7 Smart Kitchen Appliances You Shouldn’t Be Without

Everything from your child’s sound machine to your toothbrush is connected to wifi or Bluetooth enabled for maximum tech. So why should the hub of your home, the place you spend most of your awake time, be any different? There are so many cool smart devices on the market. Deck out your smart kitchen with the coolest countertop appliances on this list of 7 for the ultimate in productivity. Their eyes will be amazed and their tastebuds will be delighted.

Smart Thermometer – Meater

Kitchen thermometers are practically required for making sure your meat is cooked to the right temp. Too little and you’re left with undercooked, raw meat not safe for consumption or cutting into the meat to check and release all the delicious juices. Cook too long and you end up with a charred expensive piece no one wants to eat… that is unless you have the Meater!

The Meater is a wireless temperature probe suitable not only for the grill, but for meat cooked in the oven, pan, range, or sous vide. Connect it to your phone and get alerts in your pocket as your food cooks. The beautiful bamboo charging base is the icing on the cake. It’s one of the best smart kitchen appliances or gadgets for anyone who loves to cook.

Smart Composter – Lomi

Are you planet conscious but also love a really awesome appliance? The Lomi Countertop Composter is the only electric appliance with a net positive impact – that’s what makes this choice smart. This beautifully designed countertop kitchen composter takes our everyday food waste and turns it into nutrient-rich soil for planting in your garden or houseplants. While you’ll be reducing your weekly garbage by up to 80%, you’ll also be removing all that waste from the trashcan, leaving your smart kitchen delightfully stench-free.

Smart Food Scale – Etekcity

It’s not easy to keep track of how you eat every day. From cups to pounds, servings, and grams, there are so many different measurements, and then you get into food varieties and quantities… it’s a limitless calculation.

That’s where Etekcity Smart Food Scale is perfect. Count and track your nutrition facts tailored to your needs with the smart kitchen technology of the Etekcity Food Nutrition Scale. Live healthy by precisely counting your proteins, fats, and carbs, tracking your diet, searching barcodes with the app, and even switching between units with a single tap. For wellness, this is one of the smart kitchen devices you need.

7 Smart Kitchen Appliances You Shouldn’t Be Without
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Smart Nugget Ice Maker – GE Profile Opal 2.0

Who doesn’t love nugget ice? This isn’t the regular old fridge ice we’re talking about. It’s our favorite wet, chunky, easily chewable ice they give you at our favorite fast food chain and the maternity ward at the hospital. One of our favorite smart kitchen ideas is to have your very own nugget ice maker!

The GE Profile Opal 2.0 is just that – with wifi connectivity to boot. Pair the unit with your smartphone to see the status and schedule fresh ice creation. Plus you’ll have voice activation! Serve up your favorite chewable, crunchable, nugget ice in 20 minutes or less, and never run out as it recycles melted ice to be used again.

Smart Toaster – Revolution InstaGLO

This is no regular toaster. The Revolution InstaGLO Toaster is a really cool smart kitchen appliance. Forget just plain old toast and bagels for breakfast. This smart kitchen appliance heats up in seconds, sears bread without drying it out, and even has a panini press and warming rack built in!

Heat up cheesy melts, toasty sandwiches, and warm cookies all with the fun-to-use touchscreen with 34 modes, 16 of which are just for breads! And yes, there’s even a gluten-free mode that is formulated to work with the chemistry of the non-gluten ingredients. Now that’s smart!

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7 Smart Kitchen Appliances You Shouldn’t Be Without

Smart Coffee Maker with Grinder – Smarter

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to, not only a freshly brewed pot but also a freshly ground pot of coffee without moving an inch? With the Smarter SMC01 iCoffee Remote Brew you now can! Control this smart kitchen appliance right from the app on your phone or use Amazon or Google smart home devices. You’ll get that just-ground coffee bean taste with a piping hot cup of joe. Reinvent your smart kitchen to be even smarter with this coffee maker.

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Smart Grill & Air Fryer – Ninja

We get it – there’s only so much room in a kitchen for appliances. Which is why we think 2-for-1 appliances are even smarter than the rest! With cyclonic grilling technology and air fry crisping feature, the Ninja Foodie Smart XL Grill is a pretty cool one to have.

Grill, air fry, roast, bake, broil, and dehydrate in the XL capacity, which holds up to 24 hot dogs!The foodie Smart thermometer allows you to cook to the perfect doneness, all at the touch of a button. No more guesswork! How much smarter can you get?

We all spend time in the kitchen. Every day we’re not only eating, but we’re cooking, drinking, prepping, hosting, and it’s even a place where we help our kids with homework. So whether it’s brewing the smartest, and freshest cup of coffee, or searing a medium rare steak to the perfect temp, these smart kitchen appliances will help you make your kitchen the best smart kitchen around. Get these appliances for yourself, or hey, make someone else’s smart kitchen even better and give them as a gift. Now that’s smart!

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7 Smart Kitchen Appliances You Shouldn’t Be Without



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