20+ Outstanding Must-Read Fall Books You Can’t Put Down

Curling up with a good book is universal, defying age and demographics. Why not purchase books you can’t put down for everyone in your family? Everything is covered in this list of books you can’t put down, from board books to graphic novels to cozy mysteries to plain old spooky. Buy something the whole family can enjoy and cuddle up, allowing yourself some quality time reading to your heart’s content.

Must-Read Fall Books You Can’t Put Down

Cupcake Jones


Get ready for fun, colorful, and meaningful reading books for kids from Cupcake Jones! If you’re looking for a joyful learning experience and a unique way to encourage a love of reading in your kids, this series of books you can’t put down is a must! Cupcake Jones has created an amazing Princess Cupcake Jones series of books that will give your children a fun and exciting way to learn valuable life lessons while mastering the skill of reading.

With stories full of positivity, the Princess Cupcake Jones books help kids understand the importance of going to school and conquering their fears, for example. Each book in the series features educational adventures, delightful characters, and creative illustrations, making them the perfect reading books to keep moms and kids alike captivated and excited! Be sure to grab the Vinyl Doll as a reading playmate for your little one; she’ll love it!

How to Count to 1


Get ready to laugh aloud with your preschoolers as you read How to Count to 1 (And Don’t Even THINK About Bigger Numbers!). The smart narrative by Caspar Salmon and fantastic illustrations by Matt Hunt will keep your little one counting from beginning to end. The paradox of fun drawings and witty words will keep your kiddo guessing.

The entire fast-paced story published by Nosy Crow is filled with word puzzles and illustrations that will keep your child engaged in the story. Count to 1 and add this to your list of books you can’t put down for your children!

This is NOT a Unicorn


You and your preschooler will love the adorable story about this particular magic friend. This Is NOT A Unicorn takes the reader on a journey explaining how THIS unicorn can transform its horn into wonderful and useful things like a magic wand, a key, a helicopter, or a lamp.

The quick rhyming story with colorful wordplay by Barry Timms keeps the story skipping along as you read. The bright, beautiful illustrations by Ged Adamson bring the words to life and quickly turn into one of the many books you can’t put down.

Look, it’s Woof Woof Dog


Enjoy a hide-and-seek journey in the Nosy Crow book Look, It’s Woof Woof Dog by Camilla Reid. The high-contrast collage artwork by Clare Youngs encourages your preschooler to learn animal sounds with Glub Glub Fish, Quack Quack Duck, and more. This is one of the interactive books you can’t put down that hides tiny animals behind felt flaps. The last page recaps all the animal noises and asks, “What noise do YOU make?” It then features a yellow felt flap hiding a mirror!

Look, it’s Roar Roar Lion


Look, It’s Roar Roar Lion is the second in the series of multi-sensory board books by Camilla Reid. You and your preschooler will love the tiny animals hidden under the felt flaps while discovering new animal sounds from Clip Clop Zebra, Ooo Ooo Monkey, and more.

Illustrator Clare Youngs’ dynamic, bright artwork brings friendly, exotic animals to life. Of course, this interactive book ends like the first in the series with a felt flap hiding a shiny mirror so YOU can share what noise you make!

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Drawing 100 Years of Disney Wonder


If you are a Disney lover, art appreciator, or history enthusiast, you will love the Drawing 100 Years of Disney Wonder book. This book is a retrospective collection of artwork and step-by-step drawing projects featuring a curated collection of iconic Disney characters from the past 100 years. Dive into 240 pages of art instruction and animation history.

Featuring Mickey Mouse and his friends, the Disney Princess characters, Pixar characters, and so much more, Drawing 100 Years of Disney Wonder is on the list of books you can’t put down and celebrates beloved animated characters through step-by-step drawing projects, character sketches, and vintage artwork from the Disney archives. Each section of drawing lessons is categorized by decade in Disney history, along with historical context and interesting anecdotes and facts sprinkled throughout.

Snow, Snow, Snow, and Other Sandra Boynton Board Books


Over nearly fifty years, Sanda Boynton has released over seventy-five board books you can’t put down. These titles are all must-haves for newborns to five-year-olds, all withstanding the test of time. Simon & Schuster Children’s fall offering for 2023 includes titles like Tickle Time!, Woodland Dance!, Snow, Snow, Snow, and Perfect Piggies!

Sandra Boynton can fit into any bedtime routine with her sing-song approach to reading. What a perfect way to instill the love of reading into a young child! With more than 85 million books sold, Boynton has proven herself again and again to know what parents and kids want in a board book. Whether for your family or someone else’s, you can’t go wrong by purchasing one (or 10!) of Boynton’s books.

Middle School and Other Disasters: Worst Love Spell Ever!


If your middle-grade child loves to read books you can’t put down that pair stories with doodles and illustrations, Worst Broommate Ever is the perfect buy. In the second book of the Middle School and Other Disasters series, Heidi Heckelbeck, witch-in-training, is crushing hard.

After finding her groove at Broomsfield Academy and figuring out her classes and friend group, Heidi panics when she realizes her first crush, Hunter, is super popular and may never notice her. Fortunately, Heidi is a witch (in training), and what good is knowing how to cast a love spell if you don’t put that knowledge into use?

Power Mood


Cultivate a courageous, optimistic mindset with the help of Power Mood by Sam DeMase. This book you can’t put down will help you, unlock your confidence, transform your life, and command your value. Learn tips and create goals to obtain work/life balance through practical tools that help you embrace self-acceptance, rethink conventional success, raise your standards and more. You can achieve your professional goals; learn from someone else’s experience and fast track your own.

Own Your Money


TikTok star Michela Allocca realized when working her first job in finance that even those employed as finance professionals may have no idea how to budget and invest. In Own Your Money, Allocca shares tips and tools to save, invest, and manage money. Through illustrations, helpful charts, and graphics, you learn “practical strategies to budget better, earn more, and reach your 6-figure savings goal.” Discover budgeting strategies like 50/30/20, zero-based budgets, and 3-bucket budgets. Make this one of the books you can’t put down because of the tools it will equip you in making investments and a spending plan for life.

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Diary of a Minecraft Zombie


Diary of a Minecraft Zombie follows the adventures of 12-year-old Zack Zombie and his gang of unique Minecraft friends. Each book in the series finds Zack dealing with the issues that come with growing up as a preteen zombie, be it mutant bullies, zombie puberty, or even the occasional Zombie Apocalypse.

Despite his appearance, Zack’s heart is made of pure gold. And, with the help of his best human friend, Steve, Zack learns valuable life lessons about friendship, courage, honesty, overcoming adversity, and sibling rivalry.

Zack’s hilarious escapades and zany clique of allies make him an instantly lovable character that readers of all ages can relate to in these books you can’t put down. Through his experiences, readers can cheer on Zack and his friends as they tackle the issues that come with growing up in Minecraft Middle School.

Dare to Question


Young readers, especially girls, will be inspired by this lovely story about Carrie Chapman Catt by Jasmine Stirling. Dare to Question tells the story of an inquisitive girl who asked a lot of questions at a time when girls weren’t encouraged to learn and weren’t allowed to have a higher education.

In this easy, yet educational and fun read, with bright fun illustrations, young readers will get invested in the story of a young Carrie and enjoy learning about the history of women’s rights. It’s one of the books you can’t put down that will enlighten the entire family.

Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas: Beyond Halloween Town: The Story, the Characters, and the Legacy


Is Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas a classic movie for your family? Its unique point of view on both the magic of Halloween and Christmas has made it a staple for the past 30 years. Disney just released Beyond Halloween Town: The Story, the Characters, and the Legacy so that you can read behind the scenes of this classic animated film. With a foreword by Tim Burton and a look inside from the animators, sculptors, and other artists in the film, this will soon become one of the books you can’t put down.

Chilling with Ghosts


Uncover the mystery and thrilling history of ghosts with Chilling with Ghosts! Packed with spine-tingling stories, intriguing science, and a globe-trotting tour of haunted spots, this is one of the perfect books you can’t put down for curious readers and mythology fans alike.

This fun handbook is packed with spooky tales, engrossing science, and fascinating history–perfect for middle-grade readers and mythology fans! In it, you’ll learn tales of William Shakespeare’s ghost, discover what ghost fungus is, and even craft your own ghost story. Take a journey around the world to haunted places like the Catacombs of Paris or the Winchester Mystery House! Whether you’re a believer or not, join us on this chilling adventure and find out what ghosts are all about!

Hanging with Vampires


Do you have an interest in the supernatural? Have you ever wondered if vampires are real or if vampire bats feed on humans? Do you want to know more about the history of Vlad the Impaler? Discover the answers to these questions and more in Hanging with Vampires, the first book in the Totally Factual Field Guide to the Supernatural series for Middle-grade readers and mythology fans.

With entertaining illustrations and activities such as garlic bread making, this field guide offers a humorous and frightful look at how myths and legends shape our lives. Learn about the origins of the vampire legend in the Middle Ages and meet iconic vampires in popular culture, from Dracula to Adventure Time. Break open the lid of knowledge and explore this field guide to learn everything you need to know about vampires.

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There Should Have Been Eight


Coming Nov 21st, New York Times Bestselling author Nalini Singh releases her newest title, There Should Have Been Eight. A group of eight met as teens, and sadly, only seven made it to adulthood. Gathering to remember Bea, the lost group member, the seven meet at Bea’s family estate, a creepy old mansion.

When the weather starts to turn and snow keeps the group from leaving, what happened nine years prior begins to surface in an ugly and uninvited way. This is one of the books you can’t put down for its eerie and suspenseful writing – a thriller you won’t soon forget!

The Spectacular


The Spectacular is a thrilling story by Fiona Davis, a New York Times Bestselling author. This novel features themes of love, sacrifice, and the pursuit of dreams. Set in 1956 New York City amidst the glamour and glitz of Radio City Music Hall, nineteen-year-old Marion Brooks makes her way to the Big Apple to take a stab at becoming a Radio City Rockette. This is one of the contemporary literary fiction books you can’t put down.


My Friends and I

20+ Outstanding Must-Read Fall Books You Can'T Put Down 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

This beautifully designed interactive memory book for children ages 5-12 allows them to learn more about their friends and remember their friendships forever. It’s not just a photo album; it’s a keepsake that will bring back the laughter and emotions shared throughout the years.

This memory album is one of the books you can’t put down because of its interactive nature. With prompts and questions scattered throughout its pages, it encourages everyone to share their experiences and feelings. Each entry becomes an opportunity for a deeper connection between buddies. The My Friends and I memory book can strengthen bonds between childhood friends. Capture precious memories in this enchanting book and keep friendships alive forever.

Vampires of El Norte


Set in 1840s Mexico, this supernatural love story includes vampires and vaqueros as they battle on the Texas-Mexico border. Nena is the heroine in Vampires of El Norte, and nine years before the story’s beginning, Nena was attacked by something in the night.

When the novel begins, Nestor, Nena’s childhood sweetheart, has spent the last nine years trying to escape his grief over a lost love, but nothing will suffice. In a battle in 1846, Nena and Nestor unexpectedly meet again. Tensions and passions flare, and the supernatural nightmare element brings the past and present to a head. Perfect for fall, this is one of the books you can’t put down for its beautiful writing and seasonally appropriate plot.

Extra Normal


Twelve-year-old Charlie Greer never felt quite special enough compared to the rest of her extraordinary family. Her parents are supernatural investigators, her brother Matty is a werewolf, her brother Gideon is telekinetic, and her sister Opal is a ghost! But Charlie has a special talent, too: she is the responsible caretaker of her family, keeping the household running while her parents are away.

When the Weaver family moves in, and Charlie is barred from entering their home, she launches an investigation to uncover what they are hiding. With her newfound courage, Charlie quickly realizes that her skills are just as important as her family’s supernatural powers.

Extra Normal expertly combines humor, horror, and the complexities of family dynamics in one of the seasonal books you can’t put down. Marshall’s thoughtful representation of found families and disabilities, including deafness, will captivate readers. By learning ASL with Charlie, they will gain insight into Matty’s experiences and see how Charlie’s determination and emotional awareness can overcome any obstacles. Filled with jump scares and a unique focus on siblings, Extra Normal is an extraordinary read.

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Barely Floating


Prepare to be captivated by one of the books you can’t put down as you delve into the world of a twelve-year-old girl who pursues her dreams of synchronized swimming. Written by the talented author of The Education of Margot Sanchez, Lilliam Rivera, this story follows the journey of Natalia De La Cruz Rivera y Santiago, affectionately known as Nat.

Nat’s life takes a dramatic turn when she outsmarts local kids at the Inglewood pool, leaving them penniless. However, everything changes when she witnesses the LA Mermaids perform. It was at that moment that synchronized swimming stole Nat’s heart.

Yet, there’s a catch. Nat’s activist mother and professor father disapprove of synchronized swimming, believing it places too much importance on appearance, specifically being thin and white. Through its pages, Barely Floating explores the true essence of self-confidence, the power of forming connections with those who uplift you, and the resilience required to navigate turbulent waters.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting Journal


When it comes to expecting a baby, there is nothing quite like capturing the precious moments and memories throughout your pregnancy journey. The What to Expect Pregnancy Journal & Organizer is the perfect tool for documenting this incredible time in your life. This beautifully designed item provides ample space to write down all those special milestones, record doctor’s appointments, track your baby’s growth, and jot down any questions or concerns that arise during this transformative period.

What sets this pregnancy journal apart from others? It not only offers practical organization features but also includes insightful prompts that encourage self-reflection and emotional connection with your growing baby. Each week presents thought-provoking questions that address both the physical aspects of pregnancy and the emotional roller coaster many moms-to-be experience. This unique approach helps expectant mothers dig deeper into their own experiences, providing a more holistic view of their journey into motherhood.

This journal serves as a valuable keepsake that can be cherished for years. From ultrasound pictures and belly measurements to heartfelt letters addressed to your unborn child, every page promises lasting memories.

Truly, Darkly, Deeply


Looking for thriller books you can’t put down? Truly Darkly Deeply is the perfect read for you. Matty Melgren is in prison for a string of murders in London in the 1980s. He has always proclaimed his innocence…but doesn’t everyone? His girlfriend at the time, Amelia, was the single mother of a 12-year-old named Sophie. When the murders were still unsolved, a sketch was released of the suspect, which Sophie thought looked too much like Matty. Hence the arrest.

Years later, Sophie receives a letter from Matty in prison telling her he is dying and requesting to see her. If she wasn’t so haunted by her actions all those years ago, she might not have visited. But too many questions always lead to the need for answers. Will Sophie get them? And will the truth be what she wants to hear?

And Then There Were Feathers


A fall list of books you can’t put down wouldn’t be complete without a cozy mystery. In the book And Then There Were Feathers by Peyton Stone, Luci Mitchell leaves her day job to manage her grandma’s library. What Luci doesn’t bargain for is finding a dead body between the bookshelves.

By some crazy coincidence, Luci quickly realizes the murder mirrors that in an Agatha Christie book. And Luci also discovers that the body count isn’t stopping at one. Along with her gifted parrot, Simon, Luci sets out to keep the library amidst the killings. Between the suspiciously acting book club member, the stuck-up lawyer pressuring Luci to sell the library, and the shadowy figuring targeting the library, Luci doesn’t know who she can trust in solving the mysteries in her library.

Delicious Monsters


Daisy has the ability to see dead people, and it’s something impossible to forget living in the bustling, ghost-filled city of Toronto. She’s not ready to be dumped by her boyfriend, so when her mother inherits a secluded mansion in Northern Ontario where she spent her childhood summers, Daisy takes the opportunity to get away. But the mansion is full of secrets, and Daisy soon discovers that her experience with the supernatural may not compare to what her mother hides.

Ten years later, Brittney is desperate to escape her abusive mother, a bestselling author who claims she found redemption while staying at the “Miracle Mansion”. Brittney decides to use her popular Haunted web series to uncover the truth of what happened to a young Black girl in the mansion. As she becomes more involved in the investigation, Brittney must decide which story matters most—Daisy’s or her own. Both timelines propel the girls to face the greatest monsters of all: the ones that hide in plain sight.

Books you can’t put down are a must-have during the fall season. When the temperatures begin cooling off, curling up with a book and a blanket is medicine for the soul. Whether for yourself or a friend or loved one, books you can’t put down are addictive and fun to have in your home. So buy one or more on this list of fabulous fall reads!


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