Spooky Snacks and Halloween Movies for Kids

Halloween is an especially nostalgic time of year. As the seasons change, the anticipation of the Fall, and more importantly Halloween, conjures up memories of pumpkins, apple picking, crisp autumn air, a night when the moon shines brighter, and for many, a chance to play dress-up and be a kid again. To help get the family in the mood for All Hallows’ Eve, here are 13 ideas, from spooky snacks to Halloween movies for kids, to get the family excited for the big day. 

Spooky Snacks And Halloween Movies For Kids

13 Spooky Snacks & Halloween Movies for Kids

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown 

Remember when every Thanksgiving and every Christmas families gathered around the TV for a seasonal holiday movie? Well, right before Thanksgiving families might have tuned in to watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. A Halloween classic filled with the whole Peanuts gang, this movie follows their antics, mischief, and childhood innocence, all of which centers around make-believe and the tenuous existence of the “Great Pumpkin.” 

Toy Story of Terror 

This is a fun and rambunctious short movie based on the adventures of the original Toy Story characters. The toys get stuck at a creepy roadside motel and when Mr. Potato Head goes missing, the friends band together to orchestrate his rescue. Toy Story of Terror was inspired by classic thrillers, but is entirely PG, which is why it is on this list of Halloween movies for kids. 

Spooky Snack: Candy Apple Dipping Bar 

Spooky Snacks And Halloween Movies For Kids
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There’s nothing like a candied apple during apple picking season. Sometimes eating an entire apple can be a mouthful, so why not slice and skewer that red delicious and make a candied apple dipping bar with caramel and assorted toppings instead. 


Hocus Pocus 

Here’s a spell-binding movie full of witches, black cats, and kids running around in Halloween costumes. Set in Salem, Massachusetts, Hocus Pocus is one of those Halloween movies for kids that makes whatever season you’re in feel like Fall. In addition to the ghoulishly fun story line, the movie was filmed on-location in the Northeast and each frame of the movie is filled with leaves of burnished reds and saffron yellows. The setting alone makes this a must watch movie for Halloween. 

Hotel Transylvania 

When it comes to Halloween movies for kids, Hotel Transylvania is as silly as all get out. A father-daughter storyline ensures that this monster themed movie is good for girls and boys alike. If you’ve ever wondered what amenities are at a five-star monster hotel, the movie Hotel Transylvania will answer that question for you.  

Spooky Snack: Mummy Hot Dogs 

Spooky Snacks And Halloween Movies For Kids
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A spooky snack that pairs well with any of the Halloween movies for kids on this list, Mummy Hot Dogs are super simple to make and require only two ingredients: (1) meat frank of your choosing and (2) canned crescent dough. When dipped in ketchup or marinara sauce, Mummy Hot Dogs make for a great snack or dinner. 


Haunted Mansion 

This movie was 100% inspired by the Haunted Mansion Theme Ride at Disney. If you’re a fan of Disney, you’ll enjoy how much this film riffs on the amusement park ride. Rumors have swirled that this movie will get a reboot, but until then the 2003 Haunted Mansion still deserves mention on any list of Halloween movies for kids. 

Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

Who doesn’t love a live action sequel of the animated television show Scooby Doo? With unmistakeable voices and a penchant for mishaps, Scooby and the Gang look just as good in live action as they did in the classic animated series. In Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, “those meddling kids” battle a ghost machine to save their hometown of Coolsville. 

Spooky Snack: White Chocolate Covered Pretzel Stick Bones 

Spooky Snacks And Halloween Movies For Kids
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While watching Halloween movies for kids, take a bite of these sweet and savory white chocolate and pretzel bones. Easy to make and fun to eat, these Halloween treats are a fun snack that pairs well with hot chocolate on a chilly autumn night. 


Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween 

Fans of the R.L. Stine Goosebumps books will love this mischievous Halloween romp. Goosembumps 2: Haunted Halloween takes place on Halloween night. Best friends Sonny and Sam have to save their town before Stine’s ghoulish characters, their neighbors’ Halloween decorations and even the Halloween candies come to life to terrorize the community. This is a top pick Halloween movies for kids, tweens and adults. 

Nightmare Before Christmas 

This academy award nominated film is a spectacular stop-motion animated film. The Nightmare Before Christmas tells the story of Jack Skellington, King of “Halloween Town,” who grows weary of the same old traditions of Halloween and longs to be part of “Christmas Town” instead. It is truly a dark-fantasy Halloween film and might be a little scary for younger kids. 

Spooky Snack: Oreo Spider Cookies 

Spooky Snacks And Halloween Movies For Kids
Photo Credit: Positively Splendid

One of the best things about watching Halloween movies for kids is that it is a great excuse to eat wacky and delicious Halloween treats. Oreo Spider Cookies are easy, no-bake treats that turn an everyday cookie into a six-legged arachnid with buggy eyes. 


A morbidly fun movie turned Broadway play, Beetlejuice is creepy, bizarre, and totally bonkers. Some 30 years later, Beetlejuice is one of those Halloween movies for kids, albeit older ones, that will always be considered a classic. 


That’s the end of the list! Have fun cozying up with these spooky snacks and enjoy some Halloween movies for kids this Fall. Happy watching and Happy Haunting! 


Spooky Snacks And Halloween Movies For Kids
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