A Fascinating Disney Halloween Party: Your Ultimate Guide to A Very Disney Halloween

There’s just something about Disney that captures our hearts, but a Disney Halloween party captures our hearts, imaginations, and joy for the beginning of the holiday season. Even as adults we find ourselves drawn into that magical world time and time again. Disney, after all, represents childhood, and childhood is forever remembered as the most magical time in a person’s life. We spend the rest of our lives searching for that innocent wonder again.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Disney Halloween Party

For most of us, an obsession with Disney probably started as a child who collected VHS tapes which has since grown to an appreciation for the Disney brand’s entrepreneurial legacy. When I had my own children during the Pandemic years, I always promised them that one day when this was all over, we were going to Disney World! Since then, our little family has booked Orlando every year and our Mickey-themed Halloween and Christmas decor collection grew and grew. 

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This year might be one for the books as families experience not only the Disney Halloween Party but the yearly anticipated “flip.” “The Flip” is one of the most enchanting times at Disney when they convert the park from Halloween décor to Christmas décor practically overnight. Once the clock strikes midnight on Halloween night, the crew gets to work decking the halls for Christmas. 

If you time your Disney Halloween party trip right, you can experience both and it makes for one of the most popular, and memorable, times to experience Disney. Not to mention the perfect temperatures. If you are traveling for Halloween this year, here’s the complete guide on what to do, see, and of course – eat! From one Disney family to another.

Guide to Travel in October For A Disney Halloween Party

Daily Mom Parent Portal Disney Halloween Party

October is one of the best times to take the Disney plunge. For one, it’s not peak season meaning the crowds are minimal compared to months like July. The biggest perk of all might be the temperatures. We all know Florida’s heat can be brutal, but October offers temperatures between 70-83 degrees making it much more bearable. Combined with events like Mickey’s Not-so-Scary Halloween party, the “Disney Halloween Party”, and Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival, it’s a great time to visit.

1.)    Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Disney Halloween Party: Is it worth it?

I’ll say this: if you do not purchase Disney Halloween party tickets, you will suffer FOMO. I know they’re a bit more expensive. I made the mistake of not originally booking party tickets to only later realize the party was something I did not want my family to miss. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience! So, here’s an alternative: if you are planning a Disney vacation, simply opt out of a park day for party tickets in the evening and it’s basically the same price. Disney World is so costly, let alone the added expense of the Halloween event.

We subtracted a park day from our weekly trip and added party tickets on Halloween night instead. The kids will get to experience trick-or-treating in the park, dress up in costumes, meet characters in costumes, and see the Halloween parade and fireworks! Now when it came down to navigating the party itself, it was definitely an art form! I spent hours researching multiple Disney blogs to figure out what to see and do during the party. Here’s my best advice, plan a separate park day to ride rides and go to the party simply for the Halloween experience.

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Here’s a mock-up itinerary that you can definitely steal. We are going on November 1st and totally pretending that November 1st is October 31st with our children (shhh, don’t tell)! We’ve heard the day after isn’t so crowded, not to mention Halloween was sold out, whoops. Snag this Disney Halloween Party itinerary here and customize it to your own liking.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Disney Halloween Party

Budget-friendly Packing Hacks

We’ve already covered the fact that Walt’s world isn’t easy on the wallets. It can be more expensive when buying things at the park ($18 per water bottle sometimes!) so try to purchase things beforehand. Here are a few packing favorites that will save you in the long run when planning your Disney Halloween party excursion.

  • Rain Ponchos. No exaggeration, you could spend $25 per rain poncho at Disney! Snag these on Amazon for your luggage.
  • Disney brand autograph books are a higher price at the park. These are a great deal on Amazon.
  • Child Safety ID bracelets. Safety first!
  • Battery-operated cooling fans for the Florida heat.
  • On-the-plane entertainment! Fortunately, the plane ride is pretty short at 1.5 hours for us, but mamas are always prepared. Places like Dollar Tree and Walmart have great Disney-themed toys and activity pads that are easily entertaining for toddlers.
  • Some other packing necessities are glow sticks, night lights for those dark hotel rooms, hand sanitizer, a first aid kit, reusable cups, travel-sized products, and tissues.
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Famous Fall Treats to Grab at your Disney Halloween Party

Disney Food Blog is one of our favorite places to scout delicious sweets. It wouldn’t be authentically fall without Disney Halloween party treats! Here are our must-grab sweets this Halloween:

  • Cold Witches Brew Coffee from Cheshire Cat
  • Pumpkin Ice Cream at the famous Plaza Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street
  • Headless Horseman Cupcake at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments
  • Jack Pop and Sally Pop — Churro Cart near Cinderella Castle
  • Tropical Graveyard — Sunshine Tree Terrace
Daily Mom Parent Portal Disney Halloween Party

What to Wear at Mickey’s Not-so-Scary Halloween Party

When it comes to Disney Halloween Party fashion, it gets competitive out there. There are football fans, and then there are Disney fans, and let me tell you, we represent! Disney fans go all out regarding dress code and Halloween is no exception. Not only do we get to dress up for the Disney Halloween party but different brands make it easy to accessorize. If you’re planning to wear general Halloween attire instead of a costume, here are some great finds:

  • Loungefly has the cutest Disney Halloween-themed bags to rock for the entirety of your trip. Love this ghost Minnie bag!
  • Kate Spade NY also has its own exclusive Disney collaboration with favorites such as Minnie, Beauty in the Beast, Alice in Wonderland, and, most recently, Bambi.
  • Bauble Bar has the cutest accessories all completely Halloween-themed.

If you’re shopping around for exclusive Disney merch and do not have a flagship store near you, stores like TJ Maxx, Walmart, and even Burlington always sell the Disney brand and you’ll be surprised by the gems you find.

The Disney Halloween party is one not to be missed. Seeing the park lit after dark and watching your kids trick or treat in the greatest place on earth is unforgettable. They say don’t take them when they’re little, “they’ll never remember it,” they say. Truth is, you’ll remember it. You’ll remember it forever. Watch their little faces light up as they greet Mickey for the first time and lay their eyes on that ginormous castle that they’ve only previously seen in movies. Childhood truly is the most magical time in a person’s life. The longer we can grasp the magic, the better. 

We know that finding a book that isn’t too frightening can be a challenge. There’s nothing worse than trying to ease into a situation only to find you’ve chosen something they’re not fond of, but we’ve found some that everyone can enjoy!



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Daily Mom Parent Portal Disney Halloween Party
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