The Pros Of Procrastination: Yes, They Exist

Tomorrow: (noun)–a mystical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation, and achievement is stored. AKA: A place where procrastination thrives. But don’t be fooled, there really are some pros to procrastination!

Whether you’re a born procrastinator or you’re just looking to do a better job of not doing your job, being a step behind has its benefits! The act of procrastinating is to put off doing something until another day or to delay the completion of something. Say, for example, you have to write an article about procrastination. Why get a head start? Wait until the last few hours before it’s due and then power through that sucker to meet your deadline in barely the nick of time! If you’ve always been a Jump-Start-Jane, read on to find out how you too, can learn to waste time with the best of them and become the procrastinator your mother always warned you about. Watch out; the pros of procrastination may just bring you to the dark side!

Pros Of Procrastination
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Start Surfing!

The first step in being a slow stepper is already working well for you: get yourself on Pinterest or Facebook and scroll away, my friend! Social media is a wonderful way to whet your appetite for stalling. You can sit down with a cup of coffee for “just a few quick minutes while that laundry is in the dryer” and suddenly three hours have gone by and you now know how to braise a pork butt, create a DIY herb garden, and fold a fitted sheet. (But really, will you EVER use that?!) So get comfy, head on over to Daily Mom Military, and spend some quality time surfing the web!

Pros of procrastination here? Now you might know know how to braise a pork butt.

Laundry, Shmaundry

And speaking of laundry, exactly what kind of crazy person actually washes, dries, and folds laundry all in one day? If you really want to be a rock-star procrastinator, make sure those piles of wet clothes sit in the washer at least a day or two. It really isn’t clean if it hasn’t been washed at least twice from sitting too long. A few turns in the dryer are also important. Again, if those shirts sit too long they’ll just be all wrinkly and you’ll have to iron them. No one wants that, so run that machine on high heat one more time! No one really folds clothes, anyway. Real people just run back and forth to the laundry room in their undies to get new stuff.

Pros of procrastination here? Your clothes will get squeaky clean with the extra washing, and you might find another use for your guest room bed.

It’s been said that the longer you wait to do something, the older and wiser you’ll be when you finally get around to doing it. So procrastinators are definitely the wisest of people! The immortal Mozart is said to have written the overture to Don Giovanni the morning that it premiered. If it’s good enough for Mozart, certainly it’s good enough for regular folks like us!

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Pros Of Procrastination
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Netflix and Chill!

Mozart may not have made a daily to-do list, but often busy moms feel obligated to write it all down and remind yourself what needs to be done. But a to-do list only makes you feel more obligated to hustle through life, and what fun is that? If you feel you must make a list, be sure to put it somewhere that it won’t get seen. Or perhaps lose it a few times. Or put each item on a separate Post-It note so that there’s no organization whatsoever. And if you just can’t stop yourself from checking things off said list, don’t be disheartened. You can still work on your procrastinator vibe by rewarding yourself after each job finished. With Netflix. Maybe all of season one. And season two if it was a big job. By the way, Netflix is the perfect go-to for when you feel the urge to start working on that big project, as well!

Pros of procrastination here? You’ll reign when it comes to pop culture television!

Can You See Where You’ve Been?

Lastly, don’t forget that cleaning is another arena where procrastinators thrive. Momma always told me cleaning is wasted activity unless you can see where you’ve been. So please, don’t swipe the Swiffer every other day, and don’t bother with that mop unless it stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. Unless you can mark a trail through the dust bunnies, you’ve wasted time and effort on an already-clean house. Sister, you have better things to do. Like catching up on what Mrs. Maisel is saying in her newest act.

Pros of procrastination here? People notice and appreciate the work because it’s more visibly seen!

If all else fails, take a trip using the Map of Procrastination. In fact, do a Google search for your own copy! (Take your time…we can wait…). Head to the Mountains of Distraction where you’ll find Mount Gaming and TV Peak. Sit a spell on Daydream Beach. Head to Lake Coffee Break for a brief respite. My personal favorite destination is the City of Closet Re-Organization. There is just so much to do there, especially around PCS season!

Pros Of Procrastination
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Good things come to those who wait, so what are you waiting for? I mean, er, never mind. Wait for it, friends. There’s always tomorrow.

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The Art Of Procrastination



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