Youtube Workouts That Don’t Suck

We know these facts like they are tattooed into our brains – people who exercise tend to have longer, happier and healthier lives. But we also have these same-old corresponding excuses for skipping out on our fitness routines – “I have no childcare,” “the gym is so far away,” or “my old sweats aren’t cute enough for Pilates class.” Yeah, we get that. However, what if you could get seriously high-quality, butt-kicking workouts at your convenience. Oh, and also, for free? Then, while your kids are sleeping, you could get sweaty in nothing but an old DARE tee. We won’t tell. Here are five effective, motivating, and fun YouTube workouts you can do right now!

Zumba Your Butt Off to Havana with Live Love Party

Youtube Workouts That Don’T Suck

The dancers in this video exude joy and confidence in a Zumba routine to this upbeat, catchy song. The dance routine itself is challenging enough to keep you engaged, but not difficult. Zumba itself is a wonderful all-around workout for those who love boogie down on the dancefloor! With the immense variety of Zumba workouts on YouTube, there is something available for every skill level and music taste. However, this one, in particular, makes you want to hit replay until you’ve mastered every move!

Perfect Morning Yoga with Boho Beautiful

Youtube Workouts That Don’T Suck

Enjoy the calming sea, peaceful music, and engaging instruction as you practice this invigorating yoga routine. Juliana guides you in such a way, that it feels like you are there in person for the workout. We love to do this one on recovery days or any time you really need to de-stress from your daily grind. Your hamstrings will thank you! Afterward, you’ll feel so peaceful that you won’t even realize the high-quality strength and flexibility training you just received.

30-Minute Mood Boosting YouTube Workout with PopSugar Fitness

This excellent, full-body workout is going to make you sweat, but you’ll enjoy every moment of its challenging, dynamic moves. The ladies in this Popsugar video encourage you with their effort and make you feel like they are on your team. All without any cheerleader-y chatter. Encouraging tidbits and joy-filled actions are peppered throughout the exercise for optimum mood enhancement. The best thing about this video is once an exercise is done once, then you’ll never have to repeat that move again!

Youtube Workouts That Don’T Suck

Dance to Sia’s Cheap Thrills with The Fitness Marshall

Feeling a bit down today? We prescribe a dose of The Fitness Marshall, stat. There’s nothing you can do but brighten up as you dance along to his creative fitness routine. You’ll get a serious workout in while you’re at it. We dare you to not watch each of his addictive videos in quick succession.

Youtube Workouts That Don’T Suck

Get STRONG by Zumba with PopSugar Fitness

Don’t let the shorter run time fool you. This 20-minute workout from Popsugar Fitness is a preview of STRONG by Zumba, and it’s a killer. In other words, we recommend it for those who are a bit further into their fitness journey or who are looking to get the most results in the shortest amount of time. The workout is coordinated to high-intensity music that motivates you all the way to the finish line. The presenters in the class are down to earth, which makes it a blast to lunge and kick along.

YouTube workouts have made the fitness process so much more convenient for us all, but unless the habit is already there, starting is still the most challenging part. The best way to overcome this struggle is to start small. Choose a shorter five to ten-minute workout and advance from there. Taking baby steps will give you the best odds of sticking with it. Make it the first thing you do every morning. Soon, you’ll look forward to this time you’ve decided to invest in yourself. It’s not about achieving a flat stomach and chiseled glutes either. Above all, your fitness practice should be about becoming a more relaxed, happier, and healthier you! Now move it!

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Youtube Workouts That Don’T Suck

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