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This past year our nation experienced an unprecedented turn of events as we elected our 45th president. Not only was this election season a tumultuous one, it also marked the first time a female could be elected President of the United States. Despite the outcome of the election, parents of little girls all across the country noted the significance of this event. Little girls now know that becoming President of the United States can be a goal within their reach. They have a figure of a woman who they can use as a model for overcoming sexist boundaries in a male-dominated profession. They have a role model of a female who worked hard to get to the top, and gracefully bowed down when it wasn’t her turn. In this day and age, it’s stories about women like Hillary Clinton that will help our little girls continue to break glass ceilings.

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Powerful Women May Fall

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The day after the 2016 presidential election, many parents across the country were reeling with anxiety about how they were going to talk to their children, specifically their little girls, about the results. How could they explain to them how a woman, once again, was cast off despite everyone’s confidence in her? Articles started popping up all over the internet about what to say to your children at breakfast the next morning, and how to help them decipher what the results mean to them.

One thing that many of those articles was missing was the overarching idea behind the female empowerment movement. Yes, little girls all around the US had a front-row seat to history being made. And yes, they watched a woman carry herself with dignity and grace, and speak eloquently and with vast knowledge on many subjects. And even with that, she fell at the hands of her opponent. But the lesson here isn’t that she lost – it’s that she played the game. Despite the results of the election, this event was a huge step forward for women around the country – perhaps even around the world.

It’s times like these that parents want to be able to show their children other examples of powerful women. They want to be able to tell stories to their little girls about females who kicked butt, made a difference, and changed the world. They want to provide their children with the understanding that sometimes life will knock you down, but that no matter what, perseverance will continue to push them through. Parents can find the perfect collection of women like this in Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls.

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls

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Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls is a book chock full of stories of women like Hillary Clinton. Women who achieved their goals despite hardship. Women who broke barriers and changed the world. It contains 100 stories of 100 different women, past and present, who have affected our future with their good deeds, their strong wills, and their independent spirits. Each female featured in Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls is depicted by a female artist, again giving strength to the powerful movement that is womanhood.

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Stories include entrepreneurs like Coco Chanel and Maud Stevens Wagner. Scientists like Grace Hopper, Mary Anning, Rita Levi Montalcini, and Marie Curie. Leaders such as Evita Peron, Margaret Thatcher, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Ameenah Gurib-Fakim. Athletes like Wilma Rudolph, Lella Lombardi, Amna Al Haddad, and Alfonsina Strada. You will also find stories of artists like the Bronte Sisters, Misty Copeland, Joan Jett, and Yoko Ono. One hundred women, all with different stories – different backgrounds, different obstacles, and different struggles. Yet they all have one thing in common: They never gave up.

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Not only will this book provide your little girls with amazing examples of strong-willed, independent, and kind hearted females that changed the world, but it will also encourage them to do the same. Reading the excerpts of these 100 women’s lives will give your children role models to admire. When things seem tough for them, they can be reminded of someone like Anna Politkovskaja who continued to report the news despite her several obstacles. They will remember the story of Eufrosina Cruz who refused to just make tortillas. They will cherish the times you showed them the picture of Maria Callas who reminded them that they are strong and full of life. Children will come out from reading these stories knowing that they too can become like the women in this collection: entrepreneurs, scientists, writers, inventors, pioneers, selfless givers, and leaders.

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Every parent of a little girl wants to show their children that the world is theirs for the taking. They want to teach them to be independent, fierce, and tireless. They want to model love, empathy, and caring. They want them to be inventive, creative, and innovative. One of the best ways parents can do this is to give examples of others who have done the same. Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls is the perfect culmination and the perfect depiction of all those traits for little girls around the world to emulate.

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