easy-to-open compartments that will keep your child’s food separated but easy enough to open all on their own. Fostering independence at mealtimes whether you are packing sandwiches and snacks, soups, pasta, fruits, yogurts, and more, OmieBox will keep your little one’s food fresh and accessible at lunchtime, ensuring they have healthy and nutritious food even at school.

OmieBox | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


14 Exciting Must Haves For Your Back To School List For Preschoolers

While we all get excited about the start of a new school year and all that goes with it, safety will always be a parent’s top priority for their children and Chicco feels the same way. If you have a child who is ready to graduate from their 5-point harness, Chicco offers the KidFit Zip Plus 2-in-1 Belt-Positioning Booster to keep them safe.

Available in 2 different color waves, Chicco designed the KidFit Zip Plus with comfort, safety, and convenience as its key features; including the latch system to keep the seat stable during transit, as well as zip-off quilted cushions for easy cleaning, PLUS new quick-release LATCH for easy install and transfer (or removal).

The KidFit Zip Plus also includes two dishwasher-safe CupFolders that fold out of the way when empty and are easy to remove for cleaning. The bonus storage console fits into either CupFolder to carry big kid necessities (including snacks or a drive-thru meal).

14 Exciting Must Haves For Your Back To School List For Preschoolers

Chicco’s KidFit Zip Plus is designed for children at least 4 years of age, between 38-57″ tall, between 40-100 lbs. In high-back mode, the seat can support 40-110 lbs. In backless mode, the seat can sit relatively still in the same position throughout the car ride.

KidFit Zip Plus 2-in-1 Belt-Positioning Booster
Chicco | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | TikTok

The Children’s Place

14 Exciting Must Haves For Your Back To School List For Preschoolers

The Children’s Place is a top source for uniforms and children’s clothing for your back to school list for preschoolers. The high-quality shirts, shorts, and shoes will not only keep your children feeling comfortable and looking stylish but are also durable to hold up all school year long.

If your kid is entering kindergarten, let them show their kindergarten pride with the Kindergarten Dino Graphic Tees that are fun and give them confidence for their new school journey. Other graphic tees like the shark 3-pack are perfect for school and play and pair seamlessly with the french terry shorts that are soft and provide the ultimate mobility.

14 Exciting Must Haves For Your Back To School List For Preschoolers

For the precious toddlers that are in preschool, the short sleeve Animal Graphic Tees sport their favorite exotic animals in a colorful 4-pack and pair perfectly with the Toddler Boys Uniform Woven Stretch Chino Shorts that have a pull-on EZ-fit waist, faux button with hook-and-bar closure, faux fly and elasticized back. These shorts are available in a multipack 3-pack that includes pairs of black, grey, and khaki and are ideal for your back to school list for preschoolers.

The Colorblock Mesh Sneakers are a great everyday shoe that utilizes a slip-on style with elasticized gore for easy on and off. These shoes are available in both toddler and big kid sizes and are easy to match with any outfit choices with the grey and black combo or blue and black option.

Boys Short Sleeve ‘Kindergarten Rules’ And Dino Graphic Tee | Boys Short Sleeve Shark Graphic Tee | Boys French Terry Shorts | Baby And Toddler Boys Short Sleeve Animal Graphic Tee | Toddler Boys Uniform Woven Stretch Chino Shorts | Boys Colorblock Mesh Sneakers | Toddler Boys Colorblock Mesh Sneakers
The Children’s Place | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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Crate & Kids

14 Exciting Must Haves For Your Back To School List For Preschoolers

Is your child starting a new school year this summer? You need to add the Crate & Kids collection to your back to school list for preschoolers ASAP. Rainy Rainbows Kids Backpack is ideal for your children headed back to school. The backpack has a super cute doodle of vibrant colors.

It also has several pockets to help you organize your belongings. Furthermore, the opening has two zips for added convenience and efficiency, and the waterproof quality makes it long-lasting.

This Insulated Kids Lunch Box will be a wise investment. Its innovative insulation feature keeps the food inside fresh all day long. It also has a soft carrying handle, so your children can carry it comfortably, no matter how heavy. Your children can also use this functional lunch box for other occasions such as trips and games.

Crate & Kids insulated water bottle ensures that your children enjoy drinking chilled water, refreshing juice, or hot beverages at any time of the day at school, thanks to its thick insulated walls that keep the drink cold for up to six hours. It also has a user-friendly design and an integrated silicon straw, ensuring safe drinking without spillage.

Rainy Rainbows Large Kids Backpack | Rainy Rainbows Insulated Kids Lunch Box | Rainy Rainbows Kids Water Bottle
Crate & Kids | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | Pinterest

Prince Lion Heart

Bouncing around from one afterschool activity to another can be exhausting. If you forget something you need to keep smaller children entertained, it can also be frustrating. Prepare for the upcoming school year and future adventures on the road with Prince Lion Heart products.

Prince Lion Heart has everything you need to keep your car organized so you’ll never forget the things you use for those long days on the road. Buy now and save 10% when you use the BACKTOSCHOOL10 discount code.

Make life in the car easier for everyone when you get the Travel Organizer to hold everyone’s stuff. The Travel Organizer has adjustable pockets for the center console and two insulated cup holders in the front. Our favorite feature is the rear anchor that will hold the Travel Organizer in place while you’re driving around.

Perfect for travel in the car or on a plane, get the Travel Tray for your next adventure. The Travel Tray easily buckles and unbuckles around the child’s waist. The mesh pockets will store all their markers at their side and the tray lip will keep toys from escaping onto the car floor.

The Backseat Organizer solves multiple problems. It protects the back of your seat from getting dirty because of the tiny, kicking feet. It also has multiple pockets parents can use to store toys, bottles, maps, and more. The top left and right pockets can be easily accessed by either mom or dad while in the car. This is a must-have for your back to school list for preschoolers.

Car rides during sunrise or sunset can be a nightmare when traveling with small children. Use the Static Cling Sunshade to keep the sun from shining in their eyes. Available in packs of two, the Static Cling Shade pops open fast and easily attaches to the car window using static cling.

Make traveling with your kids a relaxing experience when you purchase these products by Prince Lion Heart and be sure to tell your friends to put these items on their back to school list for preschoolers. Now everything in your car will have its special place. Everything you use will be right where you need it. Add these to your cart today so you can get on the road tomorrow!

Travel Organizer | Travel Tray | Backseat Organizer | Static Cling Sunshade
Prince Lion Heart | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

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14 Exciting Must Haves For Your Back To School List For Preschoolers

The Explorer Mermaid Splash Backpack is perfect for the imaginative preschooler who loves to make a big splash! This colorful and fun backpack features a mermaid print design that will make your little one stand out from the crowd. The backpack is also super practical, with plenty of room for all your child’s school supplies and snacks. Plus, it has a comfy padded back panel and straps, so it’s perfect for carrying around all day long. Whether your child is headed off to school or going on a fun adventure, the Explorer Mermaid Splash Backpack is sure to make the journey even more special.

Who says you can’t take a little bit of the ocean with you wherever you go? With the Out to Lunch – Mermaid Splash lunchbag, you can do just that! Whether you’re off to school, playdates, or on a fun outing, this lunchbag is perfect for bringing along your favorite foods and drinks.

Made of durable materials and featuring a colorful mermaid design, this lunchbag is sure to make a splash wherever you go! The insulated interior keeps your food and drinks cool and fresh, while the handy front pocket is great for storing utensils or snacks. Plus, the top zip closure means everything will stay securely in place.

So if you’re looking for a fun and functional way to carry your lunch, look no further than the Out to Lunch – Mermaid Splash lunch bag to compliment The Explorer! Add this cute set to your back to school list for preschoolers.

Out to Lunch – Mermaid Splash | The Explorer – Mermaid Splash
Wanderwild | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


Does your kid have trouble sleeping at night? Does anxiety get the best of them at times? Zenimal can help with that and ease your child when they need it most. Now, you can listen to lullabies and soothing melodies with your phone too, but Zenimal is screen-free, which means less distraction and stimulates more mindfulness with its sweet and calming sleeping tracks.

Moreover, it comes pre-loaded with nine tracks of effective meditation exercises on its removable SD card in which you can switch out with additional Music Memory Cards. You can listen to the therapeutic melodies and guides to meditation in two ways, via speaker and headphones, which means Zenimal can travel with you, giving you the emotional support you or your kid needs.

Furthermore, its compact size contributes to portability; it will easily fit in a medium-sized purse and its turtle-shaped design is also super adorable. Children with ADHD and social anxiety can benefit from Zenimal’s mindfulness-promoting features as well.

Zenimal Kids + 2.0 | The Orca Collection – The Music Memory Card
Zenimals | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Super Smalls

14 Exciting Must Haves For Your Back To School List For Preschoolers

Celebrate the start of a new school year this year with Super Smalls! For kids who love their bling, Super Smalls has everything you need to bring out their sparkle with their fancy gems made for everyday wear. From hair ties to fancy stickers, your fabulous students will need these items on their back to school list for preschoolers!

For starters, the Casual Friday Super Clip is going places! Like that feeling of freedom, only a Friday afternoon can bring – just throw your hair up and head out the door. This clip will quickly become your go-to for easy up-dos and is also perfect for those dressed-down days when comfort reigns, but sparkly gems are still on the brain.

How about a fun hair tie (or two)? If she’s in uniform like so many kids these days, dress up her pony with this fashion-forward (pearl-covered!) twist on a classic hair tie. The Central Park Pearl Hair Ties are perfect for those days when you need a little pick-me-up for your hair. With a set of 6 in mixed patterns, there’s a tie for every style!

Alternatively, if you want to really show off your personality, the Charmed Life Hair Ties are made to do just that and deserve a place on your back to school list for preschoolers. Perfect for accessorizing, play dates or after-school activities, this set of 6 stretchy hair ties are style superstars! Wear them as bracelets or as your go-to school accessory.

Casual Friday Super Clip | Central Park Pearl Hair Ties | Charmed Life Hair Ties
Super Smalls | Facebook | Instagram

Ten Little

14 Exciting Must Haves For Your Back To School List For Preschoolers

Are you looking for a reliable bag for your little tike heading back to school? Your search ends here with Ten Little! This bag is made entirely of recycled and non-toxic materials. Not only that, but the Recycled Backpack 15″ has adjustable shoulder straps, padded with foam, which adds to comfort.

Furthermore, the additional bridge strap ensures grip and stability. It has a partition on the inside, which makes it easier to organize the contents. On the outside, it has one zip compartment that can hold a pencil box or a water bottle, making it ideal for your back to school list for preschoolers.

If the lunch box or extra snacks don’t seem to fit in with all of those books, you should definitely check out this small cute substantial bag, the Insulated Recycled Lunch Box. It has a single shoulder strap and an extremely functional design. It is also very easy to clean.

Recycled Backpack 15″ | Insulated Recycled Lunch Box
Ten Little | Facebook | Instagram


Serve lunch using fun, geometric shapes when you purchase the Mealtime Set by Lollaland. This three-piece, stackable and unbreakable set is microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe. Made with safe plastics that won’t add an artificial taste to food, your finicky eaters won’t taste anything except whatever is on their plate.

The Mealtime set is available in every color in the rainbow to match your child’s favorite color and includes a plate, bowl, and dipping cup. Sustainable and durable, the dinnerwear from Lollaland is designed to last for years to come, being the number one eating accessory for your child as they grow from toddlerhood into childhood. This is a must-have for your back to school list for preschoolers.

Mealtime Set
Lollaland | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest | TikTok

With this guide, you can send your little one to preschool without worrying about the little things. While a back to school list for preschoolers is slightly different than those going to big-kid school we have still found the essentials all kiddos need! From the best gear to playground-friendly clothing and shoes, sending your little ones off in style has never been easier.  Everything you need for a smooth and seamless transition into preschool is here to help you and your child get excited and adjust to the fun and exciting school year ahead.

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14 Exciting Must Haves For Your Back To School List For Preschoolers



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