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Many of us have at least one small closet in our house and they can seem like a complete mess or waste of space. The following are a few changes you should think about making if you're looking to maximize this space, and make it a little more aesthetically pleasing in the process. 

Getting Started

Locate any wasted space inside your closet. Do you have room for a top shelf or second clothing rod? Is there a foot of empty room at the bottom of your closet? Think about what else will fit there, such as a few bins, a storage unit, or even a small dresser.

Get rid of anything you don’t often wear. If you can’t seem to part with it, put it front and center for a few weeks so you see it often and are reminded to wear it. If you still don’t use the item, it needs to go.

Make sure you have adequate lighting, if you can’t see something you won’t remember to wear it.

Can you get to, or even see, the back corners of your closet? If this space is being blocked by bulky closet doors consider replacing them. Curtains can be just as effective as a set of doors, but, won’t stop you from utilizing this precious space.

Specific Tips

How To Organize A Small Closet 2 Daily Mom Parents Portal

This space will be much more organized if you do one thing, group like items. Organize hanging clothes by color or type of shirt. If you have folded clothing in your closet, organize these by like items as well. Have a designated space or bin for scarves, purses, bathing suits, etc.

Keep frequently worn shoes in plain sight. All the others can stay in their boxes, especially boots.

Is there room for hooks? Trick question, there is always room for a hook! Place some on the side wall of the closet. You now have a great place for belts or a frequently used purse.

Tips for Children’s Closets

The closet is a great place for storing toys, stuffed animals, and miscellaneous play items. Put bins or storage units on the floor where even the youngest ones can get to them. Doing this clears the room for more play space and consolidates clutter.

Keep an empty box or bin on the closet floor. When your little one grows out of an item, fold it up and place it in the box. When the box becomes full, label it and put it in storage or take the items to a resale store. You will never need to have a “clean out the closet day” ever again.

What are your favorite ways of keeping small spaces organized?

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