The Benefits Of Hemp, Common Misconceptions, “Can Hemp Get you High”

With the rapid rise of CBD products, strains of cannabis plants like hemp and marijuana are in the spotlight once again. Hemp and marijuana are still facing questions from the past, like their legality and psychoactive properties that can get you feeling “high.” But while many people question the legality of hemp and its effects, there are still many benefits of hemp to consider.

Due to some laws with strict restrictions like Farm Bill 2014, the farming of industrial hemp has been legally approved in the United States for research and innovative programs. This action made big waves in the hemp industry, which gained its reputation for developing health and medicinal products like CBD. The hemp industry will even break into a multi-billion dollar status in only a few years. However, there are still many questions and misconceptions about hemp usage and its effects. But before delving into that, here is a quick overview of hemp.

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Getting To Know Hemp

The Benefits Of Hemp, Common Misconceptions, “Can Hemp Get You High”

The hemp plant is a member of the Cannabis sativa strain, the same strain as the marijuana plant, which makes them cousins in a sense. The hemp plant has longer stalks, while marijuana is short and bushy. But unlike the marijuana plant, one of the benefits of hemp is that it does not produce psychoactive effects when used or consumed because it contains little to no traces of tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is one of over 100 chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant, which causes the psychoactive effect.

Misconceptions of Hemp

The Benefits Of Hemp, Common Misconceptions, “Can Hemp Get You High”
A cannabis plant, a marijuana bush in the countryside.

Myths and misconceptions often accompany the discussion about the benefits of hemp plants because of their close relationship to marijuana in terms of genetic and chemical structures. To enlighten and widen your view more about hemp plants, you will find below the answers to some misconceptions that have been floating around hemp plants:

Can Hemp Get You High?

Myth: Genetically related to the infamous marijuana plant, hemp plants are deemed to produce the same “high” effect or feeling. Fact: This is not going to happen when you use or consume products with hemp. Hemp contains less than 0.3 percent of THC, which is much lower than your average cannabis plant that can hold up to 30 percent of THC. THC at this level has no chance of producing any psychoactive or “high” effect. Hemp plants are the industry’s top choice for CBD extraction because it makes the process much easier due to its very low THC content.

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Marijuana Plants Are Hidden In Hemp Fields

Another myth associated with hemp plants is that marijuana plants are concealed within the fields. It is not entirely impossible to do, but if you are a farmer or an authority with good eyes and relevant experience in searching for cannabis inside a hemp field, it is very easy to distinguish because of their features. In addition, buds from hemp plants weaken the THC content of marijuana plants, which puts farmers who aspire to sneak marijuana in a hemp field at a disadvantage.

Hemp: For Adults Only?

The Benefits Of Hemp, Common Misconceptions, “Can Hemp Get You High”

One of the many benefits of Hemp is that it is proven safe for all ages. Because it has no psychoactive properties, hemp extracts like CBD oil are used for children’s medication with no severe side effects. For example, kids with epilepsy administered with CBD oil from hemp plants have experienced their seizures to dramatically lessen in terms of severity and frequency.

CBD oil can also be used in preparing food for kids like cookies and smoothies. However, it is also recommended to seek professional advice before using it as there are allergies or other risk factors that may harm your children while using hemp products.

No Prescription, No Hemp Products

Most products laced with hemp extracts like CBD oil are legal under the law. While its cousin marijuana is illegal in any form advertised, derivatives of hemp plants are excluded from controlled substances listed by the US Food and Drug Administration. Therefore, there is no prescription required when purchasing hemp-infused products. But for some places, they may enforce other restrictions besides the mother law, which may affect the marketability of hemp products.

CBD In All Hemp Oil Products

You might think that all hemp oil products contain CBD because it is the primary source of its industry, but that is not the case. CBD oil only comes from stalks and leaves of the hemp plant. Other products derived from the hemp plant like hemp seed oil are extracted from seeds that have zero CBD content. It only contains minerals, vitamins, and heart-friendly omega fatty acids.

CBD From Hemp Is Low-Tier

Compared to other cannabis plants, the amount of CBD is relatively low, especially in terms of weight. But the body cannot distinguish the source of CBD, making it an irrelevant claim. It is safe to say that cannabidiol has the same properties, regardless of its origin.

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Benefits of Hemp

Heart Healthy

As previously discussed, there are many medical benefits of hemp such as treatment for seizures. But, the benefits of hemp don’t stop there. Healthline published an article in 2018, citing six additional benefits of hemp seeds. First, hemp seeds are high in protein and an excellent source of Vitamin E as well as other nutritious minerals. Second, there is evidence suggesting that including hemp seeds in your diet can reduce heart disease because of the nitric acid that’s produced when hemp seeds are ingested. Finally, studies on animals have shown that ingesting hemp seeds might reduce blood pressure.

Additional Benefits of Hemp

Focus Performance listed a few additional medical benefits of hemp. Symptoms of PMS, weight loss, and healthier skin were all on this list along with boosting your immune system and improving your digestive system. However, before including hemp or hemp seeds in your daily diet, you should consult your primary care doctor first.


The Benefits Of Hemp, Common Misconceptions, “Can Hemp Get You High”

The reputation of the hemp plant was tainted because of its infamous strain use. But as you have read, there’s a big difference between cannabis and hemp plants. And while some people may be reluctant to use hemp products because of the misconceptions discussed, there are many medical benefits of hemp plants that warrant serious consideration. Hopefully, the laws and bills involving hemp plants will show their real value and contribution, especially in the medical field, and clear hemp’s name to people who are still in doubt of this good plant.

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The Benefits Of Hemp, Common Misconceptions, “Can Hemp Get You High”

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