11 Fun Kids Halloween Books to Help You Introduce the Holiday

‘Tis the season for witches, broomsticks, and candy galore! Many of us already familiar with the holiday traditions that go along with Halloween. Young kids though weren’t exactly born with this knowledge. Introducing Halloween through reading kids Halloween books is great to segway into it. It’s the perfect way to familiarize your little one with things they may find strange or even scary. Taking those baby steps into sharing more about it in a safe, comfortable environment will allow them to navigate their feelings. They’ll also see the fun in the holiday, and even learn lessons beyond the traditions of Halloween. Show kids through Halloween books that the holiday can be fun, silly, and best of all yummy!

We know that finding a book that isn’t too frightening can be a challenge. There’s nothing worse than trying to ease into a situation only to find you’ve chosen something they’re not fond of. Luckily, there exists such a large range of great kids Halloween books that the whole family will enjoy! The following stories are all wonderful ways to introduce Halloween in witty humor, fun tales, and expressive illustrations. No need to scour through dozens of books to find the right one. We have a great list to get you well on your way!

Goodnight Goon

11 Fun Kids Halloween Books To Help You Introduce The Holiday

Does the title sound familiar? We’ve all read Goodnight Moon to our children at least a dozen times (per night for some of us). But have they heard of Goodnight Goon? This sweetly illustrated book is genius as it takes an already familiarized staple and puts a cute Halloween spin on it. By giving it a similar feel and flow to the original, kids will be set at ease from the beginning. They will soon be giggling at the silly characters reimagined in this adorable Halloween book.

The Littlest Ghost

11 Fun Kids Halloween Books To Help You Introduce The Holiday

This cute little story not only rhymes (always a plus for blooming minds) but shows a completely different perspective on the holiday. The little ghost wants to be just like the other kids and go trick-or-treating but his mother thinks he’ll scare the other children. He comes up with a brilliant plan to dress up in costume so he can enjoy the festivities. From there we head out on his adventure! Some children may see this story as very relatable and may understand his point of view a little better. Things never feel as scary when you don’t feel alone. Isn’t it amazing what we can teach our children through kids Halloween books?

Little Witch

11 Fun Kids Halloween Books To Help You Introduce The Holiday

A wonderful story that stirs up nostalgia for many of us as parents. The New York Times praised the author and her talent for mixing fantasy, realism, and comedy. If the New York Times recommends reading it with your children during the Halloween season it is sure to be a win! Follow along as the little witch, Minx, sneaks away to go to school. There she learns how to navigate a world so different than her own. Not only does this loveable tale introduce the holiday, but it also teaches children that it’s okay to be nervous. It brilliantly shows how they can be brave and curious when trying out new things. As far as kids Halloween books go, this one is a classic.

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The Witch’s Cat

11 Fun Kids Halloween Books To Help You Introduce The Holiday

Kids Halloween books don’t all have to be about candy or spooks. Introducing Halloween characters like the black cat through an inspiring story can help show that it can be a helpful holiday as well! This story teaches children to be self-confident and carefully blends the lesson with playful Halloween themes. It encourages positivity, empathy, and growth making this story a sweet one for little ones like yours! Relatable and silly animals are always a good way to transition into learning something new!

Boo: Peek-a-Flap Book

11 Fun Kids Halloween Books To Help You Introduce The Holiday

What little child doesn’t love lift-a-flap books? This special kids Halloween book includes delightful scenes, introduces popular Halloween traditions, and even includes fun facts all throughout the pages. With so many cute illustrations and adorable characters, your child will have no need to be fearful come Halloween night!

Trick or Treat Little Pumpkin

11 Fun Kids Halloween Books To Help You Introduce The Holiday

Get ready for another adorable and interactive book to snuggle up and read with your little! Kids Halloween books are always more fun when they double as a toy! With a sweet little finger puppet to help you act out the story, your babe will definitely be requesting this at storytime often! Who knew kids Halloween books could be so cute?

Babies Love Halloween

11 Fun Kids Halloween Books To Help You Introduce The Holiday

Okay, just one more lift a flap because they are just too much fun! Not only is this an easy read for those cuties just beginning to read but the flaps are even sturdy enough to withstand those curious hands. A large added bonus for a book that will be read over and over. No need to worry about pages or flaps being torn! You’ll be able to read and re-read these kids Halloween books as many times as their little hearts wish.

Room on the Broom

11 Fun Kids Halloween Books To Help You Introduce The Holiday

Who wouldn’t want a ride on a witch’s broom? This fun-loving story includes so many adorable characters! When our thrill-seeking witch goes for a ride on her broom she accidentally drops a few things on her way. Three jovial characters find them for her but they have a trade in mind. They want a ride on her broom in exchange. It shows children characters that can otherwise be scary as relatable and interesting–just like us!

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Spooky Pookie

11 Fun Kids Halloween Books To Help You Introduce The Holiday

This best selling author makes us all laugh in this adorable board book! Our loveable favorite character, Pookie, is deciding what to wear as his costume for Halloween. Seamlessly helping your children understand that everything is merely play and dress up. Add in that they can join in the fun is crucial to preparing them for trick or treating. Which one will he end up sporting for this year’s trick or treating? Find out with your little ones!

You’re My Little Pumpkin Pie

11 Fun Kids Halloween Books To Help You Introduce The Holiday

Children are more receptive to lessons when there are rhymes and melody present. This particular book can easily be sung to the tune of The Itsy Bitsy Spider for an especially entertaining reading time. How fun it will be to introduce a holiday with a peppy tune! Your kids will look forward to singing through this book all season long.

The Haunted House: A Mini House Book

11 Fun Kids Halloween Books To Help You Introduce The Holiday

When you’re introducing Halloween to your children it sometimes it’s helpful to take them on a little tour! This cute little board book takes you through several interesting and exciting rooms through this mini haunted house. Have fun exploring each one together! No need to visit the haunted house just yet! Kids Halloween books can be an experience all on its own!

While all of these kids Halloween books share the spirit of the holiday that isn’t even the best part. That title belongs to the fact that your little one will be learning about it in the cozy comfort of their own home, snuggled up warm next to their parents. Taking those little baby steps to introduce a holiday like Halloween in a fun, interesting, and sometimes goofy way can make all the difference in making your kids Halloween experience a pleasant one.

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11 Fun Kids Halloween Books To Help You Introduce The Holiday



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