17 Amazing New Parent Gifts For Families This Holiday Season

New parent gifts can be oh so fun to buy during the holidays…new parents and their little one’s 1st Christmas is such as special time. While baby likely won’t be big enough on their 1st Christmas to play with any gifts (other than maybe a few cardboard boxes and bows as depending on their age those are usually the fave) new parents will still spend their time making memories that will last a lifetime. As cliche as it may be, our little ones grow so fast and these special holidays fly by! This holiday season as you consider gifts for baby’s or their mamas and daddies, consider these new parent gifts that will bring joy to both little ones and their parents. From memorable keepsakes to practical presents, we have the new parent gifts all moms and dads need this holiday season.


Mollygrams Daily Mom Parent Portal 3 New parent gifts

Monogrammed prints are a unique and one-of-a-kind gift for adults, kids, families, or even businesses. It is a way to create a personalized piece of art in a design that is special to you. Mollygrams is a customizable art company founded in Boston that uses sophisticated watercolored alphabets that become a staple in your child’s room from childhood through adulthood. These prints combine memories with interests to preserve heartfelt moments in your life.

With so many prints to choose from you will easily find a monogram that fits your style, personality, or room design. Prints like Boston, Coastal, and Woodland perfectly complement a nursery, playroom, or bedroom to fit the vibe of your space. If you don’t see a print you want, choose a Design Your Own Monogram to customize your name, location, or phrase. Mollygram prints are available both framed or unframed and are painted on a high-quality 100% cotton rag.

Coastal Monogram | Design Your Own Monogram
Mollygrams | Instagram

Delta Children

Daily Mom Parent Portal Delta New parent gifts

For over 50 years, Delta Children has worked tirelessly to create safe products for kids at affordable prices! When you purchase from Delta Children, you’re not only investing in quality furniture, you’re investing in your family’s safety. Delta Children uses ten different testing labs used to make sure that absolutely no dangerous chemicals are used in any of its products. They even have a custom x-ray machine used to test all of their paints for dangerous chemicals. This year, furnish your children’s bedrooms with quality furniture that’s met rigorous safety standards. Shop Delta Children for new parent gifts both parents and their little ones are sure to love!

Learning from home never looked so good! The Cozee Fluffy Chair and Bamboo Lap Desk Set are just what young learners need! The Cozee Fluffy Chair, contours to your child’s body as they sit. Stuffed with shredded foam, this chair is incredibly comfortable and perfect for reading. It’s also lightweight allowing parents or kids to move it around the house if needed. The Bamboo Lap Desk is made from sustainable bamboo. It is 17” wide and has a slot at the top that’s perfect for holding tablets so your older kids can watch school videos while taking notes.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Delta 7 New parent gifts
Daily Mom Parent Portal Delta 6

Long walks never looked so good with the Jeep Deluxe Wrangler Stroller Wagon! Unlike other strollers, there’s more than meets the eye with this stroller! Depending on your needs, it can transform into three different transportation modes: car seat, stroller, and wagon. Use the included car seat adapter to transfer your sleeping newborn from the car to this stroller. There’s also a 5-point safety harness perfect for older children. The stroller mode is awesome for towing kids ages 6-months and up around the zoo. Use the UV blocking canopy and pull-down shades to protect them from sunburns.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Delta 5 New parent gifts

Take your kids on off-road adventures while using the wagon mode! The tires on the Jeep Deluxe Wrangler Stroller Wagon are all-terrain and airless. The front wheels swivel easily, allowing parents to navigate turns without worrying the wagon will tip over. If we haven’t convinced you yet that you can’t live without this stroller, let us give you one more reason. Our favorite feature included with the Jeep Deluxe Wrangler Stroller Wagon is the storage. Never worry about losing your car keys or cell phone again! The parent organizer and storage pockets provide all the space you need to minimize the number of bags you have to carry.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Delta 2 New parent gifts

Get ready for adventures at home and on the road when you purchase one of these amazing products from Delta Children. When you buy from Delta Children, you’re not only getting quality products, you’re buying peace of mind from a company that knows how important child safety is.

Cozee Fluffy Chair and Bamboo Lap Desk Set | Jeep Deluxe Wrangler Stroller Wagon
Delta Children | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest | TikTok


Daily Mom Parent Portal Jujubee 11 New parent gifts

If you’re looking for new parent gifts this holiday season, then look no further than Jujube! When it comes to shopping for new parents, it’s easy to buy basic things. Gifting them a high-quality item can make the biggest difference in the first year of having a little one. Jujube has a huge line of diaper bags and accessories that will truly blow new parents’ minds!

The Dr. B.F.F. Diaper Bag is truly a parent’s dream come true. This diaper bag is huge without being bulky, having 17 different pockets to keep everything organized on the go. The Dr. B.F.F. Diaper Bag has ten interior pockets, allowing you to separate items like blankets, diapers, bottles, and more. Searching through a diaper bag is a thing of the past, and if you’re needing to access something quickly then the seven exterior pockets have you covered! The “mommy pocket” even includes a key fob attachment so you’ll always know where your keys are.

Needing to switch up how you carry the Dr. B.F.F. Diaper Bag? No worries! This diaper bag has versatile straps, allowing you to carry it as a duffle, a backpack, or even hook it on a stroller! The beautiful baked clay and warm sand colors of this diaper bag give it a fashionable look, unlike some other unsightly diaper bags. The new parents in your life will be toting around their little ones’ needs in style.

What about the moms who are looking for something that looks less like a diaper bag, but will still work the same? The Day to Night Crossbody hits that perfect soft spot! Not only is this diaper bag beautiful and looks like a perfect purse, but it’s made completely of vegan leather! The Day to Night Crossbody has four smart pockets along with two large zippered compartments. You’ll be able to fit diapers, wipes, a changing pad, and more without lugging around a big bag. Going for a night on the town without the baby? Simply take the diapers out and you have a stylish purse that matches anything you wear! Jujube has the perfect new gifts for parents for any occasion!

Dr. B.F.F. Diaper Bag | Day to Night Crossbody
Jujube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Creative Memories

New parent gifts

Have you heard? Everything old is new again. That holds true for scrapbooking – the best hobby to start if you have not already. Why? Because you get to relive memories as you sort, organize, and place your photos, children’s artwork, and keepsakes into scrapbooks. Creative Memories provides a wide variety of archival-quality scrapbooks, papers, embellishments, and easy-to-use tools to make scrapbooking even more fun, make your books look amazing, and keep your photos protected.

You can easily scrapbook those beach memories with the Vitamin Sea Fast2Fab™ Bundle. The beautiful turquoise bookcloth album cover decorated with a hibiscus flower in teal foil and matte white will transport you back to the waves in the sand before you start looking at your photos. Sort your photos, so you can do a page or two of fun in the sand, restaurant visits, sunsets on the beach, and day excursions. Inside the album, you will find pre-designed two-page spreads with patterns like sandy beaches, palm leaves, simplistic dots, and beachy towel stripes in various shades of tropical blues and greens, as well as soft sun-bleached pink.

Also included in the Vitamin Sea Fast2Fab™ Bundle are the Vitamin Sea Embossed Embellishments, a Tape Runner, and Black Dual-Tip Pen, which gives you everything to create a beautiful album from your beach vacation or summer pool days. If you have not used a Creative Memories Tape Runner to secure your photos in a scrapbook, it will be your new best friend. It is so easy to use. The thin tape rolls and slices amazingly quick. Creative Memories adhesives are photo safe and permanent so photos and memorabilia will stay in the album. The Dual-Tip Pens, which come in an assortment of colors, are designed and tested to be permanent, fade-proof, bleed-resistant, and waterproof.

If you have lots of photos and memorabilia like ticket stubs, brochures, or children’s artwork, you can expand the album with 12 x 12 Seaside Fast2Fab™ Refill Pages or 12 x 12 Plain Pages and Protectors. If you want to get creative with your cutting the 12-inch Trimmer Scallop Blade (to be used with the 12-inch Trimmer) leaves a looping scallop wave perfect for decorating mats, borders, and photos.

20211003 102649c

When you scrapbook with Creative Memories albums, papers, and tools, you do not have to worry that pages will yellow, the bookbinding will break or the sticky adhesive will stop sticking. The covers are stain-resistant so a spill can be wiped right off. The covers also are built to last – Creative Memories tests their books to make sure they can hold the maximum number of pages and memories, as well as thousands of page turns throughout the years. Creative Memories paper products are lignin-free, which prevents them from turning yellow and brittle over time. Creative Memories offers a variety of plain albums, as well as themed albums like the Sparks of Magic Album and Seafoam Little Dreamer. And, if you would rather upload your digital photos and create a digital scrapbook to print, you can do so with Creative Memories Custom Digital. So, start scrapbooking.

Vitamin Sea Fast2Fab™ Bundle | 12×12 Seaside Fast2Fab™ Refill Pages (16/pk) | Spargo 12×12 Plain Pages and Protectors (16/pk) | Black Dual-Tip Pen | Tape Runner | 12-inch Trimmer Scallop Blade
Creative Memories | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

Bag & Bougie

Daily Mom Parent Portal Diaper Bags 9 1 New parent gifts

For a fashionable bag that meets her style standards while maintaining the functionality that serves her lifestyle, Bag & Bougie has made a fabulous impression with their gorgeous Marle Grey Zipper Tote. This versatile tote features a zipper-closure that’s large enough to fit a laptop. Two internal zipper compartments are large enough to store all of her favorite items and this bag will even include a matching cosmetic case.

Neoprene fabric is high-tech, washable, and water and stain-resistant which makes using this beautiful bag totally stress-free! If it gets dusty, use a lint roller to remove any dust to make it look brand new. For more effective cleaning, toss it into a gentle, cold cycle or simply wipe it down. Either way, this bag will be beautiful for years to come.

Marle Grey Zipper Tote
Bag & Bougie | Facebook | Instagram

Little Unicorn

Daily Mom Parent Portal Hgg 2021 Little Unicorn Backpack 2 New parent gifts

Experienced moms know all too well the difference in a generic diaper bag and the luxury of a stylish “diaper” backpack. As such, if you’re looking for the perfect new parent gifts this holiday season, get her a Little Unicorn Skyline Backpack in black with gold hardware, because she deserves to have a bag that is as stylish as she is with all the space she needs for her belongings.

Made of premium vegan leather with a lightweight, yet durable design, the Skyline Backpack might be our favorite “diaper” backpack yet. The Ergonomic fit and adjustable, and wide padded shoulder straps make hauling your kids’ stuff easy and comfortable, while the structured and sleek design allow you to be “Mom” without being obvious. Even after your kids are out of diapers, you may find that you prefer to carry a backpack around town because it’s so convenient.

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Separate storage spaces make it easy for you to keep your kid’s things separate from your personal belongings. With five interior storage pockets, a key leash, a protective tablet pocket (that was almost big enough for a small laptop), a sturdy base with a protective fit to protect the bag from the ground, and customizable hardware to fit your taste, she may not want to carry anything else.

Diaper changes have never felt this luxurious. As such, if she does have a baby, she’ll particularly love the included wipeable vegan leather changing pad. And if there’s a spill or goldfish run astray, you’ll be happy to know that the entire bag wipes clean, inside and out! It’s the one-size-fits-all bag that will not only make her feel comfortable and put together to tackle anything that comes her way, but she’ll look fashionable while doing so.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Hgg 2021 Little Unicorn Backpack 6

If you want to go the extra mile for Mom (and your babe) this Christmas, toss in a couple of muslin swaddle blankets. We particularly love the Christmas Bulbs and Holiday Hauls. These are obviously wonderful for holiday swaddles, but we’ve found that our babies love them long past their swaddling days. In fact, we find they’re the perfect cuddle blanket for naptime.

Skyline Backpack | Christmas Bulbs | Holiday Hauls

Little Unicorn | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


Daily Mom Parent Portal Diaper Bags New parent gifts

New parents need all the help they can get, especially when they’re on the go! That’s why we love TWELVElittle and the gear they offer. Every diaper bag and backpack was created to get parents through each milestone! Our favorite is the Leopard Print Companion Backpack.

Complete with five exterior pockets and five interior pockets, this backpack does not fall short of storage! It even has a special pocket for dirty diapers. Our favorite feature is that this Leopard Print Companion Backpack is machine washable, making it easy to clean up explosive messes.

TWELVElittle knows how challenging parenting can be! When you’re on the go, they want you to be at your best, that’s why they created the Leopard Print Companion Backpack! This isn’t just a backpack! It’s a portable nursery that keeps everything you need in one place!

Leopard Print Companion Backpack
TWELVElittle | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest | TikTok


Restore Nighttime

Give the gift of great sleep this holiday season with Hatch and parents and children alike will have visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads! There is truly no better gift than that of a restful night’s sleep and a peaceful wake up call for both adults and children. With Hatch that is exactly what you can create right in your very own bedroom sanctuary. No one likes being awoken by a screaching alarm clock or a ringing phone so this holiday season give the gift of calm with the all-in-one sleep device from Hatch.

Restore Gallery 2 Final

More than an alarm clock, the Hatch Restore is an all-in-one sleep machine that combines a sound machine, sunrise alarm, smart light, meditation app, and an alarm clock into one smart sleep assistant. With the Hatch Restore you can personalize your sleep routine – from your nightly meditation to your daily wakeup affirmation, the Hatch Restore will help you get peacefully to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed! The Hatch Restore feature various lighting options to set the mood, a selection of soothing lights and sounds, a soft glow reading light without the eye strain, membership to a library of sleep content, a sunrise alarm that supports healthy cortisol levels, and the ability to control the Restore through either the soft touch buttons or an app on your phone.

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Sleep is an integral component to our lives and this holiday you can give the gift of great sleep allowing all to wake up happy and refreshed for a productive and constructive new year!

Hatch Restore
Hatch | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Petunia Pickle Bottom

Deluxekit Playfulpooh 05 1 1800x1800

Disney lovers will obsess over the new Inter-Mix Deluxe Kit In Disney’s Playful Pooh. This versatile grid caddy neatly holds 4 different organizers to help keep your contents neat and separated. With integrated straps, this Inter-Mix is the ideal way to transport your necessities on your stroller using these bags that vary in size and shape including an insulated one for bottles or food. This whimsical set will quickly become one of your most used baby or child items when on-the-go or even used at home for nursery organization.

For a small, yet very handy bag, the Adventure Belt Bag in Mickey Mouse keeps with your Disney theme while keeping your most needed contents close by. This bag can be worn on the waist, as a crossbody, as a wristlet or secured to the stroller. With both an interior and exterior pocket, this bag is spacious enough for both baby and mom items that need to be within reach. Both bags are machine washable which keeps them looking new and fresh for years to come.

Inter-Mix Deluxe Kit In Disney’s Playful Pooh | Adventure Belt Bag in Mickey Mouse
Petunia Pickle Bottom | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


Bombol Daily Mom Parent Portal 7

If you’re shopping for the parent of a small child this holiday season, give them the gift they never knew they needed from Bombol. Too often, parents visit a location that is not stroller or carrier friendly, and the cleanliness of other high chairs can’t be left up to chance! This season, they will breathe a sigh of relief (as will their arms and patience) when they receive the Pop-Up Baby Booster Seat with Carry Bag & Seat Cover.

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Bombol Daily Mom Parent Portal 4

No baby chair? No problem! This portable and versatile booster seat is designed to fit almost all chair designs. Swiftly pop it up to give your child a comfy, secure seat at any table. Once you’re done, wipe it down and stow it away until next time. You’ll be surprised at how sturdy and safe this construction is, after all, it exceeds the international safety standard for boosters AND adult furniture.

Help the ones you love to enjoy worry-free and stress-free quality time no matter where their day takes them with Bombol.

Pop-Up Baby Booster Seat with Carry Bag & Seat Cover
Bombol | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube


81ikafcdnl Sl1500

Keep your little ones (or even your fur babies) safe this season with a pressure-mounted extension gate from Dreambaby. Whether the new parents you know are baby-proofing now or will be in the near future, a gift from Dreambaby will keep their most precious possession, their new baby, safe. Quick and easy to install in a doorway using the pressure mount, the Boston Xtra-Tall Magnetic Gate features an easy open/close with the gate able to swing either way, a magnetic closure with the EZY Check Indicator to ensure closure, and a smart stay-open feature when necessary. Crafted of durable, high-quality materials, this gate can withstand the test of time (and that of frisking, frolicking pets, too) making it a great gift for new parents this holiday season.

Boston Xtra-Tall Magnetic Gate
Dreambaby | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


Npgoc8mhslc71k382svy 800x

New parent gifts should definitely include a delivery method for their much-needed morning cup of joe and with GoSili parents everywhere can caffeinate and hydrate easily, even with a little one on the hip. GoSili designs fabulous silicone cups for parents, children, and even toddlers that are safe, easy to clean, and awesome for taking on the go!

This holiday season we love the GoSili® 16oz Silicone Tumbler Pint, Eco-Friendly Reusable Silicone Drinking Cup that is perfect for coffee on the go. This stay cool cup will keep your beverage warm without your hands feeling the heat! This reusable coffee cup made of 100% European-grade, platinum silicone is soft, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. These cups keep their shape even with their soft-sided design and are also dishwasher and microwave safe!

Other favorites include the GoSili® 24oz Silicone Marble Swirl Tumbler with Soft Eco-Friendly Reusable Silicone Straw. This uber functional cup features a smart and sleek silicone design that holds up to everyday use. From the office to the gym, the GoSili® 24oz Silicone Marble Swirl Tumbler with Soft Eco-Friendly Reusable Silicone Straw is a great choice for those who always love to carry a cup along with them, refilling it throughout the day!

Cjn6qoy1aqyvgpmubpof 1200x

Finally, because we know our toddlers always swipe our drinks, and because GoSili Silicone Cups are oh so safe, the GoSili® 12oz Silicone Kids Cup with Soft Eco-Friendly Reusable Silicone Drinking Straw is a great choice for tots. Parents everywhere can relax knowing that not only is their child helping save the planet, but they are safe too! This cup is made with non-toxic materials making it healthy for both your child and the Earth, but will also keep little ones safe with the super flexible silicone straw. Whether you are looking for teacher gifts, gifts for friends, or even stocking stuffers, everyone will love and use a silicone tumbler from GoSili this season.

GoSili® 16oz Silicone Tumbler Pint, Eco-Friendly Reusable Silicone Drinking Cup | GoSili® 24oz Silicone Marble Swirl Tumbler with Soft Eco-Friendly Reusable Silicone Straw | GoSili® 12oz Silicone Kids Cup with Soft Eco-Friendly Reusable Silicone Drinking Straw
GoSili | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Rey to Z

Mama Hat

The embroidered Mama Hat is perfect for every mom. The classic, simple hat comes in more than 10 colors so your personality can shine. Some of the hot colors include plum, camo, teal, denim, and black. The stylish hats feature an adjustable back closure. You can even add custom embroidery to the back of the hat.

The embroidered Mama Hats can coordinate with the Baseball Hats with Embroidered Initials. The 100 percent cotton hats come in toddler, child, and adult sizes, so can get the family look with matching letters for your last name, or you can all get your first initials on the hats.

The embroidered Baseball Hats with Initial let you make running to the store on a quick errand look good. The hats come in a wide variety of colors including leopard, royal blue, hot pink, and many more. You can add custom embroidery to the back of the initial hats, too.

Mama Hat | Baseball Hat with Embroidered Initial
Rey to Z | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Spunky Stork

Spunky Stork 3

The Spunky Stork offers adorable shirts and onesies for siblings. The cute little Monsters T-shirts feature unique, hand-drawn characters in blue, pink, orange, and green. They proudly declare “big brother, big sister, little brother or little sister.” The 100 percent certified organic cotton shirts are hand-printed in Orlando. They are perfect to welcome a new baby or to coordinate siblings for a fun group photo for Christmas cards. The Spunky Stork offers coordinating fun shirts not just for siblings but for parents and their children, too.

Big Brother Monsters T-shirt | Little Sister Monsters Onesie | Dinosaur Big Sister Little Brother Shirts
Spunky Stork | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Good Night, Good Night

Good Night Good Night 9781534499744 Lg

If you have kids, chances are your bookshelves are full of Sandra Boynton books. This holiday season, why not add a new spin on a classic book to your bedtime routine! Good Night, Good Night is the original longer version of The Going To Bed Book that so many of our families have cherished over the years. As you read this new version to your kids while you snuggle up by the fireplace, you’ll laugh at the pages you’ve felt have been missing for years. This deluxe collectible picture book will be one that your kids pick up each and every time they go to their bookshelves!

Good Night, Good Night
Simon & Schuster

Chasing Paper


Want to get organized this fall? Chasing Paper can help aid your quest for organization and planning. The Chasing Paper company has created specialty peel and stick dry erase boards that are used to streamline and stabilize your hectic life. The Chore Chart by Chasing Paper is perfect for helping keep kids accountable for their duties. Chasing Paper’s easy peel and stick Chore Chart lays out the days of the week and tasks to be completed in a straightforward manner. Let the Chore Chart dry erase wall sticker do its job and then just sit back and relax.

Tired of dinner coming from brown bags through windows because nobody could make a decision? Chasing Paper can help. Everyone talks about meal planning, but it always seems to fall through the cracks. The Weekly Menu calendar is a dry erase peel and stick board created to help busy families plan meals. This fall, meal plan with options like beef stew, seafood boil, and pumpkin everything, and then quickly mark it on the Weekly Menu to help inform the family of what’s for dinner.  Chasing Paper is a brand you can count on this fall. 

Weekly Menu | Chore Chart
Chasing Paper | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Earth Baby

daily mom parent portal earth baby

For new parents, the holidays can be stressful for many different reasons. By using proper handwashing techniques and maintaining safe standards during family visits, parents can be confident that the only exchanges will be of gifts and not of germs with Earth Baby and their line of Hand Sanitizer Gel. While many popular hand sanitizers contain toxic ingredients that can be harmful to you and your little loves, this gentle sanitizer is non-toxic and won’t dry out your hands.

Clinically tested, as well as pediatrician and dermatologist tested, this preservative-free, hypoallergenic gel kills germs and helps you and your family to maintain healthy habits during an otherwise hectic time of year. Additionally, this Hand Sanitizer Gel is available in a variety of different scents which are created using essential oils, so you can change up your cleaning technique from day to day.

Hand Sanitizer Gel | Hand Sanitizer Gel – Frosted Pumpkin | Hand Sanitizer Gel – Winter Apple
Earth Baby | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Shopping for little one’s and their new parent’s gifts doesn’t have to be difficult this season. Simply seek out a gift that is both practical and a bit fun for something everyone in the family is sure to use and love! Happy Holidays!

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