New Dad Gifts For Father’s Day That He Is Sure To Love

Becoming a new dad is absolutely magical and also exhausting at the same time. There is no way to prepare for the overwhelming feelings of love and excitement while also walking around like a zombie. That little bundle of joy just brought a whole new perspective of what life is really all about and the true meaning of fatherhood. Celebrate your new dad this Father’s Day and make it one to remember with some great new dad gifts. All dad’s are notorious for adding fun, activity and adventure to anything they do. Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor gift ideas, our list of new dad gifts will be sure to cover any super-dad in your life!

Top New Dad Gifts For Father’s Day



Do you know a new dad that loves being active and getting outdoors for exercise and trying to decide which new dad gifts are worth it? Give him the Activ3 Air Jogging Stroller from Chicco for a stress-free and convenient jog that will have him maintaining his active lifestyle. This stroller can take on rough and tough terrain with its flex-core suspension technology. It has a lightweight aluminum frame and foam-filled tires that never need refilling. One of our favorite features is the full-coverage canopy with a tinted peek-a-boo window. This canopy is perfect for those sunny summer months, protecting your children’s sensitive skin and eyes, but still allowing them to see the outside world. For smaller infants, this stroller even accepts an infant car seat. The Activ3 Air Jogging Stroller from Chicco is the perfect Father’s Day gift for dads that lead an active lifestyle.

Activ3 Air Jogging Stroller
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New Dad Gifts For Father’s Day That He Is Sure To Love

If you are looking for new dad gifts this Father’s Day, how about the gift of a good night’s sleep? The Origanami Sateen Sheet Set by hülyahome is what every new dad needs at the end of a long day of changing diapers, washing bottles, and calming a fussy baby. There is nothing like slipping into a satiny smooth cloud and dreaming your night away. Or at least until baby cries in the middle of the night! At least Dad is certain to fall back asleep peacefully in these quality sheets.

The Origanami Sateen Sheet Set is made of the finest long-staple Fairtrade Certified Organic Cotton which gives the sumptuously soft sateen bed linens that warm and inviting look. All hülyahome products are created through a manufacturing process that is socially, economically and environmentally responsible. They design, manufacture and offer furnishings of the highest quality and performance, while adhering to environmental and social criteria certifications.

As the new dad becomes a seasoned dad, he will continue to appreciate his Origanami Sateen Sheet Set. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

The Origanami Sateen Sheet Set
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Skip Hop

New Dad Gifts For Father’s Day That He Is Sure To Love

Dads need a safe space for their littles to explore, play, and learn. Keeping a toddler confined to one area can be challenging, especially once they are mobile. Skip Hop created the ultimate Playview Expandable Enclosure so that dads can take a break while the kids stay safe and secure. This play yard for new dad gifts of toddlers includes six mesh panels with a modern design and look. These mesh panels allow easy visibility between dad and his baby. There is also an engaging activity mat that can clip to one of the panels to help keep the baby entertained. Give dad peace of mind this Father’s Day with the Playview Expandable Enclosure from Skip Hop.

New Dad Gifts For Father’s Day That He Is Sure To Love

Playview Expandable Enclosure
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New Dad Gifts For Father’s Day That He Is Sure To Love

All new dads need a dedicated place where they can get on the floor and play with their new baby. Playmats make great new dad gifts when choosing a Father’s Day present. Cushmat is an extra-large, cushioned playmat roomy enough for dad, baby, and all their toys. Whether baby is doing some tummy-time or working on crawling, this mat is extra thick and soft to protect your little one from bumps and falls as well as provide a comfortable surface for dad’s to lay or sit on.

New Dad Gifts For Father’s Day That He Is Sure To Love

Made from premium, non-toxic materials, Cushmat is safe and sustainable as well as durable and dependable. This mat is easy to clean and easy to maintain. It is waterproof and non-absorbent, allowing for spills and messes to be quickly cleaned and dried. Cushmat is so much more than just a Baby Play Mat. With several trendy designs to choose from, Cushmat can also double as a home decor item. Each mat is reversible, featuring a pattern on each side that you can simply flip over to adapt to your home’s aesthetics. The non-slip surface of this foam rug makes it a great addition to high-traffic areas such as living rooms, playrooms, and even bedrooms.

Baby Play Mat
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Chicco USA

Father’s Day 2020

Dad can have a good ‘ole time when it comes to feeding time with the infant, toddler, and grade-schooler. That’s because the Chicco Stack 3-in-1 High Chair is pretty much a multi-tasker when it comes to keeping up with dad’s growing baby. High chairs can make great new dad gifts when choosing a Father’s Day present. This particular highchair is for the little one who can sit up on their own, a booster for those not quite tall enough to sit in the family chairs, and a stool for those who love having their own seat that they don’t have to share (you’re welcome).

Start off with what you know and love with the convenience of your everyday highchair – a wipeable seat pad, safety 5-point harness, removable tray, and three reclining positions to make your baby comfortable and enjoying mealtime. As dad’s precious baby grows into a toddler, simply detach the seat from the frame and create a high-back booster to secure to family’s dining chair to join everyone at the table or use the tray if you like. And when your little whipper-snapper is older, use the highchair frame as a stool with a contoured seat with the pop-up backrest. And yes, Dads, it comes fully loaded with rubberized, pop-out feet to protect your family dining chairs!

First-time-dad features they’ll appreciate:

  • 3-in-1: Highchair, Booster, Stool
  • 3 recline positions with one-hand adjustment
  • Wipeable seat pad
  • Snap-on tray with one-hand removal/adjustment
  • Removable tray liner
  • Tray storage on rear legs
  • 2-position footrest for Highchair
  • Padded, 5-point harness for Highchair and High-Back Booster
  • Highchair seat easily detaches from frame to create Booster and Stool configurations
  • Stool seat is contoured for comfort and features a pop-up backrest

Chicco Stack 3-in-1 High Chair
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Step 2


Fathers create adventure every day. Whether they are helping their little ones fly through the living room or helping them catch bandits on horseback, they add special magic to childhood that no one else can create. This year, your new dad gifts of toddlers must include Step 2 and their Anniversary Edition Up & Down Roller Coaster. By giving dad this gift of adventure, he is sure to create even more magic during playtime.

Created for children ages 2 through 5, this Anniversary Edition Up & Down Roller Coaster has all the things kids and parents want. Recessed retainer walls hold the car in place until they are ready to go, and the EverTough™ technology means that this toy can handle whatever Dad and his little ones throw at it! This track is 10 feet of up and down fun, while the car is ATV style with a high back, handle bars and a foot rest for a safe ride. This ride is a great way for children to get exercise and get creative while spending quality time with Dad!

Anniversary Edition Up & Down Roller Coaster
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Piggyback Rider


Does your child just love being held by their daddy? Going for piggyback rides, sitting on top of his shoulders, and just constantly being climbed all over can start to wear on dad’s body. Father’s Day is the perfect time to give a gift that both relieves the pains of carrying around a growing child as well as making it fun for his little buddy. Your new dad gifts of toddlers must include a toddler friendly carrier! The Scout Standing Toddler Carrier is a harness style carrier that is worn on the back to carry your child up to 50 pounds. The little one will love being carried in a standing position, being able to see everything from dad’s height while dad will love the comfort and ease.


The Scout Standing Toddler Carrier is lightweight, portable, and much more convenient than dealing with bulky strollers. Whether you are hiking, shopping, visiting parks, or walking through crowded events, the Scout allows you to be hands free while keeping your child close. No more straining your arms and back, no more chasing your kid around, and no more complicated and confining carriers that toddlers tend to dislike.

Scout Standing Toddler Carrier
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Square Baby


Being a first-time dad is a special feeling. One thing that all parents enjoy is giving their baby their first baby foods. Seeing their excitement for more bites, having an adorably messy face, and experiencing new flavors and textures is a fun moment for both the parents and baby. Delicious baby food from Square Baby makes for great new dad gifts. Square Baby is committed to creating nutritious, balanced meals to help your baby grow and thrive as well as reduce the risk of developing a food allergy.

With tons of organic vegetable, fruit, grain, and protein options to choose from, you will be able to establish a well-rounded diet for your little one. These subscription meal plans are a great way to customize your food preferences and quantity and have them shipped directly to your door on a regular basis so you never run out. Square Baby takes the hassle out of shopping and stressing over baby food purchases.

Baby Food
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Baby Delight

New Dad Gifts For Father’s Day That He Is Sure To Love

The Go With Me Eclipse Portable Playard from Baby Delight is a perfect gift for a father that loves spending time outdoors with his family. It will give dad’s peace of mind this Father’s Day knowing his baby has a safe place to play while he watches safely from a distance.

The best feature that all dads will love is this playard unfolds and folds in just seconds. There is no aggravating setup required! This playard also comes with an easy to install sun canopy that is perfect for those sunny beach days. Do not worry about your kids making a mess inside of the Go With Me Playard. The nylon floor is easy to wipe down or you can remove the floor and sides and throw them in the washer for a deep clean. Dads will rave about the convenient and safe Go With Me Playard from Baby Delight so make sure to add this one to the top of your new dad gifts list.

Go With Me Playard
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A dad’s first Father’s Day should be memorable, and so should their new dad gifts. Let Vistaprint help you celebrate this Father’s Day with their Custom Canvas Prints. Transform your favorite family pictures into works of art that are sure to bring a smile to his face. These canvases have built-in hangers, making them easy to hang and they come in five different sizes. Vistaprint also offers decorative pillows, picture books, personalized calendars and so much more. Let Vistaprint help you capture his love this Father’s Day.

Custom Canvas Prints
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Need new dad gifts ideas that are fun, interactive, and will also add developmental play for your new baby? Try the portable Deluxe Twist & Fold Tropical Activity Gym & Play Mat which features a large comfortable play mat, four linkable toys, musical monkey, mirror, bolster pillow, and BPA teether. Not to mention the linkable toys, mirror and pillow can all transition to baby’s car seat and stroller for continuous play and activity. The easy twist and fold design allow for ease of packing and storage while still providing a clean play space for your little one on whatever adventure with dad might be next. Whether dad is at home or on-the-go, Infantino Deluxe Twist & Fold Tropical Activity Gym & Play Mat will be a great way to encourage interactive time with baby and daddy!

Deluxe Twist & Fold Tropical Activity Gym & Play Mat
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Busy Baby


Entertainment toys are always great new dad gifts that double as play time for your baby and the gift of time dad needs during the day. The Busy Baby Mat is a silicone placemat with connections for toys, teethers, and pacifiers that suctions to a smooth surface. This handy mat will not only keep your child busy but will also keep their toys from falling on the floor. Additionally, the Busy Baby Mat provides a barrier from questionable surfaces like restaurant tables and grocery cart handles, reducing the germs your little one comes in contact with. This mat is available in pewter or spearmint and comes with a convenient sleeve that easily fits into any diaper bag.

Silicone Placemat
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I Love Daddy Pacifiers by MAM

Trying to think of simple new dad gifts both dad and baby can enjoy? Give dad the gift of a calm, happy baby with a binky that baby and Daddy will love. The MAM I Love Daddy Collection Pacifier was developed by leading pediatric dentists and developmental psychologists to provide maximum comfort and style for babies from birth to six months. Your baby will love latching onto the soothing pacifier nipple that, with the help of a built-in air channel, naturally flattens and extends when sucked, mimicking a human nipple during breastfeeding; and Dad will love that he can hold his new bundle of joy for a few minutes without any tears.

I Love Daddy Pacifiers
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Finn & Emma


Do you know a dad celebrating his first Father’s Day this year? Give new dad gifts that are memorable, unique, and meaningful from Finn & Emma. Seeing their baby girl or boy in the I Love Dad Onesie is sure to bring a smile to any dad’s face. This onesie is comfortable, soft, and adorable. Celebrate a new dad this Father’s Day with a special gift from Finn & Emma.

I Love Dad Onesie
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Celebrating dad is what Father’s Day is all about. Whether he likes to play indoors or out, our new dad gifts will cover all the fun, none of the stress and even leave time for a little relaxation. Make his first Father’s Day a special one. Happy Father’s Day to all the new dad’s out there!

Father’s Day is more than gift-giving. Consider reading Honoring Dad: The History of Father’s Day to learn more about how a special day for dad came about!

New Dad Gifts For Father’s Day That He Is Sure To Love

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