Help! 7 Tips for Organizing Pots and Pans Quickly in Any Kitchen

It may not be as bad as plastic wear, but a heavily used cabinet with pots and pans can get disorganized and cumbersome pretty fast. If you’re a busy mom and cook a lot, you’ll find that organizing pots and pans and keeping things in the right place inside these cabinets, can sometimes take a back seat to just getting them into the cabinet in the first place. Over time though, cabinet dysfunction takes over, and finding that needed pot or pan can become challenging. If you’re making a project of keeping those pots and pans neat, here are a few organizational tips to keep in mind. 

7 Kitchen Tips for Organizing Pots and Pans Beautifully

Take Inventory

Help! 7 Tips For Organizing Pots And Pans Quickly In Any Kitchen
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Before you actually start organizing, take an inventory of your pots and pans. Like anything else you use in the kitchen, you probably have your favorite items to work with – keep this in mind when you being organizing pots and pans around the kitchen. If you happen to have a few favorite pots and pans that are in the size ranges you typically need for the type of cooking you do, consider a little pot and pan spring cleaning before you organize the space.

You can donate them, pass them along to a friend, or even sell some online, if they’re in good condition. When you boil it down to the items you really need, you clear out clutter and relieve the stress of feeling like you need to fit everything in a space.

Look at Accessibility

Help! 7 Tips For Organizing Pots And Pans Quickly In Any Kitchen

Once you’ve taken inventory and know how much space you’re working with, try temporarily organizing pots and pans where you think you may want them. Pull items out of the cabinet to see how much room you really need so you’re not knocking over other pots and pans – making an even bigger mess. Depending on your space and needs, you may opt for different organization strategies. You can do things like insert tension rods to create slots or use divider systems. You may opt for a pull-out organizer or some simple racks that are easy to move around while organizing pots and pans.

Try a Pan Organizer

Help! 7 Tips For Organizing Pots And Pans Quickly In Any Kitchen

Pans are long and thin and can be easily slotted into a wire organizer. By using a pan organizer, you get away from stacking smaller pans inside larger ones. Stacking isn’t a terrible approach, after all, we’ve all done it. But a lot of times, these set-ups are just piles of clutter if all the pans aren’t taken out and realigned in order of size each time you use one of them. Again, a busy mom may not have the time to restack all of them inside one another, organizing pots and pans with each use.

A rack is easy because you can slot pans back into one without needing to pull out all the pans every time. There are larger pan organizer systems that hold pots as well and can even be hung on a wall.

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Create a Hanging System

Help! 7 Tips For Organizing Pots And Pans Quickly In Any Kitchen

Up to now, we’ve operated under the assumption that you had a dedicated cabinet space for organizing pots and pans. But if it works for your kitchen set-up, you might consider hanging your pots and pans. This approach helps if you’re short on storage space or cook a lot and love the quick and easy access to your tools.

If there are certain pots and pans you know you’ll be reaching for often, find the most convenient place for them to hang. You can even do a hybrid system where most of your organizing pots and pans include storing them away in a cabinet. However, keep a few that are used often are hung near your work area. Hanging pots and pans is a creative effort. Some moms hang pots and pans over kitchen islands, others organize them along walls, and still, others hang them inside eye-level cabinets. You can use towel rods, steel tubing, hooks—whatever it takes to create the system that works for you.

Display Them

Help! 7 Tips For Organizing Pots And Pans Quickly In Any Kitchen

If you don’t have many pots and pans but do have some wall space, you can display them. Colorful sets add a cool aesthetic. If you go the display route, it doesn’t have to just involve shelves. You can use a shelving unit in a corner or even a rolling cart so you can move them around the space if needed.

Use Counter Space

Help! 7 Tips For Organizing Pots And Pans Quickly In Any Kitchen
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Again, if you have pots and pans you use often and like the way they look, you can display them on the counter or keep them on the cooktop throughout the day. The key here is to avoid a cluttered look when organizing pots and pans out in the open. You don’t want a lot of other items out on the counters either, and you probably don’t want to have too many pots and pans lying around either. Choose a few and let them stand out in their own unique way.

Use the Pantry for Overflow

A pantry is a great place for organizing pots and pans as well. During the inventory stage, some moms realize it’s the ideal place to keep all their pots and pans. But in most cases, many just use the pantry to house larger pots that aren’t used very often, and yet, those pots and pans just aren’t ready to meet their demise. If you end up using the pantry for organizing pots and pans, dedicate a specific section just for them. Similar to cabinet space, you’ll want to create a system that makes them accessible, whether it’s using wire racks, dividers, or something else to keep them in place and easy to access.

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Organizing pots and pans can be a fun afternoon project that helps you keep your kitchen looking tidy, neat, and organized for a long time. It’s a project where a little creativity and practicality come together to keep your kitchen fun and functional. Just like any organizational effort, it’s important to enjoy the process—and don’t forget to share what you’ve learned with others!

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Help! 7 Tips For Organizing Pots And Pans Quickly In Any Kitchen
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