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There are many reasons to avoid the handing out sugar this Halloween. Many children can’t have candy due to allergy restrictions or age. Or, if you don’t allow your children to eat  these types of treats, it makes no sense to hand it out to other children. But don’t worry, the kids won’t notice the difference! We have cooler options than the boxed raisins and pretzels.

Candy-Free Treats

Glow Sticks – Parents will love you for this one. It makes keeping an eye on them after the sun goes down easier. Children are sure to adore them, too!

Honey Sticks – Take an adventure to your local farmers market, health store, or even the pumpkin patch and pick up some honey sticks. This allows the kids to get their sugary fix without all the questionable ingredients.

(Organic) Juice Boxes – These Apple & Eve Fruitable juice boxes have respectable ingredients and won’t put a dent in your pocket.

Organic Fruit Strips or Snacks – These are enjoyed by every age group which makes them a staple in your candy-free treat bag!

Popcorn – Individual servings of popcorn are super affordable and kids will love them on their next movie night.

Crayons – Consider passing out homemade mixture crayons, this allows your little ones to join on the prep. This could be a virtually free treat, if you save and use all the broken crayons your little ones leave behind.

Dental Floss – Like these from Firefly Flossers. While, this isn’t the coolest thing in the mix it is a nice item to include. They look cool enough hopefully a few children will be tempted to try them out. For sanitation purposes, we recommend only putting these in prepared goodie bags.

Clementines – Take a a box clementines and a sharpie marker. Draw a cute jack-o-lantern face to on each of them. This is another activity for your children to help with and the face will trick children into thinking they are an extra-special treat.

Other Ideas:

  • Bouncy balls
  • Balloons
  • Bubbles
  • Crazy Straws
  • Stickers
  • Temporary Tattoos

By having a goody bag like this, every child will be able to enjoy trick-or-treating at your house. Even those with the most severe allergies and dietary restrictions. Plus, you can rest easy about the quality of goodies coming from your home.

Don’t want to stop your child from the trick-or-treating fun, but don’t allow them to eat candy either? Many dentists will do a candy swap and pay children, per pound, of goodies. It is also a good idea to make them an individual goody-bag from everything you passed out to the neighborhood.
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